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Comments • 80

  • bloop bloop
    bloop bloop 2 hours ago

    The birth vlog was like a full circle moment. At the end of the vlog she played the hug song which was recorded only weeks before she found out she was pregnanttt.

  • Noemi Rodriguez
    Noemi Rodriguez 10 hours ago

    Imagine Flynn seeing these when he’s older🤣🤣 Your Amazing Colleen!❤️

  • Vsco Lemon
    Vsco Lemon 22 hours ago

    I was born three months early, and my mums water didnt break but she went round her friends house and my mums friend hit her stomach while she was 28 weeks pregnant and a load of blood came gushing out of her and it flooded friends kitchen floor. They called the hopsital and an ambulance came and picked my mum up but because she wasnt ready to give birth she has an emergency c section. i was born at 00:58 and then at 00:59 my twin was called and we both weighed 2 pound 14 and we were the only non identical twins to ever be born the same weight ever in the hopsital

  • joshbaynes
    joshbaynes Day ago


  • Irfahs World!!
    Irfahs World!! Day ago

    U should let him watch the birth vid with u

  • Siobhan Sullivan
    Siobhan Sullivan 2 days ago

    I was a week

  • Maddie Birchall
    Maddie Birchall 2 days ago

    Colleen, i love you, i really do, but you talk to much haha

  • 희영chan
    희영chan 2 days ago

    It must of felt very rewarding after birth

  • Abbey Hamilton
    Abbey Hamilton 2 days ago

    my sister gave birth to a tiny little girl about 12 weeks ago and she got an epidural and it didn't work and she felt all of it and she got a really sore back and she had to have her earlier because she was too small and it wasn't safe for het to be in my sisters belly for any longer so when she gave birth she was so small and tiny. her name is Ever but I call her EJ because one of her middle names is jaye named after her dad.

  • alan green
    alan green 3 days ago

    imagine being told you were born to Pentatonix playing

  • SourMoonz
    SourMoonz 3 days ago

    Are u only having 1 child then??

  • Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken Nuggets 4 days ago

    My mom had me without an epideral, I feel bad now.

  • Savannah P
    Savannah P 4 days ago


  • Charlie Rose Miers
    Charlie Rose Miers 4 days ago +1

    Roses are red violets are blue if you think she's going to have another baby make that blue

    OFFICIAL MiA 4 days ago

    Does anyone know what the name of the song is at 12:15 ?

  • Flippa Clip Animations

    I cried so hard

  • Joanna Kon
    Joanna Kon 5 days ago

    Isn't she Miranda Sings??(i remember her from musically)

  • Jessica Taylor
    Jessica Taylor 5 days ago

    You got pregnant like a month after me & you ended up having Flynn a few days before i had my son Isaac 😂❤️ my boy was 2 weeks late 😂

  • Maielle Melendez
    Maielle Melendez 6 days ago


  • Sweet Spot
    Sweet Spot 6 days ago

    my mom kept the indestical cord but my friends mom just kept it in an envelope mine is i think in the attic my friend said we she touched it it was DRYY my mom didnt eat hers

  • l.lou.x Lthrbrrow
    l.lou.x Lthrbrrow 6 days ago +1

    I am proud of you and also my mum she gave birth 15 times and now she will have birth for the 16th time in 5 months I still don’t know the gender ahhhhh!

  • LJ Ostrowski
    LJ Ostrowski 7 days ago +1

    Girl you look beautiful during that honey!

  • Mariah Poindexter
    Mariah Poindexter 7 days ago

    don't cry

  • Izzy Washburn
    Izzy Washburn 7 days ago

    you should watch the psychic reading of flynn

  • Amelia Zidek
    Amelia Zidek 8 days ago +1

    I love you Colleen I’m on my period! 😍

  • Maggie Shively
    Maggie Shively 8 days ago +1

    You can tell you love her baby, even a year later, she cries just as hard. ❤️

  • Chloe Pun
    Chloe Pun 8 days ago

    seriously, your legit such a good youtuber...... i dont understand how u have 8.M, you should have 1000000000000000000000000000000000000M already! your legit so lovable

  • Ahisha Acevedo
    Ahisha Acevedo 9 days ago

    Colleen during video:it was so painful
    Colleen after : *wants to be in labor again
    ME: WHAT ?

