How This Lake in Northwest Asia Got Deadlier Than Chernobyl

  • Published on Jun 26, 2018
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    Central Russia, 1957.
    Villagers near the Southern Ural mountains were scared, they were terrified. Men claiming to be from the government had appeared out of nowhere, ordering people to leave their homes. Without warning, they started burying crops, and slaughtering livestock; their livestock. The villagers were in shock; they were confused. What was going on?...
    Points covered in the video:
    - Hiroshima & Nagasaki Atomic Bombings
    - The Soviet Union's early nuclear history
    - Joseph Stalin
    - Nuclear Arms Race
    - Nuclear weapons development
    - Mayak (Russia's first plutonium plant)
    - Chelyabinsk
    - Secret City of Chelyabinsk-40 or City 40
    - Lake Kyzyltash
    - Russian and US closed cities
    - Hanford Nuclear Plant
    - Secret City of Richland, Washington
    - Soviet spy rings
    - Manhattan Project
    - Techa River
    - Lake Irtyash (Plutonium Lake or The Lake of Death)
    - Lake Karachay (Lake Karachai, Карача́й)
    - Nuclear accident
    - Kyshtym Disaster
    - INES
    - Chernobyl Disaster
    - Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
    - Acute Radiation Sickness
    - Caesium-137 contamination
    - Ozersk (Ozyorsk, Озерск)
    - Radiation Poisoning

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  • Kento Bento
    Kento Bento  9 months ago +2081

    Crazy stuff happened in the Southern Ural Mountains. Anyone heard of these deadly lakes or nuclear accidents before? And let us know if you want us to continue with this storytime/illustration style!
    You can always support us at
    There is also a documentary on Netflix called 'City 40' that covers the lives of the subsequent generations living in Ozersk after the Mayak disasters - what they had to go through and what their lives are like now (at least the ones that are left). Check it out if you want to know more.
    ★ We are currently looking for a general assistant, video editor, motion graphics editor, assistant illustrator, & script editor. Familiarity with our style is crucial. If you're someone who's passionate about 'Asiany' topics, above the age of 22, fluent in English & with great attention to detail (perfectionist personality!), send a short introductory email and samples of your relevant works to with the position, age & desired start date noted in the email title. (If above conditions are not met, you may not get a response)
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    • M. Hall
      M. Hall Month ago

      Kento Bento Yes, about forty years ago.

    • Sergey Kolesnik
      Sergey Kolesnik 2 months ago

      I am from Ozyorsk)))) Nice to see a video about my town))

    • Halim Sader
      Halim Sader 2 months ago

      Love the way you tell your stories / graphics and shift between past & present....But what is the coolest is how seamless you integrate brands at the end of your Vids...great stuff, keep it up

    • matdacat03 YT
      matdacat03 YT 3 months ago

      On some nuketown shit

    • Alex Greer
      Alex Greer 3 months ago

      You're so good at ad segways

  • Rosalie Peterson
    Rosalie Peterson 17 hours ago

    Ummmmmm, I have to disagree with a portion of your video. I was born and raised in Richland, WA. Richland was started as a farming community incorporated in 1910. Though it was small in size and population (300 residents) it could be found on state and local maps. In 1943, it was bought out by the Federal Government and a collection of prefabricated houses (designated A-D based on their floor plan) and “barracks” for single employees were built by the Federal Government for workers at the Hanford Nuclear Plant and their families. The workers were responsible for enriching the plutonium for the “Fat Man” nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki in 1945.
    What I disagree with in your video is the statement that Richland was a secret city like those around Mayak in Russia. Richland was far from secret in every respect. Residents of Richland were free to vacation, send mail, make phone calls to people outside the city and state, etc.
    It was the Hanford Project that was secret. Incredibly secret. People who worked at the Hanford site were not allowed to speak about what they did for/at the site. They had signed documents before they started working saying that to speak about any aspect of their job or what they saw to anyone outside their department was treason (punishable by death).
    A laughable moment from Hanford’s history denotes HOW secret it was. At one point their was an excess of toilet paper on site. It was disbursed to employees which started a rumor that Hanford was a secret government toilet paper-making factory. 😂
    In 1987, the Hanford Nuclear Plant was decommissioned and the decades since have been devoted to safely dismantling/storing the radioactive materials within the reactor. Richland took only a small economic hit from this shutdown as the city had diversified its businesses and work force over the decades to include many private businesses and citizens unrelated to the Hanford Project.
    I don’t know if they still distribute it, but before I moved away from Richland in 2000, the city published a short book with original b/w pictures of its history. I highly recommend you find one and read it to get your facts straight on a city you speak about in your video. 🙂

