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  • Zeka
    Zeka 17 hours ago

    The amount of triggered people in this comment section is just disappointing

  • Rawad Rizk
    Rawad Rizk Day ago

    Just to clarify for y'all who don't know, Beirut is literally nothing like that.

  • Moh Ismail
    Moh Ismail Day ago

    Hollywood will always show you what to come in the " future " its all about the "pre-programing of your weak minds " people its part of the great " web" the man-maid matrix lol ....oh fuck im just kidding....

  • mirrortv36
    mirrortv36 4 days ago

    Shame on writers and directors. This has NOTHING to do with Beirut.
    Here is a glimpse of Beirut;

  • Wolfen443
    Wolfen443 4 days ago


  • Johny Suhartanto
    Johny Suhartanto 4 days ago

    i have just seen in theatre in Surabaya, Indonesia. one of the best action movie. great work...

  • Olive Bidencope
    Olive Bidencope 6 days ago

    Beirut Movie Available in hd Quality
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  • R RSK
    R RSK 6 days ago

    Screw hollywood

  • Tony ______________
    Tony ______________ 7 days ago

    So beirut is a foggy place with a few buildings and a mosque in the middle?

  • vromage
    vromage 8 days ago Hollywood you should know better Lebanon is not morocco

  • Mahdi Kassem
    Mahdi Kassem 8 days ago

    Why are these American pigs trying to make a propaganda movie about the Civil war that is filmed in MORROCO not LEBANON!Christians,Muslims,Druze all live in pece and are one country

  • bring it on
    bring it on 9 days ago

    12 seconds in, it's very mouthy and very American.

  • windell parker
    windell parker 10 days ago

    I understand that Lebanon was a Christian country. at one time a very beautiful place... what happened... Jimmy Carter what happened... Ronald Reagan what happened..... you know my country,, can be such stupid f,ing bastard sometimes... the mass media hides the truth.... 34

  • OsamaBinLooney
    OsamaBinLooney 10 days ago

    wow, that trailer had ALOT of exposition, I feel like I almost don't even need to see the movie now except to see how it ends LOL

  • John Watters
    John Watters 11 days ago

    CATCH ME YA flubing blibgg bling wherein its me i said damnt give me a chance

  • robert
    robert 11 days ago

    you know what? this is a movie. fiction. made up. not real. get it. if you don't like this kind of film, don't support it.

  • G-Rob
    G-Rob 11 days ago

    The theme song at 2:30 will that be on the soundtrack? Sounds like something from John Powell with The Bourne Trilogy!

  • TBA
    TBA 11 days ago

    Rosamund Pike's into modern Middle East thrillers these days I guess. Entebbe and this.

  • J R
    J R 11 days ago

    In reading the comments....apparently everyone has been to Beirut...

    • Rover Waters
      Rover Waters 11 days ago

      If you knew the numbers of gypsies in this world and the fact that they migrate all the time, you wouldn't be surprised.

  • Jaime Najera
    Jaime Najera 12 days ago

    It’s just a movie...

  • Sky Ambler
    Sky Ambler 12 days ago +1

    Where does it say that this movie is a real historical piece? OMG. This is just a movie not a documentary.

  • Justice Canada
    Justice Canada 12 days ago

    Fact, Lebanon has never been an Islamic State, and there is no desert in their landscape. My family has been there several times (married Lebanese). The movie is terribly misinformed to give you a maligned picture. This is more in tune to other Arab nations.

  • Hiba Hamdoun
    Hiba Hamdoun 13 days ago

    This is so bull shit we dont even have some group called islam liberalism or what ever its called and no war. Why are they fucking lying ?

  • Not A Doctor
    Not A Doctor 13 days ago

    To all the people complaining, you are aware this movie is FICTION, right?

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 13 days ago

    For the record, I don't have an opinion for this movie, but for everyone saying Beirut doesn't look like this rn, no shit, THIS WAS IN 1982. Stop getting butthurt and search up the siege of Beirut and the war of Lebanon.

  • Rami Al Ahmad
    Rami Al Ahmad 13 days ago +1

    still a better movie than anything lebanese film makers do....

  • Kota Allen
    Kota Allen 13 days ago +1

    I love how all of these useless idiots in the comments are all of the sudden "Lebanon experts" slowly kill yourself. Nobody cares, just watch and enjoy the movie.

