• Published on Aug 22, 2019
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  • ReneDrumPoet
    ReneDrumPoet 4 months ago


  • TheGamerClubber
    TheGamerClubber 4 months ago +1

    My favorites:🤩
    4 minutes
    Give It 2 Me
    She's NOT ME🤩
    Dance 2 Night
    Devil Wouldn RECOGNIZE Me

  • jesusciccone
    jesusciccone 4 months ago +1

    Finally someone loves Incredible after me xD

  • Le Bacon
    Le Bacon 5 months ago

    Hard Candy to me has this kind of fun and rawness that was lacked after ROL and a nice retro vibe as well. It reminisced her debut record with an urban influence and some people say it lacked the Madonna-ness but I think there are and I mean lots of them. Her melodies, the signature rhyming, her irony & humour which you won’t find in a Timbaland or JT records, the poetic nature of her lyrics and that kind of fun and she definitely pushed Pharrell and his signature at times repetitive beats to a kind of Chic-esque disco influence as you can see in Give It 2 Me and She’s Not Me. She pushed Timbaland and his signature ballad composition on What Goes Around or Cry Me A River to have more substance and drama. Who would have thought Timbaland add orchestra on Voices or the hauntingly beautiful piano chord in Devil. Dance2night reminded me of Last Night A DJ Save My Life and I love this record. The only thing that I don’t like his vocal at times stretched too thin that at times sound vacant but otherwise, it’s the kind of record that I’d play on repeat in her catalogue beside ROL or American Life.

  • Alacrity
    Alacrity 5 months ago

    When I first played Hard Candy, I didn't like it very much, but I grew to appreciate it a lot more the more the listened to it. (Still not my favourite, but I do like it, now)
    In general, though, your positivity is a real inspiration to me - I hope to have that outlook for music and in life, too!

  • Nick M
    Nick M 5 months ago

    In my country ‘miles away’, ‘give it 2 me’ and’ 4 minutes’ are still on the radio from time to time

    TITANIC RISING 5 months ago

    Please, could you react to the MV of La Femme à la peau bleue, by Vendredi sur mer ?

  • X S
    X S 5 months ago

    Heartbeat, devil, voices, Miles away and give it to me are my top 5

  • Alex Hulubas
    Alex Hulubas 5 months ago +3

    "Voices" is so underrated, I never see fans even talking about it!

  • Alex Hulubas
    Alex Hulubas 5 months ago +2

    "Hard Candy" has a very nice retro vibe to it now, but it's still her worst album ever, even with highlights like "Beat Goes On", "Miles Away" or "Devil Wouldn't Recognise You"

  • luciano davila
    luciano davila 5 months ago

    You have to react to the rest of Madonna's albums. And i recommend you Janet Jackson's 1989's album Rhythm Nation, IT'S SO GOOOOOOD. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS.

  • zander z.
    zander z. 5 months ago

    please watch spanish lesson live =o)

  • Brettney Bitch
    Brettney Bitch 5 months ago

    Thank you for making me smile with this video!

  • Daniel Campbell
    Daniel Campbell 5 months ago +1

    YES! MY FAV MADONNA ALBUM! I'm glad you liked it cause most of her fans despise it.
    That melody you hear during the chorus in Dance 2nite is from Into The Groove. That's why it sounded so familiar to you. 😉

  • Marcos Gohan
    Marcos Gohan 5 months ago +2

    I must confess, I 💙 Hard Candy. Is my favourite great playlist option to make my physical exercizes. Lol
    And I ❤ your reactions. Because you react naturally and don't be hatering freely the musics. Maybe you have special ears and can be touched by the lyrics, melodies and beats. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You is my favourite song of Madonna's discography.
    Congratulations for your job.

  • Martin Oscarsson
    Martin Oscarsson 5 months ago +1

    Hello Sisley!
    I have being looking everywhere trying to find teeth like yours for a costume party but never found those. Where did you find yours?

    • Nick M
      Nick M 5 months ago

      Not cool at all.....

