The World's Most Dangerous Approach - Paro, Bhutan

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • Join me on a flight with Bhutan Airlines (Tashi Air) A319 from Kathmandu to Paro, Bhutan. Paro Airport is situated in between mountains and valleys at 7,332 ft above sea level. The approach is well considered as one of the most dangerous and most spectacular in the world. Check out the amazing landing footage.
    In addition, the flight also flew across many top 10 mountains in the world include Mt Everest.
    Join us for a spectacular and thrilling, up close, documentary look at the world’s most dangerous airport landing at Paro airport in Bhutan. Make sure you watch all the way to the end of the video to catch the sped up, bird’s eye view of the fabulous and graceful twisting and turning of the aeroplane on its approach to the landing strip of Paro airport, the sole international airport of Bhutan located six kilometres from Paro in a very deep valley on the bank of the river Paro Chhu, and how the runway suddenly appears from nowhere. It takes a real aviation expert and a very steady hand to make a safe landing at Paro airport!
    In this video, we fly from Kathmandu airport in Nepal to Paro airport in Bhutan using Bhutan airlines. After a brief look inside Kathmandu airport’s executive airport lounge, we board our flight and meet the chief pilot of Bhutan airlines - we’re in safe hands; only a handful of trained captains are qualified and certified to land at Paro airport and it takes a minimum of eight to ten years of intensive training to become a captain.
    We examine the runway at Kathmandu airport which is very bumpy and, interestingly, has no taxiways to the main runway, necessitating the use of some tricky manoeuvres and, needless to say, keen attention paid to air traffic control.
    The flight is only forty minutes long but the flight is still packed with events and sights. In the video, we see most of the top ten highest mountains in the world within the Himalayas including Mount Makalu, Mount Lhotse and the tallest of all, Mount Everest. We also see the mountains of Bhutan within the Himalayan mountain range including Jomolhari and Jitchu Drake. The pictures of the snow capped mountains of the Himalayas are breath taking and we hear the captain’s opinions of why he thinks there is less snow now than there was in previous years.
    We also enjoy lunch with champagne on board and we enjoy sharing a specially made cake with the Bhutan airlines crew to celebrate our travelling with them to the legendary Paro airport of Bhutan.
    Paro airport is surrounded by mountains as high as 5500 metres and only has a single runway of length 1964 metres. Its single terminal was constructed in 1999 and it is a hub for two airlines: Bhutan airlines and Druk Air. Paro airport is such a difficult airport to land in that it can only be used in visual meteorological conditions and operational hours are restricted to daylight hours between sunrise and sunset.
    You really won’t want to miss this video focusing on the world’s most challenging airport to land at. Let us know in the comments what you thought of the scenery and the whole experience and, as always, thanks for watching!

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  • Wes B
    Wes B 10 minutes ago

    Respect for those pilots 🙏🙏

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    Bone Dancer 6 hours ago

    Phew! Pilot prays before landing, I was on the edge of my seat!

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    Angoor Raju 10 hours ago

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    It's uminami 12 hours ago

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  • Mhe 24
    Mhe 24 Day ago

    wow! amazing!!! I like your video. I wanna go to Bhutan also 😀

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    Jole Harding Day ago

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  • Cherry paz
    Cherry paz Day ago

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  • Ultimate DiJo
    Ultimate DiJo Day ago

    Great pilots n staff. The whole video was a very wonderful. Great airport.

  • Chanaka Pathirana

    We Sri Lankans love Bhutan..Budusaranai captain is a Buddhist..our nations of Buddhists

  • The Prophecy Cat

    Because they were so lovely to you I can only imagine how great the locals must be. This airline as made me want to fly there with them.

  • Prabath Rathnamalala

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  • Gary Chan
    Gary Chan Day ago

    Amazing video! Thank you Sam for sharing this video! I never seen a passenger that can talk and sit behind the captain while landing. You must be very special! Also, first time to see a plane has to make a U-turn on runway to approach to the gate. LOL...

  • Prasanta Sarmah
    Prasanta Sarmah Day ago +8

    As our PM Modi says , "We are lucky to have such neighbour like Bhutan" 😍

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  • Abdess dANi
    Abdess dANi 2 days ago +1

    I assisted their king when he flew from Abu dhabi, such a modest man. Even preferred to walk to the gate. Sam i gotta admit, u got insane footage from the cockpit. Great video that makes ur content unique

  • GGY
    GGY 2 days ago

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  • Zynther
    Zynther 2 days ago

    5:18 through 5:20 I’m pretty sure he said v1 rotate because in the captions it said 3-1 rocking lol

  • Malti Singh
    Malti Singh 2 days ago

    Madarchod this pilot is a asshole....rather then focus on flying he is talking non - stop n putting the life of passengers in danger....i have complained to the highest authorities n they assured me to cancel his licence n ban him from flying....motherfucker moron

    C.HARISH RAJU 2 days ago

    Indian aircrafts flying to Paro are flown by specially trained Pilots.

  • Atharva Ramdurgkar
    Atharva Ramdurgkar 2 days ago

    Global warming is taking over.
    Man's flying a combustion engine aircraft between the snowclad mountains. 🙌

  • Rakesh Bajpai
    Rakesh Bajpai 2 days ago +2

    Great 3 point Landing, Beautiful Airport, Lovely staff, Clean City, I Love Bhutan, from India

  • Junming Hu
    Junming Hu 2 days ago

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  • Dhou kar Tse bunja
    Dhou kar Tse bunja 2 days ago

    Tibetan exile government plotted a asassination of 18 years old Bhutanese Prince. This plot was planned by older brother of dalai lama and 1st Pm of Tibetan government in exile.

  • Marian Smartt
    Marian Smartt 3 days ago

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  • j j
    j j 3 days ago

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  • niraj commando
    niraj commando 3 days ago +2

    Love from nepal bro .. visit lumbini birthplace of lord gautam buddha founder of Buddhism . And worlds most dangerous airport is Lukla in Nepal . Hatsoff to thus pilot great skills

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  • Haze Aviation
    Haze Aviation 3 days ago

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    Barbiesam Sab 3 days ago

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  • jibu mathew
    jibu mathew 3 days ago

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  • ud ud
    ud ud 3 days ago

    Hello Bhutan air line captain.we are happy about you .because in between technology and your responsibilities you prays about every one to lord Buddha .as a Buddhist l pray to you best of luck.thank you sir .I am from sri Lanka.we prays peace to every one live on earth.

  • Andreas Ochs
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  • Guillermo Garraton
    Guillermo Garraton 5 days ago +5

    Wow that was almost a carrier landing.
    And VFR only, of course.
    I read only a handful of pilots are certified to fly there.

  • Prashant Prabhakar
    Prashant Prabhakar 5 days ago +15

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    TIK TOK GURU 6 days ago +1

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  • Sean
    Sean 7 days ago

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  • Sean
    Sean 7 days ago

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  • Cheryl Shade
    Cheryl Shade 7 days ago

    I remember coming to Bhutan last year. The approach to the airport was like. “Okay normal descending, a little steep but cool cool” “WTF THERES A MOUNTAIN LIKE TWO FEET FROM THE WINDOW” “huh it disappeared” and the plane touched down and the taxi was SHORT. Compared to any other airport I’ve been to. So impressed afterwards

    ARUN MURALI 7 days ago

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