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  • Gerardo
    Gerardo 2 days ago

    Not in the right location, but is the movie good?

  • elina a
    elina a 3 days ago

    Disgusting.... come up with better ideas than portraying Middle East as a fkn war zone all the time this is the reason why your people are so brainwashed. Take a good look in the comments

  • SonOfBabylon
    SonOfBabylon 6 days ago +1

    Now that you are done with portraying my country Iraq as a barbaric nation, you start with Lebanon. You have to understand that not
    every middle eastern country is a barbaric one. Also stop filming every movie in Morocco, there are plenty of other middle eastern countries.
    Why do you portray the gulf states as civilised ones and the other as barbaric, when its clearly the opposite?

  • Naji Tawk
    Naji Tawk 8 days ago

    It's always the beautiful, blond Americans and the ugly, unruly Iranians, Lebanese, or i dk what. This is not my country. Even in the middle of the war it wasn't like this. Lebanon looks much different (not to mention a million times more beautiful). The movie wasn't shot in Beirut.

  • tubekxb
    tubekxb 10 days ago

    So - it seems that a high percentage of people are not reading "1982" on the screen. That is when this fictional story takes place - during the civil war. Having seen it twice, I can say it is well-made, well-paced, and one of the few US films I've seen that is actually critical of Israel's invasion that would launch later that year.

  • Android
    Android 14 days ago

    The clear example of being lack of research prior to making a film.

  • Spread Love
    Spread Love 15 days ago

    All i see is a bunch of idiots talking about it not being shot in Beirut , who gives a fuck, was it a good movie or not.

  • Serge Mghabghab
    Serge Mghabghab 17 days ago

    This shit movie is an insult to Lebanon. Lebanon and Lebanese people are not even close to that. This is not our accent and language and there is nothing accurate in it. It wasn't even shot in Lebanon. Shithead producer misleading people _l_

  • JABS991
    JABS991 27 days ago

    Yikes. I was gonna go on a vacation to Lebanon - but not after watching that clip. Beirut is like the Wild West over there. Pass.

  • mockingbirdave
    mockingbirdave 29 days ago

    What's wrong with Hollywood?... Inaccuracies everywhere!
    Just like in STAR WARS!!!
    Tatooine looked nothing like that barren plant in the movie! (looked like it was filmed on Naboo)
    and C3PO's accent totally wrong (as if he was created on Dagobah, or Alderaan)...
    and don't even get me started on the Ewoks!, they were all played by "Jawa's"!!! ... what an insult!
    Hollywood, do your homework!

  • Anton Daboub
    Anton Daboub Month ago

    Stupid American movie , Even the actors are not lebanese and all the story of this movie is fake . The actors speak funny language . Lebanese don't speak English like this , why the don't make movies show the shit life in U S A and millions of homes in the streets . Like LA , Chicago and New York . Where the crime is scary and you can't go outside at night and more than 70% from American are poor . In the middle east during the war that you U S E because it is safer than America .Stop showing the middle eastern people like this . Middle eastern people are civilised and educated more than American .These movies work in the 70s not now

    • Surgical
      Surgical 26 days ago

      Anton Daboub 70% of who are poor?

  • Mahdi Kassem
    Mahdi Kassem Month ago

    This is nothing like Lebanon at all plus this is filmed in morroco not Lebanon and one of the actors is an Israeli pig

    • Surgical
      Surgical 26 days ago

      Mahdi Kassem movies are not always shot where they are about dummy

  • king riad
    king riad Month ago

    Wtf, is this lebenon is nothing like this.

  • weird world !
    weird world ! Month ago

    Close...but not close enough

  • Nick Reid
    Nick Reid Month ago

    To all these people that have a problem with the way Lebanon is depicted in this movie, this is set after the civil war in which beirut WAS war torn.

