We Love CoCo Curry

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  • StrawberryFairy19
    StrawberryFairy19 3 hours ago

    I wanted to try this so bad when I was in Japan! Sadly they use peanut oil so my hopes were dashed T_T enjoy the CoCo curry in my place Simon and Martina! I insist you have one for me next time!

  • 00943_jfti
    00943_jfti Day ago

    Parents walked into my room. I had to quickly switch to my porn tab....

  • masaaki1969
    masaaki1969 4 days ago

    混ぜるな! 汚い!

  • 91yellowsubmarine91
    91yellowsubmarine91 4 days ago

    I want to try coco curry so badly. I wish they had it where I live. It looks amazing

  • Sanskriti sharma
    Sanskriti sharma 5 days ago

    Before this video i thought coco curry was curry with cocoa powder in it. Am i the only dumb one here?

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  5 days ago

      Ha! You're not dumb. That's a totally fair assumption to have :D

  • Jean Kookie
    Jean Kookie 5 days ago

    This is when you realize that Simon does ACTUALLY carry Ranch everywhere. o_o

  • Andy_Kitsune
    Andy_Kitsune 5 days ago

    I don’t know why I come back to this video so many times. 😅 I have at least watched this video over 10 times (showing it to my family first and then just rewatching it by myself). I think it’s partly because the food just looks so good.This is one of my favourite videos but this is not the only video I rewatch. All of your videos have such great rewatchability because you are so insanely funny and you show and explain literally the best food . I think you are the only channel I rewatch videos from and I think that just proves you are the best and my favourite TVclip channel ever. 💕

  • Winona Daphne
    Winona Daphne 6 days ago

    3:30 what's that lol

  • Jaquelyn Parker
    Jaquelyn Parker 7 days ago

    I discovered CoCo Curry because of you guys!! It's changed my life! For the peeps in SoCal, we have the blessing of having some in the LA area but I'm sure Japan's is other-worldly.

  • Andrea Anzai
    Andrea Anzai 7 days ago

    I am living in Japan now and I finally tried Coco Curry, it really is awesome!! I'm really proud if my family curry recipe but I have to say Coco Curry is better!

  • 5lovelygirl5
    5lovelygirl5 8 days ago

    i went to coco curry once but in thailand. It was pretty good 😂 i miss it now

  • ralmilk
    ralmilk 9 days ago

    I recently bought the Golden Curry brand roux, and OMG IT'S SO GOOD! I can only imagine how good actual cococurry must be!!!

  • David Bean
    David Bean 10 days ago

    maybe East Asians but I'm pretty sure Indians put cheese in their Curry sometimes that paneer

  • Ika Hinata
    Ika Hinata 12 days ago

    Guyss can you please go to the halal coco curry chain in japan and see what's the difference

  • Mad Alfalfa
    Mad Alfalfa 12 days ago

    You know something is good when Simon doesn't want Ranch on it.

  • Samantha Perez
    Samantha Perez 14 days ago

    I have never been so thankful for Simon and Martina, but after this video I found out that Coco Curry was also in LA and my sisters and I are so addicted to it now after trying it. It's one of our favorite foods and without them I don't think I ever would have ever thought of trying it! Thank Simon and Martina! You guys are the best!

  • skillet10112
    skillet10112 14 days ago

    This video speaks so much to me. UGH COCO ICHIBAN

  • RTS Gamer
    RTS Gamer 15 days ago

    More vids about meemers pls

  • justmeowsingaround
    justmeowsingaround 15 days ago

    my friend in japan sent me the boxed version of coco curry and it was GOOD. i can only imagine what that tastes like!

  • Johns Journal
    Johns Journal 15 days ago

    oh my word, this is so accurate and hilarious. we live in okinawa and my husband has to have coco every week. we are truly addicted. ive been saying for years there is something addicting in it, indeed crack. i was crying laughing through this video, happy to find you two!!! xoxo

  • Greg Bey
    Greg Bey 18 days ago

    Curry how many of the people doing the whole "white people ruining Japanese food" thing are Japanese or have even been there. Or are they just weebs. The Japanese like cheese too you know? Sure they dont put it on everything like Americans do but that doesn't mean they dont use it.