  • Jessie Lewis
    Jessie Lewis 13 days ago

    Hey, has anyone watched the movie? Or is the trailer just pissing you off?
    If you've watched the movie and have references/sources backing up how it misrepresents the era conflict, please post them. I really wanna learn more about this and I hate the idea of some of my favorite actors and writers being involved in a vanity project

  • Sembela O'Dea
    Sembela O'Dea 13 days ago

    💢 Beirut 🅷🅳 movie :

  • ned
    ned 13 days ago

    Hey Hollywood, when are you going to start making movies that people want to watch? You produce nothing but garbage.

  • Sophia Jenuzaj
    Sophia Jenuzaj 14 days ago

    !$??I like it Drama!!?? *BEIRUT (2018)* HD quality
    *Full Movie* this link ►►► [ ]
    was really good!! I seriously!!!,..The movie was AMAZING and it was AWESOME!!

  • Louis Donzo
    Louis Donzo 14 days ago

    but Jon Hamm has "fully" arrived you guys

  • Louis Donzo
    Louis Donzo 14 days ago

    maybe you could have at least casted real folks from Lebanon if it's going to be cheesy and fake?

    • Rover Waters
      Rover Waters 11 days ago

      salman khan would have worked great here

  • Joseph Damen
    Joseph Damen 14 days ago

    Wow! What a joke........

  • Rapture582
    Rapture582 14 days ago +1

    Lebanon is exactly like this.

  • Ryan Da beast
    Ryan Da beast 14 days ago

    this movie is simple, for all of you that haven't figured it out. This movie is all about Israeli propaganda to prove that they are the smartest and nicest in the region and the rest are brainless islamist cowards. Do not watch this movie, I repeat boycott this shit movie. Beirut and Lebanon is nothing like it's portrayed here, it is modern and beautiful and probably one of the only countries in the middle East where you are free to do whatever you want. fuck israel and the US for trying to make us look bad

  • Adel Paterson
    Adel Paterson 14 days ago

    Beirut 🅷🅳 FuII Movie

  • S Leung
    S Leung 14 days ago +1

    That part of the world is a mess, that much is known. Movies like Beirut have noble goal, but it often makes for bad entertainment. Judging from the thousands of dislikes and not as many likes of this trailer on youtube, it's going to be received poorly, even a likable Jon Hamm can't do much about it. Everyone has a position, no one is willing to give an inch. You can oscillate between a good guy and a bad guy (nothing in between), depending on who you ask. Script like this will always be hated by all sides, no matter how "balanced" screenwriter/director try to make it out to be.

  • Fredoh Xyzxyz
    Fredoh Xyzxyz 15 days ago +2

    Avengers is just a movie and so is this. Chill tf out.

    • Rover Waters
      Rover Waters 11 days ago

      you need education to make this distinction

  • Alex
    Alex 15 days ago +1

    propaganda crap again

  • Issam Shalhoub
    Issam Shalhoub 15 days ago +1

    This movie is defamation for Beirut and Lebanon. The country is nothing like what this movie shows. Looks more like Iraq or Afghanistan...

  • Delphinium Flower
    Delphinium Flower 15 days ago

    Jewish propaganda.

  • druzy woozy
    druzy woozy 15 days ago

    if you ask yourself is Lebanon that bad today the short answer is yes they are an entire country that is controlled by a massive terror organization that dictates their lives and for some reason, they like it that way you know until their entire country is going to get destroyed because of the destructive nature of terror organisation

  • Try Hard
    Try Hard 15 days ago

    This feels like Strike Back + The Unit + Designated Survivor combined into 1 movie.

  • RaymondtheA.I.
    RaymondtheA.I. 16 days ago

    On the one hand, I always like seeing brown characters get actual roles in movies, because hey everyone's gotta get paid and dark-skinned actors don't have that many opportunities.
    BUUUUUT... this is pretty disgusting. They got actors who don't even look or sound Lebanese because if they got lighter-skinned Arabs (or Phoenicians, if you absolutely insist I use that term) then American audiences wouldn't find them "scary" enough.

