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  • stephano Awada
    stephano Awada 12 hours ago

    Jon Hamm Go fuck yourself , you were never in Beirut , you know nothing about Beirut, this movie is a weak movie that produced by desperate Israelis who want to put Lebanon down , they tried everything nothing is working for them , so they made this movie somewhere in the fucking desert outside tel aviv and they called it Beirut , Good job assholes ...weak...weak...looser...loser...

  • MrKnnknn
    MrKnnknn 13 hours ago

    By watching the trailer this is a garbage movie, made by garbage people, for garbage people alike. Releasing this movie will put an end to many careers, including producers, directors, and actors. They'll be working as extract in future movies. This movie will be banned in Lebanon, and on the way to be banned in most European, Asian, South American, and African countries, who view Lebanon as a center for art, history, tourism, and education. Anyone who doesn't know these facts should educate themselves.

  • Joey Ghazal
    Joey Ghazal 17 hours ago

    Eh give a bad picture of lebanon you motherfuckers

  • mims b
    mims b 18 hours ago

    I hate how foreigners don't understand that Lebanon is such a loving country and is being the victim of other countries surrounding it that are creating problems in Lebanon. Yes, there are many things wrong in lebanon but we don't need an ignorant American movie to come and spoil Lebanon's image. This is not Lebanon, and lebanon never wanted war. Other countries involved Lebanon in their political crisis. I go every time to Lebanon and the only thing they want there is PEACE. So the writers and director and whoever is involved in the making of this movie, should be ashamed of themselves because the only view the have is an outsider view. None of the actors in this movie are Lebanese and this movie wasn't even shot in Lebanon. Does it still seem accurate to you ? That's because they knew they were portraying an erroneous image of Lebanon.

  • Elie Turk
    Elie Turk 19 hours ago

    Fuck you we're lebanese and this is all wrong

  • Kevex B
    Kevex B 19 hours ago

    this is not lebanon ! fuck you america

  • MsmQueen
    MsmQueen 20 hours ago

    Is this supposed to be Beirut?! Another disastrous misrepresentation of a beautiful city with a colorful history that has nothing to do with the crap shown in this trailer. It was shot in MOROCCO the music is north African and this time they whitewashed the COUNTRY's whole history. Hollywood strikes again. You suck.

  • Ali Souki
    Ali Souki 23 hours ago

    A total disgrace...

  • Amal Arandas
    Amal Arandas Day ago

    2K dislikes only 300 something like you go man BAD movie it is incorrect

  • Peter Jreij
    Peter Jreij Day ago


  • Madhujya Chakravorty

    Is this real story

  • Jane Austen
    Jane Austen Day ago

    "Racism is wrong unless it is against light brown people." --Hollywood
    The civil war started when Israel invaded southern Lebanon, under the pretext of pursing Palestinians, but with the goal of annexing parts of Lebanon--like the Shebba farms. Hezbollah formed first to kick out the invading soldiers from southern Lebanon so more land wasn't lost. They were a Muslim group who protected Christians there. (I don't agree with their behavior since then, but they first formed to defend their borders).
    Due to this ensuing instability, many religious and secular factions and subdivisions vied for power in the political vacuum. Christians were killing other Christians. Muslims were killing other Muslims of the same sect and different political party. One of the many different types of Christian militias massacred Palestinian refugees--after Palestinians militias tried to take a piece of Lebanon for themselves when exiled by Israel but revenge killing is still wrong. This wasn't 2000 years of vendettas. This was at most a few years of discontent and upheaval.
    And we never a group called Islamic Liberation. That's just a thin veneer to associate wrongly Lebanon with ISIS. What the absolute bollocks. There were so many historical names of rebelling groups but that would show too much sense that this wasn't a crazy religious jihad but a civil war that petered out.
    Now a historical fiction about the complexities of the war would have been cool, showing virtues and flaws on multiple sides. The Maronites, Druze, Sunni, Shia, Orthodox, the myriad of secular groups, Israelis and Palestinians had good reasons and negative greed to make them complex characters. But this cop out is completely misleading and boring.
    This entire movie is...well, worse than Trump's sh*thole comment. But nothing new from Hollywood's racism towards us "whitish brownish" people. Maybe beige.

