How This Lake in Northwest Asia Got Deadlier Than Chernobyl

  • Published on Jun 26, 2018
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    Central Russia, 1957.
    Villagers near the Southern Ural mountains were scared, they were terrified. Men claiming to be from the government had appeared out of nowhere, ordering people to leave their homes. Without warning, they started burying crops, and slaughtering livestock; their livestock. The villagers were in shock; they were confused. What was going on?...
    Points covered in the video:
    - Hiroshima & Nagasaki Atomic Bombings
    - The Soviet Union's early nuclear history
    - Joseph Stalin
    - Nuclear Arms Race
    - Nuclear weapons development
    - Mayak (Russia's first plutonium plant)
    - Chelyabinsk
    - Secret City of Chelyabinsk-40 or City 40
    - Lake Kyzyltash
    - Russian and US closed cities
    - Hanford Nuclear Plant
    - Secret City of Richland, Washington
    - Soviet spy rings
    - Manhattan Project
    - Techa River
    - Lake Irtyash (Plutonium Lake or The Lake of Death)
    - Lake Karachay (Lake Karachai, Карача́й)
    - Nuclear accident
    - Kyshtym Disaster
    - INES
    - Chernobyl Disaster
    - Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
    - Acute Radiation Sickness
    - Caesium-137 contamination
    - Ozersk (Ozyorsk, Озерск)
    - Radiation Poisoning

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  • Kento Bento
    Kento Bento  6 months ago +1905

    Crazy stuff happened in the Southern Ural Mountains. Anyone heard of these deadly lakes or nuclear accidents before? And let us know if you want us to continue with this storytime/illustration style!
    You can always support us at
    There is also a documentary on Netflix called 'City 40' that covers the lives of the subsequent generations living in Ozersk after the Mayak disasters - what they had to go through and what their lives are like now (at least the ones that are left). Check it out if you want to know more.
    ★ Help us with subtitles in your language!

    • matdacat03 YT
      matdacat03 YT 3 days ago

      On some nuketown shit

    • Alex Greer
      Alex Greer 5 days ago

      You're so good at ad segways

    • Dodong Goldblum
      Dodong Goldblum 11 days ago

      can you make one about the bhopal union carbide tragedy?

    • Harshal Hatzade
      Harshal Hatzade 15 days ago

      Hey, some people still need to own a DNA Passport, because of the radiation due to the Nuclear Weapon Testing near Kyrgyzstan.

    • A Random indian
      A Random indian Month ago

      Kento Bento I’m not kento I am just Kent

  • TEAZY 503
    TEAZY 503 2 hours ago

    DUDE I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! thank you

  • Real Official Nestea Totally Better Than Bepis.

    Good thing Canada doesn’t build nukes or buy they got non : D

  • _ Re _ _ ally? _ -_-
    _ Re _ _ ally? _ -_- 22 hours ago

    Fucking radioactive activities. Just bomb yourselves already!

  • Pig_catapult
    Pig_catapult 22 hours ago

    Possibly the least sensitive segue into a Brilliant or SkillShare ad I've ever heard.

  • Larry Rosenfeld
    Larry Rosenfeld 23 hours ago

    wow, that was a garbage transition to the sponsored message at the end.

  • Ano Nymous
    Ano Nymous Day ago

    Nuclear power is the strongest known force in universe and we do heat water with... -.-

  • Marie Hewett
    Marie Hewett Day ago

    Im horrified as i knew nothing of this. It beggars belief that all those people were living in such a highly contaminated area and had no idea. It is nothing short of terryfying. Thankyou for a very well researched and informative video

  • TeaLegend27
    TeaLegend27 Day ago

    Anyone else see a heart in the middle of the radioactive sign

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    gordan orangutan 2 days ago

    Fucking Russia, the most selfish and irresponsible country on earth. Followed closely by the USA they are not much better. If they hadn't of tried to win a war in one hit with a weapon humans should never posses we wouldn't have half the problems in the world

  • Liam Cockcroft
    Liam Cockcroft 2 days ago

    yeah i've read about this one, good vid

  • BorisGrishenco
    BorisGrishenco 2 days ago

    My ex GF is from Krasnoyarsk-45 also closed city near kranoyarsk ;))

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    EdgyBoi 666 2 days ago

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    NateIsGaming 2 days ago

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    SAD GAMES 3 days ago

    America really is the worst thing to ever happen to this planet, it really is. Disgusting disgusting country, dropping a nuke on any country is just unacceptable, on civilians of all people, how is that not an attack of terror? They are the worst terrorists on this planet.

    • Tesis de Locura
      Tesis de Locura Day ago

      Did you forget what Japan did to koreans and chineses right?

  • matdacat03 YT
    matdacat03 YT 3 days ago

    On some.nuketoen shit

  • Adriana Aleksandrova

    Why are people so *dumb*
    *RUSSIA* you are disappointing me

  • dandycliff2
    dandycliff2 3 days ago +1

    Russia will be the death of us all.

  • Oskar Sundgren
    Oskar Sundgren 3 days ago

    What about my basement? 1:57

  • KalodexD
    KalodexD 3 days ago

    This all could’ve been avoided if America wasn’t the number one weapon makers, peace ha?

