NEW Wet N' Wild PhotoFocus Concealers! Demo + Review


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  •  Month ago +1

    I have fair skin.
    Will Light medium beige suit me ? Help me please

    • PrettyInProse
      PrettyInProse  12 days ago

      These concealers run pretty deep in my opinion! I think Light Ivory might be a better pick if you are fair skinned. But they have also recently come out with more shades, so there are definitely better options now!

  • The Original Fan
    The Original Fan 4 months ago

    You're so pretty, subbed. I don't know why but you look like an adult version of vanellope from wreck it Ralph haha

    • PrettyInProse
      PrettyInProse  4 months ago

      Aw thank you! You're so kind! haha I definitely haven't heard that one yet!!

  • Marjana
    Marjana 6 months ago +4

    Light medium is so dark

    • PrettyInProse
      PrettyInProse  5 months ago

      I know! I was surprised by how deep the color range was

  • priyanka pathak
    priyanka pathak 6 months ago

    nice video.thnx

  • Ruth Pannell
    Ruth Pannell 9 months ago

    Great review! I adore your lipstick! What is it?

  • Latika Mayekar
    Latika Mayekar 9 months ago

    does it gives good coverage on blemishes

    • PrettyInProse
      PrettyInProse  9 months ago

      I would say light-medium coverage! But definitely easier to build/layer since it's more hydrating and less likely to look super cakey or dry!

  • Chris Mangunsong
    Chris Mangunsong 9 months ago

    Ready stock & Original only, silahkan pesan di Tokopedia Cover Girl Store 💕

  • R g
    R g Year ago +3

    Just subbed. Loved how you used all 3 and love how we can see how your skin looks with no filter.

    • PrettyInProse
      PrettyInProse  Year ago

      Aw thanks so much!! lol not necessarily a filter but LOTS of lights :)

  • Marlene Diaz
    Marlene Diaz Year ago

    The video I was hoping to find!! Thank you

  • Sissi
    Sissi Year ago

    Great review

  • Fabian Dejesus
    Fabian Dejesus Year ago

    Are these considered good for your skin?

  • Karima K
    Karima K Year ago

    love the video! for reference, Can I ask what shade you are in mac, as I'm nc41 in studio fix so wondering if these shades will be ok xxx

  • ohhellothere25
    ohhellothere25 Year ago +5

    Great review! Like how you dove in immediately

  • its KAYE
    its KAYE Year ago

    Hey doll. Great video you are very pretty. I have sub to your channel. mind subbing back & help me reach 800 😗😗😗

  • jholmie
    jholmie Year ago +2

    great review!! trying to decide which shade to pick up--this helped a lot!

  • Claire Thorneycroft
    Claire Thorneycroft 2 years ago +58

    Appreciate how you don't appear to use skin softening filters! Getting a little tired of you tubers with almost flawless skin softening it so much it looks fake.

    • PrettyInProse
      PrettyInProse  2 years ago +9

      omg I actually tried once and I looked SO PHONY! lolll. Like I seriously looked like a creepy ghost. Oh well, real skin will have to do! lol. Thanks for the love

  • griceldasanchez47
    griceldasanchez47 2 years ago

    I recently saw these at walgreens I'm so glad I saw your review thank you for sharing ♥️

  • Deekaay Bright
    Deekaay Bright 2 years ago

    Love this! 💜💜💜#liked

  • MsFears
    MsFears 2 years ago +14

    Umm, they really need darker colors.

  • Emily tibbitts
    Emily tibbitts 2 years ago +1

    Eeeek!!!! I'm always looking for a good concealer that doesn't cost much!

    • PrettyInProse
      PrettyInProse  2 years ago +1

      I really like this one for light/medium coverage!

  • Rebecca Ly
    Rebecca Ly 2 years ago

    Happy new year Pamela!! ❤

  • Rebecca Ly
    Rebecca Ly 2 years ago

    Thank you for this video! Very helpful ❤

  • Katrina Bautista
    Katrina Bautista 2 years ago +1

    I'm in love with your nail color

    • PrettyInProse
      PrettyInProse  2 years ago

      Thanks girl! Essie's penny talk - I can't stop wearing it!

  • Pa Di Moua
    Pa Di Moua 2 years ago +2

    I love this review! Thanks for sharing love.

  • PrettyInProse
    PrettyInProse  2 years ago +5