  • ancalyme
    ancalyme Day ago

    Fukushima is overblown. The city proper is perfectly livable, with no notable after-effects. Afaik there are no strong after-effects, other than some abandoned infrastructure.

  • Mr. Jones
    Mr. Jones Day ago +3

    War is a bunch of really insecure 12 year olds with (for some reason) a lot of weapon power.

    • Mason Macdougall
      Mason Macdougall Day ago

      Ahh u fucked with my boats haha take that (FUCKING NUKES THEM TWICE)

  • LTG Super Fish
    LTG Super Fish Day ago

    Todd Howard orchestrated this as a beta test for fallout 3

  • Cooling Heat
    Cooling Heat 2 days ago

    In Soviet Russia, you trap government

  • ToN1c
    ToN1c 2 days ago

    The Aral sea was still there when this happened but it's Not on the satalite footage

  • Zero Six
    Zero Six 2 days ago

    Pu 239 is very hard and almost impossible to form dust particles withaut serious mechanical shock especially in its alpha phase. Not mentioning particles under 5 microns. You can hold Pu 239 all day long actually that's the way some skiller experts used to classify if it's Pu 239 by feeling it's temperature by hand. Alpfa particles are stopped by the dead cell layer on your epidermis and since there is no dust hazard you are fine, just wash your hands before you get into your lunchbox. 80% high enrichment weapon grade Pu239 emits 39.6 degrees Celsius from the alpha decay energy some scientists working in weapon production back in the days liked to use subcritical assemblys to warm theyr hands in the cold. If we exclude radiation Pu239 is not more toxic than lead.

  • Gilles Parmentier
    Gilles Parmentier 3 days ago

    why do you repeat youurself my man?

  • Khoi Le
    Khoi Le 3 days ago +1

    evil Russian government

  • Lord Seigram
    Lord Seigram 3 days ago

    Stupid Soviets.

  • Remo Drake
    Remo Drake 3 days ago

    Fukushima INES classification is complicated and spread from INES 5 to 7.

  • Lavi Amitai
    Lavi Amitai 4 days ago

    Yeahhh... I wouldn't eat these fruit and vegetables... Or get close to the lake........ Or the city in general.

  • Issac C
    Issac C 6 days ago

    Fuck me Russia loves to fuck up Russia

  • FondHond
    FondHond 6 days ago

    Chernobyl is the safest place on the planet

  • Maximian Arion
    Maximian Arion 7 days ago

    Well the elephant foot was more radioactive than this place

    Edit:the elephant's foot is in chernobyl

  • Jacobs Realm
    Jacobs Realm 7 days ago

    "Yo you know that shit life needs to exist, water... yea lets just put death sauce in it"

  • *Bible Crab* *Lord*
    *Bible Crab* *Lord* 7 days ago +1

    Forbidden swimming pool

  • Nick Cooper
    Nick Cooper 8 days ago

    This shit was the norm in Russia

  • Justin Lorenz
    Justin Lorenz 10 days ago +1

    Someone reviewed one of the lakes. This is what they commented: Ozero Kyzyltash
    Ozersk, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia -
    ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Went out crab fishing on a 40ft pontoon with a slide and had a great time. But my son and I got sick from eating crabs from this lake.

  • Arctic 3
    Arctic 3 11 days ago

    I have a feeling...

    The cause of me twitching 100 times a minute is due to radiation...

  • KingOf-Weebs
    KingOf-Weebs 12 days ago

    Hmm, Soviet union did an oopsie!

