10 Deadliest Assassins of All Time!


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  • Lps Trouble Makers
    Lps Trouble Makers 8 months ago +560

    I love your videos YOUR SO FUNNY even tho This isn’t the happiest video YOU ALWAYS FIGURE OUT A WAY TO MAKE THIS FUNNY😂💓💕😭🌝😍😁😎😎🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😂😂😂😂😂💕💕💕💕💕

    • YuriProductions :
      YuriProductions : 7 months ago

      Lps Trouble Makers👏

    • Robert Short
      Robert Short 8 months ago +2

      So just to get pinned by mat just spam 5000 emojis ok then......

  • Back Steen
    Back Steen Day ago

    00:30 btw, ur not funny

  • Oleg Petelevitch
    Oleg Petelevitch Day ago +1

    Just like a women !

  • troll face
    troll face 3 days ago

    You forgot to add ME, Agent 48!

  • Shaun Elliott
    Shaun Elliott 23 days ago

    I thought this was going to be about real assassin's, where are all the historical assassin's that killed thousands of people just to get to there intended victim? It was fun,but definitely not what I was expecting.

  • TheBlindMaster
    TheBlindMaster Month ago

    you don't need good agility to be an assasin

  • Daniel Pattiz
    Daniel Pattiz Month ago

    A music producer took his name from the "Ice man" he's from Pittsburgh.

  • Madmonkeman
    Madmonkeman Month ago

    You used an AC picture lol

  • The323Assassin
    The323Assassin Month ago

    Who else came to this video thinking about assassin's creed

  • Midnight Showman
    Midnight Showman Month ago

    Some don't belong on the list, as many more can take their places. But I did enjoy this video.

  • Alex Painter
    Alex Painter Month ago

    0:00 - 0:03 sneaking in Skyrim

  • D Bay
    D Bay Month ago

    Best way to do it is to make it look like suicide, rope round the neck as they sleep choke em out then string them up.

  • utkarsh singh
    utkarsh singh Month ago

    man I did't know that mata hari was as a badass woman. I only know of her for the fate grand order

  • TheGamersKingdom
    TheGamersKingdom 2 months ago

    She shoulda wore a shirt saying "OMWTP!". It stands for "On my way to prison!"

  • Captain Inferno
    Captain Inferno 2 months ago

    No, when I think of assassin's, I think of Ezio, Connor, Altair, and Edward from Assassin's Creed.

  • Holy lolly
    Holy lolly 2 months ago

    Loki is the worst assassin😑😑😑I hate him

  • ashley roberts
    ashley roberts 2 months ago


  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago

    OK, I'm wide awake for the next oh say, 15 years or so...........

  • Andrea Armendariz
    Andrea Armendariz 2 months ago

    I really love you and your videos, but Matt, your pronunciation is hilarious! it kills me! LOL

  • Tawiah Gang
    Tawiah Gang 2 months ago

    So connor kenway is not on this list

  • 써니蛮竜
    써니蛮竜 2 months ago


  • Magne Toftanes
    Magne Toftanes 3 months ago

    my favorite in terms of style and clevernes was The Ice Man, and my favorite in terms of kills is The Super Killer

  • Krinkles The Clown
    Krinkles The Clown 3 months ago


  • Ticci Toby
    Ticci Toby 3 months ago

    What about Jack the ripper

  • Marcus XCII
    Marcus XCII 3 months ago

    What about the DC killers

  • Alexandria Trenier
    Alexandria Trenier 3 months ago

    Super killer sounds like the Equalizer

  • Sir Ducksters
    Sir Ducksters 3 months ago +1

    11. My Geography Teacher..... He doesn't smile so you'll never know what he is thinking about...

  • Kekistani Crusader
    Kekistani Crusader 3 months ago

    Mata Hari was not German she was totally Dutch

  • Nathan Olson
    Nathan Olson 3 months ago

    Did you mean deadliest known assassins

  • King Of Kings
    King Of Kings 3 months ago

    The deadliest ones are the Hashashins the middle eastern arabs and Persian

  • Amaya Akane
    Amaya Akane 3 months ago


  • Eddie Mendez
    Eddie Mendez 4 months ago

    And Humboldt to I love the way you support it and I'm proud of it laugh out loud but if you find a cure for it let me know

  • Madalin Grama
    Madalin Grama 4 months ago

    Actually, no one knows who the best assassins are, cause the best assassins are never discovered and therefore never known by identity.

