Everything Goes Wrong - Day Hike Adventure

  • Published on Jun 28, 2019
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    Our recent hiking adventure series comes to an end with everything going wrong! Join us for a Cluster #@$* of a good time on the Appalachian trail!
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Comments • 270

  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  4 months ago +16

    Thank you all so much for being awesome people and for joining us on this adventure. It really goes to show that sometimes things don't work out even with a great deal of preparing and thought and you have to find the fun and enjoyment in the adventure itself.
    On to the next adventure which will be next Friday (Overland Overnight Adventure).

    Have a good weekend everyone, be safe.
    - Luke

  • Barry Buschl
    Barry Buschl 7 days ago

    Two people having fun & living life.

  • Sherry Mcgee
    Sherry Mcgee 10 days ago

    My go-to hiking trails are at the Moses Cone manor on the parkway- I like to camp in that area as well and spend the days hiking.

  • Joshua Little
    Joshua Little 12 days ago

    Gah!! not to creep on two videos but I geek out when You Tube is close to home but I live very close to this stretch of trail, highly recommend Devils Marble Yard which is on the back side of Petits Gap, also the trail head was the original BSA Camp Powhatan

  • Stephane Laliberte
    Stephane Laliberte 24 days ago

    Luke....what kind of pack are you using please?

  • Ewen Gillies
    Ewen Gillies 29 days ago

    Was thinking a bobble vould be a broken goblet...even at this late viewing. Good fun guys made it interesting thanks for the adventure. Bushyboy Oz.

  • Richie Himes
    Richie Himes Month ago

    Beblette is Lorena's last name, of course!

  • Chris Prytherch-Roberts

    9.48min โ€œhey suziโ€ sets off every Siri device in my house ๐Ÿ˜†. Great video though ๐Ÿ‘.

  • josh porter
    josh porter Month ago

    make the best of any and every situation. :)

  • Marques Entzminger
    Marques Entzminger Month ago

    It ain't hot! I wear a goose down jacket in 90 degree weather... Just kidding, I remember that speech you gave about egos in the cold. "It aint cold, I wear my underwear in 0 degree weather" LOL.

  • Vanessa Furlough
    Vanessa Furlough 2 months ago

    Yโ€™all are always cute no matter what! โค๏ธ

  • Doris Towns
    Doris Towns 2 months ago

    My nickname in high school was Fearless Fly...don't ask

  • Rob Priestley
    Rob Priestley 2 months ago

    In Oz we tend to also say Samon, rather than Salmon, the L being silent.

  • Thomas Cole
    Thomas Cole 2 months ago

    Great area, also the home of the National D-Day Memorial. North Carolina, another awesome state. Was stationed there a number of years. Favorite trail. Blue Ridge Parkway, North of Greensboro, NC. Probably when you two were just young is lol

  • Pamela Kachmar
    Pamela Kachmar 2 months ago

    Always a pleasure to join you on your adventures and love when Susie is along. Your constant positive outlook about everything is really inspiring and I hope others see it and follow that wonderful trait. Thank you Luke and Susie.

  • goodbi99
    goodbi99 2 months ago

    You guys are awesome. Great outing. Congrats. Hey, when we were vacationing in NC a few years ago we did hike to the waterfall that was in the movie "Last of the Mohicans". Can't think of the name but it was amazing.

  • Og Loc baby
    Og Loc baby 3 months ago

    Great content as always

  • Justin Baxter
    Justin Baxter 3 months ago

    Did you have to work at getting your wife to go out with you or is this stuff she likes to do as well. I'm trying to get my wife start going hiking and camping, but it's not working very well. Any suggestions?

    SWAMPHUNTER644 3 months ago

    You needed some thin packable primaloft vests.

    SWAMPHUNTER644 3 months ago

    I would put your sandwiches in a cool pak or a frozen water bottle. Solves the dry bread. I would order without mayo and bring some mayo or mustard packs. You do not want food poisoning on the trail. Mayo by itself does not cause food poisoning. It causes a neutral pH which in contact with protein encourages the growth of bacteria.

    SWAMPHUNTER644 3 months ago

    Looks like perfect copperhead/timber rattler habitat!

  • Vlad The Impaler
    Vlad The Impaler 3 months ago

    Bobblets are John Wayne bobbits leftover pieces that his wife cut off. lol

  • Reverend Saltine
    Reverend Saltine 3 months ago


  • Starscreamlive
    Starscreamlive 3 months ago

    Luke, your friends must have watched a lot of WWF to have given you the nickname Slick, The Doctor of Style. He was a manager back in the late 80s/early 90s.

  • Chris Adam
    Chris Adam 3 months ago

    These tyoe of hikes make for the best memories.

  • frenchbroad1431
    frenchbroad1431 3 months ago

    I like when we bring Susie along on our adventures.

  • frenchbroad1431
    frenchbroad1431 3 months ago

    BOBLETT is a very small Robert

  • Boss Frog
    Boss Frog 4 months ago

    Thanks Luke for a great video as always

  • Nicholas DePofi
    Nicholas DePofi 4 months ago

    Byron Reese trail up to the Stone Hut on the AT in Georgia

  • Haunts
    Haunts 4 months ago

    We did a 19 mile hike and ran out of water a quarter ways into it.