  • design of modern life
    design of modern life 12 days ago

    the beauty of comunism

  • Bao Huynh Gia
    Bao Huynh Gia 12 days ago

    When the soviet union *buffed* communism

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    Joseph Stalin 13 days ago +2

    *You never heard of this*

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    when karma strikes back

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    Jad3z 16 days ago

    So the radiation led to the ocean so if I see a crazy monster in the ocean blame the russians

  • Peyton Tyler
    Peyton Tyler 21 day ago

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  • Cosmic Wolf
    Cosmic Wolf 21 day ago

    That transition on promoting that website from the lack of knowledge by the germans to the introduction to brilliant i legit thought that brilliant was a sone sort of organization but it turned out to be a website hahhahaha😂😂😂

  • holly clown
    holly clown 21 day ago

    This is why i love the Fallout games so much. Just showed the ridiculousness and inhumanity of governments.

  • mr. ACE
    mr. ACE 22 days ago

    The story of how Russia fucked it self because they were Jealous of the US

  • Tyrion Cat
    Tyrion Cat 24 days ago

    Such a wonderful place, the communist/socialist paradse called the USSR.

  • NoEyes YT
    NoEyes YT 25 days ago

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  • Walter Challikis
    Walter Challikis 26 days ago

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  • Andrew Lankford
    Andrew Lankford 27 days ago

    Burning a village contaminated with radioactivity would be compounding stupidity with unimaginable stupidity.

  • Xaranar
    Xaranar 28 days ago

    I can't imagine what it must have been like living behind the iron curtain. Russia's citizens must have lived in a constant state of fear and desperation.

  • Harry Roger
    Harry Roger 28 days ago

    If you are KentoBento, then I am HirameHide.

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    sei 28 days ago

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    Nicholas Dickson 29 days ago

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    Ryan Vason 29 days ago

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  • Ryan Vason
    Ryan Vason 29 days ago

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    Eden Chang 29 days ago

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  • Mr. Duck
    Mr. Duck Month ago

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  • ricardo soto
    ricardo soto Month ago +1

    When you out Lavrenti Beria to manage a nuclear program.... what can go wrong?

  • hithummah
    hithummah Month ago

    did you just read a convoluted script of a canceled Metal Gear fame?

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    Damn. They’re really beautiful places too 🙁

  • Articolul 13
    Articolul 13 Month ago

    Russia is the most idiotic and stupid country ever. If it didnt exisy everything would be better in this world

  • RadioStalker
    RadioStalker Month ago

    Isnt the deadliest and unclearest lake is a Balck Hole in Dzerdjinsk, Russia? For years straight there has been organised illegal industrial waste storage. Chemicals, oils, dangerous elements, insane reactions - all coming from a big chemical factory

  • trusty patches
    trusty patches Month ago

    This man is a beast making a 13 minute long ad for brilliant

  • Lewis Bi
    Lewis Bi Month ago

    Yes yes brilliant will teach you how to dispose of nuclear waste

  • phil swift
    phil swift Month ago

    Russia would like to know your location...

  • Emma Blake
    Emma Blake Month ago

    So did they not feel the blast? Surely they would of seen or felt it

  • Jarreled Stewirt Winslet.

    What the actual fuck

  • Caden’s Cat
    Caden’s Cat Month ago +1


  • The Shadow Of Death

    One of the best videos I have seen in a while.

  • Dylan Wicklund
    Dylan Wicklund Month ago

    Damnit Russia did it again

  • Legitpenguins69
    Legitpenguins69 Month ago

    Ayyyye, i live in Richland. The OG Chelyabinsk-40. We are still cleaning up the Hanford site to this day to properly dispose of the nuclear waste that was pretty much carelessly dumped into rivers and shit but somehow the soviets managed to fuck it up even worse than us

  • theory izer
    theory izer Month ago

    All this video did was make me laugh. What stubborn assholes ! Who dumps waste into lake... SMH
    Them lieing really doesn't matter to me. That's how you get a bad name ..

