Scam Targeting YouTube Fans Surges, Surviving R. Kelly, Trump Address To The Nation Controversy

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  9 months ago +1940

    Well… this show is probably gonna get demonetized. Agh. thanks for supporting what we do, ya Beautiful Bastards.

    • alexander ramirez
      alexander ramirez 9 months ago

      Thank you for al of your daily uploads keep it up we love what you do phil

    • DirdyWahder
      DirdyWahder 9 months ago

      Listen, the reason RKelly has survived this long is because, sadly, a lot of the black community doesnt take things like this as seriously as we should. I was at work yesterday and a guy came up and started making jokes about it.

    • Max Power
      Max Power 9 months ago

      Is that CM Punk advertising that shirt?

    • Fionna Gaburno
      Fionna Gaburno 9 months ago

      Jasper martell what about HIS piss? LOL

    • Jessica-Rose Matthews
      Jessica-Rose Matthews 9 months ago

      Philip DeFranco f

  • kenhakku
    kenhakku 7 months ago

    The media can't even fact check their own stories, why would we trust them to fact check the president's?

  • jobriq5
    jobriq5 8 months ago

    I only remember R kelly from that Boondocks episode

  • Lev Myskin
    Lev Myskin 8 months ago

    A scam that you weren’t involved in? Well that’s different!

  • c m
    c m 9 months ago

    wow! Thank you Phil! I just got "friended by CaseyNeiistat" who chose a random commentor for a prize.... lol I remembered this video and found the exact example from MarquesB. so glad I saw this

  • Jack
    Jack 9 months ago

    Those terrorist are stupid for using the airport when they could just cross the border.

  • Snickadee dog
    Snickadee dog 9 months ago

    America is racist...... when I white guy shoots up a place he's a active shooter
    When any tan dude shoots up a place it's terrorism......🤔

  • Silxnt Scout
    Silxnt Scout 9 months ago

    7:59 that was a smooth ad roll

  • ComicSansPony
    ComicSansPony 9 months ago

    “Unfortunate miss statement” is the new “Alternative facts”

  • ThinkICanSing25
    ThinkICanSing25 9 months ago

    With the TVclip scam email what do we do with it do we report it or just ignore it.

  • S Marie
    S Marie 9 months ago

    Money, fame and power let's you do terrible things without any punishment.
    R Kelly, Harvey Weinstein and Jimmy Saville to name a few.
    If people can benefit from you, you can be a disgusting creature.

  • Nick Stephenson
    Nick Stephenson 9 months ago

    @TheSharkDaymond...Don't apologize for what you said! You meant it, and you should have! Stand tall and speak loud for what you believe in, even if no one else does. The popular vote means nothing, but the moral one does!! If you don't stand by what you believe, then no one gives a shit what you have to say.
    I sympathize with the mentally ill, but someone who has been preying on kids under 16 for at least 24 years...Fuck him! Having a little money should not shield you from the law!! Law wouldn't even come into play in my area of the country. PHU!!!

  • Douglas Taylor
    Douglas Taylor 9 months ago

    Ed Buck is obviously being protected.

  • Iron Maiden
    Iron Maiden 9 months ago

    Most yourubers who have giveaways usually dm on other forms of social media and most big youtubers have blue checks so i mean if you get a dm from a bluck check youtuber telling you you won a giveaway you entered then it should be legitimate

  • Misty D
    Misty D 9 months ago

    #sisterscammed 😂

  • ziros22
    ziros22 9 months ago

    Oh ok, if it's only 6 terrorist then it's ok. They are just looking to make a life in america!

  • Cris C.
    Cris C. 9 months ago

    I hang out with a guy who was on Kelly's tour crew during the pornography thing, according to him Kelly thought it would be his last tour b/c he expected to be found guilty at that point. Apparently, on their way to Chicago there was some weather that forced them to detour. My friend told Kelly they should cancel b/c they'd only have a few hours to setup when they normally needed a day. According to him Kelly told him "You don't understand, we can't do that. My fan's don't care whatever else I do but if I cancel now they'll hate me forever. Black people don't just go to a concert. They bring their friends, they get dressed up, get their hair done, go to dinner, they make a day of it. They'd never forgive me." My view: He knows his fans and knows they can make or break him. He also knows it doesn't matter how much of a monster he is to these girls and women b/c they'll still be in his corner.

  • A FlyingBenCh
    A FlyingBenCh 9 months ago

    God Bless Canada. I love my country

  • Noelle-Spades
    Noelle-Spades 9 months ago

    Anyone else getting Boondocks flashbacks about the whole R. Kelly situation?

  • Jennifer Henriquez
    Jennifer Henriquez 9 months ago

    Sarah looked so scared when she was fact checked. All of her words sound so scripted. She looks so damn evil.

  • Tasia Pope
    Tasia Pope 9 months ago

    Why is James Charles in the thumbnail

  • EGMA
    EGMA 9 months ago

    Ok, what is it, choose one. Is there or not a crisis in the southern border?

