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  • Thor Susa
    Thor Susa 23 hours ago

    same bullshit american propaganda

  • The Antagonizer
    The Antagonizer Day ago

    Who cares if it’s not the Beirut of 1982 it’s a movie relax my muzzy friends

    FINAL_B 2 days ago +1

    A lot of people think the movie it is based from the current era in Beirut. If you actually think that, read the synopsis before starting to complain.
    I mean, if you are lazy then watch the date at 0:05

  • Jonas Paludan
    Jonas Paludan 2 days ago

    Another fictional movie to effect the subconscious mind and mislead the truth.

  • josie betan
    josie betan 3 days ago

    Good story, poor casting.

  • Kulwant Dhaliwal
    Kulwant Dhaliwal 3 days ago

    I'm enjoying my shit while I'm watching this

  • karim radieddine
    karim radieddine 4 days ago

    man stop brainwashing!! this location isn't Lebanon, the music they played is shit and not Lebanese, Lebanon never had a desert, at year 1982 the people never dressed this way.. the man who is talking in English is talking like Russian.. and the Lebanese education is much better than that, Lebanese people can speak three languages fluently!!! Lebanon is one of the most touristic country in the world (its not opinion its a fact).. stop changing the world's image!!

  • Tony ______________
    Tony ______________ 4 days ago

    I saw the movie...they showed camels on the beach. Camels dont exist in lebanon. They also show a donkey walking on the street when he exits the airport into beirut!! Wtf

  • Flemish Templar
    Flemish Templar 5 days ago

    It's funny to see all these triggered people here, It's funny when they did it to the crusades and when they did it to the european history, wasn't it? Well, you ain't laughing now that they did it to your history.

  • girl knot
    girl knot 6 days ago

    Beirut is not like this. Hollywood has disgraced my country.. Big thumbs down

  • Mona Kohdr
    Mona Kohdr 7 days ago

    looks boring

  • tsrnfy
    tsrnfy 7 days ago

    Looks like Zionists didn't like this. Fuken murderers. illegal occupying bastards.

  • Adam Amen
    Adam Amen 8 days ago

    Haven't seen the film yet, but I'm gonna assume Hollywood is going to portray the early minds of Hizb as evil or terrorists.

  • Sharko sakotch
    Sharko sakotch 8 days ago +1

    cheap so called israeli propaganda...and anti Lebanon

  • Kris Smith
    Kris Smith 10 days ago

    If any of you actually watched the movie, you’d know that it’s not about radical extremists or some bullshit. It’s about how dirty international politics are. Specifically America’s way of making deals that protect their interests.

  • GlamVEVO
    GlamVEVO 10 days ago

    Chill out Lebaneses. this is just a movie. FICTION.

  • Ubiquitous
    Ubiquitous 11 days ago +1

    Are you kidding me? Don't fall for this ! Even the language is wrong! Truly pathetic. This is NOT Beirut! NOT our People, NOT our language...


  • Bayad Athalj
    Bayad Athalj 12 days ago +1

    this is an israeli movie 100% to show the world the misleading picture of lebanon, this is not lebanon at all, not even 1% of it.

  • Sarah Dell
    Sarah Dell 12 days ago +1

    Who decided this was anywhere near accurate? I’m a westerner and can see this is junk

    GOGSPRODUCTIONS 12 days ago

    You're talking about Islamic militias in Beirut???? WHEN? HOW? WHO?. Absolute B.S.

    GOGSPRODUCTIONS 12 days ago

    A movie about Beirut?? Well, I'll tell how it should be. They have to make a movie about Paradise, it will be the same. LOVE LIVE LEBANON

  • Michael Joseph
    Michael Joseph 13 days ago

    another movie depicting Muslims as the hostile nation. this is becoming boring.

  • Sam TuBer
    Sam TuBer 14 days ago

    Lol why are Lebanese people so insecure and butt hurt? Chill ffs it's a movie I want to make one about America go do it.

    AMERICAN CARNAGE 14 days ago

    Looks interesting enough.
    But to everyone saying "bullshit," yes, the people who produced the movie are the same people who have caused the middle east to be such a violent place since 1948. Agreed.

  • Божественная Свет

    More American propaganda bullshit

    • Hải Hùng
      Hải Hùng 13 days ago

      tell that Isreal you fucking russian invader

  • jay la elegancia
    jay la elegancia 15 days ago

    Who cares about all of this political correct bullshit, all we want to know is , is it a good movie or not that’s all we want from the comments.

  • Mikey Shere
    Mikey Shere 15 days ago

    the Islamist child molester who follow a fake fictitious cult took most of Lebanon over today

  • miraK
    miraK 16 days ago +2

    wow, fuck this movie. not even filmed in the country, making it look like a war zone. Typical.