  • onyango syprose
    onyango syprose Day ago

    I wonder what the issue i would watch the movie.

  • Joya Takchi
    Joya Takchi Day ago

    What a shame...

  • Alex Semaan
    Alex Semaan Day ago

    Honestly fuck you

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Day ago

    You know I'm lebanese myself but..........GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP#DEALWITHIT😎

  • M Im
    M Im Day ago

    Yep another Hollywood film how they are they are victim or the hero and Arabs are the devil's

  • CommanderCronus
    CommanderCronus Day ago

    So how come so many people watching this trailer missed the part where it said 1982? Can you explain that to me? Everyone's reacting as if this takes place in modern day Beirut. It doesn't. THE TRAILER SAYS 1982! Idiots.

  • Christopher Frashure

    🔴 Already watched this movie here [ ]
    *You must watch this movie, because this movie looks so good!!*

  • chas bea
    chas bea Day ago

    people chill its OK, its just a movie get over, big deal

  • Tamara Bsaibes
    Tamara Bsaibes Day ago

    You guys need some extra research, here, try this :
    This is Lebanon :)

  • Salhab Cell
    Salhab Cell Day ago

    i am from beirut and that is not beirut

  • Eddie Saadeh
    Eddie Saadeh 2 days ago

    Plus here in lebanon we speak english fluently

  • Youssef Hamzeh
    Youssef Hamzeh 2 days ago

    It looks so stupid and funny god are they that ignorant to do a stupid thing like that i don know if we should call it a movie 🖓😷

  • M Att
    M Att 2 days ago

    Lollllll this movie called Beirut...
    The movie shoots taken in other country.
    The actors not even Lebanese.
    The director not Lebanese.
    The producer not Lebanese.
    False story.
    Fake fake fake.
    Shame shame shame

  • Mary Elric
    Mary Elric 2 days ago

    I get it you wanted to be "creative" BUT THAT DOESNT GIVE U THE FUCKING RIGHT TO MISLEAD AND PUT A SHIT TON OF BULLSHIT ABOUT A COUNTRY. i do not have any country pride. And i honestly don't really care. But this just pissed me off.

  • Mary Elric
    Mary Elric 2 days ago

    What the fuck is this bullshit?

  • SiMa S
    SiMa S 2 days ago

    This is not beirut at all, and we have no honor to see a movie made by usa and named Beirut..

  • Haidar Lean
    Haidar Lean 2 days ago

    Wtff! F*ck the writer he is so dumb☻🖕

  • Wiso Clasher
    Wiso Clasher 2 days ago

    Fucking Americans....hope the guys who made this film rot in hell

  • Wiso Clasher
    Wiso Clasher 2 days ago

    Just what the fuck beirut has to do with this shit? Motherfucker what where you thinking when you named beirut when there was nothing about it? Not even the language of Lebanon is present. Smh

  • Hasan Atwi
    Hasan Atwi 2 days ago +1

    some thing disapointment to see (BEIRUT) one of the best and most beautiful cities in the world at this picture this movie is completely wrong there is no desert on lebanon the society of lebanon is not an arabic society they never dress like that every thing is wrong
    .a guy from Lebanon.

  • Mohamad ali Kaissi
    Mohamad ali Kaissi 2 days ago +2

    When americans try to make arabs look bad while it only makes them look dumber and stupid SMH

  • Lordikso
    Lordikso 2 days ago +2

    Any Lebanese ppl like me saying wtf is this shit?

  • Darius Bazargan / Redline Films

    What a load of stereotyped bollocks

  • Dark Soul 350
    Dark Soul 350 2 days ago

    Wait, are they showing how cruel israelis were or are they showing a bad image of Lebanon or both?

