Here's Why the Rivian is the Future of Pickup Trucks

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • Here's Why the Rivian is the Future of Pickup Trucks, DIY and truck review with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. New electric trucks coming 2020 and 2021. Will the Toyota Tacoma and Ford F-150 be replaced by this new kind of truck? Electric vs gasoline engine trucks, which is better? Rivian automotive review. The pros and cons of having an electric truck in the future. Future trucks. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.
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Comments • 3 462

  • Scotty Kilmer
    Scotty Kilmer  Month ago +367

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    • Ethan
      Ethan Month ago

      @Turbo Diesel I completely understand. I have to be smart with what i got and a car is just a car. Gimmicks aren’t t worth the status. I'll weigh out my options and try to find the right car for me and no one else 👍

    • Amateur inventing
      Amateur inventing Month ago +1

      Where you in the Navy? Or aviation. I noticed a hand signal you made?

    • Rosscoeginncoe Lake Havasu & Orange County
      Rosscoeginncoe Lake Havasu & Orange County Month ago

      Scotty Kilmer
      Scotty you just earned yourself ONE “1” new subscriber just now!
      Look forward to the future watching you’re channel. Thanks and good luck

    • Turbo Diesel
      Turbo Diesel Month ago

      @Ethan Sorry if I came across a bit harsh. I tend to do that quite a bit. It's just that so many people continually spend way above their means, and then they whine and complain about how hard their life is. It seems that we all want what we can't have. It's a major fatal flaw of all humanity. What a smart person comes to realize, is that you don't always need something fancier, something newer, something "better". Just get what you can afford, and work towards saving for that which you want or need. Putting yourself further in the hole in debt, never gets you ahead, it only makes other people wealthier, while you remain broke.

    • Ethan
      Ethan Month ago

      @Turbo Diesel Alright sounds great 👍 -from, stupid "broke" person🤗

  • Jay Coxtable
    Jay Coxtable 8 hours ago


  • Nathanael Szafranski
    Nathanael Szafranski 23 hours ago

    They can travel through three feet of water....... then they float. I understand the reluctance to grab the first run, but I want this bad!

  • DK Knight
    DK Knight Day ago +1

    Some induction motors can operate submerged but the cooling fan is usually the problem with motors that generally operate mostly in air.

  • rick powell
    rick powell 2 days ago

    Are they flood proof or People Boilers.

  • Thomas Bloomer
    Thomas Bloomer 4 days ago

    I think it’s time for some new glasses and please hold your hands still. Good info and great personality

  • Maxwell Speedwell
    Maxwell Speedwell 4 days ago

    Hey great! Finally, an electric pickup that has enough room for a family. Hopefully it will even come with an 8 foot bed. Even come with an 8' bed.
    Oh great (Grrrrr...) Ford is involved... an electric pickup that will rust. At least it's not an affiliation with GM.
    They came out with the Citation in 1980. I complained (for very good reason). They said, "We don't care."
    I said, "Well then, neither do I."
    Haven't bought a Chevy since.
    Never, NEVER will.
    Too bad Nivian didn't partner with Toyota.

  • Mike
    Mike 6 days ago

    Lmao! No it's not the future.

  • Jorge Perez
    Jorge Perez 7 days ago

    Scotty's forehead tho! 🤣

  • Pierre Cline
    Pierre Cline 9 days ago

    We will be able to sneak up on Bigfoot now LOL.

  • Winstard Robinson
    Winstard Robinson 10 days ago

    Why not self generating.........or a set up like the trains?

  • Jacob Wade Thole
    Jacob Wade Thole 10 days ago

    Hey Scotty they say on the site it has up to 14 inches of clearance and can be up to 3ft deep in water

  • Dr Snooz
    Dr Snooz 10 days ago

    I hate to say it, but RIvian sounds like a big fat establishment circle jerk to me. I'll give it a wide berth.

  • TD Morgenthaler
    TD Morgenthaler 11 days ago

    At 70'000 Dollars It will bet yet another rich mans toy.

  • David Well
    David Well 11 days ago

    If they don't over engineer it the new company might work.

  • Luan Loud Fan
    Luan Loud Fan 11 days ago

    The bottom of the truck will probably be built like a boat.
    Water proof.