  • Brenton Wolf
    Brenton Wolf 5 months ago

    Speaking of sleigh bells
    There is a hysterical interview of Patrick Hernandez when he hired Madonna in 1980 and she refused to sing the songs he wrote for her and she made him laugh as he put it she could only sing jingle bells all the way through and like 2 years later she had her first hit single holiday and 2 years later she had sold 25 million records with like a Virgin

  • Brenton Wolf
    Brenton Wolf 5 months ago

    My least favorite even at the time

  • vegas1ivy
    vegas1ivy 5 months ago +1

    Hard candy used to be my least favourite Madonna album until MDNA, it is by far the worst Madonna album. It's the only Madonna album I never listen to, I've tried so many times and nope I just can't get into it at all. Gimme all your loving is probably one of the worst song of all time.

    • vegas1ivy
      vegas1ivy 4 months ago

      @dressmeupmyluckystar girl gone wild is the best song on the album. Everyone is different, I absolutely love rebel heart album but lots of people don't like it, I think it's brilliant!

    • dressmeupmyluckystar
      dressmeupmyluckystar 5 months ago

      vegas1ivy i actually love MDNA. Girl Gone Wild, I’m Addicted and I Don’t Give A are lit, imho 🔥

  • Pud Whacker
    Pud Whacker 5 months ago

    "She's Not Me" is with Pharrell and Wendy Melvoin from Prince's band The Revolution. Hard Candy is a very experimental album. hence why you kept saying "I spoke too soon".

  • Pud Whacker
    Pud Whacker 5 months ago

    ive been a fan for her entire career and "GIVE IT 2 ME" is my favorite song of all-time!!!

  • Pud Whacker
    Pud Whacker 5 months ago

    this is the album where a lot of her fans were really racist because she was working with black producers after years of being an anglophile. so you will find that they hate it.

    • Billy's Angel
      Billy's Angel 5 months ago

      Pud Whacker alright then 😂

    • Pud Whacker
      Pud Whacker 5 months ago

      @Billy's Angel I don't want anything over you, I don't care about you or your opinions or anything. no need to reply. go live your day.

    • Billy's Angel
      Billy's Angel 5 months ago

      Pud Whacker meaning what exactly?! Is this you trying to exude authority over me lol

    • Pud Whacker
      Pud Whacker 5 months ago

      @Billy's Angel you're NOT telling me anything. I'm telling YOU.

    • Billy's Angel
      Billy's Angel 5 months ago

      Lol it’s not because their black it’s because of the sound they made, it didn’t really work that well. And FYI she’s worked with other black producers before like Babyface and Nile Rogers, no one cares that their black.

  • Alex Widger
    Alex Widger 5 months ago +8

    I am a huge Madonna fan but “Incredible” is my most disliked song of hers
    I skip it every time

    • xxxTIN0xxx
      xxxTIN0xxx 5 months ago

      I don't mind it, it's neither her best song nor her worst. Superstar is her worst song ever, followed by Illuminati

    • Kevin M
      Kevin M 5 months ago +3

      Alex Widger it’s too good 🔥🔥🔥 I honestly don’t get all the hate towards it 🤔😔 Btw the Madonna songs that I dislike the most are: Funana, Autotune Baby, B-Day Song, Beautiful Killer, Unapologetic Bitch and S.E.X. 🤭

  • Scotty Wotty
    Scotty Wotty 5 months ago

    IMO, Hard Candy was her last solid album. I can pretty much listen to it from beginning to end. I consider that a chore with her last 3 albums, despite each of them having some gems.

  • Derek Vickers
    Derek Vickers 5 months ago +1

    The volume level on most of your videos is too low for me to hear fully. I love your videos, but I'd love to be able to hear them better!

    • vegas1ivy
      vegas1ivy 5 months ago

      I was thinking the same thing, it's quiet hard to hear what she's listening to because it's too quiet

  • Keven Keeler
    Keven Keeler 5 months ago +2

    Across The Sky is a demo with Timberlake and Timberland that is worth listening to.
    Ring My Bell is a bonus on the Japan version of the album.

  • Keven Keeler
    Keven Keeler 5 months ago

    Incredible and Spanish Lesson are my least favorite from the album. DWRY is amazing and should have been a single. I am happy she performed on the Sticky and Sweet Tour.

