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  • Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • "Pimples do not pay rent, girl! They got to go!"
    Jackie Aina is one of the OG TVcliprs-she's been creating beauty videos since 2008. Also known as 'La Bronze James', Jackie keeps it real in her product reviews, hauls, and makeup tutorials.
    Hair pulled back and bathrobe on, Jackie showed us all the tips, tricks, and beloved products she uses to keep her skin flawless, in the latest installment of #GoToBedWithMe.
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  • Harper's BAZAAR
    Harper's BAZAAR  Year ago +1392

    What part of Jackie's routine are you going to incorporate into your nighttime routine? ✨ Make sure you're subscribed! New Go To Bed With Me nighttime routines every Tuesday at 3 PM EST!

    • Mimi M
      Mimi M 4 days ago

      The pre-cleanse

    • Tiya J
      Tiya J 2 months ago +1


    • Tatiyana Sutherland
      Tatiyana Sutherland 2 months ago

      All of it- I was sitting with my notebook writing notes

    • L wood
      L wood 2 months ago

      sorry but none i use black soap and shea butter im good then i go to bed all that other extra stuff is way to much but enjoy

    • Alicia Jones
      Alicia Jones 3 months ago

      Harper's BAZAAR ALL of it. Seriously 😂😊😍😍😍

  • Falda Shahnazari
    Falda Shahnazari 5 hours ago

    ive always loved jackie but when she mentioned pre-cleansing my love for her went from 10 to 100

  • The Single Parent Network

    ok so i'm a newbie to makeup...QUESTION: whats wrong with sleeping with your lashes? especially if you used double glue and you got them on there really good?!

  • D Bryant
    D Bryant Day ago +1

    I’m here as an update. I’ve switch my facial routine and followed these steps. (Except the mask every night) and my face has improved TREMENDOUSLY !!! Like she said the more you do it the faster you get. I have oily skin and the shine has toned down.

  • Daniella Ndubuisi-ike

    i am bald headed :(

  • Depression Level10
    Depression Level10 3 days ago

    This is just too much, OMG I can't

  • Brianna Bautista
    Brianna Bautista 4 days ago

    1. Cliniques cleansing oil doesn’t actually have oil in it
    2. The dermalogica microfoliant is indeed a physical exfoliant.

  • Susan Rosario
    Susan Rosario 10 days ago

    I love the vibe that she gives she’s goofy and relatable, ugh i looove her 🥰🥰😍😍

  • Paige Tode
    Paige Tode 10 days ago

    She doesn’t even need makeup her face is perfect

  • rachel chavez
    rachel chavez 11 days ago

    The second ingredient in that gel based cleanser is a sulfate. I would try something else tbh

  • Vegan Beauty
    Vegan Beauty 12 days ago

    I learned a lot from Jackie’s skin routine!

  • littleasian fangirl
    littleasian fangirl 13 days ago

    Her personality accentuates her beauty from within! LIKE DAMNNN

  • okay
    okay 13 days ago

    FINALLY!!! a go to bed with me that i’m satisfied with!

  • chickpea_girl
    chickpea_girl 13 days ago

    I love the routine but she didn’t wash her neck. 🤔

  • Lauralie Kay
    Lauralie Kay 14 days ago

    I love how she says “chemical scrubs” instead of exfoliants😂😂

  • a real fake
    a real fake 14 days ago

    Im obsessed with skin care i need HELP im always watching vids and buying overpriced shit but i liiike it

  • Cebrena
    Cebrena 15 days ago

    Funny and beautiful, I absolutely loveeeee her!!!

  • Kimmie Roségold
    Kimmie Roségold 17 days ago

    Jackie: those of you sleeping in your makeup I’m calling your grandmothers and snitching on you...
    Me: 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  • TatiiLee
    TatiiLee 18 days ago +2

    5-30 minutes
    Lmao that's a wide time frame😂😂😂

  • Loretta Heras
    Loretta Heras 19 days ago


  • Levy Ngwenya
    Levy Ngwenya 20 days ago +2

    You do this every night?