  • Matt L
    Matt L 11 days ago

    If they make fleet version of this truck, they will make billions.

  • xamot80
    xamot80 13 days ago

    Electric cars will be a rust bucket fad. Hydrogen cars and fuel will take over soon.

  • Brotang Youst
    Brotang Youst 13 days ago

    The added weight will cause things to fail before water will I think. Big batteries are big weight, combined with the truck frame 4 motors plus any load on the back you must be packing some serious weight!

  • Bradley Thomsen
    Bradley Thomsen 14 days ago

    How awesome is this channel?!

  • beams098
    beams098 14 days ago

    I would like to see how these numbers change while under load and in cold/hot climates

  • Gregory Berndt
    Gregory Berndt 15 days ago

    We’ve been waiting for decades for a real eclectic vehicle.. it’s a tease

    PARTY 15 days ago +1

    I live in Houston too flood waters can easily get up a foot where I live
    I need at least 1.5 feet of clearance to feel comfortable
    These trucks are expensive !! (Not that I could afford it or anything 😂🥵)

  • IntenseNetwork
    IntenseNetwork 15 days ago

    One Question, Where is there Supercharger Network? Sure you can use others charging stations but how long does it take to charge if you’re trying to travel across America? It will be niece if they can use Tesla’s supercharger Network and Destination chargers.

  • NoMcCoy
    NoMcCoy 15 days ago

    90% sure they said the car is fully waterproof. Meaning it can go into even deeper water than an gas truck.

  • Ben Lee
    Ben Lee 15 days ago

    3:50 80% in 15 min? Bruh my phone cant even charge 50% in 20

  • Patrick Mireur
    Patrick Mireur 15 days ago +4

    I love this guy! He’s goofy and fun, and has great insight to share. Glad I found this channel.

    CRAZYCR1T1C 16 days ago +7

    Scotty suddenly endorsed an electric vehicle that isn’t on the market yet?
    Let me check, no. It’s not the first of April. What is going on?

    CDNUSER 16 days ago

    They were designed to go in 3.5 feet of water and will have the same ground clearance as a F150. The important electronics are in the cabin.
    A Stock F150 can’t go in water over the bumper without a snorkel over 3’ voids the warranty and is considered flood damaged.
    I am not saying i would want to try it in the Rivian but just pointing out that most stock trucks have limitations too.
    Most trucks don’t leave the payment and go less than 100 miles daily. 400 miles of range is plenty. I sleep every day so my truck/car can charge.
    For the times you do go 400+ miles you may have to pee or eat and charging 80% in 15 mins is enough time for a burger and a piss. 😬

  • Blixem
    Blixem 16 days ago

    remember when trucks were for the working man...not a 40-$70K status symbol?

    • Blixem
      Blixem 16 days ago

      wow it posted 4 times :P

    • Blixem
      Blixem 16 days ago

      wow it posted 4 times :P

  • Blixem
    Blixem 16 days ago +13

    remember when trucks were for the working man...not a 40-$70K status symbol?

  • TheAfterBurnner Breneman

    I live in Phoenix Arizona and you had better worry about water intrusion.

  • Andrew Nieto
    Andrew Nieto 17 days ago

    There is no Tesla “killer.” Tesla has no copyrights on their cars, they don’t claim to compete to rule in the electric car Industry. They WANT other car companies to do the same and switch to hybrid/fully electric vehicles

  • Classical Gamer
    Classical Gamer 17 days ago

    scotty the battery alone cost $43,200 @ $240 per kwh
    and regular household plug discharges 1.62 kw/h ( 13.5 amp @ 120 v)
    so average home charging takes 111.11 hours (i.e 4.62 days)

    • Luke Suchy
      Luke Suchy 17 days ago

      @Classical Gamer the wall charger is what you get when you buy an electric car. 15 hours isn't a lot of time and it is almost never at 0 when you need to charge and you never charge it to full. It's a complete non-issue.

