• Published on Aug 31, 2017
  • 3 AMAZING iPhone tricks you can do to fool your friends!
    Become a magician and fool your friends -
    I teach you my favorite tricks to NEVER DO to your Grandma!
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  • نوفمبر تشرين


  • Scott McCall
    Scott McCall 2 months ago

    Awesome Murray!

  • Ivan Zapana
    Ivan Zapana 5 months ago


  • Bears 25
    Bears 25 5 months ago

    There is video of dynamo doing this but it must be edited because the cloth goes Thru the phone it doesn’t appear too run down the bottom at all.

  • edo wibisana
    edo wibisana 8 months ago

    What makes magic fun to watch is when u don't know the trick. I just realized this when I'm easilly amazed by seeing handkercief going through the phone but suddenly dropped when I knew the trick lol

  • Magnus Gaming
    Magnus Gaming 10 months ago

    I left this video when I saw android

  • Ari Shah
    Ari Shah 10 months ago

    Hes not using a iphone lol

  • Tobbben 008
    Tobbben 008 10 months ago

    You know gearoge can watch the stream and say that to you you guyys are not smart.

  • Rick Sanch
    Rick Sanch 10 months ago

    It says iPhone but it’s an android

  • Jean De Painter
    Jean De Painter 10 months ago +1

    the people posting video`s about demon magic
    must feel so dumb after seeing your video`s

  • cute albi
    cute albi 11 months ago

    Wooow whats that new iphone

  • danish zain
    danish zain 11 months ago

    This is not phone

  • Yes
    Yes 11 months ago

    Don’t have a friend??? WELL GET ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • itsJayden
    itsJayden Year ago

    Love how he says iphone tricks and does it with a samsung

  • Ken Zalez
    Ken Zalez Year ago

    Does work in a nokia?

  • Cheetah1310
    Cheetah1310 Year ago

    that was samsung not iPhone

  • Jose vlogs and reactions


  • Tim S
    Tim S Year ago

    😂 when yoh don't have a friend😂🤣
    Find one😵🤣😂

  • Ty Johnson
    Ty Johnson Year ago

    Wow that funny how the title says tricks for IPHONES but that is a Samsung

  • Knee gurr 191 -_-

    Did you call that an iPhone??

    Wow that’s magic!😱

  • alphax
    alphax Year ago

    You say iPhone trick but you using Samsung Smart phone

  • Just a Normal Cat
    Just a Normal Cat Year ago +1

    If you don't have a friend. Find one.

    If only it was that easy.

  • Jesse Reynolds
    Jesse Reynolds Year ago

    Where else can that little piece u have on the phone for the handkerchief trick be found at

  • Beyond Alive 125
    Beyond Alive 125 Year ago

    I like that one trick you pull a cards out of Phone that was amazing I'm going try that on my Friends in fool them

  • The Drawing Halo
    The Drawing Halo Year ago

    When he said Scott I realized that he sounds like pym from the ant man movie

  • Luc Fredrickson
    Luc Fredrickson Year ago

    he kept saying watch

  • Kevin Reacts
    Kevin Reacts Year ago

    Lol if you don’t have a friend find one

  • DavidPhaze
    DavidPhaze Year ago

    What is the point of having the spectator say stop when ur “scrolling thru” ur contacts on ur phone? There’s no justification for that

  • Elie Saba
    Elie Saba Year ago

    That's not even an iphone
    Lolll educate yourself
    But kinda like the vid..
    Nice 😅😂

  • Bilal Bilal
    Bilal Bilal Year ago

    No I am not watching what the fu*ck will you do

  • Joshua Basa
    Joshua Basa Year ago

    4:21 savage

  • Chazuki The Angel Of Nightmare

    He Turned IPhone To Samsung That's Why He Only Used Phone is Samsung!

  • Frozh
    Frozh Year ago

    The third omg

  • FireKing Animations

    Hmm iphone you say?

  • soccer Boy
    soccer Boy Year ago

    Iknew it I shall a bit of the green on the bottom of "iphone"😑

  • Rafi Peled
    Rafi Peled Year ago

    Or you can record yourself saying that you would pick the 7 of diamond!

  • Icaro Joan
    Icaro Joan Year ago

    Muito bom !

  • Jamexie 27
    Jamexie 27 Year ago


  • David Wu
    David Wu Year ago

    Murray: "if you don't have a friend, find one"

  • Cristian Torres
    Cristian Torres Year ago

    If you don’t have a friend find one 😂😂

  • Connor RK800
    Connor RK800 Year ago

    "If you don't have a friend, find one."

  • M M
    M M Year ago

    Android phone. I like you already

  • Sean Burnham
    Sean Burnham Year ago

    I didn't need a reveal for the second one lol. Great video even though I have seen this I still learned more XD

  • jamie daly
    jamie daly Year ago

    He says watch a lot but he is cool

  • Kevin Yoga
    Kevin Yoga Year ago


  • Dynamo001
    Dynamo001 Year ago

    Murray has some big-ass hands.

  • Fabijan Fabijančić

    Ypu are not using iphone

  • Liaj
    Liaj Year ago

    “Amazing iPhone Magic Tricks” head ass got a whole android

  • Retro64 Sneakers
    Retro64 Sneakers Year ago

    Watch watch you watching? Watch watch watching you watching😂

  • v gaming
    v gaming Year ago

    He says top three yet I only see top two

  • Nightcore Lover
    Nightcore Lover Year ago

    Hey magic murry I'm your biggest fan can you give me $1000 in my paypak account plsssss 🙏

  • VipeX
    VipeX Year ago

    Thats Not Even an IPhone

    BILLY WATTS Year ago

    iphone tricks
    uses samsung

  • Dynamic
    Dynamic Year ago

    How many times does he say “watch”

  • Sloan Designer
    Sloan Designer Year ago

    just... like... dat love u murray

  • Sexwithbaby
    Sexwithbaby Year ago

    U meant phone not iphone

  • Akash Kumar Upadhyay

    So the bottom line is- If you don't have a friend. Find one. Period.

  • Elvis Presley Pro

    How many times did he say watch

  • Good2Be Lugia
    Good2Be Lugia Year ago

    5% of the comments: Great Video
    94% of the comments: THAT`S NOT AN IPHONE
    1% other stuff

  • DK Drawings
    DK Drawings Year ago

    I dont have friend xd