  • Jessica Hakes
    Jessica Hakes 9 days ago

    Coleen: crying softly 😢

    Me: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 so cute

  • Zivah Roberts
    Zivah Roberts 11 days ago +1

    You should have a nother baby

  • unicorn girl #Adriana
    unicorn girl #Adriana 11 days ago

    Your son was born on my birthday I was born 2010 December 10th

  • misscrackwood
    misscrackwood 11 days ago

    For me, after two pregnancies, what I can say is that I felt okay-ish during pregnancy (having the baby moving inside my belly: loved it! The big belly, heavy feet, all that jazz, not so much!), I HATED labor, and loved the pushing after the head comes out (like the final push when the whole body comes all of a sudden haha). Plus the adrenaline rush you get when your baby is finally in your arms! I don't ever want to be pregnant again or have other babies but I'm so grateful I had two that are healthy and well ^^

  • 373dancerGirl
    373dancerGirl 11 days ago

    I honestly can’t imagine being in middle school and having your friends all watch your fucking BIRTH VIDEO that your mom posted on TVclip when you were a baby. These poor kids are having their lives exposed before they’re even close to being able to consent to it.

  • Evangelyn Boltz
    Evangelyn Boltz 12 days ago

    girls are truly superheros

  • Hi_its_ me_ Bye_bye
    Hi_its_ me_ Bye_bye 12 days ago +1

    Awww 🥺👉🏼👈🏼❤️❤️❤️

  • Laila Rushton
    Laila Rushton 12 days ago +5

    When she said "Dripping down my butt" I literally died

  • Colin Harrison
    Colin Harrison 12 days ago

    I wonder why babies sound like they are going to throw up when they cry or they are trying too say UGH UHHH

  • Bella 101
    Bella 101 13 days ago


  • kayden Douglas
    kayden Douglas 13 days ago


  • Vienna Deluca
    Vienna Deluca 13 days ago

    With all that vernix though.. I- I can’t 🤢

  • Bogdan Torque
    Bogdan Torque 13 days ago +6

    When she said "some people eat their placenta..." nothing to do here, I'm out lmao

  • hope xxx
    hope xxx 13 days ago

    your telling me you DIDNT GIVE BIRTH LIKE A WEEK AGO???!!!

  • Gwen Haley
    Gwen Haley 13 days ago +1

    So cute 😄

  • Vada Hildebrand
    Vada Hildebrand 14 days ago +1

    But you watched it twice because you did one with Jojo

  • sophie animates
    sophie animates 14 days ago

    I'm adopted and I'm glad that I was

  • Angela M
    Angela M 15 days ago

    I have an alergy like ichy foot!!!

  • The Ella Bella and Stella show

    That's funny she thinks she pregnant again lol.!!!!!!

  • Claire Amedeo
    Claire Amedeo 15 days ago +1

    She keeps saying that her baby came so early. It wasn’t that early

  • Aviva Blustajn
    Aviva Blustajn 15 days ago +1

    when she was talking about the itchiness, my hands and feet immediately erupted in itchiness just from hearing it lol

  • Itz Rose Playz
    Itz Rose Playz 15 days ago

    11:37 LMFAO 😂😂😂😂

  • julius mar torkelsson
    julius mar torkelsson 16 days ago

    You are so amazing❤️ I love you so much😘 and you are so funny 😅 I love your Amazon video's😊can you please do a challenge eta Von food for 24 hours 👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Julie Lindop
    Julie Lindop 16 days ago +1

    We got pregnant around the same time but I lost my baby. Mine was due December 3rd. I'll always think of my baby when I see anything about Flynn. I got pregnant naturally on mine and my partner's 8th anniversary with my daughter, Erin after being told I had a 4% chance and needed IVF to have a baby. Her name means peace. Her middle name is Amy and means loved.

    • Julie Lindop
      Julie Lindop 14 days ago

      @xx Neon Shadow Pugss xx thank you. My family breed pugs ❤

    • xx Neon Shadow Pugss xx
      xx Neon Shadow Pugss xx 14 days ago +1

      Stay strong❤️❤️❤️i hope your ok 💗💗my birthdau is on the 3rd December.