    • Classical Gamer
      Classical Gamer 17 days ago

      @Luke Suchy
      240*13.5 = 3,240 wh = 3.24 kwh
      180/3.24 = 55.55 hrs

      TESLA recommended wall connector
      can charge the car with 11.52 kw per hour
      so the rivian truck would need 180/11.52 = 15.625 hrs

      and note that when you increase charging speed.
      TESLA superchargers electronically slow the charging speed after 80% and as a matter of fact they just limited charging to 80% at some locations

    • Luke Suchy
      Luke Suchy 17 days ago

      And that's why you install a 240 volt outlet to charge it overnight

  • Levi Cummins
    Levi Cummins 17 days ago

    It’s ok I’ll just keep my diesel truck cng set up getting 34 miles a gallon pulling 21000 pounds kids now days lol 😂

  • F.G. Kaye
    F.G. Kaye 18 days ago


  • Steven deLizasoain
    Steven deLizasoain 18 days ago

    The Rivian is designed for 14 inches of ground clearance and they claim it can drive through water that is 3 feet deep. Their wheelbase choice was based on the testbed they used. They have been driving around on their skateboards with F150 bodies on top of them. That gives Ford a platform that already works with their pickup truck body.

    I have personally seen a Tesla model S drive through deep water without issues. The water was washing over the hood and against the windshield. I do not know if the passenger compartment got any water intrusion.

  • B !
    B ! 18 days ago

    Well they are saying you can waterboard up to 3’ or 1 meter Scotty.

  • zane’s world
    zane’s world 18 days ago

    Endorse this but not Tesla?

  • Kevin Fuller
    Kevin Fuller 18 days ago

    400 miles in a lab..... 100 in real life. unless they have come up with some brand new battery tech, this will be a pos

  • xJPN7x
    xJPN7x 18 days ago

    Cool truck and concept and stuff, BUT... You know it's gonna' be like $120,000...

  • S. A. Vegas
    S. A. Vegas 18 days ago +3

    You only support the companies who pay you and I thought your opinion was genuine. What a disappointment. How can you knock Tesla for the ev technology and then endorse this.

    • PARTY
      PARTY 15 days ago

      S. A. Vegas you got to chill I don’t blame him this a truck impressive truck but he did note time will tell he doesn’t seem sold yet

  • Augur Cybernaut
    Augur Cybernaut 18 days ago +1

    Petrol is dead!! long live Rare Earth

  • zerix01
    zerix01 18 days ago

    Hasn't Tesla always used electronic breaking in their car at least since the Model S? I haven't heard any issues about those from getting wet.

  • CrustyHO
    CrustyHO 19 days ago

    Watch your face scotty, I see some poison sumac behind ya. Unless you're like me where you've got it so many times you're halfway immune to it.

  • Broadsidejohn
    Broadsidejohn 19 days ago

    These batteries are susceptible to heat.
    A friend parked his Toyota hybrid Highlander in his driveway, went away for vacation for 2 weeks, the battery bank died in a heatwave. The car had a special grid underneath to dissipate heat.

    • Luke Suchy
      Luke Suchy 17 days ago

      That's why the need electronic temperature regulation and so far I believe only Tesla's have that, and I'm assuming Rivian will also.

  • Geo HTX
    Geo HTX 19 days ago

    What part of Houston you from Scotty?

  • Mike B
    Mike B 19 days ago

    Fording depth is 1m and is limited only by the buoyancy of the truck. If the truck is loaded up it will be less buoyant and will be able to ford deeper water. All the electronics in electric vehicles are sealed and waterproof. They're built to withstand water. And they can go deeper into water than piston trucks because they don't need to consume air to run. Plenty of submarines run on battery power. It's not magic and keeping water out isn't that hard.

  • BF109G
    BF109G 19 days ago +21

    Me: Hi, I have a problem with my Rivian truck
    Operator: have you tried to turn it off and on sir ?

  • myxzlik
    myxzlik 19 days ago

    What's the difference between an electric truck and a vacuum?. Nothing...they both suck!

  • Dobie Tanpaw
    Dobie Tanpaw 19 days ago +2

    Rivian claims that the vehicles will be able to enter water up to 3.5 ft deep... So... They must have SOME solution to water ingress.
    Then again, Ford was demoing an electric Tarus driving around on the bottom of a swimming pool with the driver wearing scuba gear back in the 90s...

