The fractured politics of a browning America

  • Published on Aug 23, 2018
  • The US is getting more diverse. As more Americans realize this new future, it is changing how cultural and political divides take shape.
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    We live in an America where television programs, commercials, and movies are trying to represent a browner country; where Despacito, a Spanish-language song, tops the Billboard charts and where NFL players kneel during the national anthem to protest police brutality. We live in an America where politicians on the right and left appeal to voters, with explicit references to race.
    And researchers are now able to pinpoint how these indirect and direct are shifting political ideology.
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Comments • 7 511

  • Vox
    Vox  11 months ago +252

    Ezra Klein and Jennifer Richeson discuss white threat and American politics in a recent episode of the Ezra Klein Show. Listen to the full episode here and subscribe to our new channel:

    • Mary Lamb
      Mary Lamb 17 hours ago

      Simon Bones
      Yes you are, if thats how you identify.
      Drop the labels and we are all just people. I like that better.

    • Mary Lamb
      Mary Lamb 18 hours ago

      Hunter Cerny
      Thats not the only reason.

    • The FPV Life
      The FPV Life 8 days ago

      @Homie Kitten ironically Spanish was the first foreign language that came to the brown American people

    • The FPV Life
      The FPV Life 8 days ago

      False premise "Browning of America". America was brown for thousands of years waaaay before white Europeans invaded and killed brown people.

    • Black Wallstreet
      Black Wallstreet Month ago

      So does this mean that whites will be policed, mass incarcerated and killed by Black police officers? Are White Cubans in South Florida considered Latino or White?

  • Jesus Flores
    Jesus Flores 48 minutes ago

    Que bueno!

  • Eric x
    Eric x 18 hours ago

    Notice how Asians rarely cry about made-up societal “issues”?


    So White Americans Are The Devil And I am Hispanic And I Want To Get Rid Of White Americans.

  • TheAmericanTroopie
    TheAmericanTroopie 4 days ago

    Israel needs more diversity ngl

  • R K
    R K 4 days ago

    Classic liberal scare tactics.

  • Kavindu Kalhara
    Kavindu Kalhara 4 days ago +1

    I think trump should ban the H1B Visa.. Then we can witness the collapse of America

  • A. N.
    A. N. 4 days ago +2

    This continent was originally inhabited by brown/ yellow indigenous people...not by black, white, or modern-day Asians. A lot of these indigenous peoples reside in central/ south America. Mexico used to own parts of Texas & California....USA is a newer empire based on the “idea” of being nation of immigrants so ... what’s the big deal about a “change” that was inevitable? You can’t own what was never yours to begin with.

  • MadWorldUSA
    MadWorldUSA 6 days ago

    I don't want the US is become more diverse. I want America to stay white/black and segregated..

  • Fix Bayonets
    Fix Bayonets 7 days ago

    America should always be majority white. I understand it was never 100% white and that’s ok but what is being done here is intentional. What happened with the natives was wrong. However, if you feel it was wrong for Europeans to take their land, how can you support bringing millions of additional people on it? Slavery was also wrong. If you’re black, how can you support bringing in millions of people to compete with? Another thing I’ll never understand is the selfish attitude of the left and right on immigration. Everyone seems to be all for taking the most talented people out of struggling third world countries. How will that work out for those countries? They’ll end up even worse off. Those countries need their best and brightest. Bottom line, what we’re doing now is a nation ending mistake. Most people don’t love diversity, especially forced diversity. We were never asked about this we were just told. The natives were never asked in 1492. Those remaining aren’t being asked again. Another bottom line, you couldn’t have had America without Europeans building it. You won’t have America without Europeans running it. It’s ok to be white. It’s ok to take your own side in a fight.

    TRUMP FOREVER 7 days ago

    If the choices for race on the census were narrowed down to only "white" the U.S. would be a 100% white nation overnight. You may laugh but it's true. Ten million people changed their race on the 2010 census and anyone can do it- easily and legally.

  • mikedoesseo
    mikedoesseo 8 days ago

    Diversity and the importation of lesser thans is the elites plan to destroy America to formulate their global government. Period. End of story.

    • mikedoesseo
      mikedoesseo 8 days ago

      @TRUMP FOREVER Any evidence to support the theory that Santa Claus is a fairy tale for children?

      TRUMP FOREVER 8 days ago

      LOL !!! Any evidence to support that theory?

  • The FPV Life
    The FPV Life 8 days ago

    America was brown fir thousands of years people. Waaaaay before white Europeans invaded and killed brown natives.