  • Rachel Mayhew
    Rachel Mayhew 20 days ago

    There's a CoCo Curry in So Cal! It's just called Curry House here but it's the same franchise and it is so amazing :D

  • Tae-Yeong Hyun
    Tae-Yeong Hyun 21 day ago

    I heard coco curry is coming to london!! Yay!!!

  • shirozzu
    shirozzu 24 days ago

    I've been to Japan 3 times but I've never had Coco Curry.. ^^; I might be there in September next year so I have to try this time!

  • Chloe Young
    Chloe Young 24 days ago

    thanks so much simon martina! i watched this video 5 years ago and im finally in japan eating that cocaine curry that youll recommedded! its the best!! love you♡♡♡♡

  • Emma Liu
    Emma Liu Month ago

    CoCocaine IM DEAD

  • Sophie Chung
    Sophie Chung Month ago

    FYI. If you have any allergies: wheat, milk, seafood, peanuts. Do not come here. You get a sad curry in a plastic bag that is safe but not good.

  • Rachel Vallery Do
    Rachel Vallery Do Month ago

    Martina... Jonghyun (SHINee) died..

  • Manga Mafia
    Manga Mafia Month ago +1

    yr videos are ,........ FUCKING AMAZING!!!
    i am yr newest Subscriber

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina  Month ago

      I’m glad you like them! Welcome to our channel and to the Nasty Family!

  • Naomi Kawai
    Naomi Kawai Month ago

    Anybody who watch this and is thinking to go to CoCo Curry, be careful.
    10xkara(spiciness) is way too spicy!!! Nobody around me has ever ordered level 10. You’re gonna have a spicy bum next day 😂

  • Lucy Lardon
    Lucy Lardon Month ago

    That poor and confused first-timer.....

  • Kevin Morton
    Kevin Morton Month ago

    Squid = asparagus?

  • Naty Dubbs
    Naty Dubbs Month ago +3

    How many people googled "Japanese sexy sauce"

  • Danie's World
    Danie's World Month ago

    I can’t watch this in a crowd of people I have to watch this behind closed doors 🚪 my fam thought I was watching porn then I told them I.T was food porn and they did not get It

  • Trey W
    Trey W Month ago

    This is HR Martina we have received some complaints.

  • backtoreading
    backtoreading Month ago

    When your roomate comes in at 5:00 and totally thinks that i am watching actual porn :'D #foodporn

  • Robloco619
    Robloco619 Month ago

    The only homemade curry that was close to CoCo Curry that i have encountered was GoldenCurry Very Spicy mix. I highly recommend.

  • strangerflesh
    strangerflesh Month ago

    it looks like they combined the comfort of curry and poutine

  • Christian Segovia
    Christian Segovia Month ago

    Thsi is the only channel that i will wait for the add to be finished before the video so that they get payed... LOOOOVVVVEEEE YYYYYYOOOOOUUUU GUUUUUUUUUUYYYYSS❤️💕

  • ドドンパ大首領

    There's kichijoji?

  • Lie .znl
    Lie .znl Month ago

    googles "japanese sexy sauce" i must say, im impressed.

  • MosImba
    MosImba Month ago

    I just discovered this channel...I use to live in Japan for 4 years and this was one of the best spots to go. I can still remember ordering my food. "500mg rice, Chicken Zanmai, LV10 spicy". Ah the good ol days

  • Allison Campbell
    Allison Campbell Month ago

    I'm pretty sure I've been watching you guys for 6 years now. I think you're the longest watched youtube series for me.

  • park yunhee
    park yunhee Month ago

    Question please ; so will Indians who are used to Indian curry like coco curry.???

  • yukiusagi333
    yukiusagi333 2 months ago

    ストップ!ストップ! その全部マゼマゼは韓国の食べ方・・・・・・

  • Heather Yuan
    Heather Yuan 2 months ago

    I’m going to Japan literally this week!! This is going to be my first stop when I get there, I CANT WAIT

  • Anime Nirvana
    Anime Nirvana 2 months ago

    Im Asian and i love cheese in JAPANESE curry

  • Bob Mift
    Bob Mift 2 months ago

    Just knowing if there is coconut in the sauce, cuz nah

  • Ruby
    Ruby 2 months ago

    This is officially the best food porn I've seen on the entire internet. Well done.