  • Jerome 2255
    Jerome 2255 2 days ago

    Why is the movie about Lebanon if it is filmed in Moroco

  • Daniel Yahya
    Daniel Yahya 2 days ago

    The most accurate thing in this movie is the weather 😂 2:17


    Beirut is nothing like that
    Ana I know cause I went their for Christmas
    The movie makers should have done more research

  • I love juice Orange juice

    Not even filmed in Lebanon
    Lying about what happened during 1982
    As a Lebanese this movie is a lie and hope they don’t let it came out

  • Fatima Al Rihani
    Fatima Al Rihani 2 days ago

    Beirut is not like that at all, beirut is a very nice place

  • Roy Bshara
    Roy Bshara 3 days ago

    Why does this movie look like it's full of shit?
    Stop making misleading movies Hollywood.

  • Roy_Alameh123
    Roy_Alameh123 3 days ago

    That's not even LEBANON, this is so FUCKING MISLEADING

  • Sparks
    Sparks 3 days ago

    this is...this is so FUCKING wrong. So many wrong things about this movie

  • Rita Elias
    Rita Elias 3 days ago

    The arabic accent is no way near the lebanese's and the vehicle registration plate is not lebanese too. Same movies showing how barbaric the middle eat is and how heroic the Americans are!

  • Paul CHAHWAN
    Paul CHAHWAN 3 days ago +1

    Beirut the real trailer

  • Finjen Shay
    Finjen Shay 3 days ago +1

    if you smell what the rock is cooking

  • Hummus Fan
    Hummus Fan 3 days ago +2

    Thanks to all those people who disliked this trailer. From a half-Lebanese! I disliked it too!

    ANTHONY_KING 3 days ago +1

    The facts in this movie are wrong

  • 1Shot One Ban
    1Shot One Ban 3 days ago +1

    This Guy Has 2k Dislikes Im Lmao

  • Rabih Koussa
    Rabih Koussa 4 days ago

    Did the cast and crew miss their flight to Beirut?

  • Sarsour
    Sarsour 4 days ago

    Oh no.... you cunts I cant believe you called one of you're racist stereotype movies Beirut. Jeez Hollywood you are so bad!

  • softfofo
    softfofo 4 days ago

    هذا الفيلم يسيئ للبنان و اخواننا اللبنانيين
    و واضح انه من انتاج و عمل الصهاينة الذين يسيطرون على صناعة السينما في هوليود يلعن أبو شكلهم .

  • John Bourjeili
    John Bourjeili 4 days ago +3

    It's clear that the movies purpose was intentional, purposely inaccurate, in order to mislead and irritate the masses. It's not a new tactic... it's been happening the past year about a lot of different subjects... No good way to react to it other than to educate the people around you what actually happened in the Lebanese civil war and more importantly NEVER forget who added the wood to the fire during it all......

  • Kikiginger
    Kikiginger 4 days ago

    Someone forgot to study up on their history. They probably weren't allowed it film it in Beirut because it's a bunch of bull. Last I checked Lebanon doesn't have a desert. So many lies in one little clip, I can't even keep up. Not only are we known as "the Paris of the Middle East", we're also always on the top 10 party cities in the world (we were number 1 in 2009).

  • Bouli Fars
    Bouli Fars 4 days ago +1

    This is not beirut

  • Joe
    Joe 4 days ago

    Everyone we need to report this garbage video and try to remove it from youtube !!

  • ricky halabi
    ricky halabi 4 days ago +1

    I hope the studios are not counting on the Lebanese to make the success of this Hollywood movie :)))))) (this is movie making people it's called fiction not documentary or reality) meh

  • Alexandra Assouad
    Alexandra Assouad 4 days ago +1

    Utterly disappointing, shameful, and inaccurate.