  • Chris Chen
    Chris Chen 20 days ago

    Don't drink and drive

  • Neffels Tech
    Neffels Tech 20 days ago

    Pickup is rated in up to 1 meter of water. At that point it will start to float which is why they could only rate it to 1 meter

  • Joshua Foy
    Joshua Foy 20 days ago +3

    To charge that 180 kilowatt hour battery in 15 minutes with 240v would require 2400 amps. Maybe at a special station but not at a house.

  • mrmonte51jm
    mrmonte51jm 20 days ago

    1st, Scotty is a one man Comedy show...ever notice the car and his shirt never changes !! Haha 2nd, after watching anfew vids from RIVIAN..the truck can forge 3ft of water I believe AND the Battery pack is protected by a Skid Plate !! So, NOT Sold as Baja Pickup but durable for what she is AND nothing is BUBBA PROOF !!!

  • Shawn Warnick
    Shawn Warnick 20 days ago

    Yeah that's all great and all with those numbers but holy crap isn't that too much power? A f150 has 450hp. Why do you need 700+? Couldnt it be smaller, meaning you can make it cheaper and uses less resources... I mean I'm all about power, flipping love the hellcat, but I dont see why you would make an electric truck so large at the beginning. Wouldn't it be better to start making one the size of a Tacoma or ranger and see how it goes. Oh well, it's a great concept but with the economy crashing soon, good luck selling something that is going to be God awful expensive. Easily a 90k truck.

  • Phillip Probst
    Phillip Probst 20 days ago

    Yo, Scotty ... go back and watch some of the other vids on these rigs and pay attention to the part where they address “fording depth” ... just sayin’

  • Dario Milardovic
    Dario Milardovic 20 days ago

    Will be to expensive like any other electric car. No thanks. Going cheap only.

  • tomsterism
    tomsterism 20 days ago

    Rivian has already stated publicly, on their web and in writing, that the vehicles can ford streams as deep as one meter (39").

  • Daniel Zambrano
    Daniel Zambrano 20 days ago

    I Think scotty is Italian, what a way to talk with your hands scotty, I hope you eventually work on an electric car.

  • Tom Paskvan
    Tom Paskvan 20 days ago

    Check out the Tesla that drives through Houston flood waters, completely sealed batteries for cooling, they’ll be as capable or more than rigs with a snorkel.

  • Robert Maki
    Robert Maki 20 days ago

    Electric vehicles are worse for the environment than gas.....the battery production is an environmental disaster,

  • KillingerDOOM
    KillingerDOOM 20 days ago

    It's cool, but would be better in my opinion if they made it a smaller 2 seater type. It'd drop the price down from 70 thousand

  • Tom Jones GearGuy
    Tom Jones GearGuy 20 days ago

    You did see where they claim it can go through high water I think it was like 30 inches

  • HavocValour
    HavocValour 20 days ago +4

    Clearly a Tesla killer. Just like the faraday future 😂
    Looks like an exciting product. Hopefully they can benefit from the trail blazed by Tesla

    • random person
      random person 18 days ago

      Tesla wants competition but there’s no killing them

    • HavocValour
      HavocValour 18 days ago

      Christopher Burtraw
      You’re right. Faraday tried to copy Tesla’s approach and failed. Rivian, instead, is following cautiously in Tesla’s freshly pressed footprints.
      I agree. Waiting for someone else to do it first is usually always a safer bet than taking the risk of being first to market.
      Tesla sets overly ambitious deadlines and falls short in that regard but they typically never fall short in delivering the product they’ve promised (timelines be damned).
      Tesla was founded in 2003 and brought a low volume production roadster to market by 2008. Roadster took 5 years. 4 more years before they started delivering Model S and cemented their reputation as disrupters. 3 years later they expanded with the Model X. 2 years after that, they brought the Model 3..
      Their ambitious deadlines are nothing short of “ballsy”. Everything about their public image is full-speed, devil-may-care, balls to the wall one-upmanship. They’ve built their brand on the urgency of their company mission and many fans think of owning the Tesla badge as being a part of that “disrupter” status..
      Rivian, on the other hand, was founded in 2009. A year after Tesla’s roadster came to market and demonstrated that there was a demand for compelling electric vehicles if not creating the demand out of thin air by itself. (It’s exact objective). We’re now 10 years on and Rivian has yet to start delivering vehicles.
      Rivian is poised to ride to market in the wake of Tesla. If you think Tesla would’ve been better off taking an approach more similar to Rivian, we would first have to ask ourselves how long should Tesla have waited for someone else to blaze a trail to follow..?
      Don’t get me wrong... I’m excited to see what Rivian finally brings to market. Also curious to see which of Tesla’s open sourced patents they might have made use of (if any). It looks like it’ll be an attractive competitor!