    • X S
      X S 5 months ago +1

      Keven Keeler yes those two songs are awful should have been replaced with across the sky

  • Jason McAfee
    Jason McAfee 5 months ago +2

    You have to watch the live version of these songs from the Sticky & Sweet Tour. They are amazing! 💕👑

  • Enchanted_daylightswiftie 1989

    Hard candy and Madame x are her worst albums

  • Brandon Parker
    Brandon Parker 5 months ago +3

    Can you react to Goldfrapp's discography pretty please!!

  • Vladimir Vlajko
    Vladimir Vlajko 5 months ago

    #1 Voices
    #2 Devil wouldnt recognize you
    #3 Beat goes on
    #4 Shes not me
    #5 dance 2night
    Btw Ring my bell is a demo song as I can remember... not sure tho

    • Vladimir Vlajko
      Vladimir Vlajko 5 months ago

      @Riley Smith You can always learn something new :) but so many better demo songs that could be included.. gosh

    • Riley Smith
      Riley Smith 5 months ago

      It's a bonus track on the Japanese edition

  • C G
    C G 5 months ago +3

    She put on a great show for this tour.

  • Madonnamatt73 MLVC
    Madonnamatt73 MLVC 5 months ago +4

    OMG Sisley this reaction is so so interesting. Most Madonna fans tank Hard Candy as their least favourite Madonna album. The criticism with this album was that it was the first Madonna album where she was chasing the trends and not making the trends as she had done in the Ray of Light and Music eras.
    Also many Madonna fans were not fans of the urban R n B direction she took. It seems to lack a lot of Madonna’s personality and the personality of Pharrel and Justin Timberlake and Timbaland are more dominant.
    I think that the songs are overly long on this album and overall can be shortened.
    I actually really like about half of these songs.
    Madonna released this album when she turned 50 and this was when the ageism kind of started.
    This was her last album to produce a number one single.
    4 Minutes which was number one in multiple countries.
    Give it 2 Me charted top 20 only which is a shame as many fans think it is classic Madonna and a really fun song.
    The third and last single was Miles Away which is one of my favourite Madonna songs and I believe was about the end of her marriage to Guy Ritchie.
    Because there are only 3 music videos from this era can you please also review a video called Get Stupid which is a song that uses some of the melody and lyrics from the beat goes on and it is a political video that Madonna made and she played as an interlude during her Sticky and Sweet Tour.
    Trivia fact. The Sticky and Sweet Tour is the highest grossing tour by a solo artist ever. A record from 2009 that she still holds.
    Also when you get to the Celebration era can you please include reacting to a song called Broken which was recorded for Celebration but it was left off. It’s one of my favourite Madonna songs.
    Trivia. Madonna has performed the song Candy Shop on her last 3 tours even though it was never released as a single.
    Thank you for your Madonna reviews. Us Madonna fans love you so so much Sisley. We love the journey you take us on xxxx

  • Marcus Reindl
    Marcus Reindl 5 months ago +7

    Miles Away was the third single, that's why it's familiar. big radio hit in Europe in 2008

  • Marcus Reindl
    Marcus Reindl 5 months ago +1

    She looks so amazing in the Give It To Me video...this tour was the first time i saw her live.

  • dima diz
    dima diz 5 months ago +7

    YOU need to watch her tours!!!!!! you most!!!

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko 5 months ago +1

    Loving the fact your favourite song is Incredible! Most fans absolutely loathe that song. Hard Candy isn't really one of Madonna's standout records. On the whole it sounds like an album featuring Madonna. Always enjoy your reviews though. 🙂

  • Fabio Brand
    Fabio Brand 5 months ago

    I love hard candy!!!! Sexy album!

  • Gian Carlo
    Gian Carlo 5 months ago

    At that time Lady Gaga was a really big shadow, Madonna was getting divorce and the song Shes not me is about her 🤦‍♂️

    • Taeylor Brooks
      Taeylor Brooks 5 months ago +4

      Gian Carlo no it’s not. It was written in 2007 about someone her husband was cheating with.

