Freddie Gets A Bedroom Makeover • Ladylike

  • Published on Jun 9, 2018
  • "We're gonna make some magic happen in this bedroom!"
    Freddie's Bedroom Inspo. - Pinterest Special Thanks Chasing Paper
    Bed Bath & Beyond
    Philips Hue
    T.J. Maxx
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Comments • 5 576

  • Molly Kate Lennon

    She got rid of the shoe trunk!!!!

  • Yodele Ladejobi
    Yodele Ladejobi 2 days ago

    Kane did an AMAZING JOB 🤯🤯🤯

  • Cione Ciox
    Cione Ciox 3 days ago

    Jen's room needs a makeover

  • Im Meh
    Im Meh 3 days ago

    Doooo Jens roooooom

  • AmyAmbra
    AmyAmbra 3 days ago

    Jen’s room should get a make over to

  • cloud 165
    cloud 165 5 days ago

    How is no one talking about her cat?? Adorable little cat baby, Roberta!

  • Kelly B
    Kelly B 5 days ago

    I do relate to the love of laminating.

  • Jasmine Gold
    Jasmine Gold 6 days ago

    Do you guys ever do makeovers for non buzzfeed people

  • Kavya Bhatt
    Kavya Bhatt 10 days ago

    too much freddie....

  • Laura Craft
    Laura Craft 10 days ago

    Your room is so pretty!

  • p o c k y s t i c k s
    p o c k y s t i c k s 10 days ago +1

    0:53 *no mirror*
    **huge mirror next to all the makeup**

  • Happyme!
    Happyme! 10 days ago

    It's so luxurious! Kane is seriously talented at interior design.

  • Megan D
    Megan D 13 days ago +3

    Every time they said jungle I started humming the lion sleeps tonight😂🤣😂

  • Kideto Hellfire Mibu
    Kideto Hellfire Mibu 14 days ago rooms a mess and it’ll never stay clean for more then a week that room looks really nice so pretty

  • G for Grace
    G for Grace 16 days ago

    I would way rather have your room than mine

  • Savanna Verse
    Savanna Verse 16 days ago

    *is kane for sale?*

  • Just Cille
    Just Cille 16 days ago

    Can you like made a series called: Kane does ladylikes makeovers or something? Because he is geourgous like gurlll

  • Hello848 Yow
    Hello848 Yow 16 days ago

    This made me want to be an interior designer.

  • Corina Briscoe
    Corina Briscoe 18 days ago

    Roberta on the runner was SOOO CUTE!

  • Bowen Kids
    Bowen Kids 20 days ago

    Do Jens room next

  • Neelia Apfel
    Neelia Apfel 26 days ago +1

    Can someone please answer me what you do with this much pillows at night?! Just throw them besides your bed?

    • Nqobile Mgquba
      Nqobile Mgquba 24 days ago

      You put them all around you and in between your thighs 🧘🏽‍♀️✨😴

  • Raven Ociset
    Raven Ociset 26 days ago

    11:35 cat is enjoying the rug

  • Tran_ngo. khanh_vy
    Tran_ngo. khanh_vy 26 days ago

    0:39 same

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    Beatriz Botelho 27 days ago

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      Draw Mania 24 days ago +1

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      Beatriz Botelho 25 days ago

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    • Draw Mania
      Draw Mania 25 days ago +1

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      Beatriz Botelho 26 days ago

      Draw Mania oh, if the code didn’t work, you can try IVEDD or IVEB1. ;D

    • Draw Mania
      Draw Mania 26 days ago +1

      Beatriz Botelho scammer

  • CosmicC
    CosmicC 27 days ago +1

    God I wish my room looked like that

  • East Ender
    East Ender 28 days ago

    Cheers they spill it all over the new bed cover and pillows🤣

  • Fashion4ever24
    Fashion4ever24 Month ago

    call MR KATE

  • I. Bosquez
    I. Bosquez Month ago +1

    Lady tested, Cat approved!

  • Star Mack
    Star Mack Month ago

    You could say....Kain is..the Kain-g

  • Maddy Over
    Maddy Over Month ago

    Do you guys have a po box?