    • Christopher Burtraw
      Christopher Burtraw 18 days ago

      Rivian is the opposite of Faraday. They played their cars conservatively and had real deliverables before hyping everything up. Tesla is closer to Faraday and managed to skate by being the first, but always miss deadlines and make promises they can't make. Rivian couldn't have done it better from a business stanfpoint TBH.
      I work with all 3 companies, and we like Rivians model the best.

  • Jay Andrews
    Jay Andrews 20 days ago

    What is the range towing a 7000 Lb travel Trailer?

  • Breanna Reams
    Breanna Reams 20 days ago

    If I was rich i would totally order one of these!!!

  • Breanna Reams
    Breanna Reams 20 days ago

    They say they can ford up to a meter...

  • 111RobinHood
    111RobinHood 20 days ago +5

    I am from Europe. I love listening to this guy.

  • Trigger Troll
    Trigger Troll 20 days ago

    These trucks will be close to $100k. I would be afraid to take it out of the garage. I trash a $50k truck every 5 years. That’s bad enough.

  • Wayne Walker
    Wayne Walker 20 days ago

    Why in the Tesla Hate video you mentioned larger batteries were a bad thing and in this video you are talking about how great it is to have these larger batteries. Honestly you may know your ICE vehicles but you really need to do a lot more research on electric vehicles.

  • WiL L
    WiL L 20 days ago +8

    I want a rivian and move on from our wasteful technology

  • Ludomessage
    Ludomessage 20 days ago

    Scotty has so much good knowledge but is really out of touch with current trends.

  • Elliot Geno
    Elliot Geno 20 days ago

    On Rivian's site, they say they can ford 1 meter of water. The electronics and battery are sealed.

  • Devin Spruill
    Devin Spruill 21 day ago

    Will buy the suv as long as the price is right.

  • AmEricAN pAraDox leaVing

    Soon gas vehicles will be a antiques!! And you can only drive them if theyre collectables

  • bonob0123
    bonob0123 21 day ago +1

    TIL Scotty prefers his pie up in the sky

  • Guillaume Laflèche
    Guillaume Laflèche 21 day ago +10

    Nice to see Scotty finally acknowledge that EVs have great potential.

    • Guillaume Laflèche
      Guillaume Laflèche 19 days ago

      @Broadsidejohn The apparent lack of independent mechanics for EVs has been a concern of mine, too, but check out Rich Rebuilds for an example of non-affiliates trying to figure things out. Kind of like fixing a computer, in part.

    • Broadsidejohn
      Broadsidejohn 19 days ago

      -sure. Just plug it into a cornfield in Iowa just like the commercials.
      And I'm sure most mechanics will have no problem working on them.

  • Stable Stoic
    Stable Stoic 21 day ago

    I'm waiting. Im excited to purchase an affordable EV.

  • john smith
    john smith 21 day ago

    Wait a minute. What about your video about all the problems with electric cars particularly in the north. The heat in the southwest isn't too kind to batteries either. These are more designed for socal where you'll often find people driving four wheels and big trucks for show.

  • Mike George
    Mike George 21 day ago

    Put this guy in charge of SpaceX! (Or we need to get him on the Joe Rogan show)

  • Rede Alexander
    Rede Alexander 21 day ago

    Do you even own a pickup truck?

  • Saman Rostami
    Saman Rostami 21 day ago +2

    So in multiple videos you hate on Tesla for making electric cars and its overall mission, and now you promote Rivian for making electric trucks?! talking about being biased

    • Redwood Madrone
      Redwood Madrone 20 days ago +1

      Saman Rostami
      You mean he should apologize for being previously stupid and close minded? He should say “yep, I was wrong and now I better understand that EV are the future”?
      I wish people could do that and be straightforward. Unfortunately most people struggle with psychological blockages. They don’t want to lose face or whatever.