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    ichiban2point0 Month ago

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  • Peter Hutt-Sierra
    Peter Hutt-Sierra Month ago

    11:39 It may also have been kept secret so the CIA could avoid revealing that it had agents with knowledge of the Russian nuclear program. If the incident had been publicized then the Russians would have known that there was a leak.

  • Ian Rutherford
    Ian Rutherford Month ago

    and,yes, and yes and yes...

  • Troy Brown
    Troy Brown Month ago

    Great video.
    Liked presentation and information. Thanks

  • stealthop
    stealthop Month ago

    ozersk looks like a partial anagram for zero risk

  • Christoph Tews
    Christoph Tews Month ago +1

    6:31 there is a heart in the center of the radioactive symbol🤔

  • Dat dank Boi
    Dat dank Boi Month ago

    I love how stupid Soviet Union are most of the times

  • Geoff Foster
    Geoff Foster Month ago

    I'm pretty sure many of the young men and women who died in the Dyatlov Pass incident worked at the Chelybinsk Atomgrad. The deaths happened two years later and whilst the locations are 600km distant (at the time they were on a hiking expedition) it's worth pointing out that mysterious lights had been reported throughout the region for weeks leading up to their disappearance. When the bodies were finally recovered several tested positive for extremely high levels of radiation. Some have speculated on the presence of UFOS - but aside from a few eye-witness reports the claims are impossible to verify. I should also mention that a spectacular (and widely reported) incident took place in the skies directly above Chelybinsk just a few years ago when a meteor/ite either exploded at altitude or crashed to the earth in the nearby forest. You can find clips of this online throughout TVclip.

  • Sythe
    Sythe Month ago

    im kentguibenrt

  • Makhail Oliver
    Makhail Oliver Month ago

    Weird how the Soviet Union actually stepped in and did something about public health while people continue to drink poisoned water in Flint Michigan...

  • alfredfallegard
    alfredfallegard Month ago

    Didn’t think Russians was this dumb

  • yunas saxer
    yunas saxer Month ago


  • Jimmy Steve Bob Joel

    That was one of the smoothest transitions to an ad I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t even annoyed, I was just impressed honestly

  • CY WK
    CY WK Month ago +1

    it's not just THEIR village, it was EVERYONE'S village
    do i sense communism?
    well its russia so

    • Orkar
      Orkar 22 days ago

      CY WK 👌🏿

  • Bhusta cap
    Bhusta cap Month ago

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  • Skaatje
    Skaatje Month ago

    On google earth it is still empty and the towns next to it, not burned, but empty. No cars, no people.

  • Grumberf Warcraft'
    Grumberf Warcraft' Month ago

    earth is doomed to fail because of humans and their greed and laziness

  • Machine Mechine
    Machine Mechine Month ago

    A product of uranium fission, radio caesium has a 30 year halflife & decays into barium.

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  • savioursmesmerized
    savioursmesmerized Month ago

    Lake is being poisioned, people get cancer, their children get malformations, innocent people cities away also gets poisoned and the landscape gets damaged irreparably for generations to come. Oh, AND the lake is connected to a river that flows into the arctic circle which will probably accelarate global warming.
    "But it gets worse"

  • Nurse Blissey
    Nurse Blissey Month ago

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  • Hakapik
    Hakapik Month ago

    Lake Karachay does not exist any more. Google earth shows it has been filled in and covered over.

  • Angela Roquemore
    Angela Roquemore Month ago

    The only "special disease" at Mayak was arrogance of the government and the ignorance of the non-physicists on staff at Mayak.

  • Phoenix Lyon
    Phoenix Lyon Month ago

    Great, through Mayak, Russia was irradiating the world's oceans for decades before Fukushima-Daichi blew. Seems the planet is well and truly 'Fukked'. ✌😸

  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastname Month ago +1

    Why man was not to partake of the tree of knowledge. Whatever good to evolve from it, man through ignorance and greed would surely corrupt.

    • Dylan Higgins
      Dylan Higgins Month ago

      Technology and science become evil when they over-pace ethics and morality. It’s not about whether we can, it’s about whether we should.

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