  • RaymondtheA.I.
    RaymondtheA.I. 16 days ago

    "2,000 years of revenge, vendetta, murder."
    Oh so Hollywood isn't just satisfied with only telling stories about us where we're all terrorists or victims of terrorists! They have to tell everyone we've always been like this?
    The most horrible things about Beirut are streets lined with dog shit, way too much plastic surgery, and Arabs with bleached hair who insist they're "Phoenician" because they want to be more European.
    And if you're really desperate for movies about a civil war that ended decades ago, actual Lebanese filmmakers have already finished making those.

  • Teddy Sarkis
    Teddy Sarkis 16 days ago +2

    y’all are stupid for saying that’s not how beirut looks like. look up beirut 1982 and i’ll see how bad it was

  • Mujeeb Ur Rehman
    Mujeeb Ur Rehman 17 days ago

    That's not what I have in mind when I hear about bierut

  • Antonio Stockton
    Antonio Stockton 17 days ago

    Do the comments not see that it takes place in 1982. When the country was in a civil war.

    • Rover Waters
      Rover Waters 11 days ago

      do you think they learn it in the few school they have?

  • Ken Haddad
    Ken Haddad 18 days ago

    The Paris Of The Middle East

  • Imaad Shahrukh
    Imaad Shahrukh 18 days ago

    This is the Homeland episodes "Beirut is Back" and "13 Hours in Islamabad" on the big screen.

  • Kareem Elmassri
    Kareem Elmassri 18 days ago +1


  • James Snipe
    James Snipe 20 days ago

    Unwatchable wtf pure trash

  • jvfunn3000
    jvfunn3000 20 days ago


  • Dule Nilk
    Dule Nilk 20 days ago

    Absolute nonsense and bullshit, They are making Lebanon look like Iraq with the same type of movies, defaming the image of Lebanon and its capital Beirut. And now Beiruts Tourism because of that movie is going to plunge, Thank You ! HUGE DISLIKE

  • Squeezie Hauchard
    Squeezie Hauchard 20 days ago

    Big dislike! J'y étais l'année passée et ça n'a rien à voir avec Beyrouth!

  • Geri Sargent
    Geri Sargent 21 day ago

    so is israel going after the jihad who also has the friend kidnapped?
    is that the siruation?

  • Nolla Watson
    Nolla Watson 21 day ago +1

    💢 *Beirut 🅷🅳 movie:* [ ]

  • elshpen
    elshpen 21 day ago

    OMG, they didn't even show any hummus!

  • Jad Abdallah
    Jad Abdallah 21 day ago

    And not a single shot was taken in beirut😱

  • Gabi Dv
    Gabi Dv 22 days ago +1

    There was the Civil War from 1975 to 1990 ... and before that there was a big mess. Lebanon in those years was much worse ... They killed each other and carried out terror attacks in Israel.
    There was one big mess

    • Saleh Ali
      Saleh Ali 10 days ago

      Gabi Dv no, they killed each other and then Israel carried out massacres against the Palestinian refugee camps

  • M M
    M M 22 days ago

    As an American woman who regularly vacations in Beirut, I can bear witness to the fact that this movie traffics in the most ridiculous stereotypes of Beirutis and, quite generally, insults the intelligence of any minimally educated person. I'm all for Jon Hamm (hot, hot hot!), but this movie is truly beneath him.

  • Film Magician
    Film Magician 22 days ago

    This screenplay was written in 1992. People didn't want to touch it back then (except for the genius John Frankenheimer who was going to direct it) but then he died. People couldn't swallow a story like this back then, and it's sad that they still can't, because they can't tell the difference between this movie and a documentary.

  • Momo Fashion
    Momo Fashion 22 days ago

    I played a small role of Palestinian soldier and can not wait to see the full movie

  • MA 167
    MA 167 23 days ago +3

    This looks like Iraq not Lebanon. The dumbass director should do some research first.

    • Imaad Shahrukh
      Imaad Shahrukh 18 days ago

      MA 167 The propagandists who created Homeland must be behind this.

  • R67 GNR
    R67 GNR 23 days ago +3

    That's not Lebanon. What a shitty film.

  • Suning Starseeker
    Suning Starseeker 23 days ago

    I m tired of movies always using names of a place or a person as their titles. By the way this film is made for Americans.