  • Trent Iceberg
    Trent Iceberg 9 months ago

    Yo phill, you should do an edit on this episode. A mature warning for sure. My self personally there isnt a whole lot that gets under my skin but the Edward Buck story made my skin crawl.

  • Scot Crawford
    Scot Crawford 9 months ago

    All this about rkelly
    I don't believe that I've ever heard/seen/gave a shit about anything about him (her?)

  • liroon levy
    liroon levy 9 months ago

    Anyone know where i can watch surviving rkelly?

  • Renegade Vile
    Renegade Vile 9 months ago

    Race card, awaaaaay!
    Yeah, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that, as usual, if there was some greasing of palms to make the investigation go away, it was motivated only by money, not by the color of his skin.

  • Renegade Vile
    Renegade Vile 9 months ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if R Kelly is guilty of some if not all of these allegations, but what that one guy said: alleged sexual predator and should not be allowed in society, reeks of guilty before proven innocent. Investigate, question, push even, but don't judge until it's been put in front of a court of law and the police have investigated.

  • YM S
    YM S 9 months ago

    R Kelly needs to be shot in the belly.
    As a sexual assault survivor I wish this man dies for all the pain he has inflicted!

  • Afnan Alnajar
    Afnan Alnajar 9 months ago

    Can you speak about the accusations against onision? They’re accusing him of grooming.

  • Joshua Walters
    Joshua Walters 9 months ago

    So where is the story talking about a youtube scam?

  • Jonathan Baril Roy
    Jonathan Baril Roy 9 months ago

    News outlet are constantly being blamed for spreading fake news. Now they are going to give LIVE coverage to the BIGGEST source of lies and fake news!!! This will not help!

  • Devil RedHD
    Devil RedHD 9 months ago

    James Charles? You mean that lad who needs a positive male remodel to slap the gay out of him? Yeah.. don't care about THEM defective, birthed sperm

  • TaeKLynn V
    TaeKLynn V 9 months ago

    I received a Gabbie Hanna shared scam thing. I was like 'why the fuck would she sent me this' and I deleted it. Scams are kind of obvious since I'm 19 but I can understand 13 year olds falling for it. (the age set as an example)

  • Tonatiub
    Tonatiub 9 months ago

    Dunno why are you asking us how did Kelly got away with it for so long, I mean Chance said it himself, black communities have this weird dumb tendency to construct massive barriers to protect black celebrities because they are completely paranoid that "the system" is out to smear and get them, even when the evidence is blatant and the accusers themselves are black. This is why its significantly harder to bring them down.
    If Eminem was found with CP back in 2002 his career would have ended right there but since "black culture" was there to defend R Kelly and his fans were already predisposed to not trust authorities, everyone who had the power to put a dent into his career chose to believe he was set up and nothing happened.

  • Jessica V
    Jessica V 9 months ago

    The thought that we have to fact check everything our president says is really disappointing.

  • Pam Duncan
    Pam Duncan 9 months ago

    While I can see the DA's issue with having enough evidence to get him for murder which would be very hard tubeless they caught him red-handed injecting him., They would have to have to have a smoking gun that he did the injecting or something to kill him or hr actually handed him something that he knew would kill him - probably in both of these cases most he would get was some sorts of procurement of drugs if they could even prove that. If he was careful and they have no fingerprints or DNA on any of the stuff his sole and quite apt defense is that the victim OD'ed on his own, the drugs were his and that he must of miscalculated the does or else got bad drugs from where he bough then. DA need to win cases or they don't keep a job too long or don't get voted back in and from the accounts of this this is a loser of a case, So far there is not anything that even proves he had anything to do with the death. We have a neighbor down the street and around the corner and we pretty much knows whats going on and considering that in the past year their have been 4 overdoes there - 3 of then resulted in the death but by the time the ambulance and PD arrive any evidence other then what the victim was doing when he died was long gone before the police arrived. The thing is that just because someone dies while on your property does not automatically make you guilty of anything and while the DA maybe will be able to try and prove that he had touched a syringe or touched the dead guy - its all easily explained and quite logical and the chances of the DA winning a case like this let alone any higher. Reopening Moore case, just on the evidence that another death has occurred in that house does not change the facts that they did not have anything they could charge him with there even now. Moore died in his house via an overdose and so did this new case, but just since 2 people died in much the same way in a house where this goes on a great deal there really is just not something there. Now if this last death does in up in some way proving he did it, then that might make it was to convict on a case that had no evidence (Moore's death) as they can maybe prove a patterns. This has nothing to do with politics and who he knows but on the evidence, or lack there of and the prosecution has to prove the criminal happened at all, and that one guy did it and in this case there does not seem to be enough evidence
    I agree with Tyson-Lord Grey, at least where he calls it a race issue,. If that had been a black man and a white man had died in the house surrounded by drug paraphernalia as well as drugs he would have been locked up sole on the fact that they were in his residence, the DA would have charged hi right away with either the possession of or the provision of drugs. Heck even if the deceased man was black too. A white man say the drugs are not his and he did not administer them and the DA asks if there is any thing that point to if defiantly at him and gets told there is not - he drops the case there. If he ad been black he would have sat in jail waiting for his day in court while the investigation goes on and they would have proved that drug residue or drug paraphernalia else in the house that would have been under the suspects control; there would be a few junkies that could testify that that was a place to get drugs and so on and so on until they had at least a case that would put him away fro 30 years. And sadly, if a jury trial the majority of jurors would be predisposed to believe that the black man did it while the white man did not.