  • Lucy bow13
    Lucy bow13 Month ago

    do Jens room

  • Summer Gaming & Vlogs

    I’m Allergic To Cats :c

  • Kareny The Bunny
    Kareny The Bunny Month ago

    I have the same comforter, I got it at ross!

  • Viviana Perez
    Viviana Perez Month ago

    Can you do my room
    Edit: plz

  • Anna Bischoff
    Anna Bischoff Month ago +1

    Jen: lay some eggs

  • XpetraXpazlX
    XpetraXpazlX Month ago


  • Tia Mikkelsen
    Tia Mikkelsen Month ago

    Roberta is adorable❤️

  • Madeline Borski
    Madeline Borski Month ago +1

    Oh my God I looked at her room and just shook my head. I was just thinking, "i would have so much anxiety"😂😂

  • Caitlin Southbard
    Caitlin Southbard Month ago +1

    At 11:43 the captions say "Woman laugh" 😂

  • Caroline Frazão
    Caroline Frazão Month ago

    Love Kane and how humble he is. ❤️

  • audrey reed
    audrey reed Month ago


  • Otylia Jeromin
    Otylia Jeromin Month ago

    Who else ships them

  • Anni Wanni
    Anni Wanni Month ago +1

    Love it
    Jen but wheres freddie
    Chantel but wheres freddie
    Devin but wheres freddie

  • Angel Benhoff
    Angel Benhoff Month ago


  • Gracelyn Raye
    Gracelyn Raye Month ago +1

    Makeover with Kane series

  • Olivia Grace
    Olivia Grace Month ago

    I really like him and he seems like a really good friend but he seems like he would never talk if he didn’t have to

  • Imran Minhas
    Imran Minhas Month ago

    Did someone notice that the shirt jens wearing is devins from their cloths swap video

  • MELODY Khan
    MELODY Khan Month ago

    I have the same comforter

  • Liv Redlefsen
    Liv Redlefsen Month ago +2

    OK how many times did they say vibe in this video? 😂😂

  • lillian de launay
    lillian de launay Month ago


  • just for fun
    just for fun Month ago

    Do Jens room

  • Helen Farley
    Helen Farley Month ago

    Freddie has such a nice smile 😩

  • 강유리
    강유리 Month ago

    wow the lamp

  • Infinite Jellyfish
    Infinite Jellyfish Month ago

    “Gold storage ottoman”
    Dayym Fred

  • Diamond Betterson
    Diamond Betterson Month ago +3

    Freddie's room is perfection, awesome job kane.

  • Kyra
    Kyra Month ago

    DO 👏 JENS 👏 ROOM 👏 NEXTT 👏

  • Slime Asmr
    Slime Asmr Month ago

    I like but too many plants I would get anxiety

  • Ariciaa James
    Ariciaa James Month ago

    Can this be a series

  • ___Kay__ _
    ___Kay__ _ Month ago

    i kinda ship freddie and kane???? anyone else???

  • Michelle Frasher
    Michelle Frasher Month ago

    I love this video it is just so wholesome

  • Alexa _X3plays
    Alexa _X3plays Month ago

    What about others bedroom???

  • Jazmine Elliott
    Jazmine Elliott Month ago


  • Jane French
    Jane French Month ago

    Hated the wallpaper until they busted out that pink bedding. A+++++

  • Erin Purcell
    Erin Purcell Month ago

    She swapped the shoes she was keeping and the ones she was getting rid of

  • brightsparrowhawk
    brightsparrowhawk Month ago

    I hope that tree is fake, because a real one will certainly die in that corner... There’s a weird trend of decorating with bright-light plants in corners, where they are doomed to die, and I do not understand.

  • eva heungens
    eva heungens Month ago

    All good now jens room!!!

  • Jade Nilsen
    Jade Nilsen Month ago

    Can he come over and do my room 😂

  • Qwerty Forever
    Qwerty Forever 2 months ago

    Who else ships them...

  • Call me JJ
    Call me JJ 2 months ago

    Jen's room next! (Thank you, next tune!)

  • Call me JJ
    Call me JJ 2 months ago +1

    I want to see jen's room to be transformed!