  • habib9018
    habib9018 26 days ago +1

    Hollywood garbage

  • Esam Kari
    Esam Kari 26 days ago +1

    For anyone who is watching this and doesn't know Lebanon, this is nothing how the country is. Lebanon is a beautiful mediterranean country thats filled with green mountains and a more modern culture. Beirut especially is very cosmopolitan and is called "The Paris of the Middle East". Hollywood has once again demonized anything from the middle east and made it appear to be this crazy dangerous place.When in fact Lebanon is quite safe and was voted #1 place to visit in 2009 by National Geographic. And Btw, all those actors dress nothing like actual Lebanese people. Lebanese dress western and fashionable, and look similar to Greek or Italian people in appearance.

  • Mia Bardawil
    Mia Bardawil 27 days ago

    No, no and no. Come to Lebanon first, know its history and then create a movie about Beirut. What a shame... These scenes have nothing to do with our country.

  • Edgars DRH
    Edgars DRH 27 days ago

    This one was made to watch between Fox news and swallowing triple burger, right after coming from Wal-mart eheh

  • ziad khoury
    ziad khoury 27 days ago

    Of course ...... Hollywood's brainwashing machine succeeds in producing another BS propaganda style movie, seriously??? Who in the hell hires those producers?? Do you do any research on what is the country or the people are all about?? What a shame.

  • Loly Birch
    Loly Birch Month ago

    This is fucked, for people that went into Beirut and fought for their lives, just to see this years later, how fucking selfish can you be? all for what? money? people that were in war together aren't allowed to see each other, in case for PTSD, and this is worse, think about the people that risked their lives, the people that died for Beirut, this is a fucking disgrace, for people who have seen these things in real life, and you're bring that trauma back, how disgusting.

  • Simone S S
    Simone S S Month ago

    look like BENGAZI

  • Samuel Adams
    Samuel Adams Month ago

    Wait. Isn't that the guy from Cash Cab ??!

  • Añes Yamin
    Añes Yamin Month ago

    another islamophobic movie released by hollywood love it

  • Bonnie Hundley
    Bonnie Hundley Month ago

    Hate when I find a music track I like that I probably can't get, or can I? It starts at 2:32

    I CAN READ/ CAN YOU? Month ago +1

    This is what this country does to keep its people ignorant and mis-informed. To keep the hate going against all of us Arabs, they have done this with every race and country now they are targeting us. We are the most hated people in this world because of US government and media, with the new idiot in office its just getting worse. Lebanon is more beautiful then any state that I have been in this country. The people are more resilient then any other on this earth. The people of this country wouldn't know what to do if what happened in Lebanon happened here, they would run out of physiatrist in this country and street corners for candles. This is shameful. The only way we can make the people of this country see the truth is if we tell our own story and not wait for an American film maker to interpret what Lebanon and its people are all about.

  • Mohammad Bazzi
    Mohammad Bazzi Month ago

    Russell Peter was doing a comedy show about Beirut
    the best comedy show ever
    he legit tell you how fun and beautiful and peaceful Beirut was. this is the truth about Beirut the Paris of the middle East.

  • Mohammad Bazzi
    Mohammad Bazzi Month ago

    Russell Peter was doing a comedy show about Beirut
    the best comedy show ever
    he legit tell you how fun and beautiful and peaceful Beirut was. this is the truth about Beirut the Paris of the middle East.

  • Mohamad Remmo
    Mohamad Remmo Month ago

    When i first saw a movie talking about my city I was so excited that finally, our beautiful city has reached Hollywood, when the trailer started i realised its about the civil war, i was like ok... i watched the trailer till the end and i just finished reading a bit about the plot and the casting and all that, what really pissed me off is that if u want to make a movie about a certain country at least do a bit of a research or even open google and select images ffs!
    i understand that its about the civil war and it portrait Beirut how it looked like 37 years ago, but it is NOTHING like it was Beirut!, and this desert theme that u always add whenever it is an Arabic country like seriously fuck off! if you want to make a movie about Lebanese civil war go watch west Beirut it will show you how Beirut looked like "During the civil war" and it was portraited in Beirut! not in a fucking country that doesn't even look like Lebanon at all and not a single Lebanese cast? ofc when you want to make a trash movie like that no Lebanese person will accept such stereotypes because we are fed of you guys!
    Lebanon is a wonderful country it trully is! we have our ups and downs and we have political issues but the country and the people are really awesome, oh and btw let me guess are the israelis the nights in a shining armor? because such a bullshit movie that hasent been filmed in lebanon ofc will show the israelis are the good guys they always are arent they? this whole planet is fucked because of them ffs!