  • Miss Khanoomi
    Miss Khanoomi 21 day ago

    Hi , please tell me you don’t wash your face with water or use toner after mask?

  • Rachel Rosen
    Rachel Rosen 21 day ago

    LOL I loved the intro.

  • IconicKween
    IconicKween 22 days ago

    I thought she was saying Jacket

  • Dominique Sweeney
    Dominique Sweeney 23 days ago +1

    Your skin looked soooo great after that moisturizer!!😍

  • Gerlanda O'Brien
    Gerlanda O'Brien 24 days ago +1

    her: jackie jackie jackie jackie jackie jackie jackie jackie jackie jackie jackie jackie
    me: jacket jacket jacket jacket jacket jacket jacket jacket jacket jacket jacket jacket
    also me: STOP

  • Hina A
    Hina A 26 days ago

    I thought you were meant to tone straight after cleansing and before exfoliating? And my cleanser is just the simple one, am I meant to wash it off?

  • Soothing Beauty
    Soothing Beauty 27 days ago

    Jackie, you like essences and Korean skincare? Okay this will blow you away. There is something called the 7 skin method in Korean skincare. It's not 7 steps. You literally do the essence stage seven times. Seriously. I wouldn't do skii for each layer but try a few different essences. You literally repeat the application of essence seven times. Your skin will be so hydrated and wih the stripping things like miceller water and toner try it. It will change your life. Check out gothamista's video about it.

  • Soothing Beauty
    Soothing Beauty 27 days ago

    Every single trace of makeup should have come off with the first cleanser. The cleansing oil may not be enough to disolve jackie's makeup. Try the take the day off cleansing balm from Clinique Jackie. Spend at least a minute doing your face and eyes. Once you go in with the dermologica there should be no makeup left. Also spend a minute here with less cleanser. There certainly shouldn't be a need for Michelle water as a third cleanser! If your eye makeup is so heavy try a pre cleanse of light miceller water soaked on cotton pads and hold them over the eyes for about 10 seconds. Gently remove makeup and go in over your eyes and entire face for a solid minute with the cleansing balm. If you still have makeup left then you just need a better cleansing balm and give it the full minute. Trust me.


    I wish we were best friends ❤

  • Tamare Louw
    Tamare Louw 28 days ago

    Maaaaan I just LOVE mama Jackie❤

  • Barbe Blackheads
    Barbe Blackheads Month ago

    i try every day skin care

  • thcgigi
    thcgigi Month ago

    thanks for reminding me not to sleep in my make up sis i love you ❤️


    If you have the time to put on makeup there is no excuse for you to not wash you’re face

  • keekee M
    keekee M Month ago

    Her skin is never gonna age bcuz she takes care of her skin lol, but the whole routine is too extra 😂

  • Kendal Simien
    Kendal Simien Month ago

    If Jackie released a skin care line I swear she’d get all my money

  • Ishani Brinson
    Ishani Brinson Month ago

    We luv jackie

  • Blue Treble
    Blue Treble Month ago

    Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie

  • Andrea Fernandes
    Andrea Fernandes Month ago

    My skincare steps go like this after getting to know the k-beauty tips:
    (p.s. I have dry skin)
    1. Cleansing oil/balm (at night)
    2. Face wash in gel or milk base
    3. Exfoliation (once a week)
    4. Ice compress (especially on hot days and when my face is red)
    5. Toner water
    6. Essence or Serum (at night)
    7. Sheet mask (occasionally)
    8. Moisturiser
    9. Lip balm
    10. Sunscreen (daytime) oils (at night)

  • Lacoya Scott
    Lacoya Scott Month ago

    I was Soo afraid u were gone poke your fingers in your eyes with this point nails😁

  • Kara Brown
    Kara Brown Month ago +1

    I love her personality

  • shirley ADRIEN
    shirley ADRIEN Month ago

    Since I found her page a couple years I bought literally 70 %of everything she uses. I have literally spent $1000 of dollars. I’m about go bankrupt messing with Jackie. Also, I got into skin care because of you and my skin has never looked better. 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Akshita Mehra
    Akshita Mehra Month ago