  • Jay Jays
    Jay Jays 2 months ago +1

    Cococaine is a helluva drug

  • Jay Jays
    Jay Jays 2 months ago

    One of the sauce bases is beef. Well, there you go...I don't think you can find beef in Indian curry

  • casablancasa
    casablancasa 2 months ago

    I had Coco curry in Hong Kong it was amaziinnggggggggggg i underestimated how spicy it was since I'm Mexican and eat a lot of spice I thought I could handle it but holy shit that was spicy. I had to travel an hour to get to coco curry but it was all worth it! Damn i want some now

  • HiVito90
    HiVito90 2 months ago +1

    coco curry is amaaaazing!! =))

  • Tak
    Tak 2 months ago

    What ever happened to live streaming a mukbang at a Coco Curry? :Y

  • Guillermo Lovento
    Guillermo Lovento 2 months ago

    this message is too late, but whatever. I went to Japan a month ago and I fell in love with CoCo.
    now I have to ask something, why do you didn't use the classic sauce (bramanswanderings.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/curry-7.jpg)to add to your curry? took the experience to the next level

  • Pandacorn Caleb Taewa
    Pandacorn Caleb Taewa 2 months ago +2

    I made a big mistake, I watched this whilst i was hungry.

  • prince soonyoung
    prince soonyoung 2 months ago

    im from the ph and theres one opening near my school i tried it when i went to hongkong and once too when i went to japan its soooo good iM SO EXCITED SNNSAMK

  • Mary Grace Colabella
    Mary Grace Colabella 2 months ago

    are the locations in north america for this? the last time I was in NYC i walked by a GoGo curry. Are they related?

    • AA610
      AA610 24 days ago

      There are a few CoCo Ichibanya locations in Hawaii and the LA metro area. GoGo is another chain of Japanese style curry restaurants that is unaffiliated with CoCo.

  • Haley Chacon
    Haley Chacon 2 months ago

    The sexytime Coco Curry talk made me blush a bit!

  • DoctorChibi740
    DoctorChibi740 2 months ago

    Is it anything like java curry?

  • First Last
    First Last 2 months ago

    I actually laughed at the cocaine joke, I just wanted you guys to know. I don't laugh at stupid stuff and it takes some effort to get a chuckle out of me, holy fucdoubguva

  • Naty Dubbs
    Naty Dubbs 2 months ago

    Simon, do you just carry ranch around with you?

  • Mymemes Lit
    Mymemes Lit 2 months ago

    I might be going to Japan and I’m thinking about getting coco curry!!!!

  • I stand with WADA
    I stand with WADA 2 months ago

    no fresh cabbage salad/ coleslaw on the side? hmmm

    • AA610
      AA610 13 days ago

      They have them, they just didn't order them.

  • Just leave the Tip in Action

    When Martina was explaining what you can flavor your curry with she was like you got corn, squid, when she said squid they put up a picture of asparagus

  • shoujou tanaka
    shoujou tanaka 2 months ago

    Bad way of eating lol

  • Scott Myers
    Scott Myers 2 months ago

    great job

  • Huy Ly
    Huy Ly 2 months ago

    When I visited Japan my first meal there was CoCo Curry.
    After walking around the streets of Sapporo in during blizzard and passing CoCo Curry a few times we decided to give it a go and my god was it good.

  • black91ize
    black91ize 2 months ago

    Your videos always make me wanna eat, doesnt matter if i ate a minute ago

  • Raven
    Raven 2 months ago

    So I'm in Japan now and thanks to you guys I had to go seek out a coco curry outlet. I don't mind saying it did not dissapoint!! I wish they'd open one in Australia :D

  • ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ l
    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ l 3 months ago +1

    Googling sexy sauce....
    The results. : SAUCE.

  • mirawr
    mirawr 3 months ago

    Hey Simon and Martina, Coco Curry opened a Halal-certified store at Akihabara. Maybe you guys can try it and compare to the regular CocoIchi? ;)

  • appropinpinquo
    appropinpinquo 3 months ago

    Of course you didn't invent cheese in curry - that's what paneer curry is

  • The Observer
    The Observer 3 months ago

    Not just one type of curry in India... hundreds of curries in India(ones u r talking about is north Indian curry)...and coco curry derived it's inspiration from Indian curry especially central and western Indian curries

  • cdubster692
    cdubster692 3 months ago

    Finally tried it a couple weeks ago when I was in Tokyo. Got a level 5 spicy (and I love spicy food) and I couldn't believe how spicy it was! So if you guys are getting level 10 then you must have stomachs of steel! Lol. It really was amazing though and lived up to the hype! Thanks for introducing us to it. 😁

  • anne
    anne 3 months ago

    I don't give a s*** if adding cheese to my meal is white people stuff, because cheese. End of story. Cheese in my bread, cheese in my spaghetti, I would even put cheese on my bed, lay on it like a Cheese's Godness.