    • Saman Rostami
      Saman Rostami 20 days ago

      @Redwood Madrone sure, but they should act accordingly otherwise by definition it's called bias

    • Redwood Madrone
      Redwood Madrone 20 days ago

      Saman Rostami
      People change their minds, that’s ok.

  • tjoloi
    tjoloi 21 day ago

    Charging a 105kWh battery at 80% in 15 minutes takes 336 kW of power for 15 minutes. That's the equivalent of pumping 100 amps at 3000 Volts. A commercial power line can't supply that much let alone a charging station.

  • Arthur Catigbe
    Arthur Catigbe 22 days ago

    Scotty, why do you think a company like Rivian selling a truck will kill Tesla, a much more mature company with a wider range of more commonly purchased vehicles?

  • Mustang Chef
    Mustang Chef 22 days ago

    I met him.

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 22 days ago

    I think the company is going to fail, but all their assets will be bought out. It's very simple. Their vehicles look ugly. There are only so many people who will buy a pickup because it's "green" or it has instant torque.

  • Ovidiu Matei
    Ovidiu Matei 22 days ago

    Scotty, have the entrance in the garage fixed:)

  • Nich Lounds
    Nich Lounds 22 days ago

    Wow Scotty is promoting an electric truck I'll wait till Tesla's comes out to see if he does the same.

  • mdunbar008
    mdunbar008 22 days ago

    Give it a full size bed, recharge 100% in 5 minutes, and get the cost under $40k, until that it's junk.

    • Calvin Luchs
      Calvin Luchs 22 days ago

      You can't even get a gas truck to do any of that under 40k unless it's 2wd V6.

  • John Hosler
    John Hosler 22 days ago +2

    They sprayed everything with camp dry it'll be fine man....

  • Jared Champagne
    Jared Champagne 22 days ago

    Rivian is literally just a concept and hasn’t even been released yet and may never be released, how can you say its going to be the future without an actual product to look at? A couple prototypes and a drawing board and you can judge off of that? So many people these days live in a fantasy world. It may be one of those concepts that never gets released or just becomes a pointless gimmick that no one buys once its released...

  • Joel Maxwell
    Joel Maxwell 22 days ago

    rivian is designed for deep water

  • Ron ball
    Ron ball 22 days ago

    Trucks up here in canuickstan already are a hard sell if they're gas (over diesel) for work. It's not so much the range, it's the fact that they're on for 12 to 16 hours a day. Running heaters in the winter, and AC in the summer. It's killer on the battery. Wouldnt even break a sweat on a (most likely) much cheaper Ford f350 diesel.
    You can get rapid charging with high voltage. I mean 600v plus. Anything lower requires really high current. High current charging means bigger wires, more expensive battery pack cooling systems. So safety, cost, longevity are big factors. Range is also a problem if you're hauling heavy loads. Not sold.

  • Kam Alan
    Kam Alan 23 days ago

    What about when they break?? Lol can't be very cheap.

  • Richmighty 1
    Richmighty 1 23 days ago

    All this technology is wonderful sounding and some of it is actually amazing but I’ll keep my ford pickup. Easy to work on and easy to buy parts for.

    • Luke Suchy
      Luke Suchy 17 days ago

      The point of electric is that you don't need spare parts because stuff doesn't break all the time.

  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude 23 days ago +1

    The problem is, there isn’t even that many charging stations. (Except in California probably) and you can’t even drive in when it’s damp or anything.

  • Sir Jhonson
    Sir Jhonson 23 days ago

    I bet they mill not last long at the coast.

  • Midnight Phoenix
    Midnight Phoenix 23 days ago

    Still will be the same problem with all electric vehicles and other devices. The charge capacity of batteries will diminish over time. Then have to replace the batteries or find it on Craigslist for cheap about 8 to 10 years down the road. Not enough charging stations in parts of the United States to justify owning one.
    On the other hand. These can be good for company fleet or city service fleet vehicles staying locally around town and near by the charging stations at the garage.

  • CF Moto Z8
    CF Moto Z8 23 days ago

    Can’t wait. I Wonder what the price will be in Oz!