These Fake Animated Stories Have To Be Stopped (My Story Animated)

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • I have said several times before that these fake animated story channels are getting worse and worse, but now i am asking politely for them to stop. fingers crossed, but i'm optimistic.
    Last Video On Animated Stories
    Video On Actually Happened
    Video On My Story Animated

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    herbal tea by Artificial.Music
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  • Childish Murderer
    Childish Murderer 55 minutes ago

    Alot of these titles sound like creepypasta name.

  • Meme The Fox
    Meme The Fox Hour ago

    Rats are actually very smart. But not fucking pokemon.
    I had a rat that I trained too do some pretty crazy shit for a rat.

  • somethingwicked
    somethingwicked 3 hours ago

    When the riverdale writers have nothing better to do.

  • Silvia_Stargazer
    Silvia_Stargazer 5 hours ago

    Oh no...
    My name is Marie

  • OrangeYoshi
    OrangeYoshi 7 hours ago +1

    14:10 - 14:14 ; 14:18 - 14:31 The Popular Girls Theme Song

    • OrangeYoshi
      OrangeYoshi 7 hours ago

      I want someone to make this lol.

  • Spt_Saint
    Spt_Saint 7 hours ago

    7:41 the best ever joke I heard

  • Spt_Saint
    Spt_Saint 7 hours ago

    Dory story not gonna lie is actually like the odd ones out or someone like that

  • CEO of Criticism
    CEO of Criticism 8 hours ago

    I was paralyzed for my hole life but my mom got angry at me for getting up to go to the beathroom

  • Declan Noble
    Declan Noble 10 hours ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how at 19:51 the animation channel used the Fortnite door opening sound?

  • Chocolate Milk
    Chocolate Milk 11 hours ago

    Sasuke, why can't you just appreciate comic books?

  • 88bity
    88bity 11 hours ago


  • Jaiden playz Games
    Jaiden playz Games 15 hours ago

    I got pregnant by swimming with my friends...

    *_do you are have stuped_*

  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia 16 hours ago

    No one:

    Fake animated stories: “This is the story of how I died.”

  • Scout with 124/125 Health

    Another TVclipr has a theory:
    These channels are all related.

  • Eiley Green
    Eiley Green Day ago

    I was around when my kids were watching a couple of these. They are creepy and depressing even for adults. Or plain stupid.

  • Toliet paper man

    Jarvis has content farts

  • NameHung
    NameHung Day ago

    hi guys new stories: i got pregnant at 2 years old and started a school shoo- fought everyone in my school while I turned into a dog

  • Wow !
    Wow ! Day ago

    i think i found the worst one....

  • John Clubb
    John Clubb Day ago

    This is the equivalent of filling out words on a project to reach minimum

  • Thomas Tyrrell
    Thomas Tyrrell Day ago

    Bruh he sounds like the facts verse guy

  • haley meacham
    haley meacham Day ago

    2020 pregnant from being in a pool
    2060 pregnant from breathing air

  • E2B2
    E2B2 Day ago


  • Max Webster
    Max Webster Day ago

    I need a clip of Jarvis screaming into the pillow "what!!?!? " Because it's a huge mood

  • mrsubject1
    mrsubject1 Day ago

    Those unmoving lifeless hands in the video at 7:16 really bother me

  • sugarplxm
    sugarplxm Day ago

    jarvis _is_ trying his best

  • the lions
    the lions Day ago +1

    "I got pregnant from being pregnant"
    Ah yes, the floor here is made out of floor

  • Koonboat needs His ONG

    Stories be like: I drowned myself and became 9 years old

  • Miguel George
    Miguel George 2 days ago

    They be like: My dad told me to take out the trash I ended up working for the mafia

    Viewers: I believe that

    DISTURBED 15 2 days ago

    The guy voicing the story about how he got a one in a billion chance disease in the beginning kinda sounds like the narrator from factsverse

  • Kameron Bowers
    Kameron Bowers 2 days ago

    I gotta say this video is better then j.j. mccllough's mandela effect video. 😥

  • Duo Maxwell
    Duo Maxwell 2 days ago

    The genius because of a sickness narrator sounds like the Facts Verse guy

  • Kai Zhou
    Kai Zhou 2 days ago +1

    so, if the bottle said it's one in a billion, theoretically there should be 7 of these people on this planet...

  • Autumn Chambers
    Autumn Chambers 2 days ago

    Kidnapped? I think you mean kidneynapped.