    • miraK
      miraK 15 days ago +2

      even during the civil war it didn't look like that you lame fuck

    • drink up
      drink up 15 days ago

      there was a war in lebnanon in 1982 you stupid fuck.

  • Gianluca De Capua
    Gianluca De Capua 16 days ago

    American propaganda at it's best...

  • Scorch428
    Scorch428 16 days ago +1

    Wow, this is what the Lebonese are like? Bunch of trash people, destroying their own country...
    Stupid terrorists, the US should just blow that place up.

  • Wayne Clark
    Wayne Clark 16 days ago

    You people are ignorant Beirut is to dangerous to film there duhhh

  • Wayne Clark
    Wayne Clark 16 days ago

    Israel is Gods land go ahead and mess with Israel, they are protected by God not fake god Muhammad that ask his followers to kill Christians

  • Wayne Clark
    Wayne Clark 16 days ago

    Since when does Hollywood do truth it’s a movie ,

  • Konstantinos K
    Konstantinos K 16 days ago

    I like

  • Father Dougal McGuire
    Father Dougal McGuire 18 days ago

    filmed on location in flint Michigan

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan 18 days ago

    This movie has much more than what is shown in the trailer. Have an open mind.

  • Müd Monéi
    Müd Monéi 18 days ago

    zionist agenda to paint lebanon as a dangerous place and lebanese as violent people... as always.
    please boycott this movie!

  • Müd Monéi
    Müd Monéi 18 days ago

    Of course... like always... zionist media making another false imaginary movie and call it based on true events. They don't even get the language or location or people right. We are always portrayed as retards in the desert and always violant and angry.
    NO! America... You're always the bad one in this world, don't always make yourself the speaker of truth and the hero of earth.

    • drink up
      drink up 15 days ago

      awww is baby upset?

  • Mohammad Jawad
    Mohammad Jawad 18 days ago

    Bastards trying to spread propaganda and fake news when the USA is the one that interferes with every single region and countey and destablize it.

  • Sheri Jennings
    Sheri Jennings 20 days ago +1

    quit making this shit. no one wants to see ANOTHER god damn glorified war movie

  • Fixeryes
    Fixeryes 20 days ago

    fucking cocksucking hollywood americans fuuuck

    • drink up
      drink up 15 days ago

      lol keep crying pussy

  • Al Sultan
    Al Sultan 20 days ago

    Another bull shit from the Israelis made by their dominated hollywood to ruin the picture for Lebanon and the Arab in general. What we saw is not Lebanon at all not even during the civil war anybody could see that straight.

  • ليث البابلي

    بيروت لو فلوجه هاي

  • Joshua Balcombe
    Joshua Balcombe 21 day ago +1

    set in the 80's inverious areas. most movies arent shot where theyre set. WATCH IT BEFORE YOU CRY LIKE A BUNCH OF DIPSHITS

  • ILIA
    ILIA 21 day ago

    This is very misleading. Stop brainwashing the world. Lebanon looks nothing like this

  • lovethai
    lovethai 21 day ago

    This is why muslims can't be allowed to live in Christian countries.
    At first, they obey the kafir (infidels)
    As soon as they grow in number, they'll slaughter the kafir.
    And now I'm wondering how obtuse the whites are. They'll all die painfully one day in the name of humanity & equality.

  • Natalia Electra
    Natalia Electra 22 days ago

    Lebanon is a beautiful, diverse country, full of history and culture with some of the kindest people you will ever meet.. Beirut, the Paris of the Middle East! And I am proud to be half Lebanese! Please educate yourselves before watching this movie..!

  • GiDD
    GiDD 22 days ago

    great movie
    was gonna go on vacation in beirut until i saw this movie. thanks for saving me the headache... looks like a nightmare

  • GiDD
    GiDD 22 days ago

    hollywood get the memo... nothing can be creative license anymore especially islam. make a movie thats not 100% accurate and you;re an islamaphobe lol so many snowflakes in the comments

  • Tushar Nayyer
    Tushar Nayyer 22 days ago

    I will just watch it for Don Draper !

  • Rabz N
    Rabz N 22 days ago +1

    Pathetic, I don't know where did you get this story from, may I was born and raised in Beirut during the war and I never heard about this story. I can assure you this not in lebanon. Also a camel on the beach lol, I never seen camel in my life. Another Hollywood movie. I feel so sorry for the director of the movie Brad, you waisted your money making this fake story, you should seek one of our Lebanese brothers who can give a good story about lebanon in 1982.
    Pathetic yak.