    • Marcus Reindl
      Marcus Reindl 5 months ago +7

      Nope, it's not about Lady Gaga. This album came out in April 2008 and was written in 2007...Gaga didn't debut and get her big break until late 2008/9.

  • Josh Pinder
    Josh Pinder 5 months ago

    YES for the Hard Candy love... very underrted i think because it was a major thing that she worked with Pharrell/Timberlake/Timbaland/Kanye West for the album as opposed to her experimental/expositional and epic albums that came before it this was a complete U Turn.... going for the softer (ironically) sounds and rhythms popular with Furtado/Timberlake/Rihanna styles of 2006/7 and sadly sounded more "on trend" for the first time THAN ahead of the curve/boundary pushing stuff that she basically did ever since 1986 in major ways.... the irony being the album actually sounds like a follow up to the synthpop/funk styles of her first two albums too.... either way... the single opportunities this album had were HUGE - She's Not Me, Devil Wouldn't Recognise You, Beat Goes On were SCREAMING for a release for sure and Miles Away needed a good video for it's single release. Either way glad you liked it... i find it very underrated.

  • JacobCarlisle
    JacobCarlisle 5 months ago +1

    Should still have done The Confessions Tour CD. That was officially the next album after COD!

    • JacobCarlisle
      JacobCarlisle 5 months ago

      Yeah I know that! I just really want to see her reaction to that concert! Know what I mean?

    • Peter Szecsi
      Peter Szecsi 5 months ago

      PAUL yeah that wasn’t studio album but just a concert album so.

  • JacobCarlisle
    JacobCarlisle 5 months ago +2

    MDNA is a magnificent album! Get ready!!!!!!!

  • JacobCarlisle
    JacobCarlisle 5 months ago +3

    Sorry for the dissapointment! This album sucks!!

  • Luis Iraheta
    Luis Iraheta 5 months ago +3

    Everyone understands music differently, and everyone is entitled to their own taste.
    Personally, I like Hard Candy, I can play it and dance to it. I find it cohesive and containing nice beats and lyrics; very easy to listen to.
    But, I must admit that I always end up skipping "Incredible"; and in the end, it's the album by hers that I enjoy the least. I guess I just can't find enough Madonnaness on the production. To me, it feels distant.
    So if there are fans that love this album and have it on their top five, play it, stream it, jam to it.
    There's much Madonna for everyone to love!

  • Daniel Estrella López
    Daniel Estrella López 5 months ago +3

    I really enjoyed this album back then and your reactions are amazing 😉

  • Miguel Nuñez
    Miguel Nuñez 5 months ago +1

    The videos for this era are: 4 Minutes, Give It 2 Me, and Miles Away. But... you missed tbe previous video, for the song "Hey You" the official music video is in her channel. It was the song for Live Earth.

  • Leonardo Cardoso
    Leonardo Cardoso 5 months ago +1

    This album is great for when you’re running!

  • graphicdisaster
    graphicdisaster 5 months ago +3

    As much as Madonna "fans" complain about her post-Confessions output, I still take Madonna's "worst" music over any of the current crap that is out at that given time. (For the record Confessions is overrated, I like HC, MDNA is my least fave and I love Rebel Heart and my humble opinion.)

  • Vitaly Davydov
    Vitaly Davydov 5 months ago +2

    I don’t understand why people are so unhappy about this album. Yeah it’s not classy like ROL or COADF, but it’s just a go-to album. It’s like a sandwich after black caviar: the latter is fine, but on a regular basis you still eat mothe%ng sandwiches. Because they are also cool. Am I wrong?

  • steven yany
    steven yany 5 months ago +4

    I still enjoy this album. I never bought into the whole "chasing trends" b.s.....just seems like an excuse to criticize Madonna. Give it 2 Me is one of my favorite songs of her discography.

  • Drew CM
    Drew CM 5 months ago +1

    Finally someone appreciates this album. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You understood. To me this album is one of the best Madonna’s albums. I love the prodcution and I love the lyrical content. Everybody says MDNA is her divorce album because she recorded it after the divorce but to me this is the divorce album - it was recorded before the divorce but you can hear in the lyrics she was pretty much sure the marriage is going to end - Miles Away, Incredible, She’s Not Me, Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You and also in Voices. I love this album and I don’t care that people didn’t understand it and that they call it the worst album by Madonna. I’m happy you enjoyed.
    I love you!