    If they make a live action Archer movie, I want Jackie to be Lana! She's got big Lana energy

  • Meese Meese
    Meese Meese Month ago

    Jackie: moves jackets while wearing a jacket
    Jackie: “jacket jacket jacket jacket jacket”

  • selyemperzsa1
    selyemperzsa1 Month ago

    I don’t know her but it was definitely fun to watch :) thanks

  • Destiny Gray
    Destiny Gray Month ago

    Skin to die for 😍

  • Ivy Freeman
    Ivy Freeman Month ago

    Ok soo...if I’ve been drinking, I’m not doing this sis........

    Somebody should do a drunken night time skincare routine for them crazy weekends.....

  • Nazzzii
    Nazzzii Month ago +2

    I deadass thought it said NIGHTMARE skincare routine not nighttime because of all the steps😭😂😂

  • sowon's sneeze still makes me wheeze

    That intro tho !

  • JHOpE 4Ever
    JHOpE 4Ever Month ago

    Gotta grab mah pen and paper and note it down

  • Ashley Watson
    Ashley Watson Month ago

    Washes her face 4 fuckin' times and still has makeup on it. Eye makeup. And din't even open her eyes at one point.

  • Danielle G
    Danielle G Month ago

    I need a list of the supplies she uses

  • Ingra Saddler
    Ingra Saddler Month ago +1

    You do have beautiful skin!

  • Alfrida Bazina
    Alfrida Bazina Month ago +1

    Love seeing that she knows what she’s doing and what she’s saying! 😍

  • Raisa Amor
    Raisa Amor Month ago +2

    So far, Aunty Jackie's been the best guest y'all have had so far 👏🏽 #facts

  • Ryceldi Estevez
    Ryceldi Estevez Month ago


  • Rachma Rizky
    Rachma Rizky Month ago

    I love Jackie. But I'm utterly destroyed when I saw that part when she scooped out the eye cream and moisturiser cream with the outer part of her faux-nails like...dammit, Aunty Jackie don't!

  • vanilla life
    vanilla life 2 months ago +1

    my god, she is so entertaining.

  • Cyn 137
    Cyn 137 2 months ago

    She’s from the homeland 🇳🇬

  • Srija
    Srija 2 months ago

    Why are these companies only collabing with people from the entertainment industry or the beauty industry? What about other successful people who also like to take care of their skin?

    • Srija
      Srija 2 months ago

      @Andycalimara did not know that. Thanks, I'll look into it

    • Andycalimara
      Andycalimara 2 months ago

      That's what Into The Gloss is for.

  • music
    music 2 months ago

    She’s amazing ... this is cute .. but EVERY night ?! EVERY night 10 steps ??😩😭

  • Janet Clark
    Janet Clark 2 months ago

    Where have you been? I had no idea of how much I have been missing out. I promise I will do better! I will share with my daughters.

  • Cheese Is Life
    Cheese Is Life 2 months ago

    I wanna follow this but my skin hates acids and stuff. Yet I’m also acne prone asf. What should I do?

  • Dhea Ayu
    Dhea Ayu 2 months ago

    I agree with her routine. My routine and hers are similar. My skin is oily and acne prone type and yes I do hydrate like she does, omg I love this video so much😭

  • Kaileena Hodges
    Kaileena Hodges 2 months ago

    her skin is amaze 😍

  • sweetox _
    sweetox _ 2 months ago +1

    *"Like oh my Gawd, I'm like trying this thing were I don't use physical exfoliants."*
    *As she goes in with a physical exfoliant.*
    Um wot girl? 🤨

  • Dolores Aragón
    Dolores Aragón 2 months ago

    HAHAHAHAHA i love you!

  • Magali Vaccaro
    Magali Vaccaro 2 months ago

    So is all the bedtime routines for ladies under 40?!?!?!?