  • barz4dayz
    barz4dayz 22 days ago

    Zionist propaganda

  • ZKM TV To12345
    ZKM TV To12345 23 days ago


  • Ryan Rassi
    Ryan Rassi 23 days ago

    i mentioned lebanon on an app called ifunny and had random americans come at me saying "lebanon is a terrorist country" and they told me to refer to this movie for proof. Then i see people here saying "its just a movie no one believes this". Yeah well don't forget that a big portion of the anerican population believes anything the media portrays

  • Fam 1st
    Fam 1st 23 days ago

    This was during the 1970's and 80's yes actually over 150,000 we're killed and many fled Lebanon during these years. The current powers are not going to publicize the murders commited for them to come to this position. Lebanon was very different prior to this time

  • Hendras Ibraheem
    Hendras Ibraheem 23 days ago

    islamopobhic movie by hollywood shiit

  • Makaveli ThaDon
    Makaveli ThaDon 23 days ago

    Pay attention. Lebanon is next to go for destabilization. Hollywood zionists have spoken

  • Huzaifa Mubarak
    Huzaifa Mubarak 23 days ago

    Another attempt to demean a country ! absolute bullshit of an excuse for a movie

  • benn 35
    benn 35 23 days ago

    Stupid people complaining in the posts. Its a fukn movie u rag heads

  • Mohamed F. Afifi
    Mohamed F. Afifi 24 days ago

    I avoid any artwork related to war and politics. So much is written, in Arabic, about civil war in Lebanon and I avoid all these fiction works !

  • Alecksandr Lusttig
    Alecksandr Lusttig 24 days ago +1

    First of all,the Father is not the US but Israel,...US is just the child! Second,if the US didn't stick their nose in Middle Este maybe the peace had another meaning now!

  • Interfector
    Interfector 24 days ago

    The movie shows small part of how the CIA and MOSSAD are playing with human lives and how they played God in Lebanon creating the civil war in the first place,same as everywhere else they went around the world.

    TOUSSIA GAMEPLAYS 24 days ago

    just whitening the image of Zionism ... we are tired of that shit

      TOUSSIA GAMEPLAYS 24 days ago

      Interfector thats it

    • Interfector
      Interfector 24 days ago +1

      I watched the fucking movie half an our ago. In the end they kill the Rahims brother,and those bad CIA and MOSSAD spooks get away clean,later it was shown how the Israelis used their army to invade Lebanon under false excuse that they just wanted to stop the shellings from Lebanons territory onto Israels,which is what they wanted from the beginning and the Americans were helping them.

      TOUSSIA GAMEPLAYS 24 days ago

      Interfector the movie not the trailer

    • Interfector
      Interfector 24 days ago

      I did,what did I miss,tell me??

      TOUSSIA GAMEPLAYS 24 days ago


  • Claudia Antonelli
    Claudia Antonelli 24 days ago

    Motherfuckers, Netflix!. I downloaded the film, but I decided not to watch it when I saw the word NETFLIX in the first sequences...

  • Jessica Lopez
    Jessica Lopez 24 days ago

    who cares if its not lebanon its all the same a big mess

  • Abul Juj
    Abul Juj 24 days ago

    I watched the movie on Netflix, its so bad. Even the accent of the "lebanese" is totally wrong sounds more like moroccan or north african arabic. Lebanon doesnt look like that at all, and lebanese people dont dress like in the movie. Even the song at the end of the movie is north african. I suppose this movie was filmed in north africa somewhere.
    not recommended... very bad

  • Ali K-Muftin
    Ali K-Muftin 25 days ago

    يوزر الانستغرام فلو مي بليز @alikmuftin 😋😋😋

  • Faisal Abdullah
    Faisal Abdullah 25 days ago

    واضح أن الفلم شرموط لا بيروت كذا ولا أهل بيروت يتكلمون كذا !!

  • Owen Ltd
    Owen Ltd 26 days ago


  • White Rhino
    White Rhino 26 days ago

    Sounds like the plot of Bridge of Spies, a true story.

  • Nameless Ghost
    Nameless Ghost 26 days ago +1

    or ruth beer?

  • Zhul Notes
    Zhul Notes 27 days ago

    WTF.... Another stupid movie from Hollywood

  • mini clip
    mini clip 27 days ago +1

    no idea why everyone is bagging and bashing this movie,the movie speaks about the civil war era..... To everyone saying this movie is bullshit.... i tell you to go watch the "aljazera Lebanese war documentary".... Beirut was a shit hole during the civil war (1975 - 1990) and this movie perfectly depicts it. Lebanon still kinda suck these days not as much as before, but when you have no electricity ,no water,no proper infrastructure and specially the "mountains of garbage " . I mean you'll see garbage washing up on the entire coast and even getting to our neighboring countries. Lebanese are good people in general until you throw the "religious/Political" bomb and there is were they change to utter radical animals. doesn't matter if its a Doctor/Engineer or a carpenter ,Lebanese are brainwashed political/religious extremists when it comes to what their factions/faction leaders orders them to do . literally a population of Cattle