  • Tarek Kaissi
    Tarek Kaissi 4 days ago +1

    I am very sorry but this is very offensive and misleading. I lived in Beirut all my life and it is noting like this. Propaganda at its best. Idiots

  • Mosalsal Movie
    Mosalsal Movie 4 days ago

    هذا الفلم مهزلة، ودليل على السخافة و عدم دقة المعلومات. فبيروت (التي يصفونها بالإرهابية) مدينة جبّارة مكافحة للإرهاب وموّحدة لشعبها بالديمقراطية والوحدة الوطنية والتاريخ يشهد على ذلك. ستبقى بيروت مهد الحضارة مهما تداولت الأفلام والإعلمات والمقالات لتزيل هذه الحقيقة.

  • HandyMan 989
    HandyMan 989 4 days ago +2

    Are they trying to make Lebanon look shitty or something like that cause i find this a useless movie and this doesn't even match what exactly happened in Beirut on 1982... All they're trying to do is to ruin the lebanese history.
    This movie doesn't have a single lebanese actor and nor was filmed on the Lebanese ground!!

  • G S
    G S 4 days ago

    The quickest way to get cancer in your eyes and brain!

  • Saadallah Itani
    Saadallah Itani 4 days ago +1

    This has nothing to do with Beirut!

  • Georges Jabbour
    Georges Jabbour 4 days ago

    Nothing but lies... Lebanon didn t even look like this in the 19th century.Besides that it s not the lebanese accent nor the lebanese facts about our civil war.We christians fought battles to live free in our country against syrians and palestinians so i advice you to do a movie about our martyrs and how we truly defend our people from a massive slaughter when all the "FREE" world stood aside and watched our people suffering.

  • ܠܐܚܕ lb
    ܠܐܚܕ lb 4 days ago

    lol chill you fucking retards. i am lebanese and i'll still watch this generic hollywood crock of shit because it looks entertaining as fuck. also you people commenting here clearly are young, sorry to burst your little bubble of nationalistic pride but this is what beirut looked like in the 80s. yes that's right, beirut was a fighting ground shelled 24/7 and has seen gruelling non ending clashes between lebanese christian militias and palestinian, israeli, and syrian invaders.
    and guess what's this movie about? that's right beirut in the 80s. if you don't like it don't watch it and stop bitching, i am embarrassed to share a nationality with such cry babies

  • Adel Saade
    Adel Saade 4 days ago

    PURE MISREPRESENTATION OF LEBANESE HISTORY how can it be counted as the #3 trending

  • Adel Saade
    Adel Saade 4 days ago

    and filmed in morroco 😂😂

  • lynn is Danger
    lynn is Danger 4 days ago

    This isn't even filmed in Beirut.

  • lynn is Danger
    lynn is Danger 4 days ago

    Yeah... don't live it. Common this video is nonsence.

  • Dani Inkidar
    Dani Inkidar 4 days ago

    More like not beirut

  • Sergio Ghanem
    Sergio Ghanem 4 days ago

    Fk you and ur films if u talk about beirut ill fk ur ass bitch

  • splashister
    splashister 4 days ago


  • Lucky Loush
    Lucky Loush 4 days ago +2

    What a joke. I'm actually Lebanese. See my reaction on my channel.

  • Liwaa Naim
    Liwaa Naim 4 days ago

    The last line of the trailer triggered me you racist fucks

  • Noha Meyer
    Noha Meyer 4 days ago


  • crazy gamer
    crazy gamer 4 days ago

    Listen mother fucker if you talk about lebanon again your head will be on the floor fk your mother fk your familly fk you

  • Alain asmar
    Alain asmar 4 days ago

    Beirut is not a sahara you stupid dicks ! Fakest movie ever

  • Ashraf Ibrahim
    Ashraf Ibrahim 4 days ago

    Look at my profile picture "this is Beirut"

  • Elie Khoury
    Elie Khoury 4 days ago

    lebanon is a christianism and islamic country.
    the accent is morocan, these people are morocan and this is filmed in maroc.
    Lebanese are not isis and american israelians aren't savior. it should beonly about the palestinian christian war.
    this film is only trying to give the world a bad idea about lebanon and remember we are not barbarians.
    moren saade