  • GARY
    GARY 4 months ago

    What section was that I would love to hike it the views were awesome

  • John Avery
    John Avery 4 months ago

    I enjoyed the little jaunt but didn't expect the negativity. No BFD. You were still jovial!

  • Peter Allen
    Peter Allen 4 months ago

    clickbait much?

  • Nate Buker
    Nate Buker 4 months ago

    Disappointing! I was hoping for an epic serial fail video so I can feel better about mine!

  • BigTone
    BigTone 4 months ago

    Excellent light hearted adventure ๐Ÿ˜„

  • J Shepard
    J Shepard 4 months ago

    Shenandoah National Park, I assume?

  • Jaucelyn Nylund
    Jaucelyn Nylund 4 months ago

    Chemtrail sunset
    Fun adventures thanks for letting me tag along ๐Ÿ‘

  • SammiM Dross
    SammiM Dross 4 months ago

    hahaha...cant complain when you got food, a sunset and a pretty lady! still an awesome trip!

  • James Ellsworth
    James Ellsworth 4 months ago

    Hey, it could have rained suddenly on the way back! Next time: 'go with what you know.' You don't like bread, so big bread sandwiches aren't going to cut it. Little Mayo or Mustard packets can combat dry sandwich fillings. Bring fresh fruit for sugar and moisture. (And carry an extra layer in your pack for Suzy.

  • panzerabwerkanone
    panzerabwerkanone 4 months ago

    A bad day on the trail is better than a good day at work.

  • Craig Mooring
    Craig Mooring 4 months ago

    Considering the fact that the A.T., as a whole, opened in 1937, I tend to doubt that it follows the Parkway. I suspect the Parkway follows the A.T. along that section. Until relatively recently, roads connected population centers to one another and places of general interest. They tended to follow valleys and rivers rather than ridges. Only when cars became more powerful and affordable, construction technology advanced, and common people began to have blocks of leisure time and disposable income would the A.T. itself become a feature of sufficient interest to warrant the construction of a ridgeline highway. Just as scenic Skyline Drive only came to be when autos reached the stage of enabling long, point to point drives feasible and lots of folks could drive hundreds of miles from their house to Cousin Lem's and not have to go to the big city, find a place to leave their car (or buggy), buy train tickets, and arrange conveyance from that city out to Lem's.

  • parkwest11
    parkwest11 4 months ago

    Angelโ€™s Landing, Zion National Park

  • Craig Mooring
    Craig Mooring 4 months ago

    It's not just in the south. Nobody normally pronounces the 'l' in 'salmon' unless it is followed by 'ella'.๐Ÿคข

  • ThomasH0
    ThomasH0 4 months ago

    Hey Luke, I appreciate that you share your outdoors with us, but please don't say that you do it for us. It is your self drive from inside liking outdoors from childhood. You are blessed.. Keep on Luke doing it for yourself and share with us.

  • Brad Benjamin
    Brad Benjamin 4 months ago

    Recently been enjoying sections of the Finger Lakes trail in upstate NY.

  • Your Hunting Buddy
    Your Hunting Buddy 4 months ago

    Can you please do a video on how you guys protect yourself from tick bites?

  • Abigsky Abigsky
    Abigsky Abigsky 4 months ago

    Not every hike can be wonderful

  • JoeBob36
    JoeBob36 4 months ago

    Red River Gorge in KY has a ton of awesome trails. You guys should take a road trip and check em out!

  • Brent Hull
    Brent Hull 4 months ago

    Luke is the definition of what a gentleman is.

  • Buff Studly
    Buff Studly 4 months ago +1

    The best trail is the ones when Suzzie leads the way.

  • Bernard Corbett
    Bernard Corbett 4 months ago

    Luke, since Mrs. Suzie was apparently deprived of the privilege of having a nickname in high school, we should allow her to enjoy one now. Perhaps you could turn it into a contest. The best nickname submitted by a viewer, as judged by Mrs. Suzie, wins a piece of gear you select. How 'bout it?

  • yolanda anene
    yolanda anene 4 months ago

    A little bob.

  • yolanda anene
    yolanda anene 4 months ago

    I was in a rain and hailstorm just yesterday. Today beautiful but with an evening thunderstorm.

  • paul wood cock
    paul wood cock 4 months ago

    New camera.

  • Richard_N
    Richard_N 4 months ago +1

    Everything goes wrong? That would be one of my most successful hikes LOL. No rain, no twisted ankles, no poison ivy rash, etc you get the point.

  • Richard_N
    Richard_N 4 months ago

    If you guys ever get the chance, go to North Arkansas and do hikes around the Buffalo River. I grew up in that area and it's easily one of the most beautiful areas on the planet. I personally recommend the hikes to Hemmed In Holler and Antenna Pine.

  • James Gunter
    James Gunter 4 months ago

    Doesn't seem to me like everything went wrong. At least you got outdoors and hiked. Unfortunately, I know people who are afraid to do that.

  • Craig Lind
    Craig Lind 4 months ago

    One job

  • Kelly Williams
    Kelly Williams 4 months ago

    What bag did your wife have?

  • Joel Towle
    Joel Towle 4 months ago

    Holy Bread! That was thick, wow! To bad they were dry! You can't go wrong with BBQ Chips!