  • W Meilo
    W Meilo Month ago

    Yeah we get It!!!!! just shut up and watch the damn movie

  • Rami Azar
    Rami Azar Month ago

    This movie is actually pretty accurate on how things used to be in the 70's and 80's in Beirut. For every Lebanese who is commenting negatively about how innaccurate it is, please educate yourself and ask your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc... and for people who are saying that Israel is the hero here, no it's not. It's the US. Israel is actually well criticized by the Americans in the movie.
    a Lebanese person.

  • George Washington
    George Washington Month ago

    I'm laughing at all the lebanese retards that dont know that beirut was a war torn shithole in the early 80s. Yes of course this is a Hollywood movie but don't you idiots know anything about your own country's civil war for fucks sake.

  • Marco Narco
    Marco Narco Month ago

    Holly shit, all these comments are about how this is not a Beirut. But is the movie good or not? Thats what im asking. Idc if its accurate or w.e

  • W J
    W J Month ago

    Annnnd as usual the movie ends how all things begin...the Jews murder, invade and cause human misery.

  • SunDance00
    SunDance00 2 months ago

    But dude...that looks NOTHING like Beirut or Lebanese ppl !!!!! That looked like Iraq ffs….

  • John K
    John K 2 months ago

    Dont put hamm in that position come on. He needs to be a badass

  • Sofia Khan
    Sofia Khan 2 months ago

    Let me guess another Zionist propaganda movie degrading Muslims, and glamorising the US , Hollywood needs to make these movies to divert attention from their dirty pedophile rings , and rape cases

  • Tony ______________
    Tony ______________ 2 months ago

    The jews who run hollywood will stop at nothing to completely ruin lebanons image. Dont even get me started on Homeland's 2 episodes on beirut (my reactions included anger, shock, comedy). I have seen this movie. I remember seeing donkeys, camels (dont exist in lebanon), deserts (dont exist in lebanon), random north african people with ragady clothes, hijabs, and weird accents, bazars, generic middle eastern music, scary looking terrorists with beards everywhere, and of course the civilized "israelis" just trying to defend themselves from the palestinian refugees who they expelled into lebanon (and wont let them return to their homes which they stole) and hence catalyzed lebanons civil war. And these people want peace. How laughable is that? Unfortunately, this will not be the last bad depiction of lebanon or beirut. Expect more from hollygarbage.

  • Shadow Böy
    Shadow Böy 2 months ago

    My City

  • Maya Kobeissi
    Maya Kobeissi 2 months ago

    How offensive. This is disgusting.

  • Meris
    Meris 2 months ago

    Why so many dislikes?
    this looks like a great film and it is according to critics

  • Nemo 55
    Nemo 55 2 months ago

    This is so wrong they did not even make it in Beirut and they were so wrong because a lot of propaganda and stupidity wtf and we don’t even speak like that and we don’t have a dessert this is stupid

  • Elizabeth anne
    Elizabeth anne 2 months ago

    Interesting how the makers of this film call revenge and murder on an entire people of a city. That is clearly what they are for they judge by their own standards.

  • BarbarraBay
    BarbarraBay 2 months ago

    This film looks like Zionist propaganda to demonize Lebanon.

  • Rimaya Store
    Rimaya Store 2 months ago

    Wtf this film should not even be broadcast in lebanon, it represents lebanon as a country of war, crime, drugs, a country destroyed but it is the opposite is not the case at all, lebanon is very beautiful, it is very modern and luxurious

  • Abi Nor-Mac
    Abi Nor-Mac 2 months ago

    "2000 years of revenge, vendetta, murder. Welcome to Beirut" - This is 100% Jewish Hollywood propaganda
    THAT is not what Beirut or any part of Lebanon looks like, not even during the war - This is 100% Jewish Hollywood propaganda
    The actors are not speaking English with a Lebanese accent - This is 100% Jewish Hollywood propaganda
    Having studied Film and video production I can tell you that this is 100% Hollywood Jewish brainwash to make people believe that this is Beirut, fortunately the tourists say postivie things about Lebanon