  • mira bittar
    mira bittar 4 days ago

    one of the facts that are distorted, is mentioning the Munich Olympics which was committed by black September (Palestinians not Lebanese) and as a response to that massacre the Israeli raided Lebanon (Operation Wrath of God) - none of the members of black September were Lebanese

  • Elie Samaha
    Elie Samaha 4 days ago

    fucking jewish movie

  • Chloe Assaad
    Chloe Assaad 5 days ago

    That moment you realise that it was shot in moroco that lebanon never had an islamic liberation parti that lebanese people do not talk like that nor dress like that that lebanon do not contain a desert. But it’s called beirut lmao

  • Thugisme Thug
    Thugisme Thug 5 days ago

    What the hell is this shit?!

  • Bcmg
    Bcmg 5 days ago

    This is a completely inaccurate depiction of Lebanon, even in 1982, "2000 years of violence" - how about the Israeli invasion of 1982? I hope this film flops.

  • romy yaacoub
    romy yaacoub 5 days ago

    Just put the name of ur freaking country hollywood

  • Cero cyka
    Cero cyka 5 days ago

    Everyone dislike this shit of a movie trying to destroy Beirut's image....

  • Sarah Debs
    Sarah Debs 5 days ago

    Pure fucking shit.
    U can't film a movie with out knowing shit about the lebanese culture.
    This is portraying lebanon in such an ugly manner.
    Don't even bother with wasting the money and the time on this shit honey
    It's already getting so much hate.

  • Lebanese Proud
    Lebanese Proud 5 days ago

    I do agree that this movie is terrible but the funny part about Lebanese people in the comments especially Lebanese girls is that they complain about this movie but if they ever get the chance to leave this beautiful country, they wouldn't hesitate. Most Lebanese girls complain about the lack of open mindedness and women's rights here which portrays a bad image to the world. Not to mention the dog massacre few weeks ago, Lebanese made sure to embarrass their own country by posting about it everywhere until it made international news. I mean seriously Lebanese people should start by working on themselves first before complaining about this shitty movie. We are ruining our own image.

  • Ath Leb
    Ath Leb 5 days ago +9

    This is hilariously bad.

  • yousef tellayh
    yousef tellayh 5 days ago

    This is garbage!! Has nothing to do with beirut or lebanon, just another zionist propaganda...

  • Jason Brooks
    Jason Brooks 5 days ago +1


  • Jason Brooks
    Jason Brooks 5 days ago +1

    This isnt lebanon neither beirut dont make a bad image about lebanon they ve had enough from the past years its a beautifull country filled with respected people if you wanna check lebanon JUST GOOGLE IT

  • Sal Mizzawi
    Sal Mizzawi 5 days ago

    Really Hollywood? Please get your facts straight before reflecting a negative false stereotype about a country you don’t know about. And please do not ignore the rich culture of the country and the fact that Lebanese are well educated and are fluent in 3 languages. It doesn’t surprise me how people here in the US are ignorant since they’re being constantly brainwashed by their bullshit media.

  • Richard Thompson
    Richard Thompson 5 days ago

    Now the Middle East knows why American film viewers hate Toronto.

    SCROTUM LORD 5 days ago

    disgusting propaganda.... hate filled stereotypical GARBAGE....

  • Antoine Youssef
    Antoine Youssef 5 days ago

    What a magnificent advertising for our beloved capital😐 . Like seriously a huge shoutout to Hollywood!😑😑

  • Tesco Value
    Tesco Value 5 days ago

    What a joke of a movie. There’s so many interesting stories to tell about Lebanon, and Hollywood comes up with this pandering bullshit?

  • Leo H
    Leo H 5 days ago


  • Leo H
    Leo H 5 days ago

    Report it!!! That’s unacceptable!!!! Lebanon isn’t like that!!!