• Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • In this 1v1 fight, we're going to see the Sylas's potentials on Yasuo. Have fun and watch other 1v1 videos. Leave a like if you enjoyed.
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    TULE - Fearless
    Janji - Shadows
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Comments • 1 725

  • Altair - P
    Altair - P 2 days ago

    I found something to counter yasuo

  • Houssem Bouazizi
    Houssem Bouazizi 2 days ago +1

    yasuo start ult mother facker

  • Houssem Bouazizi
    Houssem Bouazizi 9 days ago +1

    yasuo start ULT ??????

  • Odithys Edmon
    Odithys Edmon 11 days ago

    Why yasuo is not use W

  • Ali.Ahwaz Ali.Ahwaz
    Ali.Ahwaz Ali.Ahwaz 23 days ago

    Why yasuo doesnt use his ult first by wind

  • We4 Gams
    We4 Gams 23 days ago

    What name music number tow

  • Saba geimsYT
    Saba geimsYT Month ago

    Yasuo is better bcs his W can block sylas's E and R so that yasuo was super noob

  • _JXter
    _JXter Month ago

    What if yasuo started R?

  • vov.hacker -ASOSYEL

    Dont cry sylas stronger

  • Joseph Novason
    Joseph Novason Month ago +1

    Yasuo can block his ult with w

  • R3dWoLf
    R3dWoLf Month ago

    Nice yasuo dont using ult

  • Joeseph Bernardino
    Joeseph Bernardino Month ago +2

    look at these crying yas mains

  • Hasuo
    Hasuo Month ago

    Sterak gage only or whit dd will solve that burst 😛

  • Peanut SkTT1
    Peanut SkTT1 2 months ago

    But Now Yasuo build Is Static

    THE SLAINER 2 months ago

    Yasuo mains here saying this yas don't use W , stfu sylas is stronger

  • ash
    ash 2 months ago

    Can’t u let yasuo use his w

  • Henrique Nunes de Oliveira Oliveira

    W Yasuo stop Sylas ult hurr duurr

  • OtakuGamer 321
    OtakuGamer 321 2 months ago

    Deym I really thought Sylas would win the auto attack battle.

  • Lake Topia
    Lake Topia 2 months ago +1

    Kid that main yasuo: lol yas dont use w and he noob
    Me: laughing cuz seeing kids cry bcux yas lost hihi

  • Dark Phoeinx
    Dark Phoeinx 2 months ago

    Sylas won my dick yas is vetter but your yasjust auto atack 0 times q 0 times ult and

  • Im Kenn
    Im Kenn 3 months ago

    Fake FIGHT Yasuo didn't use W skill

  • SavagePlayzF4
    SavagePlayzF4 3 months ago

    yasuo won if he start will ult

  • Webdrivers Torsos
    Webdrivers Torsos 3 months ago

    yasuo brats cry

  • Jake
    Jake 3 months ago

    Riot: Hmm.. thanks Lol slow motions reminds me to nerf sylas :)

  • Javier Ivan Bobadilla Apolo

    Pero si ese yasou nunca uso muro de viento, eso bloquea el robo de ulti de sylas.

  • Alvaro Mesias
    Alvaro Mesias 3 months ago

    Yasuo manco ni tira la w xd

  • GioProblems XD
    GioProblems XD 3 months ago

    Yasuo no usa el muro, obvio allí hay daño que se come gratis

  • đặng Doanh
    đặng Doanh 3 months ago

    W yasuo???

  • RagingTaco205 TacoMan
    RagingTaco205 TacoMan 3 months ago


  • master Rùa
    master Rùa 3 months ago

    W? Why

  • george gordan
    george gordan 3 months ago

    riot you smoke too much for real tho

  • SilenceT7
    SilenceT7 3 months ago

    ekko vs sylas

  • Soulus Plays
    Soulus Plays 3 months ago

    what was sylas build in order?

  • X- Darken -X
    X- Darken -X 4 months ago

    What is yasuobstart with ult?