  • Bork PomPom
    Bork PomPom 3 months ago

    I make Japanese curry at home often, the S&B Extra Hot Golden Curry. For anyone who has tried Coco Curry, how does it differ from homemade Japanese curry?

  • Hernán Ruiz
    Hernán Ruiz 3 months ago

    4:45 to 5:30 made my day

  • May Macapinlac
    May Macapinlac 3 months ago

    I tried it because of you guys and you're right, it's sooooooo good!!! It's the best japanese curry I've ever tasted.

  • Kazzakyle
    Kazzakyle 3 months ago

    I can honestly say, coco curry is very delicious, it actually tastes a lot like satay sauce believe it or not.

  • Dee
    Dee 3 months ago

    Lol the ranch sauce 😂

  • Suga Infires
    Suga Infires 3 months ago

    Matching yellow jumpsuits you say???
    *calls Jhope and Suga*

  • Eang Thai Ngov
    Eang Thai Ngov 3 months ago

    hello, are you two going to shop for something plain? i have heard that if you are a real chef you can make plain congee taste awesome. will you try something like that & be the judge for us. i can make some pretty good plain congee.
    thanks, ETN...

    • Eang Thai Ngov
      Eang Thai Ngov 3 months ago

      plain congee has the idea of surviving war in poverty. it is hard to find great plain congee because it requires love to survive a war.
      thanks, ETN...

  • alexandra
    alexandra 3 months ago

    😭 please adopt me

  • LazyDoodlez
    LazyDoodlez 3 months ago

    Is there any vegan options in CoCo Curry?? My friend is vegan and we're both planning to go to Japan soon. I wanna try this so bad but I wanna know if there's options for my friend

    • AA610
      AA610 13 days ago

      Some locations have a vegetarian curry base. Just make sure to check when you enter.

  • lizziemprn
    lizziemprn 3 months ago


  • Oriane Tnm
    Oriane Tnm 3 months ago

    i was eating at coco curry basically everyday when i was in japan and i miss it so much!!! :((((

  • Fenny Santoso
    Fenny Santoso 3 months ago

    Maaaann... I'm drooling!

  • areyouokayannie
    areyouokayannie 3 months ago +3

    Are you still this passionate about Coco Curry?

  • SHanifah 11
    SHanifah 11 3 months ago

    The best curry I've ever tried uuuhh coco curry luv ya, so addicted with it😘😄

  • Gracia Holly Hutama
    Gracia Holly Hutama 3 months ago

    If you live around Jakarta, Indonesia, you can buy Coco Curry in Grand Indonesia and Soho/Central Park

  • Chikara Kanematsu
    Chikara Kanematsu 3 months ago

    i love how u guys try everything! not many people try asian food

  • CountessIzWeird
    CountessIzWeird 3 months ago

    Literally went back to this video just to hear the food p0rn voice over again. Why'd you guys stop doing them shmexy voice overs?

  • oele
    oele 3 months ago

    is it free MSG free?

  • Mufliha BintS
    Mufliha BintS 3 months ago

    I keep watching this video over and over again

  • Lisette Gonzalez
    Lisette Gonzalez 3 months ago

    TBH it looks like mole haha

  • tdo7125
    tdo7125 3 months ago

    You guys are awesome 😎

  • Doing Family
    Doing Family 3 months ago

    Hey Simon and Martina! Loved your video! You guys inspired us to try CoCo Curry for ourselves! We gave you a shout out on our video! Check it out!

  • Laura Gonzalez
    Laura Gonzalez 3 months ago

    Noooo i want this so muchhhh!!! I shouldn't watch this, i'm so far from Japan 😭😭

  • Secret Diary of a Foodie

    The guys at TabiEats (TVclip channel) said you can get higher than spice level 10 if you ask, and convince them you can handle it. They love CoCo Curry as well, and I think they got a level 17 a fair while ago (you should do a CoCo Curry collab 😊). Anyway, worth giving it a shot and asking for hotter!