  • luk sfeclis
    luk sfeclis 2 months ago

    1.41 min a DACIA

  • آمِـ آلَجَوُجَ

    OMG!this is not beirut

  • R BC
    R BC 2 months ago

    Watch "The Insult 2017"

  • rezz110
    rezz110 2 months ago

    Another Hollywood stunt to demonize Arabs and Muslims, in this case Lebanon, to psychologically legitimize a US & Co. war on Lebanon (you know where that's coming from these days). Does anyone buy this s**** anymore? Only in America, duh, where people also vote for a nim numb, oh yeah, let's be great again and live the Amagheeeka digheeem. Keep dreaming peanuts!

  • Mianhuaquan
    Mianhuaquan 2 months ago

    Zionist propaganda

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali 2 months ago

    Israeli propaganda has been made by Hollywood who is controlled by Jews what we supposed to expect?

  • Zahra Zoghaib
    Zahra Zoghaib 2 months ago

    There's Lebanese all around the world more than Hollywood can imagine. We can make or break a movie, respect our culture, our story, and country, or we will influence our non Lebanese tabouleh lover friends to boycott your movie!

  • New Facts
    New Facts 2 months ago

    It is just a foolish film
    and it doesn't look ever as Lebanon !!

  • king lion
    king lion 2 months ago

    Nice Movie :) I can't wait to go to the middle east and visit Lebanon and Israel and Egypt and Turkey :)

  • sashaherro
    sashaherro 2 months ago

    This wasnt even filmed in beirut !!

  • Mike Wood
    Mike Wood 3 months ago

    Wow, by the looks of all the bad reviews, this movie is not worth the watch..... but, what do you expect from Hollywood SCUM...

  • maro choufani
    maro choufani 3 months ago

    Ofcource beirut is safe now but still a sleeping volcano,and its parliament are badly corrupted

  • el Caballero
    el Caballero 3 months ago

    So many complaints people! Just watch the damn movie or don’t!

  • Gta 5 Mysterie Hunter
    Gta 5 Mysterie Hunter 3 months ago

    Fuck this my dad was in this war all of this is fake there were no hezbollah back then there were lebanese forces

  • momoo! !!!
    momoo! !!! 3 months ago

    Why do they distort the image of Lebanon in this way ? It's so sad !! 😕

  • Alaa.
    Alaa. 3 months ago

    Is it another Arabs bad oppressed people and America is gonna save us and give us freedom kinda movie?

  • Hussein Chamoun
    Hussein Chamoun 3 months ago

    As a Lebanese I’m finding the movie really cliché

  • Thor Susa
    Thor Susa 3 months ago

    same bullshit american propaganda

  • The Antagonizer
    The Antagonizer 3 months ago

    Who cares if it’s not the Beirut of 1982 it’s a movie relax my muzzy friends

    FINAL_B 3 months ago +1

    A lot of people think the movie it is based from the current era in Beirut. If you actually think that, read the synopsis before starting to complain.
    I mean, if you are lazy then watch the date at 0:05

    • Sara
      Sara 3 months ago

      FINAL_B Do some research yourself before commeting please.

  • Jonas Paludan
    Jonas Paludan 3 months ago

    Another fictional movie to effect the subconscious mind and mislead the truth.

  • josie betan
    josie betan 3 months ago

    Good story, poor casting.

    23,867,687 views 3 months ago

    I'm enjoying my shit while I'm watching this

  • karim radieddine
    karim radieddine 3 months ago

    man stop brainwashing!! this location isn't Lebanon, the music they played is shit and not Lebanese, Lebanon never had a desert, at year 1982 the people never dressed this way.. the man who is talking in English is talking like Russian.. and the Lebanese education is much better than that, Lebanese people can speak three languages fluently!!! Lebanon is one of the most touristic country in the world (its not opinion its a fact).. stop changing the world's image!!

