SpeedArt Vlog: Pokefusion Haltariux

  • Published on May 23, 2016
  • See full image HD: jaidenanimations.deviantart.com/art/Pokefusion-Haltariux-610400733
    I've been in an art kick lately, and it feels good getting back to drawing. I'm probably about 65% happy with the outcome of this drawing. Pretty decent :p
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    Otto Croy by Odjbox
    Bluebird by Odjbox

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D Have a super great rest of your day
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Comments • 5 748

    RAINBOW HOODIE 5 days ago

    What was that pure glimpse of horror that i saw in the beginning

  • Someone Else350
    Someone Else350 8 days ago

    Raichu and venasaur

  • EchoDecrypt official GMYT Squad member

    Evee(?) And Pikachu?

    Isnt that just Jolteon?-

  • Justjoey Lowey
    Justjoey Lowey 11 days ago

    I got sunburnt in Mexico

  • ̊•.Mandis T Wolf.• ̊

    Mewtwo & Charzard

  • Gerardo Razo
    Gerardo Razo 13 days ago


  • Dog
    Dog 28 days ago

    Put 0.25 on 0:39 and you will see Jaiden's background image

  • MrThunderlex
    MrThunderlex Month ago

    Rayquaza+Lunala or a Primal kyogre+Primal Groundon If you are interested i really want to see this fusions :3 from Portugal

  • HeroFirebolt
    HeroFirebolt Month ago

    azumarill and rayquaza

  • nugget the pigeon
    nugget the pigeon Month ago

    Omg super mega cloud Ari I'm impressed

  • Adam Barkman
    Adam Barkman Month ago

    This is wonderful, I'd like to see a Kommo-O and Tyrannitar. Also Haxorus is one of my favourite Pokemon and this look amazing!

  • RandomAlpaca
    RandomAlpaca Month ago +1

    I really miss these speedarts

  • B.F.G. -bardo fajny grubas

    Nice Fusion but if you do next Fusion can you do dragonite and blastoise pls

  • MK73DS
    MK73DS Month ago

    "There is definitely nothing wrong with Eevee or Pikachu, I feel like they are a bit overhyped"
    No truer words were ever spoken

  • Xanny
    Xanny Month ago

    Jaiden desktop is 👌
    Even tho u saw it like a flash-

  • JH Studios
    JH Studios Month ago

    I have watched all of your videos

  • Zero The Dragon
    Zero The Dragon 2 months ago

    This art is beautiful. I wish I could draw pokémon. I love his clawed feet and his long neck and his beak and his stance. I draw dragons though.

    P. S.
    Could you draw Toothless or some random dragon? Because I freakin' LOVE dragons.

    • Zero The Dragon
      Zero The Dragon 2 months ago

      @Devrim İlke Kırca oh.

    • Devrim İlke Kırca
      Devrim İlke Kırca 2 months ago

      Bro Im sorry but this video is from 2016. And she does not doing speedarts nowadays :(

  • Krydox Coh
    Krydox Coh 2 months ago

    She should draw anime
    like if agree

  • Rhynn Ryan
    Rhynn Ryan 2 months ago

    Hey jaden

  • Gavan Tan
    Gavan Tan 2 months ago

    An altaria with head armor!

  • c quintin
    c quintin 2 months ago

    Mewtwo and digglet?

  • c quintin
    c quintin 2 months ago

    Snorlax and pikachu?

  • Hunter
    Hunter 2 months ago

    I love the fusion it looks great! :)

  • xXShadyXx
    xXShadyXx 2 months ago

    This was posted literally the day after my birthday

  • Pupper Life
    Pupper Life 2 months ago

    I have one Kyogre and pickachu

  • ExoticKitty
    ExoticKitty 3 months ago +1

    omg i love the fusion :3

  • ブルックスジュリア

    This is the video when jaiden's voice changes, she sounds more adult :o

  • SPRING.T 51108 UWU
    SPRING.T 51108 UWU 3 months ago

    Ummm you ok at the start of the vid jaiden??

  • Bloodsmith Gamer
    Bloodsmith Gamer 3 months ago

    Groudon and honedge.

  • DoubleDecker BeckerPecker

    bRO. bRO hOW

  • The fat pizza
    The fat pizza 4 months ago

    I like the new Chang with the voice over

  • blakskulz playz
    blakskulz playz 4 months ago

    Groudon and hitmonlee

  • London Cluiss
    London Cluiss 4 months ago

    After watching the fr vid and knowing at like this time she was going thru that BUT still made vids

  • scwidy dude
    scwidy dude 4 months ago

    Charizard +vaporeon

  • GDN Owl
    GDN Owl 4 months ago

    Imagine seeing this in the wild. A fierce blue dragon with gray scales and an axe for a head... and covered in clouds? You’d be stuck in confusion as it possibly hacks you.