  • X- Darken -X
    X- Darken -X 4 months ago

    Just 5 auto attacjs

  • Abdullah Berke
    Abdullah Berke 4 months ago

    Aptal gibi ws attirmişsin. Son ws de sylas u çalacakken neden yasuo bariyer atmıyo kardeş oyunda full buildde ws atarken yasuo sylas a ya hacı sen benim ultiyi bi alda öyle ws atalimmi diyo attigin tüm videolar çok güzel ama bu boktan olmuş sevmedim yasuoyu ezmişsin.

  • pcmaster ando
    pcmaster ando 4 months ago +1

    Sylas is one of the best champion who cam counter yasuo 🏆

  • HowToPC
    HowToPC 4 months ago +1

    1. Yasuo don't hit 0/12 powerspike
    2.Yasuo don't use his ulti
    3.Yasuo is maded to dodge enemy's attacks - he needs to be between minions
    4.Sylas is cancer :)

  • joel perez 2
    joel perez 2 4 months ago


  • Riba
    Riba 4 months ago

    Sylas vs Neeko UP UP UP

  • thatnooS' Lol
    thatnooS' Lol 4 months ago

    Yasuo w atcakmı aq

  • Nhân Khánh
    Nhân Khánh 4 months ago

    Noone plays yasuo like that

  • I like Sandpaper on my butt

    this is a skill matchup. The problem is that this yasuo doesnt know half his kit works. And the sylas player doesnt know how his w works

  • Nhị lang thần
    Nhị lang thần 4 months ago

    Dám solo vs ys ngoài chỗ có lính xem sao. Ys win chắc

  • Lo Yasuo
    Lo Yasuo 4 months ago

    Yasuo W no use

  • Zon Urbano
    Zon Urbano 4 months ago

    anyways both cancerous

  • cristian cordova
    cristian cordova 4 months ago

    nunca uso el muro :

  • kaugamee
    kaugamee 4 months ago

    Try with the nado first maybe he can win i mean yasuo

  • Juan Chaves
    Juan Chaves 4 months ago

    Wath you dont start with other combs?

  • Illyasviel von Einzbern

    Pls do a 1v1 fight with iq in it

  • _JXter
    _JXter 4 months ago

    Why yasuo no W to dodge ult -_-

  • Rommel Razon
    Rommel Razon 4 months ago

    Yasuo use 2nd but he didnt use! Fake fight!

  • anonymous
    anonymous 4 months ago

    Yasuo manco no use w

  • Larry Peanut
    Larry Peanut 4 months ago

    the yas is so trash. also why didnt he use w

  • Arm Lazaga
    Arm Lazaga 4 months ago

    The problem is you didn't start yasuo ult WTF IS THAT ARE YOU KNOW HOW TO START ULT OF YASUO

  • Tosin
    Tosin 4 months ago

    this sylas dont even use w when yasuo low. he has so MUCH more dmg tbh lol. hasaki melted asf

  • vex 000
    vex 000 5 months ago +1

    Yasuo can block sylas ult

  • Qua Ge
    Qua Ge 5 months ago

    Như cc tường gió đéo dùng

  • Dinhvan Tran
    Dinhvan Tran 5 months ago

    Where W yasuo

  • ツLucky
    ツLucky 5 months ago

    This video is piece of shit where is Yasuo R

  • ho kien
    ho kien 5 months ago

    Chs ys ngu vc

  • Nikolapro222
    Nikolapro222 5 months ago

    Sylas is ap cham what you want from auto attack?

  • Enes Özkul
    Enes Özkul 5 months ago

    Garen vs Sylasssssss

  • I Love BACONS
    I Love BACONS 5 months ago

    idiot u dont use ur second

  • Mono Magos
    Mono Magos 5 months ago

    Ap: good
    Ad: shit

  • Zed Main Yas main
    Zed Main Yas main 5 months ago

    Ewww This is so fake

  • Kyrie Anwer
    Kyrie Anwer 5 months ago

    It's not sylas that is better, it's the guy he is shit in yasuo

  • Canadian Bacon
    Canadian Bacon 5 months ago

    woah that ekko is me

  • Sauce! no Ketchup
    Sauce! no Ketchup 5 months ago

    This guy don't know what Yasuo's W for

  • Tino Lehtimäki
    Tino Lehtimäki 5 months ago

    So you make this content i get it, but why does sylas already have yasuo ultimate, yasuo could w sylas ult so he wont have his ult...