  • Raphael
    Raphael 5 months ago +3

    And i can't describe how much i love your reactions my god i see myself everytime

  • Raphael
    Raphael 5 months ago +8

    I love this album so much and honestely don't understand why specifically the US fans hate it. It's so clean and well produced, one of most deliteful albums from Madonna. Some fans can argue that Hard Candy is a 100% mainstream pop music from the time and that she 'forgot' the alternative and creative sounds that distinguish her discography from other mainstream artists but i can't see that at all. It has a lot of her identity as you pointed in your reaction.

  • kArl
    kArl 5 months ago +2

    This is still my favorite album by her. Idk what people r talking about. Music is probably her worst

  • john grahamg. G
    john grahamg. G 5 months ago +2

    It's all downhill from here I'm afraid, forget everything after this and watch her live shows.

    • Marcus Reindl
      Marcus Reindl 5 months ago

      Rebel Heart has so many good tracks, i'm sure Sisley will love Ghosttown, Devil Pray, Joan Of Arc, Heartbreak City and the title track.

  • Matias Figo
    Matias Figo 5 months ago +13

    Old Queens complaining everywhere!!!! These senior queens complain about everything that isn't "disco-dancing", they believe she has to do the same as cher or kylie, but no she's Madonna, the Queen of Pop, not an irrelevant disco diva. Thank U for this positive kind review and reaction.

    • Matias Figo
      Matias Figo 5 months ago

      @Alex Hulubas When I said "disco" I meant "music for disco clubs", not the "disco" style. I know exactly what I'm talking about. Don't be nosy.

    • Alex Hulubas
      Alex Hulubas 5 months ago

      Such an ironic comment giving how this album has many disco elements, just goes to show how you just don't know what you're talking about.

    • Matias Figo
      Matias Figo 5 months ago +1

      @juampius suck it, moron

    • juampius
      juampius 5 months ago +1

      Shut up already

  • madonnaunderground
    madonnaunderground 5 months ago +2

    It's true that Madonna fans are actually her toughest critics. The amount of negative bullshit is baffling.

    • Scotty Wotty
      Scotty Wotty 5 months ago

      A lot of her fans are tough because they know what she's capable of. I do think it's important to be fair and balanced though.

  • ratchet heaux
    ratchet heaux 5 months ago

    I love the new yellow hair!

  • mostafa mozafari
    mostafa mozafari 5 months ago +1

    React to Shakira's discography please

  • irina1296
    irina1296 5 months ago +48

    Hard Candy is a very underrated album by fans and critics. It's fun, entertaining, different, even fresh. Not all the songs are amazing but Madonna should have made more singles for this era - Heartbeat, Beat Goes On, Devil Wouldn't Recognize You.
    BTW in my country Give It 2 Me was even bigger than 4 Minutes

    • Henrique Merlin
      Henrique Merlin 5 months ago

      Nossa, nada a ver isso que você tá dizendo. Sou fã da Madonna a anos, admiro todos os álbuns e eras dela e nem por isso deixo de opinar pros outros que Hard Candy é sim um dos álbuns mais fracos e genéricos dela, simplesmente tentou pegar carona no que tocava em 2007/2008 e azedou que nem leite. Ver a reação dela sempre é interessante e nem por isso preciso amar o trabalho.

    • Marcos Gohan
      Marcos Gohan 5 months ago

      @Leandro Carron se você detesta Hard Candy, não faz sentido você estar vendo reações a esse album. Exceto se você for um hater que precisa mostrar para todo mundo que odeia alguma coisa.

    • Leandro Carron
      Leandro Carron 5 months ago +2

      @Marcos Gohan I am here because I support Madonna, and I love watch people reacting to madonna.

    • Marcos Gohan
      Marcos Gohan 5 months ago

      @Leandro Carron and why you're doing here? Just don't listen Hard Candy. ☺🍭

    • Leandro Carron
      Leandro Carron 5 months ago +4

      When I bought this album I thought it was a bad album. And i think that today.