Newlyweds Season 1 Part 3

  • Published on Apr 15, 2009
  • part 3 to episode 107...enjoy=)
    episode 108 should be up shortly=D
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  • L Y
    L Y 2 months ago

    She did come home and bitch at him after he had been working all day.

  • treehuggermc1
    treehuggermc1 7 months ago +4

    Nick is an ASSHOLE OMG.

  • Erica flores Contreras
    Erica flores Contreras 8 months ago

    And thas why she remarried an ugly guy and left this one

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts 10 months ago

    Jessica is not a bitch she wasnt being bitchy at all your just a pussy dude seriously she is very sweet ...what a puss dude man up fragile ass ego...nick the dick πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚he said bitch way to many times bro look in the mirror...he is so insecure about his success and taking it out on her it's so damn obvious he can't handle his,woman being more successful

  • Rein 18
    Rein 18 11 months ago

    If u watch the entire show from the beginning to the end most of the time he was so mean to her and she just tried to be nice back and funny but he wasn't having it..always. I'll tell u this the new woman he's with didn't write music for this prick like she did, she loved him and he just seemed to be jealous that she was so big and he wasn't is the vibes he put off through out the show. Lol now he's with a woman on his level and he's ok probably mean to her to..maybe not. Just sad I used to watch this when it was actually airing and thought damn dude that's harsh. Like the famous chicken of the sea...everyone sees how dumb that was and funny but they cut out the part after where he was mean to her for even saying it :(

  • Rein 18
    Rein 18 11 months ago +5

    He has always been mean to her.... always.

  • Dawn Shipley
    Dawn Shipley Year ago

    Nick was the bitch. If he doesn't get that decorating the house without his wife is a problem. He needs a lesson. And he needs another lesson in how he talks to his wife.

  • Petra Robles
    Petra Robles Year ago +4

    Now nick is married to a gum on his shoe he deserves that crap...

  • Kaitlyn G
    Kaitlyn G Year ago +1

    Guys this was awhile ago people make mistakes!!

  • ik jij
    ik jij Year ago +7

    That man doesn’t deserve a woman !

  • Jen kb
    Jen kb Year ago +15

    He was just jealous of her success.

  • Breets Shop
    Breets Shop Year ago +9

    He is belittling

  • Bella Luna
    Bella Luna 2 years ago +17

    wow he was mean to her,no wonder she left him

  • talina winston
    talina winston 5 years ago +1

    That explains why he was able to move on so fast. Jess isn't even married yet.

  • David Selmi
    David Selmi 5 years ago +4

    Jessica is a bitch who is spoiled

    • Megan G
      Megan G 6 months ago

      Says the man on the thread......smh

  • Theresa Jajou
    Theresa Jajou 5 years ago +4

    He cheated on her guys. That's why she left him. He cheated on her with the girl he's married to now

  • devworlddaily
    devworlddaily 5 years ago +6

    I really miss them? I loved this show!

  • faith2392
    faith2392 6 years ago +22

    Nick is a bitch

    • truth hurts
      truth hurts 10 months ago +1

      faith2392 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Riah H
    Riah H 6 years ago

    I use to watch this show when I was little. Why did they break up? I'm 17 and I still don't know why. I think I heard it was because of that guy, Adam, from Maroon 5.

  • Aradia
    Aradia 6 years ago


  • T D
    T D 6 years ago +1

    If you think jessica isn't a spoiled brat...and feel like nick is a dick...i could put money down on it that you feel as though you are a princess and you actually are a spoiled brat. All he was trying to do was surprise her and make her happy... hes a fix it type of dude...shes just ungrateful.

  • Sophia Ang
    Sophia Ang 6 years ago +4

    They could've worked through it. Swear they should watch themselves and realize how bad they treated each other.

  • Kenna Dell
    Kenna Dell 6 years ago

    Jessica Simpson needs to hope off her period.

  • faith2392
    faith2392 6 years ago +5

    What a dick

  • BabyFarley91
    BabyFarley91 6 years ago +9

    geez I never realized how much of a dick he was.

  • Iysha Melton
    Iysha Melton 6 years ago +3

    I would've been the exact same way as nick if I work hard around the house. I'm a girl and all but I think its jack up wen she complains

  • janaria payne
    janaria payne 6 years ago +3

    i loved them as a couple! :(

    K-POP EDIT 6 years ago

    no he wasn't but okay

  • Miriam Belle
    Miriam Belle 6 years ago +2

    how is he mean?? He did all the moving for them, I wish I had someone to help me move in when I needed it..he did all the work himself and he's still the mean one??? No Way, she's the Brat, bitching at him all the time, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miriam Belle
    Miriam Belle 6 years ago

    Nick is adorable, wow

  • The Bwrighter
    The Bwrighter 7 years ago +2

    Jessica is really a nice girl. I met her and was shocked how nice she was to me.

