Arguments Break Out Over Stolen Food | Gordon Behind Bars

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019
  • After positive feedback and service for dinner, Gordon is made aware of some stolen food from one of his cooks.
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  • Tomasz200010
    Tomasz200010 24 days ago

    Blacks steal things? What a surprise XD

  • Arubic_ Blox
    Arubic_ Blox 2 months ago

    They belong in parliament

  • Shinku Quickman
    Shinku Quickman 2 months ago

    guys must be fucking hungry all day lmao, how are we supposed to get mad at them stealing a handful of vegatables from the system that treats them like shit

  • Jørgen Ramdahl
    Jørgen Ramdahl 2 months ago


  • Neznámý Boží Dítě
    Neznámý Boží Dítě 2 months ago +1

    1:20 That whole argument portion of the video sums up replies in comment sections. Always an argument.

  • A K
    A K 2 months ago

    I was like who the fuck would steal onions
    Then I realised that they’re in prison

  • Kelly Tuer
    Kelly Tuer 2 months ago

    No matter what country blacks always will steal..fact!!

  • Elf Machine
    Elf Machine 2 months ago

    No mindset whatsoever, that is why they are in prisons.

  • Tungstan Steel
    Tungstan Steel 3 months ago

    When Gordon opened the plastic bag I thought it was going to be a juicy chicken leg, not a bloody chili & onion whatever vegetable. And I thought, what's the f*cking big deal!!

    • Gabriella Papavero
      Gabriella Papavero 2 months ago

      @Tungstan Steel actually, you don't even need a bottle of water with the chili, just rub them on your fingers and get your hands on some guard's face

    • Gabriella Papavero
      Gabriella Papavero 2 months ago

      @Tungstan Steel mix all or just one of those things in a bottle of water, and there you have it, pepper spray

    • Tungstan Steel
      Tungstan Steel 2 months ago

      @Gabriella Papavero How do you make pepper spray in prison?

    • Gabriella Papavero
      Gabriella Papavero 2 months ago

      Tungstan Steel you can make pepper spray out of it, and as Gordon said, next week it will be a knife

  • JustARandomAccount
    JustARandomAccount 3 months ago

    That dude who stole the food sounds like deji

  • Philip Okala
    Philip Okala 3 months ago

    Props to the dude who came out and told himself.

  • Clover Gacha_gurl
    Clover Gacha_gurl 3 months ago

    A bunch of grown men fighting over stolen food....

  • Ivanp Flash
    Ivanp Flash 3 months ago

    His voice is soothing in the commentary and then it’s can also turn into a shitshow

  • Daquan Gay Daddy Cousin

    *tells prisoners not to steal*

    *wait that's legal*

  • solve et coagula
    solve et coagula 3 months ago +6

    convicted felon: steals
    also convicted felon: try’s to justify his stealing

  • The Red Feather
    The Red Feather 3 months ago

    I stole a cookie once, im sorry :(

  • Kush Kong
    Kush Kong 3 months ago

    Chef: Who stole the Onions chilies and garlic?

    prisoner: I did chef.

    Chef: its *FUCKING RAAAW*

  • sir bobby
    sir bobby 3 months ago

    i watch one gordon ramsay video and now my recommended is full of em

  • Aries Rogue
    Aries Rogue 3 months ago

    So we can just ignore how obviously it was him stealing...."I wafsnt tinkin " ....#fknshitheads

  • Bird Dog
    Bird Dog 3 months ago

    Idiot should have smuggled it out up his backside😂

  • MinecraftTransgenderyoutube feminist


  • big pp man
    big pp man 3 months ago

    Didn't Paddington try to pull this in Paddington 2

  • John Smithee
    John Smithee 3 months ago +3

    First onions go missing
    Then condiments go missing
    Then knives go missing
    And before you know it...the Lamb Sauce is gone

  • Seafowelove111
    Seafowelove111 3 months ago

    You look cute

  • RBI Pest
    RBI Pest 4 months ago

    You can buy onions and garlic on the canteen , 6 onions for a pound and a garlic for 42 pence

  • Slushieshotz _
    Slushieshotz _ 4 months ago

    I wonder what goes through the camera man's/woman's head during the dramatic episodes, they're just like "oh shit... OH, get em Gordon! Throw punch that bitch!"