  • ThomasDychesTV
    ThomasDychesTV Month ago +1

    *Just wondering if this will be CIA propaganda. It's Hollywood so I'm confident it will be.*

  • abcun17
    abcun17 Month ago

    Uhhhh, definitely watching this! John Hamm and Rosamund Pike would be reason enough, but I like the set up and Beirut is a fantastic location. There are few cities as fascinating and interesting as Beirut...😁✌👍👍

  • Cy2squared
    Cy2squared Month ago

    Sounds like my friend, Sulame's dad's story. He was kidnapped in, Beirut and held for 7 years. Terry Anderson. Google the name.

  • Dane Gibson
    Dane Gibson Month ago

    For the degenerates saying Beirut didn't look like this I'll provide some photos (all during the Seige of Beirut)
    -Israeli bombing
    -'The green line'
    -view on the streets
    -Sabra massacre
    -The city in color
    -LCP defeat of Isreali forces
    -Israeli tanks in the streets
    And these are just a few examples, don't be in denial of the past, if you live there, it is your history, embrace and learn from it. I think you all might find that this film just might be a cry to finally rally together and accept you differences rather than perpetuating the same hate that has kept you all at each others throats for centuries. A utopia is unattainable, yes, but unity is not.

  • Dane Gibson
    Dane Gibson Month ago

    Literally a simple Google search can fix all your poorly misguided bullshit.

  • Dane Gibson
    Dane Gibson Month ago

    All the shit in the comments is really nerve-racking. Bitching about the accents, the filming location, and not even taking in what this story has to offer. This is definitely not a propaganda film and is more to show the perpetuating failings of both sides throughout history. Perpetual violence and finger-pointing that can be vividly demonstrated in the comments of this trailer by sensationalist degenerates that are probably the most misinformed souls on this Earth of ours, this last century is chalk full of them; fucking armchair politicians and policy 'specialists'. Trying to explain the unfathomable cycle of hate in the middle east is a lost and pointless fire to start. The root of all this evil stems to the very origins of the opposing faiths. All are to blame and their faiths remain the driving force behind their incessant, bigoted views of each other. A vicious cycle that has doomed man from the start, the sooner you all realize this and ditch the bullshit over your supposedly 'sacred' dirt, the sooner millions of lives will be saved.

    All the race baiters need to have a nice introspective look at themselves.

  • Dorin Vlad
    Dorin Vlad Month ago

    Another Jewish movie!!

  • Crcecrcr ccryv
    Crcecrcr ccryv Month ago +2

    Will we will not watch a movie based on lies dislike

  • Lion king
    Lion king Month ago

    This NOT what beirut looked like in 1982. This film was all shot in Morrocco. Accent is completaly different and we don't have a desert.

  • Sean The Actor
    Sean The Actor Month ago

    Why are they click to many Low rating !?

  • AndrewJN14 Gaming
    AndrewJN14 Gaming Month ago

    All I got to say is that Hollywood fucking sucks at making movies

  • Eylem Kabaharnup
    Eylem Kabaharnup Month ago

    The fascists polluted the cinema. I`m from Turkey but i hate this film. Because i hate fascism.

  • head shot
    head shot Month ago

    Disliked. That's not my country..

  • Dado Bay
    Dado Bay Month ago +4

    Americans are soooooo idiot
    They don't know anything about the world
    RIP . America

  • MsDboyy
    MsDboyy Month ago

    Movie looks cool I’m going to see it ................................... & then everyone Kills me lol

  • Dwarvo
    Dwarvo Month ago

    I'm Lebanese and this made me want to be a jew

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Month ago +1

    Geez what a shithole country...

  • Charlie Rakowsky
    Charlie Rakowsky 2 months ago +1

    Never heard of Bleeker Street. Must be a production company that loves making shit films. I wonder what the conversation was like before green-lighting this project.
    “So you want to make another movie depicted in the Middle East? You also want to make all the locals look like terrorists? What a great idea! Make sure there’s at least one suicide bombing where the protagonist gets hurt but survives. Also, kill his wife or something to add to the drama.”

  • cait is a winwin stan
    cait is a winwin stan 2 months ago +1

    stereotype of the middle east.....our beirut is beautiful and thriving... not like what is depicted in this trailer. such a shame :(