  • Tony ______________
    Tony ______________ 3 months ago

    I saw the movie...they showed camels on the beach. Camels dont exist in lebanon. They also show a donkey walking on the street when he exits the airport into beirut!! Wtf

  • Flemish Templar
    Flemish Templar 3 months ago

    It's funny to see all these triggered people here, It's funny when they did it to the crusades and when they did it to the european history, wasn't it? Well, you ain't laughing now that they did it to your history.

  • Mona Kohdr
    Mona Kohdr 3 months ago

    looks boring

  • tsrnfy
    tsrnfy 3 months ago

    Looks like Zionists didn't like this. Fuken murderers. illegal occupying bastards.

  • Adam
    Adam 3 months ago

    Haven't seen the film yet, but I'm gonna assume Hollywood is going to portray the early minds of Hizb as evil or terrorists.

  • Sharko sakotch
    Sharko sakotch 3 months ago +1

    cheap so called israeli propaganda...and anti Lebanon

  • Kris Smith
    Kris Smith 3 months ago

    If any of you actually watched the movie, you’d know that it’s not about radical extremists or some bullshit. It’s about how dirty international politics are. Specifically America’s way of making deals that protect their interests.

  • Glam Crown
    Glam Crown 3 months ago

    Chill out Lebaneses. this is just a movie. FICTION.

  • Ubiquitous
    Ubiquitous 3 months ago +2

    Are you kidding me? Don't fall for this ! Even the language is wrong! Truly pathetic. This is NOT Beirut! NOT our People, NOT our language...


  • Bayad Athalj
    Bayad Athalj 3 months ago +1

    this is an israeli movie 100% to show the world the misleading picture of lebanon, this is not lebanon at all, not even 1% of it.

  • Sarah Dell
    Sarah Dell 3 months ago +1

    Who decided this was anywhere near accurate? I’m a westerner and can see this is junk

  • Gog Productions
    Gog Productions 3 months ago

    You're talking about Islamic militias in Beirut???? WHEN? HOW? WHO?. Absolute B.S.

  • Gog Productions
    Gog Productions 3 months ago

    A movie about Beirut?? Well, I'll tell how it should be. They have to make a movie about Paradise, it will be the same. LOVE LIVE LEBANON

  • Michael Joseph
    Michael Joseph 3 months ago

    another movie depicting Muslims as the hostile nation. this is becoming boring.

  • Sam TuBer
    Sam TuBer 3 months ago

    Lol why are Lebanese people so insecure and butt hurt? Chill ffs it's a movie I want to make one about America go do it.

  • Hedd McNekk
    Hedd McNekk 3 months ago

    Looks interesting enough.
    But to everyone saying "bullshit," yes, the people who produced the movie are the same people who have caused the middle east to be such a violent place since 1948. Agreed.

  • Божественная Свет

    More American propaganda bullshit

    • Hải Hùng
      Hải Hùng 3 months ago

      tell that Isreal you fucking russian invader

  • jay la elegancia
    jay la elegancia 3 months ago

    Who cares about all of this political correct bullshit, all we want to know is , is it a good movie or not that’s all we want from the comments.

  • Mikey Shere
    Mikey Shere 3 months ago

    the Islamist child molester who follow a fake fictitious cult took most of Lebanon over today

  • miraK
    miraK 3 months ago +2

    wow, fuck this movie. not even filmed in the country, making it look like a war zone. Typical.

    • miraK
      miraK 3 months ago +2

      even during the civil war it didn't look like that you lame fuck

    • drink up
      drink up 3 months ago

      there was a war in lebnanon in 1982 you stupid fuck.

  • Gianluca De Capua
    Gianluca De Capua 3 months ago

    American propaganda at it's best...

  • Scorch428
    Scorch428 3 months ago +1

    Wow, this is what the Lebonese are like? Bunch of trash people, destroying their own country...
    Stupid terrorists, the US should just blow that place up.