  • Yohalmo Castro
    Yohalmo Castro 8 days ago

    This Dude Looks Like Brandon Rogers 😂😂

  • Ata Prodouction
    Ata Prodouction 9 days ago


  • Kai McKenzie
    Kai McKenzie 9 days ago

    ICE didn't even exist in the 1990s. Get your facts straight. They would cerrainly have abolished ICE because back then Customs and Border Protection was doing ICE's job. ICE is an unnecessary and overaggressive organisation. Abolishing it makes sense.



  • TheWinterShadow
    TheWinterShadow 12 days ago

    A very interesting video.

  • Manw Cat
    Manw Cat 12 days ago +1

    Am I the only one that don't see the issue with a growing number of diversity and the shrinken of white population?

  • DD P
    DD P 16 days ago

    America wasn't ready for Diversity this Fast blacks didn't ever get to benefit off civil rights or Afirminative Action before other races started flocking over just to get free stuff it's not fair that is why discrimination still exists

  • Federico Cardenas
    Federico Cardenas 17 days ago +1

    The only answer is to mix every race

  • Bradley McP
    Bradley McP 19 days ago

    Big change will always cause division. And this change against the perceived norm will probably continue for a long while because communities will continue to feel threatened by the other. It's a rough topic that I completely understand how people can fall into the trap of being against immigrants and I understand where their fears are driven from. That's why I think we need to address and build up latin america if we want to overcome the immigration happening. We need to send more aid and build up alliances there. Though I honestly don't think it's right for people to come to America just to give birth to a child to get easier access to America. Most of Europe don't have policies that guarantees citizenship to children born in said country who don't have at least one parent that's a citizen or have some form of settled status. In respects to the people that come to America to have a child, I can respect it because they're doing whats best for them. But I'm not convinced it's the best course to address citizenship even though I still won't hold anything against people that have done this to better their kids. In their shoes, I would probably do the same.

  • Conrad Gaarder
    Conrad Gaarder 21 day ago +1

    If you live in a White western country and you have a democracy, a free press and Jews, sooner or later your country is going to be destroyed.

  • PokeGeo1668
    PokeGeo1668 21 day ago

    If white people become a minority then don’t white people become part of the minority club 😂

    • L Smith
      L Smith 5 hours ago

      Only white countries cater to minority groups, so I wouldn't expect this to happen.

  • MrRhomas913
    MrRhomas913 23 days ago

    Ethnic and racial diversity is not so big a deal. It is how people think and immigrants to the US tend to adopt the same American mindset culture within a generation. Anyhow, the census defines a non-White very broadly and given the high amount of racial and ethnic intermarriage, there are a lot of so called "minorities" that are merging into the mainstream. I would expect that the definition of "white" will just broaden to include more sub-groups kind of like how Jews, Irish, Italians became white. Heck, half of Latinos already check the white box.

  • Anna in Vermont U.S.A
    Anna in Vermont U.S.A 23 days ago +2

    Diversity is KILLING American people. YOU are a LIAR.

  • Svyatozar
    Svyatozar 24 days ago +2

    Hope Trump change it!

  • A wild Tanner was found
    A wild Tanner was found 25 days ago +1

    Why are Asians classified as different than whites or blacks or Hispanic, I would think they would be white people yet I see people treating them underneath everyone else.

  • Mark Landrebe
    Mark Landrebe 25 days ago +2

    America was founded/built by WHITES; why should we give it up to any other(s) ? !!

  • Scaredscorch
    Scaredscorch 26 days ago +2

    I honestly don't care as long as America keeps its cultural values if it does that who cares MLK once said he dreams of America will you no longer see race but for the content of their character

  • Froedrick Das Book
    Froedrick Das Book 27 days ago +1

    Racist white aholes dying out, oh what a pity....

  • Gilang Pangestu
    Gilang Pangestu 27 days ago

    Well, here in Indonesia, race is not big problem. We live across 300 more tribes here. But yes, bitter for foreigners...

  • Crazy S
    Crazy S 28 days ago

    When talking about the browning of America Republicans like the Indians because they have a lot of the Indian vote

  • Coco Crisp
    Coco Crisp 29 days ago

    One thing I can tell real Americans is that the Republikkklan party is going to be buying a lot of white sheets and crosses.

  • Liya Dorsey
    Liya Dorsey 29 days ago

    Who r these black ppl being interviewed that have become more conservative? I grew up in a VERY mixed neighborhood thats now almost entirely white. Gentrification is an immediate concern! America browning hasn't affected my area its the opposite!