  • Ruby Dalton
    Ruby Dalton 16 days ago

    u should do this every year

  • lillybelle robson
    lillybelle robson 16 days ago

    I cried through it

  • Aubrey D
    Aubrey D 17 days ago +11

    “When I push a baby out of my body my face turns into a crUsty tOe”

  • Lily Hook
    Lily Hook 17 days ago

    Omg I asked that!!!

    K.M SKETCH 17 days ago

    2:35 omg i didn’t knew that it’s her . Jeez girls without make up •_•

  • Galactic_ Wolf089
    Galactic_ Wolf089 17 days ago +2

    I can’t wait till Flynn gets old enough to react to it

  • Beka Reckley
    Beka Reckley 18 days ago


    This is the most beautiful video I’ve ever seen!

  • David Millstone
    David Millstone 18 days ago

    Flynn: ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
    Me: (crying) so cute

  • durpface880 doggylover


  • Nia Chris
    Nia Chris 19 days ago

    Wait, how didn’t she cry when Miranda reacted to the birth ❤️

  • dmink lee
    dmink lee 20 days ago

    I’m loving your “no judging” advice! We moms are indeed ALL superheroes, and we need to stick together and build each other up instead of judging. It doesn’t matter HOW we came to be moms. We need to practice human kindness and stop judging, and I am including myself in that sentence because I can get a little too judgemental at times and I have to check myself and stop!! I LOVED your birth video, you made it look so easy! ❤️❤️😁

  • rahma mcc mama
    rahma mcc mama 21 day ago

    omg see he glow up then and now

  • rahma mcc mama
    rahma mcc mama 21 day ago

    im 11...

  • jeromie perogie
    jeromie perogie 22 days ago

    This just makes me want to have kids MORE!🥰

  • Cassandra Johnson
    Cassandra Johnson 22 days ago

    I actually loved my pregnancy after the first few months of constant nausea, I felt better than I ever have. I had a hospital, vaginal birth with some tearing as well, but my epidural wore off before my 2.5 hours of pushing

  • Bffs Gaming
    Bffs Gaming 23 days ago

    I love this so much this made me so emotional but I love it and the look on Eric’s face lol

  • Ellie Levin
    Ellie Levin 23 days ago

    i seriously don't understand how people can be so calm and happy when they hold their baby for the first time when the baby's crying like a maniac like i stg it drives me INSANE

  • Ingrid Martinez
    Ingrid Martinez 24 days ago

    I am watching and it even makes me emotional 😭

  • Chago Martinez
    Chago Martinez 24 days ago

    How did u get a baby ?

  • Explosion World
    Explosion World 24 days ago

    come on u dont want ur son to have brother or sister cause he will be lonly

    THEATRE_NERD ! 24 days ago

    Omg Gwen on her phone is everything

  • 28tayloranne
    28tayloranne 24 days ago

    You posted your pregnancy announcement the day I was moving which was a terrible day for me. Flynn has been a massive part of a very transformative part of my life and I’ll never forget that.

  • Bot._.Wolfie 1
    Bot._.Wolfie 1 24 days ago

    *person who suggested it feeling successful right now*

  • Tiana Myles
    Tiana Myles 25 days ago

    youre the best human being alive 😋😋

  • Angie Yonaga
    Angie Yonaga 26 days ago

    Everyone when commenting: so beautiful!
    Everyone when when reacting: EW **GAGS**

  • DragonEnergy
    DragonEnergy 27 days ago

    I had an extremely traumatizing pregnancy from the moment the egg attached, my last baby. I had nightmares for years afterward that I was pregnant and would wake up having panic attacks. I always felt guilty I hated my pregnancies. I too loved the birth and of course my babies.
    I'm a grandma now and recently lost my 9 month old grandson to choking.. I see balloons in your videos sometimes..please never have balloons of any kind, even mylar, for any reason. If you knew how dangerous they are, if we knew.....

  • kristenemizz
    kristenemizz 27 days ago

    I’m 33 weeks and diagnosed with Cholestasis last week. Packed my bags because I remembered your situation!

  • Katie McGrath
    Katie McGrath 28 days ago

    Eric's reaction broke my heart. If I can get a man anywhere near him, it'd be amazing!