  • CringeDuck 1237
    CringeDuck 1237 4 months ago

    Uh, Assassin's Creed ?
    *Anybody ?* *Okay then...* =(

  • Fact Overload
    Fact Overload 4 months ago

    One of the best TVclip channel at this point in time

  • Kittentheslyer 10
    Kittentheslyer 10 4 months ago

    Your awsome Mathew do you know my brother is named Mathew and I'm your number 1 fan

  • Riyaz Saibudeen
    Riyaz Saibudeen 4 months ago

    Where's popeye?

  • Boken ka gaming
    Boken ka gaming 4 months ago +1

    why isnt John jairo Velasques in the the list? he was a hitman for Pablo Escobar and killed more than 260 persons and commited various terrorist attacks, he is free after serving his 23 year sentence and is now a youtuber and political activist he is currently under arrest for being seen in the party of a drug lord

  • Criss Maiden
    Criss Maiden 4 months ago

    U are not funny at all stop it

  • Teenu Cheenu
    Teenu Cheenu 4 months ago

    No. 1. John Wick

  • Poot Potatoes
    Poot Potatoes 4 months ago

    "I have the agilitynof a bull in a China shop!" Ever seen Fernidad? 😎😂

  • Yians Fuster
    Yians Fuster 4 months ago

    Wheres jhon jairo velasques vasques at

  • Mermaid Man
    Mermaid Man 4 months ago

    The deadliest assassins were kgb, cia or mi6. Check em out.

  • Alex Pratt
    Alex Pratt 4 months ago

    Cool video and scary guys!

  • InfamousMan
    InfamousMan 4 months ago +1

    you forgot Duke Togo/Golgo 13

    ERIC DRAVEN 5 months ago

    Matt would've been my ideal hitman tho

  • mkklTruemkkl 09ty
    mkklTruemkkl 09ty 5 months ago

    How Bou John Wilkes Boot?

  • a dude on the internet
    a dude on the internet 5 months ago

    I like the assassins creed symbol on the thumbnail. :P

  • Mix Stufff
    Mix Stufff 5 months ago

    You Funny 😁

  • Nathan Farwell
    Nathan Farwell 5 months ago

    The Israeli don’t mess around man

  • frosty ninja army
    frosty ninja army 5 months ago

    I seen you on the news

  • Arturo Seturino
    Arturo Seturino 5 months ago

    Arturo is pronounced r-thu-doe or if u can't roll your Rs ar-tur-o great video as always matt!

  • Lord Logan
    Lord Logan 5 months ago

    Video game wise Edward Kenway

  • Earl Dave Ylarde
    Earl Dave Ylarde 5 months ago

    Let altair and ezio be in the list

  • twinky lolli
    twinky lolli 5 months ago

    The greatest assasin would be the zoldyck family. Hmm 😉

  • Crippling Depression Itself

    *2000 years in jail!*

  • Jessica Richards
    Jessica Richards 5 months ago


  • Devil of Wrath YT
    Devil of Wrath YT 5 months ago

    FAKE! I don’t see John Wick.

  • Jonathan P
    Jonathan P 5 months ago

    Kewdad Juwares

  • jesse malito
    jesse malito 6 months ago

    Your video's are fantastic and I love how you change between facts! Keep it up my good sir!

  • Casper Anniuk
    Casper Anniuk 6 months ago

    Wheres my boy Altaïr

  • Marko Btzr
    Marko Btzr 6 months ago

    The best assassin you know its not the best assassin...

  • Shdjdjs Skdj
    Shdjdjs Skdj 6 months ago

    Y’all never heard of John Wick I’m assuming

  • DJ Gamez
    DJ Gamez 6 months ago

    I will never stop watching your videos😎😎😎😆😆😆

  • Mr. Z
    Mr. Z 6 months ago

    Bro that voice crack in the beginning made my day.