  • Joy Hasan
    Joy Hasan Month ago

    Keep calling shut up u "white man" and it will work out just gine

  • cora van dijk
    cora van dijk Month ago

    We are all Gods children, it makes no matter who you are. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His site.

  • Rs Rs
    Rs Rs Month ago

    What happend to 'we the people'? Society is US, not us and them....

  • Elizabeth G Enat-Hung

    Yay. It will be a great thing to see the White invaders going down!

  • daLi demo
    daLi demo Month ago

    the time's come to discriminate against the white invaders

  • Angel Minka
    Angel Minka Month ago +1

    I’m severely questioning how black people are projected to remain 13% over the next 20 years? considering the fact that we’ve haven’t had negative birth rate in centuries since being in America. I highly believe the black population is higher than they say it is.

  • sonicluffypucca96
    sonicluffypucca96 Month ago +1

    I think in worse case scenario we just end up being like Brazil

  • guy laurent
    guy laurent Month ago

    America is at war with ittself, and the press push it,because the press is the real enemy......

  • Carl Kelly
    Carl Kelly Month ago +4

    Don't worry! Be happy!🎼🎉❤️👀

    • Carl Kelly
      Carl Kelly Month ago

      Epic Rants 🤣😅😂👀😆😅

    • Epic Rants
      Epic Rants Month ago

      I'd rather not be happy handing over the society my ancestors built over to a people who never contributed to it but only benefited from it

  • Juan Domingo Peron
    Juan Domingo Peron Month ago

    There will still be a white majority.... however it will be mixed race.

  • First Name Last Name

    Maybe white fears about race are legitimate

    • First Name Last Name
      First Name Last Name Month ago

      Dustin10800 why explain your reasoning if the reverse was happening in a non white country it would be called colonialism and genocide

    • Dustin10800
      Dustin10800 Month ago +1


  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name Month ago +1

    Changing demographics is not a good thing

  • nick barrios
    nick barrios Month ago +2

    California is probably the worst state in our country because they are so liberal

  • Shannon S
    Shannon S Month ago

    PR is an American state.

  • Shannon S
    Shannon S Month ago

    I hate rich people...

  • LaFonteCheVi
    LaFonteCheVi Month ago

    Race is entirely meaningless thing. Only racists care about it unless it is in the context of ending racism.

  • patteel
    patteel Month ago

    This is 90% Bullshit. Kennedy got away with murder and that is wrong and a Democrat failure. Obama was just a poor excuse for a president and that was a Democrat failure. California is turning into a septic tank and that is a Democrat failure. A million ILLEGAL invaders of all races is coming into our country this year without permission from the American people and that is a failure of the Democrats. We spend 135 BILLION A YEAR ON ILLEGAL ALIENS. That is a failure of the Democrates. WHAT COULD BE DONE WITH THAT 135 BILLION ? HOW ABOUT BETTER SCHOOLS FOR OUR KIDS> MORE MEDICAL CARE FOR OUR ELDERLY> MORE FOOD FOR OUR HUNGRY> MORE HOUSING FOR OUR HOMELESS !
    P.S. I loved the dogs, did NOT care for their owners.

    • LaFonteCheVi
      LaFonteCheVi Month ago

      Pretty much everything you said is wrong.

  • Robert Corbett
    Robert Corbett Month ago

    White people are oppressed

  • kailan spall
    kailan spall Month ago

    "it's scary for anyone" yeah, if you're a racist, whether passively or actively

  • genocruz2000
    genocruz2000 Month ago

    Cowboy Bebop.

  • David Halili
    David Halili Month ago

    Love you ezra!♥️

  • 3rdeyeshine
    3rdeyeshine Month ago

    The USA is probably the only country in the world with at least one person from every other country and we're all f****** each other..were meeting in the middle in all subjects especially money distribution as of here in the recent future

  • Puggerino Pug
    Puggerino Pug Month ago +1

    I was told that this is a conspiracy theory... 🤔

  • John Deer
    John Deer Month ago

    Blacks say illegals are taking their jobs but I don’t see no blacks working in the fields nor construction sites it’s always just Hispanics and Whites

  • John Edward Gallagher

    all you are saying is an argument in favor of anti immigration. Why would a white person what the nation browning.

  • John Edward Gallagher

    the point is that there is a loss of power with immigration. So why are you upset.