  • Gregory Southerland
    Gregory Southerland 4 months ago

    this reminds me of a tumblr post with a guy saying if they were on master chef they'd just be eating everything in the pantry, no regard for food preperation

  • Terravium
    Terravium 4 months ago

    I'm amazed at how self-sabotaging they are. You have a multimillionair trying to push you to a higher society, to a better carreer, and all you can think of is arguing and doing dumb unnecessary shit? I would be trying my best to impress and show a formidable character. I guess that's why they're in prison :/

  • 1 8
    1 8 4 months ago

    The knife will steal itself out of the kitchen if you let it do the work.

  • sam banks
    sam banks 4 months ago +1

    Would Anyone Really Let These Clowns Make Your Dinner ? Looks Like They could Fuck up cheese on Toast!

  • John Pembroke
    John Pembroke 4 months ago

    Are u havin a piss.. Of course your supposed to take shit from the kitchen when ur an inmate kitchen worker.. fks sake

  • Fried Pickle
    Fried Pickle 4 months ago

    Is this only on TVclip or is it on TV?

  • Elizabeth L
    Elizabeth L 4 months ago

    I like their green hats. Reminds me bunch of Mario’s cooking and arguing 😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth L
    Elizabeth L 4 months ago

    The title cracks me up! Where you think you are Gordon? Church? 😂😂😂
    Gordon: We CANNOT take anything! 😂😂😂😂

  • Connor Brandt
    Connor Brandt 4 months ago

    These fuckers probably eat like shit why wouldn’t they

  • Kim Zastrow
    Kim Zastrow 4 months ago

    Lots of the garlic breads are missing the cheeses too

  • vLadCort
    vLadCort 4 months ago

    why re-uploading old videos?

  • Mr Toad
    Mr Toad 4 months ago

    When you think stealing onions and garlic is a perk of your job.

  • Keonta uchiha
    Keonta uchiha 4 months ago

    That's disappointing

  • Wisam Safi
    Wisam Safi 4 months ago

    Poor poor TVclip AutoCaption.... I can feel it’s struggle

  • suleman muhammed
    suleman muhammed 4 months ago

    These chefs a Chavs and one or two are druggies.

  • A guy named something
    A guy named something 4 months ago

    Fancy Nancy sounding dudes.

  • Zincon Cabig
    Zincon Cabig 4 months ago

    Gordon : *Look At Me*
    POV CHEF : [Demon Gordon] : *Wanna Get Stabbed?*
    Chef : *Looks Sideways with itching eyes*

  • Nil App
    Nil App 4 months ago

    Shit son, you wouldn’t fucking believe the type of shit that gets stolen out of prison kitchens. We were pulling a good 20 pounds of food out every day, twice a day. We had a guy who ganked two whole cooked turkeys on thanksgiving.

  • Super man Hunter
    Super man Hunter 4 months ago

    No cap u need to get Lexi back in to vids bc I ain’t go lie she brought the view count sky high u feel me

  • mm.
    mm. 4 months ago

    😂 😂 😂 Onions chillies and garlic, best robbery ever.

  • Unbearable Suffering
    Unbearable Suffering 4 months ago +2

    Its off to Australia with you son, that was the queen's onion

  • Vand 92
    Vand 92 4 months ago

    Blacks being blacks.

  • Imran Usmani
    Imran Usmani 4 months ago

    Stolen cannot be judge right ! May be pays are low .. learn more earn more grow more ..

  • Pixel Gaming
    Pixel Gaming 4 months ago

    Clap that’s all I have to say

  • Rizza Abenoja
    Rizza Abenoja 4 months ago

    The blured one stole it

  • m3wtw0o
    m3wtw0o 4 months ago

    1:29 when my boss gives me an endless task at work

  • Ky’leigh Luafutu
    Ky’leigh Luafutu 4 months ago +2

    Are they all from Grove street because they're green
    (Old GTA characters )

  • The Nathan Generation
    The Nathan Generation 4 months ago

    50 that you? 1:55

  • J C
    J C 4 months ago

    I think the black boy stole it... of course it was😂😂

  • Rish
    Rish 4 months ago

    Mans not hawt

  • ꪑꫀꪑꫀᦔ galAЖy

    Where did old Gordon Ramsay go where he used to be like HEY DONKEYS COME HERE YOU FUCKERS now he became softer

  • Sam HD
    Sam HD 4 months ago

    1:39 he talks about them like they are wild animals

  • Jennifer Rasnick
    Jennifer Rasnick 4 months ago

    Are you pulling wire is what it is real good bad words are you for the tea maker I am at nine it’s all in my pool and I have a baby sister how do you not tell me my dress shop

  • Jennifer Rasnick
    Jennifer Rasnick 4 months ago

    I am ready I’m so sorry hear this bad words and I hate it when you say bad words do