  • Blue Dude
    Blue Dude 6 months ago

    I really love assassins and their technique. I really like speed.

  • Mystic_Mayham
    Mystic_Mayham 6 months ago

    1: widowmaker

  • TheBernito2
    TheBernito2 6 months ago

    number 1 and 2 should be much lower than number 3!

  • The Boss Warrior
    The Boss Warrior 6 months ago

    I wear nerdy glasses

  • R4GN4R0K31
    R4GN4R0K31 6 months ago

    I laughed at the thumbnail. Assassins Creed.
    Also, Axe-Weilding Bear? A bear with axes

  • Jt Voirol
    Jt Voirol 6 months ago

    Im surprised you didnt put the assassin that killed the archduke. The assassin did cause ww1 sooooo.

  • Sebas Prat
    Sebas Prat 6 months ago

    hold on where is the white death? he was a finish assassin with over 300 confirmed sniper kills

  • Killswitch ali
    Killswitch ali 6 months ago

    the two last assasin are not that worthy of being mentionned here

  • lester Forney
    lester Forney 6 months ago

    I'm sorry but number 9 would be a spy not assassin because she never actually killed anyone directly

  • Jetgamin YT
    Jetgamin YT 6 months ago


  • Iyknovski Nwani
    Iyknovski Nwani 6 months ago

    I have always enjoyed your videos, so educating, keep it up matt!.

  • hunter fiske
    hunter fiske 6 months ago

    I believe fadel Castro had a lot to do with jfk's assassination

  • CarriLarsonBrown
    CarriLarsonBrown 6 months ago

    You for got Jack the Ripper

  • Pirate Gamer
    Pirate Gamer 6 months ago

    I read a book about the first one

  • Neder Hop
    Neder Hop 6 months ago

    Info about Mata hari is incorrect She never killed anyone Its not even sure how big of a spy She really was

  • AgitoJOKER
    AgitoJOKER 6 months ago

    Aren’t assassins by definition just a person who kills someone of high power(e.g. politicians kings) or for religious reasons? If that’s the case, you don’t really need to be stealthy although it would probably help.

  • Daniel Westberg
    Daniel Westberg 6 months ago

    Pretty sure the second one was not a murderer. She was just a dubbleagent

  • pyrophaze
    pyrophaze 6 months ago

    Wouldn't the deadliest assassins be the ones that aren't know to the public?

  • Goku
    Goku 6 months ago

    I wanna play Assassins Creed now

  • Sassy Honey
    Sassy Honey 6 months ago

    i liked this video and the quality literally got better

  • Roaring Beast
    Roaring Beast 6 months ago


  • luke Lauer
    luke Lauer 6 months ago

    no menchen of lee harvey ozwald

  • Sergio Ramirez
    Sergio Ramirez 6 months ago

    And popeyé? He’s Pablo Escobar’s hitman

  • lolman 20077
    lolman 20077 6 months ago

    Damm the last assassin was in y country?!

  • dinah259
    dinah259 6 months ago

    Pros in Assasin's cred

  • Robert Lockard
    Robert Lockard 6 months ago

    You missed the most feared assassin of the century - Carlos the Jackal

  • Shaluka De Silva
    Shaluka De Silva 6 months ago

    Leon is the best !

  • Paul the 2 marek Sørensen

    What about ezio?

  • Jesus Diaz
    Jesus Diaz 6 months ago

    Great video my dude. Keep it up!

  • Alex SM
    Alex SM 6 months ago

    Who would want to be called the camel, for real...

  • Micheal Myers
    Micheal Myers 6 months ago

    john wick?

  • Ramon Jui Gonzalez
    Ramon Jui Gonzalez 6 months ago

    Yei méxico finaly made it to a top 10 list u.u

  • Apple 4 Slize
    Apple 4 Slize 6 months ago

    How bout Jack the ripper

  • Edson Morales
    Edson Morales 6 months ago

    I was playing assassin while watching this

  • Dank Turtle
    Dank Turtle 6 months ago

    What about the zodiac killer?