    EZZ DEAN 27 days ago


  • Teta Jana
    Teta Jana 27 days ago

    fuucking zionists

  • Lima Filmes Lançamentos


  • Lt.Khalife
    Lt.Khalife 27 days ago

    that’s so fuckd up beirut never ever looked like this never had any kind of terrorism the way they’re showing we don’t have no desert our people are educated and way much better than most of american people in all kind of ways plus we’re classy as fuck every country has a group of fuckd up people but this is bullshit way to go america keep on hating and creating lies that’s what’s your good at anyway

  • ZDroid
    ZDroid 27 days ago

    Uh bro that accent killed me we lebanese people have good English and french accents. Atleast the educated ones which is the most of us

  • Sanath Gowda
    Sanath Gowda 27 days ago

    So how was the movie.. "Apart from this isn't Beirut/Lebanon..."(Media usually stereotypes or exaggerates for more views) Is it entertaining? Does it have action?

  • afrity
    afrity 28 days ago

    "The Israeilis' want to raise the stakes..." "To save a life" Lol.
    So this movie is clearly in the genre of: Fantasy

  • Jamzee ShyShy
    Jamzee ShyShy 28 days ago

    Guys it's just a movie chill.... who's getting physically hurt here? Dang

  • Kjell
    Kjell 28 days ago

    Awesome movie.

  • dvdcoonerd
    dvdcoonerd 28 days ago

    The movie isn't this, it isn't that. Blah blah blah, just shut up and enjoy a movie. Quit sounding like a bunch of snow flakes.

  • Wendell Alexander
    Wendell Alexander 28 days ago

    Never let mainstream media, movies and music persuade you into violence. God is love. Love and respect differences and freedom of speech. Self control in God is key. Only war mushing within main propaganda. Be wise, Jesus is coming, repent and baptize

  • Sami Sam
    Sami Sam 28 days ago

    Stupid ass movie

  • El Azem Sameh
    El Azem Sameh 28 days ago

    They filmed this movie in Morocco and its in Tangier ! So its not in Beirut and seriously its unbelievable how they showed Tangier look like that .. Tangier is way waaay better than that in million times

  • Mohamad Kamzoul
    Mohamad Kamzoul 28 days ago

    They brought Egyptian english. Libyan names , Syrian destruction, Gaza clothes, Iraqi accent , Afghanistan environment and i think part of Indonesia. Put them all in a giant mixer and came out with poor little Beirut in 1970_1980 lol

  • Enox Einox
    Enox Einox 28 days ago

    lebanon has a desert lol
    lebanon is a full of green . its even snowing in there
    well hollywood . you will never tell the truth about arabs nor muslims

  • Baz
    Baz 28 days ago

    Hollywood Shite

  • Mosh Moshwah
    Mosh Moshwah 28 days ago

    dear Lebanese , shut the fuck up and watch and stop showing off you are sort of camels and mule so just coz they named an film in your capital name , you make it a story u r a shit and you will remain a shit all your life , stop acting bitches

  • Dark Blue
    Dark Blue 28 days ago

    Fuck my Fagot asshole??

  • GamingWithKaitlin
    GamingWithKaitlin 28 days ago

    This is lies - Christians lived in what is now known as Lebanon, under the syrian and iranian kings protection, during world war I & II the Babylonian jews gave the arab malicians money and a promise that if they took the port cities of Syria, they would give them anything they found in those cities (woman, gold, houses, weopons) - so they did, they mass murdered all the christian men, raped all the women and took them as wives, and then the Babylonian jews under rothschild, let them create their own country - Lebanon. Dont believe the movies created by Babylonian jews as a form of psyops to make them look like the heros and everyone else like the devil

  • Hazem soleman
    Hazem soleman 29 days ago

    This is the worst shit the CIA ever made

  • Daniyal kyani
    Daniyal kyani 29 days ago

    why they don,t make movies on israeelis occupation on palastine . and israeeli terror .

  • Beanie Sandals
    Beanie Sandals 29 days ago

    Jon Hamm isn't a great actor, he's a good "supporting actor". When he's the one asking all the questions and talking I started to cringe, Idk. not a bad movie though. Cast was solid, Hamm kinda sucked

  • yass ine
    yass ine 29 days ago +1

    showing Lebanon like Pakistan while it's the opposite pls stfu

  • Roman L.
    Roman L. 29 days ago

    Wow what a piece of crap

  • VJ Rei
    VJ Rei 29 days ago

    Damn, that trailer is longer than Lord of the Rings.

  • Tim Felts
    Tim Felts 29 days ago +1

    I loved it. 7/10

  • I say shotgun, you say wedding

    I was actually interested in watching this movie, that's why I came to check out the trailer, but after reading the comments about the historical accuracy, I think I'll pass. Thanks guys