  • switkissez
    switkissez 7 years ago +7

    3.03 when he starts to be nasty. the way he is abusive, its very hurtful. and he does that alot. why must he takes it seriously given her character. he should learn her character by then and can talk nicely as a man.

  • Glutamate Sulphate
    Glutamate Sulphate 7 years ago +8

    he was mean though! he needs to be nicer with her. thats why she divorced him!

  • hill2mason
    hill2mason 7 years ago

    @Renabulous oh absolutely. the editing can make the situation completely different from reality. if they used scraps off the editing room floor the whole senario would change. you called it right.

  • veromiami
    veromiami 7 years ago +1

    They both were really immature but so cute together, they did love each other bit wow he was controlling and she was childish

  • Kinsey
    Kinsey 7 years ago +9

    Hes a jackass. I realize this now.

  • wicca4991
    wicca4991 7 years ago +1

    He's the thing..Nick is use to working extra hard and being hands on..Jessica is use to being a princess. end of story

  • Leroy Daniel
    Leroy Daniel 8 years ago

    I remember that movie last 10 or 11 years ago. Both divorce right now. Thank, Leroy.

  • victoria grant
    victoria grant 8 years ago +1

    @lovemy4boys1 Jessica took her marriage for granted and now she struggles to keep a man. Also Jessica's father should have shown Nick more respect, after all he respected her virginity until marriage. I'm sure his buddies gave him hell about that.

  • LaDont S
    LaDont S 8 years ago +1

    I love them, thanks for uploading!

  • KingNazaru
    KingNazaru 8 years ago

    @lovemy4boys1 Thank you!

  • KingNazaru
    KingNazaru 8 years ago

    @xx1jessicafanxx Which episode was the one where Jessica Simpson farted?

  • Michelle
    Michelle 8 years ago +2

    im seriously obsessed with the old jessica simpson! she was so cute and hot! I love her style too!

  • jane lee
    jane lee 8 years ago +1

    he sorry not she lol lol

  • jane lee
    jane lee 8 years ago +7

    i think she's useless when jessica has such an awesome career (well at the time anyway, she was really in the media a lot). i think he's jealous of her and wants some control in the household because he knows that jessica is the bread winner of the family when he's a guy. He was definitely abusive here. He treats her like a piece of crap - i mean come on, it's THEIR house so she should have a say in the design, not HIS house. He's such a controlling douche bag. Jessica deserves so much better.

  • Monkeycraze
    Monkeycraze 8 years ago

    its totally normal for married couples or any long term couple to fight sometimes , he wasnt that harsh -.-' the important thing is they made up right after and they love each other.

  • LonerButterfly
    LonerButterfly 8 years ago +8

    Jessica was so diplomatic and really kept her cool, even though she would have been justified if she'd let him have it. She seems so sweet-hearted...she deserved better.

  • LonerButterfly
    LonerButterfly 8 years ago

    @tylermanchesteruntd That's not sexist at all.

  • LonerButterfly
    LonerButterfly 8 years ago +5

    @baBristow He was absolutely being abusive. Calling her names and talking down to her that way.

  • Chhaya9
    Chhaya9 8 years ago +15

    Pff.. He's just rude..

    So typical.. Jesica did not have to take this, but sometimes a woman compensates for the crap the man says..

  • talina winston
    talina winston 8 years ago +14

    I couldn't believe Nick talked to Jess like that. It was rather harsh.

  • K Hollis
    K Hollis 8 years ago +1

    @baBristow I was thinking the same thing!

  • TheCMCDM
    TheCMCDM 8 years ago +2

    cool house..

  • TeamAwesome22
    TeamAwesome22 8 years ago

    @XxTreeRAWRxX Haha, I was thinking the exact same thing. :D

  • alison h
    alison h 8 years ago +6

    Did they even close the fridge?! >:O

  • mnelso04
    mnelso04 8 years ago +4

    When I think back to how much of a huge following this show had I am very disappointed to she how many times he used variations of the word bitch in reference to his wife... that is so demeaning and disrespectful and completely uncalled for... i am disgusted by nick

  • abc123
    abc123 8 years ago

    Aweeeeeee. The ending made everything better. I'm jealous :(

  • heyyy185
    heyyy185 9 years ago

    No marige is perfect,everyone has ups and downs,its okay..