  • Mads V
    Mads V 3 days ago

    Interesting video!

  • nicoco berru
    nicoco berru 3 days ago

    Do you just sometimes think that, maybe those movies got it right? That humans are the real monsters? That maybe all of humanity should die to protect this earth?
    Because I do. A lot.

  • Jacob Stewart
    Jacob Stewart 3 days ago

    Dumbass Russians.

  • vf12497439
    vf12497439 3 days ago

    Richland was not a sealed city. There are three towns closer to Hanford than richland is...

  • Luke Azucena
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    the epic segway to the advertisement

  • Champis theBunny
    Champis theBunny 4 days ago

    An awful lot of Red Scare in this one. But that has come back into fashion of late. Do you have any proof the government of the time, simply, and arbitrarily executed people if they refused to work in the closed cities? The nuclear incidents of both the amero-zionist empire, and the Soviet Union, were, bad yes. This video, however, seems more interested in painting the Russians and their Gov't as unbelievably vile and murderous thugs, with less than no regard for human life. Thumbs down.

  • coco sori
    coco sori 4 days ago

    Wasn't this an episode in The Simpsons?

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    4of92000 4 days ago

    why do all the radioactivity symbols have little hearts in them

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    Maddox Syed 4 days ago

    this guy later gets sniped by Russian agents for releasing secret data

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    The Info Matrix 4 days ago

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    Crowe Altius 4 days ago

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  • hbarudi
    hbarudi 4 days ago

    Such a well covered up nuclear and radiation situation. Good to know about this situation and that they were not even isolating natural water from the reactor is a big environmental no-no. But the politicians didn't care at all and forced people into their bidding.

  • Riece Cardin
    Riece Cardin 5 days ago

    it was at that moment they knew they fuck up

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    My Village
    It's Our village

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  • Is That All Stranger

    just shows that governments have this much power, the soviet union could've chosen not to declassify this matter and keep on going, they were playing with half a million lives.

  • Entrippy
    Entrippy 5 days ago

    Someone, I'm not a scientist so I dont know, but why do we use uranium rods that can meltdown for long periods of time? Wouldn't many more tiny rods separated by more space still yield power? It wouldn't prevent a meltdown, and I assume much higher maintenance, but isnt that worth it? I mean there has to be an equation for how far a piece of critical uranium can melt through things based on its mass by now

  • not Vilmer
    not Vilmer 6 days ago +1

    Why is this in my recommended? part 30947326

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    thistubeisfucked 6 days ago +3

    In Soviet Russia water boils you

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    Joann Crystallis 6 days ago

    Ah, the race to become the strongest country than others really doesn't care about human casualties, do they??? - epic face palm - Fucking really?!

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    Marc Moncada 6 days ago

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    buskola 7 days ago

    goverments are evil

  • Pretzel Pretzel snack

    So did no one notice the hearts inside the nuclear symbols on all the contaminated lake bit?(I bet someone did)

  • Pretzel Pretzel snack

    That one guy at the start with the peeling skin was becoming a ghoul

  • Not Korg
    Not Korg 8 days ago

    the only reason i love russia

  • Scout’s Shitposts
    Scout’s Shitposts 8 days ago +1

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    I hate how people from the USA call themselves americans... I live in Brazil and Brazil is in America, so I live in America too, so i am an american just like who lives in Asia is asian

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    The sold video was an ad

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  • Planes, Trains, Everything.

    Fascinating video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Navin Rajkumar
    Navin Rajkumar 12 days ago

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    U should have mentioned on first

    • Navin Rajkumar
      Navin Rajkumar 12 days ago

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      Why he don't mention America

    • videogamebomer
      videogamebomer 12 days ago

      It's a video about Russia America has nothing to do with this.

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    lala jecko 13 days ago

    Go to gulag now, my friend

  • Banana_King
    Banana_King 13 days ago

    Wait you want to tell me...
    After fucking nuclear disaster in nuclear facility next to that town you are allowed to get in there WHAT...
    Russia have some serious problems

  • Valeera
    Valeera 14 days ago +1

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    creeper lover666 is 14 days ago

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  • ner0
    ner0 14 days ago

    ""Stolen", like the way you stole subtitling technology? Subtitle inventors must be rolling in their graves lol
    On an important note: Is there a precedent of similar collateral in the US? The tests on the face of soldiers are widely known, but that's very different from exposing civilians accidentally. From your video I take it that there were no major incidents like this on US soil.

  • Red Hook MMA
    Red Hook MMA 14 days ago

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  • Reform School Kid
    Reform School Kid 14 days ago

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  • Canes Venatici
    Canes Venatici 14 days ago

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  • country boy 1970
    country boy 1970 14 days ago

    It's funny how much soviet knowledge and tech they had to steal mostly from the U.S. and too from germany

  • 16CaldwellJ - James Caldwell

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  • Terlin1466
    Terlin1466 15 days ago

    :-( thats really really sad. Like why do people even live in this area still Destroy it already. let nature reclaim it and allow it to heal it self.

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