  • xsariax
    xsariax 9 months ago

    KevOnStage did an amazing video talking about the docuseries, breaking down his thought process and reflecting on the first time he heard about Kelly and Aaliyah to what's happening now. If anyone wants to watch it after watching this, it goes into a little more detail.

  • diamondslb
    diamondslb 9 months ago

    Why R Kelly was enabled for so long: all the things that people claim are not real issues and made up by feminists and "social justice warriors". Those things are misogyny, racism, neo-liberalism and greed. These were very young, black women, and some older women who had past histories within abusive relationships. They were groomed by a master manipulator who knew how to take advantage of their issues. As long as R Kelly made money for his friends and his fellow performers and the industry, he was protected. Because in a neo-liberal world, people's worth is defined by how much money they make. A successful person couldn't be a BAD person, right? There's a notion that success and talent somehow cannot coexist with evil. We know intuitively this is not true and yet, see amoral men rise, get awards and run companies and yes, even become presidents. The final issue is one of race and the fact that the (white) powers-that-be don't prioritize issues that seem to be staying within the black community. This is a black man harming black women. Oh well. I hate to be crass but it's disgusting and shameful.

  • Thomas Blackford
    Thomas Blackford 9 months ago

    Cuz Obama never lied ...... not once... so no need to call his shit out for 8 years

  • Duncan McComb
    Duncan McComb 9 months ago

    Have you seen the Boondocks? Great show i highly suggest it. It satirizes R.Kelly really well. Good place to start.

  • Joey
    Joey 9 months ago

    I honestly don't know how much it matters about broadcasting Trump speeches live or not. Anyone who still doesn't realise Trump is a serial bullshitter (no matter what else they think of him or his policies) is deluded and won't listen to fact checking anyway.

  • Melanie Vee
    Melanie Vee 9 months ago

    Buck needs to pay. I am a progressive.

  • doctor martin
    doctor martin 9 months ago

    buck is a democrat so hes innocent :) too bad he wasnt a republican or it would be case closed :(

  • Ville Aho
    Ville Aho 9 months ago

    Unfortunate misstatements and Alternative facts. Kellyanne is like an olympic gymnast when it comes time to twist the word "Lie" or "Untruth" into something resembling an inconsequential error or almost a positive thing.

  • miraleigh
    miraleigh 9 months ago

    Doesn’t know half them? R Kelly was photographed with with more than half of them.

  • blue green
    blue green 9 months ago

    This guy talks about things he literally knows nothing about. Just a drama queen

  • ladylestranj
    ladylestranj 9 months ago

    Never would have had Trump if the media had ever bothered to fact check the democrats, instead of pushing agendas for them. JS

  • Captain Smoka
    Captain Smoka 9 months ago +3

    Nice putting James Charles in the thumbnail when there was no story of him in your video. You chose him as an example out of all other youtubers.

  • freddy04123
    freddy04123 9 months ago

    Yeah he's white, however that's not what is privileging him. His proximity to the Democratic party is what shields him.

  • San R
    San R 9 months ago

    Sure I'm not the first to think Drake will be the new R.Kelly

  • Sputterbugz
    Sputterbugz 9 months ago

    why the hell was he aquited? wasnt there evidence he assaulted a young girl, despite her not showing up?

  • ClickleMeElmo
    ClickleMeElmo 9 months ago

    how to handle active pedophiles: shoot them. wham bam thank you ma'am

  • Hank
    Hank 9 months ago

    "How many stories would there have not been if..."
    Why does there need to be a story? Local, sure, but why does this need national coverage?

  • Kasaix
    Kasaix 9 months ago

    9:11 I got one from MatPat of The Game Theorists. I flagged it as spam and deleted it right away. The sending email was way too weird, like too long and full of numbers and characters.

  • Eduardo Gonzalez
    Eduardo Gonzalez 9 months ago

    WHAT? AN AD?!

  • bkminchilog1
    bkminchilog1 9 months ago

    Its like chance the rapper said. Most people see black women as " unable to be taken advantage of" and so when people abuse us its usually met with disbelief

  • 6000pounds
    6000pounds 9 months ago

    "we're programmed really, to be hyper sensitive to black male oppression"- cool another person that thinks statistics and facts are a lie. I guess statistics and facts are racists and stupid now.

  • Kauwan Seaton
    Kauwan Seaton 9 months ago

  • sakurajasmine
    sakurajasmine 9 months ago

    R. Kelly is a monster.

  • TheOriginalFayari
    TheOriginalFayari 9 months ago

    Can we talk about the ongoing government shutdown? 21 days now where 800000+ people are not getting paid because of this fucker's tantrum about his fucking 23 billion dollar wall and now he wants to declare a national emergency? This fucktard president IS the national emergency.