  • Wayne Clark
    Wayne Clark 3 months ago

    You people are ignorant Beirut is to dangerous to film there duhhh

  • Wayne Clark
    Wayne Clark 3 months ago

    Israel is Gods land go ahead and mess with Israel, they are protected by God not fake god Muhammad that ask his followers to kill Christians

  • Wayne Clark
    Wayne Clark 3 months ago

    Since when does Hollywood do truth it’s a movie ,

  • Konstantinos K
    Konstantinos K 3 months ago

    I like

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan 3 months ago

    This movie has much more than what is shown in the trailer. Have an open mind.

  • Müd Monéi
    Müd Monéi 3 months ago

    zionist agenda to paint lebanon as a dangerous place and lebanese as violent people... as always.
    please boycott this movie!

  • Müd Monéi
    Müd Monéi 3 months ago

    Of course... like always... zionist media making another false imaginary movie and call it based on true events. They don't even get the language or location or people right. We are always portrayed as retards in the desert and always violant and angry.
    NO! America... You're always the bad one in this world, don't always make yourself the speaker of truth and the hero of earth.

    • drink up
      drink up 3 months ago

      awww is baby upset?

  • Mohammad Jawad
    Mohammad Jawad 3 months ago

    Bastards trying to spread propaganda and fake news when the USA is the one that interferes with every single region and countey and destablize it.

  • Sheri Jennings
    Sheri Jennings 3 months ago +1

    quit making this shit. no one wants to see ANOTHER god damn glorified war movie

  • Fixeryes
    Fixeryes 3 months ago

    fucking cocksucking hollywood americans fuuuck

    • drink up
      drink up 3 months ago

      lol keep crying pussy

  • Al Sultan
    Al Sultan 3 months ago

    Another bull shit from the Israelis made by their dominated hollywood to ruin the picture for Lebanon and the Arab in general. What we saw is not Lebanon at all not even during the civil war anybody could see that straight.

  • ليث البابلي
    ليث البابلي 3 months ago

    بيروت لو فلوجه هاي

  • Joshua Balcombe
    Joshua Balcombe 3 months ago +1

    set in the 80's inverious areas. most movies arent shot where theyre set. WATCH IT BEFORE YOU CRY LIKE A BUNCH OF DIPSHITS

  • ILIA
    ILIA 3 months ago

    This is very misleading. Stop brainwashing the world. Lebanon looks nothing like this

  • lovethai
    lovethai 3 months ago

    This is why muslims can't be allowed to live in Christian countries.
    At first, they obey the kafir (infidels)
    As soon as they grow in number, they'll slaughter the kafir.
    And now I'm wondering how obtuse the whites are. They'll all die painfully one day in the name of humanity & equality.

  • Natalia Electra
    Natalia Electra 3 months ago

    Lebanon is a beautiful, diverse country, full of history and culture with some of the kindest people you will ever meet.. Beirut, the Paris of the Middle East! And I am proud to be half Lebanese! Please educate yourselves before watching this movie..!

  • GiDD
    GiDD 3 months ago

    great movie
    was gonna go on vacation in beirut until i saw this movie. thanks for saving me the headache... looks like a nightmare

  • GiDD
    GiDD 3 months ago

    hollywood get the memo... nothing can be creative license anymore especially islam. make a movie thats not 100% accurate and you;re an islamaphobe lol so many snowflakes in the comments

  • Tushar Nayyer
    Tushar Nayyer 3 months ago

    I will just watch it for Don Draper !

  • Rabz N
    Rabz N 4 months ago +1

    Pathetic, I don't know where did you get this story from, may I was born and raised in Beirut during the war and I never heard about this story. I can assure you this not in lebanon. Also a camel on the beach lol, I never seen camel in my life. Another Hollywood movie. I feel so sorry for the director of the movie Brad, you waisted your money making this fake story, you should seek one of our Lebanese brothers who can give a good story about lebanon in 1982.
    Pathetic yak.

  • barz4dayz
    barz4dayz 4 months ago

    Zionist propaganda

  • ZKM TV To12345
    ZKM TV To12345 4 months ago