  • allieSunl
    allieSunl 9 years ago +8

    i agree, he was disrespectfull when he called here a spoiled brat.

  • allieSunl
    allieSunl 9 years ago

    she's 5'3"

  • CHULLA39
    CHULLA39 9 years ago +4

    that was the beginning of the end .

  • miniskirt04
    miniskirt04 9 years ago

    i thought she is a tall gal

  • Lil Gamer Owl
    Lil Gamer Owl 9 years ago +3

    yea, in other words, if you don't agree with everything i say and do, then your bitching, even when your not...

  • ExoticFireGirl
    ExoticFireGirl 9 years ago

    @xxcharmed1xx its not the reality shows, its cuz they re hollywood folks.

  • OwGosHh
    OwGosHh 9 years ago

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  • xxcharmed1xx
    xxcharmed1xx 9 years ago +8

    god, he was an asshole to her.

  • xxcharmed1xx
    xxcharmed1xx 9 years ago +1

    why do ppl insist letting the public into their private lives? reality shows always break up marriages.. nick n jess, carmen n dave, jon n kate etc. what is wrong with ppl?

  • TheMimi028
    TheMimi028 9 years ago +1

    They were so cute I hated when they got divorced

  • wildreams
    wildreams 9 years ago +7

    I don't like him. He is should be a bigger man.

  • what?
    what? 9 years ago +2

    wow that was him, being a drama queen and not backing down, he wont even agree to disagree

  • Jennie Ross
    Jennie Ross 9 years ago

    Aw what program is it?

    And how do you get it? thanks xx

  • talina winston
    talina winston 9 years ago

    good point.

  • talina winston
    talina winston 9 years ago +4

    I'm starting to realize that to. I thought he was so nice and sweet but he sure had his jackass moments.

  • Judy Terry
    Judy Terry 9 years ago +1

    i have all the newlyweds on dvd

  • LitMe1
    LitMe1 9 years ago +1

    wow, i remeber i loved this show :) Its so long ago ...time flies :P

  • xxlachey
    xxlachey 9 years ago

    omg he soo cute wen he sooks.

  • xxlachey
    xxlachey 9 years ago

    when is ep 108 coming out?

  • xxlachey
    xxlachey 9 years ago

    youre bitching in your own kinda non bitchy wayy loll

  • xxlachey
    xxlachey 9 years ago

    lol. "i still love you? you still love me in spite of what?"
    roflll i thik its her blonddness that scrapped themm both x)

  • loversandlies
    loversandlies 9 years ago

    more episodes plz! this show is hilaroius

  • S2MiRaS2
    S2MiRaS2 9 years ago

    where is part 1 and 2?

  • InsideOut
    InsideOut 9 years ago

    she probably got annoying too

  • talina winston
    talina winston 9 years ago

    If thats true. Why would he text her. She's the one that divorced him. Clearly she was unhappy and couldn't take it anymore. People get a divorce for a reason.

  • talina winston
    talina winston 9 years ago +1

    You know I just watched a video and even one of his friends called him a douche, lol.

  • talina winston
    talina winston 9 years ago +2

    I also wonder throughout the marriage if Nick had constant mood swings, because I have watched other videos of this show and sometimes Nick just goes off on Jess for no reason. That's enough to get on any body's nerves. I wonder was that the reason she wanted to divorce him. He didn't seem all that nice to her.

  • talina winston
    talina winston 9 years ago +3

    I have to admit that the arguement was pretty funny and Jess was so sweet through it all. I have watched other episodes of The Newlyweds and Nick seemed so moody towards Jess at times.

  • talina winston
    talina winston 9 years ago

    Um, Nick was in that group 98 degrees. So I'm guessing thats why he can afford a house like that. And Jess was also in the singing business.

  • VeeVeeVeeV
    VeeVeeVeeV 9 years ago +2

    while she's out working MAKING MONEY...he's at home "designing" HER office.... HIS way..... and then whines that she's "bitching" because he hasn't consulted her about what she would like in THEIR home...... hm...
    she's very blonde..... and he's very immature!!!

  • Livermush And Lipstick
    Livermush And Lipstick 9 years ago +1

    I am still so sad they broke up! :-(

  • rockonup
    rockonup 9 years ago

    Her beer cap was on 3:17 then off 3:42 then back on be 3:48

  • pacalypse12
    pacalypse12 9 years ago

    wow shes not very bright

  • Esi Esi
    Esi Esi 9 years ago

    yes he is

  • whaojen
    whaojen 10 years ago


  • tina clemente
    tina clemente 10 years ago

    shes a bitch. nick was trying everything. what a brat..