  • N&N
    N&N 4 months ago


  • French_ Latt3
    French_ Latt3 4 months ago

    Damn, I know I’m late but this had me bedamned by it’s *bootyfulnas*

    I know how to spell*

  • Unicorns4life 2
    Unicorns4life 2 4 months ago +1

    Evee And PikachuuUuUuUuUUUuUuUUuUuUuUu

  • Sr. Pesadilla
    Sr. Pesadilla 4 months ago

    What program do u use

  • hannah rose
    hannah rose 5 months ago

    u should fuse sylveon and sandslash lol

  • Maria Gomez
    Maria Gomez 5 months ago

    You should do a poke fusion with Necrozma

  • matrix gamers
    matrix gamers 5 months ago

    Hi Jaiden! I've got an interesting fusion for you mimmikyu and Victini (if you wanna idk if you do these anymore or if I'm just wasting everyone's time if I am im sorry)

  • Sneaky Gacha life
    Sneaky Gacha life 5 months ago


  • Magic _
    Magic _ 5 months ago +1

    Lucario and Gabite
    Greninja and Espeon

  • GalaxyLavender Gacha
    GalaxyLavender Gacha 5 months ago

    Your so talented Jaiden! I love your videos!

  • an_ alien
    an_ alien 5 months ago

    Please do more speedarts (._. )

  • GhostyFiend
    GhostyFiend 5 months ago

    2:52 Jaiden Predicted Pokémon Lets Go Eevee and Pikachu

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 5 months ago

    I took the time to watch all of the speed paints and they are all super good. Also can you do scyther and dragonite fushion please.

  • Adda Pic
    Adda Pic 5 months ago

    I made a lucario and Espeon fusion and I sorta liked it but its not as good as ur art

  • PaintingGalaxy
    PaintingGalaxy 6 months ago

    Aw Jaiden! Could you maybe draw Ari as a Pokémon?? (:

  • The Cat Boss
    The Cat Boss 6 months ago

    Fusion:Eve bobasor

  • annie x
    annie x 6 months ago

    how about a speedpaint of blazikin and articuno or something?

  • annie x
    annie x 6 months ago

    haltar- errrr
    haltar iuhx?
    help T^T

  • Spooky Pumpkin
    Spooky Pumpkin 6 months ago +1

    Who saw moon doge?

  • Joie 168
    Joie 168 6 months ago

    moar pls

  • Michael Rabin
    Michael Rabin 6 months ago

    Draw ninetales and magneton

  • Snowy Leela owo
    Snowy Leela owo 6 months ago


  • Abbey Draws
    Abbey Draws 6 months ago


  • Chloë Nickel
    Chloë Nickel 6 months ago

    Please be so kind as to do a slowpoke mixed with an alolan form raichu!

  • Alan Ebenstein
    Alan Ebenstein 6 months ago

    Two suggestions. Arceus and dialga, or torracat and dartrix

  • Sophie Lynch
    Sophie Lynch 6 months ago

    Some Pokefusions that could look cool:
    Xerneas + Ninetales
    Mincincinno + Charizard
    Aurorus + Aerodactal
    All of the eevee evolutions combined!!!

  • Spiritual BeagleGamingAndFun

    Do rayquaza and charizard

  • Hayden Connelly
    Hayden Connelly 7 months ago

    Dialga and ho-oh

  • JohnSmithKing
    JohnSmithKing 7 months ago

    In your closet !?

  • Ryan Hanson
    Ryan Hanson 7 months ago

    I like how she ends the video on 'I'm recording this in my closet" XD

  • Alex Wessel
    Alex Wessel 7 months ago

    Hell yeah!

  • eaffg\
    eaffg\ 7 months ago

    I want more of this

  • Sol
    Sol 7 months ago

    MAI GADD lemme catch this Pokemon

  • Kami Ouradnik
    Kami Ouradnik 7 months ago +1

    Dragonite and Blastoise might be a cool fusion

  • Axolotl Doubly
    Axolotl Doubly 7 months ago +1

    And can you do nidoking and nidoqueen pls!

  • Tillie Mendoza
    Tillie Mendoza 7 months ago

    Yayayay more speedart!

  • 4STUFFrandomers 11
    4STUFFrandomers 11 7 months ago +1

    I like your Pokémon vids

  • Tiger Delaney
    Tiger Delaney 7 months ago

    For software advise just pause between 0:39 and 0:40

  • Master NER D
    Master NER D 7 months ago

    Combine alolan sandslash and Buzzswole.

  • SnappyC_ BG
    SnappyC_ BG 7 months ago