  • Mortal Lint roller
    Mortal Lint roller 3 days ago

    I own rats. They do not scratch at doors. They are very smart, but cant do most things in the video lmao. These channels are acting like rats are humans 😅

  • ultimate hope
    ultimate hope 3 days ago

    I just found this video on TVclip called "I got pregnant in elementary school " wtf

  • High Vibe
    High Vibe 3 days ago

    LMFAOOOOOO @ Infographic girls 😂😂😂

  • Duck Jesus
    Duck Jesus 3 days ago

    My Dog Was Secretly My Brother and Was Pregnant With My Mother Which Forced Me To Fake My Suicide and Got Me Rich
    #relatable #happenssomuch #69nicefunnysexnumber

  • Rainbow looms Central

    No one:
    Actually happened: mY dAdS giRLfRiEnDs mOm cHiLd pEt dOgS aTe mY mOms PrEgNaNcY piLLs aNd nOW eVeRy 38.2 SeCoNdS tHe dOgS shiTs HuMaN bAbYs AnD mY bOyFrIeNd fOunD oUt aNd NoW i’M a MoViE StAR!

  • Mr. Borkster
    Mr. Borkster 3 days ago +1

    “I died when I got killed”
    Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes

  • tortanx
    tortanx 3 days ago

    *yitted down a hole*

  • KhyiraTheWolf
    KhyiraTheWolf 3 days ago

    Okay so, just got an ad as soon as you were saying "Until one fateful day" that was an ad for Birds Of Prey, and the words immediately in the ad were "Hey boys"
    Perhaps I laughed at how beautifully and perfectly timed that was honestly-

    But in all seriousness, these kinds of videos do actually need to be stopped, especially the ones that are about real-life problems and struggles people may have, as almost all of these kinds of videos stigmatize and otherwise spread negative and incorrect ideas about these things that could seriously hurt those who actually have suffered or do suffer from these things. Like, especially the ones about anything to do with abuse and things of the like, the videos are so so so toxic to those who've actually suffered and in general are just disgusting and should not be allowed period.

  • Galaxy Potatos
    Galaxy Potatos 3 days ago

    when i didnt breathe i died and lived to tell the tale

  • squidtastic GatchaVerse

    I believe tje only true animated story channels would be jaiden animation's theoddonesout wolfychu story booth ect which is recorded by the actual person

  • Kaledrone /\
    Kaledrone /\ 3 days ago +1

    19:04 Consider a career in rapping.

  • Misko Popisko
    Misko Popisko 3 days ago


  • VOIDZ_Corrupted
    VOIDZ_Corrupted 3 days ago

    Your channel is hilarious. Keep up the good work!

  • Michael Deokinandan
    Michael Deokinandan 3 days ago

    The guy from the first story sounds like the facts verse dude

  • The Lucas
    The Lucas 3 days ago

    The worst are the “I got pregnant” or “I got an abortion” ones
    Like real people are going through this stuff and they’re using it to boost views on their crap channels.

  • Vinnie Syarif
    Vinnie Syarif 3 days ago

    You can get pregnant in a pool.
    Tho there has to be a guy f*ing you while you're in there

  • Ch3kM4te
    Ch3kM4te 4 days ago

    So Your life is a fake story?

  • AtlasEntity
    AtlasEntity 4 days ago

    'i want it to be yee tid into a hole'
    that sentence makes no sense. gramatically or literally.
    you ton't yet yeeted, you get yote into a hole.
    'my FEMALE boss discriminated against because i was attractive'
    call the cops.
    ' [facts verse voice ] i drunk a drink that gives me a 1 in a billion disease that gives me the ability to be super convincing when i talk to people'
    that's not how diseases work.
    petition to shut down youtube

  • Cristian Argento
    Cristian Argento 4 days ago

    lol “than u”

  • Little Miss Logical
    Little Miss Logical 4 days ago

    why are 10 year olds getting sex-ed and why do they not need premision slips🤨

  • Little Miss Logical
    Little Miss Logical 4 days ago

    ahh i rember the days of getting bullied for being to pretty and for being to smart and for being to good at sports. 😢😢 life's hard

  • Aidarus Said
    Aidarus Said 4 days ago

    Why can’t I stop laughing 😭😭😭

  • Noella Books
    Noella Books 4 days ago +1

    You know what’s funny? I know 1 Christian family who is the stereotypical no Harry Potter, no pop culture etc. I’m a Christian. I go to a Christian school with hundreds of families. I do not understand why people don’t think that Christians aren’t human. Sorry that this turned into a rant.

  • sabiq rusydi
    sabiq rusydi 4 days ago

    never knew i would watch aubameyang channel commentary on youtube

  • Volker Freeman
    Volker Freeman 4 days ago

    Watched most just soo unreal

  • Gregory Gilbert
    Gregory Gilbert 4 days ago

    There's no way that you get pregnant from a pool the end