  • 굿스튜던트
    굿스튜던트 5 months ago

    Where is W of yasuo😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Yggdrasil
    Yggdrasil 5 months ago


  • RadicalCraft
    RadicalCraft 5 months ago

    The yasuo barrier block the sylas ultimate

  • YasuoBronce5
    YasuoBronce5 5 months ago

    yasuo win if he use W

  • Solrak
    Solrak 5 months ago

    Pues si ese yasuo está bien menso en vez que se guarde la E para esquivar las cadenas o use la w naaaa

    DANIELS 5 months ago

    if yasuo blocked sylas e sylas wouldnt ult him and yasuo would win

  • Khalleby1
    Khalleby1 5 months ago

    Yasuo not wave W????

  • Duy Quỳnh2001
    Duy Quỳnh2001 5 months ago

    Cái auto attack thì k cần coi cũng biết yasua ăn rồi :)))

  • Kjdwtjv Jgsfjmj
    Kjdwtjv Jgsfjmj 5 months ago

    Naa eso es mentira ya que yasuo no uso su W idiota

  • thao - cong ty HO NAI 2

    Ys is very suptid because he not use W

  • Julio Vega
    Julio Vega 5 months ago

    Q estupido q el yasuo no tiene ulti

  • Greizhie Villanueva
    Greizhie Villanueva 5 months ago

    This is so dumb yasuo is not even using W and sylas cant win... and yasuo need minions

  • Sang Huỳnh
    Sang Huỳnh 5 months ago

    Đánh cc ji nửa ...Bắc trc kỉ năng k.,đánh cc ji nghỉ game un jk 😡😡😡

  • angela villena
    angela villena 5 months ago

    sylas is cheating

  • Crazy Anchovy
    Crazy Anchovy 5 months ago

    Yasuo nun w sünü kullandığını görmedim sylasın e sini w ile dodgelerse sylası çok rahat kesebiliyor

  • Muhammet Ali Sevim
    Muhammet Ali Sevim 5 months ago

    Yasuo not use ulti

  • Tân uFo
    Tân uFo 5 months ago

    Yasuo “ Đấng “ 😭

  • Eren Jaeger
    Eren Jaeger 5 months ago

    Auto attack who will win?

  • Николай Швецов

    Ветреную стену поставь мудила, и выеби этоно сайлоса

  • EpiX
    EpiX 5 months ago

    Ehm Yasuo dont have a w spell

  • mobile games
    mobile games 5 months ago

    yasuo r atamadığı için alamadı piç

  • Yoshinoharuka06
    Yoshinoharuka06 5 months ago

    Who could win sylas with tryndam ult

  • Khanh Duy Tran
    Khanh Duy Tran 5 months ago

    Ys mà solo k lại tướng mới ak sàm loz

  • TobyMonoDraven hhehehe
    TobyMonoDraven hhehehe 5 months ago +1

    Sylas vs mordekaiser procede ?

  • Ryu K
    Ryu K 5 months ago

    Yasuo 0/20

  • Chrin Kaiđô
    Chrin Kaiđô 5 months ago

    Face the wind where ??

  • Mon Y
    Mon Y 5 months ago

    Tường gió yasus đâu

  • phú
    phú 5 months ago

    Khó hiểu vl khi ys mà k có lính khác đéo chấp toàn bộ k dùng ki năng

  • Hoang Mobile
    Hoang Mobile 5 months ago

    W yasuo ??

  • Tz BiNo
    Tz BiNo 5 months ago

    Yasuo ko sài W thắng bằng niềm tin à