  • Keertika Kuntal
    Keertika Kuntal 2 months ago


  • LingKong
    LingKong 2 months ago

    Zanggggg gurl lol but the proof is in the pores I need to catch up

  • Ella Roberts
    Ella Roberts 2 months ago +1


  • bangtan and i vs the world

    I would kill for her natural lashes they're really pretty 😍

  • susana mendoza g.
    susana mendoza g. 2 months ago

    For me the SK-II smells gross🙄

  • Leila Guluzade
    Leila Guluzade 2 months ago

    I hate this entitled racist bitch

    • Leila Guluzade
      Leila Guluzade 2 months ago

      missy aman no u

    • jsullivanfan
      jsullivanfan 2 months ago +3

      Thanks for coming and make sure you come again because every view and comment counts.

    • missy aman
      missy aman 2 months ago

      Begone rat

  • Faduma Yusuf
    Faduma Yusuf 2 months ago

    The beginning was a bit onnoying

  • B Deleonne
    B Deleonne 2 months ago

    Growth factors induce collagen production!

  • David Cartalla
    David Cartalla 2 months ago +1

    I love her energy so much omg

  • littlehappyme
    littlehappyme 2 months ago

    Omgoodness I don’t even know who she is but she’s wonderful.

  • elz eggos
    elz eggos 2 months ago

    she has such pretty eyes

  • mahlogonolo mphahlele
    mahlogonolo mphahlele 2 months ago

    U beautiful

  • J P
    J P 2 months ago +1

    Trust me this is the best night skin care routine ever I mean ever ever ever

  • J P
    J P 2 months ago

    Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jacki Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie

  • Zayda Hernandez
    Zayda Hernandez 2 months ago

    I’m here from Twitter lmao

  • luvetic
    luvetic 2 months ago +2

    I always come back to this video. It’s my favorite video on this channel

  • Doll Face
    Doll Face 3 months ago

    What is the difference between essence and serum?

  • cu ii
    cu ii 3 months ago

    Bitch I love her so much

  • bianca
    bianca 3 months ago


  • FranceskawithaK !
    FranceskawithaK ! 3 months ago

    -goes to find every skin care product one owns and does a night time skin “routine”

  • Emma DeVane
    Emma DeVane 3 months ago


  • afic10
    afic10 3 months ago

    This annoying race bating cunt!! Those disgusting ghetto nails going in the products 🤢 Unbearable.

    • jsullivanfan
      jsullivanfan 2 months ago +1

      Thanks for coming!

    • afic10
      afic10 2 months ago

      missy aman triggered? You must be a hood rat 🐀 like the annoying cunt from the video.

    • missy aman
      missy aman 2 months ago

      Be gone rat

  • KacchanlovesDeku13
    KacchanlovesDeku13 3 months ago

    I adored this video so much! Such a knowledgable woman and lol at the squeezing out the extra serum from the face mask. SAME. SO SAME. WASTE NOT WANT NOT especially with those single-use face masks.

  • cheilsea bernier
    cheilsea bernier 3 months ago

    “pimples do not pay rent girl you gotta go”

  • naturalpn7
    naturalpn7 3 months ago

    Yassssssss!. How ur no makeup look a whole look😍

  • Faith Dugas Reyes
    Faith Dugas Reyes 3 months ago +1

    After watching Michelle Phan and being in zen mood, my god I found this so noisy. No hate to Jackie, but I was so disturbed.

  • Yu Ka
    Yu Ka 3 months ago +94

    Dude, you can tell just how experienced she is with YT - you're getting an education in skincare, an amazing personality and a bunch of fun jokes along the way. Conclusion: I love her

  • Lele Savage
    Lele Savage 3 months ago

    Oh no please don’t call granny! 😩💀 #guilty

  • Valeria Seymore
    Valeria Seymore 3 months ago

    Love the intro

  • Charlesia Parker
    Charlesia Parker 3 months ago

    I thought she was saying Chugga chugga chugga but she was saying Jackie Jackie Jackie

  • Emily hancock
    Emily hancock 3 months ago

    Her real eyelashes are incredible!

  • Cobie Bentley
    Cobie Bentley 3 months ago

    Watching Jackie is the sole reason I started putting lotion on my neck and hands at night too!