Casually Explained: Computers

  • Published on Feb 22, 2016
  • I may have slightly deviated from the original subject matter of the video.
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  • Noah Roussel
    Noah Roussel 2 days ago

    Just wanted to say I’ve been watching you for a few days and I can’t help but love this. Your delivery of jokes is always perfect and I have gotten a laugh out of every video I’ve seen from you

  • scruffy dog
    scruffy dog 2 days ago

    I watched this for my school computing lesson

  • Bhomasolini
    Bhomasolini 7 days ago


  • fiverZ
    fiverZ 22 days ago

    RGB Keyboards are gayer than being gay.

  • bsfatboy
    bsfatboy 24 days ago

    Nothing is more truer than the last line.

  • antsolja
    antsolja 25 days ago

    8gb isnt enough anymore and that fucks me up

  • Yoda
    Yoda 25 days ago


  • DailyToker
    DailyToker 26 days ago

    No RGB?

  • ProtoMario
    ProtoMario 26 days ago +1

    Muclear is pretty obsolete these days, solar is totally in.

    • Pedro Andre
      Pedro Andre 25 days ago

      Solar is pretty good, but it might not be able to deal with more powerful hardware - you should go with three fusion reactors instead

  • Jerome
    Jerome 27 days ago

    seems legit but
    where can i find 10k bucks

  • soner dogangüzel
    soner dogangüzel 28 days ago

    ok Boomer

  • Didaka D
    Didaka D 29 days ago

    "Once you finish your setup you find out it's obsolete" hahahah so true when every quarter the market fills with new hardware hahahaha.

  • Inigo Montoya
    Inigo Montoya Month ago

    "8 gb is enough"
    *Laughs in chrome

  • João Viana
    João Viana Month ago

    ok boomer

  • Slayer3000bot
    Slayer3000bot Month ago

    Now we can’t just have 4 or 8 we need 32 and sometimes even 64

  • Ahnaf Dragneel
    Ahnaf Dragneel Month ago

    1:06 🤦‍♂️

  • Lemon
    Lemon Month ago

    Nice Easter egg at the end, grilling hot dogs on ur tower.

  • Black Shingo
    Black Shingo Month ago

    I love your dry sense of humor.

  • Myrek
    Myrek Month ago

    omg his dad is literally just his face reflected omg

  • Animiles
    Animiles Month ago

    This video is outdated.. 4 is the absolute minimum, but 8 is highly recommended. If a PC makes more sense to you than a laptop, then you should get 16gb. Because if you need a pc, then you need something which requires more powerful hardware, which means you have more resource heavy applications which means you need more ram.
    Also, if you are like me and you have at least 100 tabs open at any given time then you most definitely need at least 16GB RAM.

  • RF_ Giant
    RF_ Giant Month ago

    I just download my ram

  • Liv K
    Liv K Month ago

    You can’t write Nvidia with red color, it should be green 😭

  • LethalOverdose
    LethalOverdose Month ago +1

    Uses Nuclear power source

  • Ghosssty Yolk
    Ghosssty Yolk Month ago

    2:03 why would anyone in their right mind let their wires bend like that

  • Prénom Nom
    Prénom Nom Month ago

    8 GB of ram is kind of the minimun actually

  • dead at 3am
    dead at 3am Month ago

    Oh hi gradeAunderA... Wait

  • Darkstorm Shade
    Darkstorm Shade Month ago

    8 gb of ram is completely ravaged by any program now

  • Nxght
    Nxght Month ago

    3 years later every one of those components are out of date by a practical decade in technological time/terms

  • TheDanster
    TheDanster Month ago


  • Super Saiyan Ramen
    Super Saiyan Ramen Month ago

    i see you've seen re:zero

  • linux750
    linux750 Month ago +9

    "now that you have all of that set up, your components are now obselete"
    Ouch, I _FELT_ that comment. It was funny, but it still hurt.

  • Random Gunk
    Random Gunk Month ago

    Nuclear is always the best choice when picking a PSU 👍

  • 我不会说中文
    我不会说中文 Month ago

    Wow what a insightful video, to bad I have to sell a kidney for all these new parts like a 2080 and a i9

  • Tvenning Media シ
    Tvenning Media シ Month ago +5

    "8 gigs is definitely enough"
    Then the Cities: Skylines players gathered to let him know...
    But yeah, I guess it is definitely enough for your Dad's word processing and PDF-exporting.

  • Dad
    Dad Month ago +1

    Nice video son

    • Dad
      Dad Month ago +1

      Said no one ever

  • Jakub Foťko
    Jakub Foťko Month ago

    He's talking about 3-way SLI and only 4GB of RAM... Who the fuck is building pc with those combinations?

  • Roel Versteeg
    Roel Versteeg Month ago +1

    Funny how outdated this has already become. Ram we need more 16gb is getting to be the reccomended. Sli not supported anymore.

  • BockWurstler
    BockWurstler Month ago

    I bought an RTX, i felt so great but now i know that i am a flithy casual :( maybe i can afford another one in 5 years :/

  • Alex Schettino
    Alex Schettino Month ago

    That math for storage made me lol

  • Kristian Williams
    Kristian Williams Month ago +8

    "and now you've finished your setup... all your components are obsolete"
    Biggest oof

  • mastergx1
    mastergx1 Month ago

    1:00 I love this

  • Mannie Action Sports

    Nice video but I think you kinda need 8 gigs of ram.

  • Josh Jonathan
    Josh Jonathan Month ago

    questionable on the ram but ok ill cut u sum slack cus the vid is a little old

  • George Bonta
    George Bonta Month ago

    Soooo don't start your videos with sooo.

  • Garodus.
    Garodus. Month ago

    Thank the algorithm gods

  • Kai Damata
    Kai Damata Month ago

    pls make a updated one PLS

  • Brick Lords
    Brick Lords Month ago

    Funny because true

  • Adam Marvin
    Adam Marvin Month ago +3

    The verge watched this and thought they knew everything

  • DeluxeElias
    DeluxeElias Month ago

    Though now 8 gb RAM is the minimum you should have

  • MarcusFM
    MarcusFM Month ago

    Nuclear grilled hotdogs are my favourite

  • JayJake
    JayJake Month ago

    4GB necessary
    8GB enough
    2019 games: :) 12+ boi

  • Rhaast Cc
    Rhaast Cc Month ago

    4gb of ram bruh i have 64gb

  • PixelsLegit
    PixelsLegit Month ago


  • Lance Coffey
    Lance Coffey Month ago

    Only need 4 gigs yeesh

  • Xaverderschnitzelfan

    8gig isnt enought you need min. 16gb

  • Flamadiddle
    Flamadiddle Month ago

    This aged well..

  • Skadesucksatlife
    Skadesucksatlife Month ago +2

    8gb ram is almost required these days and 16 is definitely enough, sli is useless too.

  • kilgarragh
    kilgarragh Month ago

    Ha ha I have 87 gpus
    *plays vr THISSUCKS
    Me: one Gpu
    Also me: plays vr
    Still me: this is great

  • Adamkk03
    Adamkk03 Month ago

    You actually need 16 ram to be good

  • Purfle
    Purfle Month ago +9

    "SSD's are not much more expensive"
    and that's where you're wrong!

    • 操你妈
      操你妈 Month ago

      Ian Wang I think he’s talking about SSD prices 3 years ago

    • Ian Wang
      Ian Wang Month ago

      Purfle wait what did you mean

    • Purfle
      Purfle Month ago

      @jansen and maybe that's the reason why I commented?

    • jansen
      jansen Month ago +1

      Maybe bc this video is already 3 years old?