    • John Edward Gallagher
      John Edward Gallagher 8 days ago

      @TRUMP FOREVER you are commenting on something I wrote a month ago so I can not figure out where you are coming from. I believe that I meant that "the browning of america will possibly dilute the power of the Republican party and if you are a republican that would not be a good thing. If you are a democrat then the browning of america would increase your power. These are just demographic facts. I would have to understand the context of your comment to understand. If you are an immigrant to the US I would say that your power in this world increased because ypu became an american citizen. If you are a foreigner then you have less power.

      TRUMP FOREVER 8 days ago

      Being an immigrant doesn't change the amount of political power one has. When I vote it doesn't matter if I became a citizen yesterday or one of my ancestors came on the Mayflower.

  • Space AIDS
    Space AIDS Month ago +1

    A bunch of strapping Hispanic and Asian men coming into my country...... hmmmmm.... maybe this immigration thing ain’t so bad.

  • Hi Point C9
    Hi Point C9 Month ago

    America rip

  • Peter Black
    Peter Black Month ago +1

    Black people are the most fertile people on the planet, for some reason these people think we want revenge.
    We just want a hamburger and for cops not to shoot our kids.

    • Peter Black
      Peter Black Month ago

      @Tattle Boad good thing I made sure not to confuse the US with the planet.

    • Tattle Boad
      Tattle Boad Month ago

      most of the population growth in the US is not from blacks

      black people actually made up a smaller percentage of the overall US population in 2010 than they did in 1850

  • Drew Richmond
    Drew Richmond Month ago

    I wonder how traditional outgroups feel about this. Like Jews, Mormons and other small religious groups. I personally identify more with my church and religion than my race so the idea that 'whites' are decreasing in number doesn't really impact mw. I'm also marrying an asian girl so maybe I'm part of the problem that my fellow whites are concerned about. Finally, why does this video not address interracial Americans?

  • Yeetardo
    Yeetardo Month ago

    I just want to point something out. Immigrants who come here will actually have lower birthrates as they begin to intigrate in our society. As they become more educated, develop meaningful careers, and adopt American consumer culture, they will have less kids. So extending that graph into the future is not entirely accurate

  • MRbossman1982
    MRbossman1982 Month ago +1

    I wonder how the feel of this video would be if the title were “ politics of a whiter America” I think people would match N boycott it!

  • MRbossman1982
    MRbossman1982 Month ago +1

    Lol 😂 more like a more Spanish America! And it’s all these illegal Hispanics making it brown! Thank god trump is president hope he gets 4 more years kicks out this Latino illegals! I’m a person of color by the way!

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith Month ago +1

    I feel very neutral about this, lol.

    • Dab Vitor
      Dab Vitor Month ago +1

      Me too, and I'm mixed lol

  • APaleDot
    APaleDot Month ago +3

    "'Abolish ICE' is a good example. That is a policy that the Democrats would not have been on board with in the 1990s."

    ICE didn't exist in the 1990s.

    • Brother Husky
      Brother Husky Month ago +1

      Yeah, ICE was formed in 2003. But I think he's trying to say that like the Dems would not support abolishing the strict enforcement of immigration in the 90s.
      At least that's what I think

  • David Owle
    David Owle Month ago +1

    I kept waiting in vain to hear some version of the phrase "race as a social construction."

    • Tattle Boad
      Tattle Boad 11 days ago

      @TRUMP FOREVER some people think EVERYTHING is an idea

      TRUMP FOREVER 11 days ago

      @Tattle Boad Some people don't realize race is an idea.

    • Tattle Boad
      Tattle Boad Month ago

      all ideas are social constructions

      all ideas are just subjective experiences that get shared with other people

  • maszlagma
    maszlagma Month ago +3

    Can I just ask... when did "hispanic" become one homogenous race? That is just incorrect in so many ways.

    • Tien Shinhan
      Tien Shinhan Month ago

      maszlagma most Hispanics don't even know what race they are since it works different down there than it does here. A lot of them don't feel like they completely fall into the categories of black, white, Native American, etc so it's hard to pin them down to a certain race.

    • Firdavs Yuldashev
      Firdavs Yuldashev Month ago +1

      I mean what do you expect from ignorant degenerates. They also refer to muslims as if they are one muslim race. Its ridiculous

  • zeitGGeist
    zeitGGeist Month ago +2

    It helps that ICE didnt exist in the 1990's...

  • MC Meyer
    MC Meyer Month ago +1

    Trump talking about "Christian values"..... That's 1. Very hypocritical and 2. Most Hispanics and African Americans are Christian.

  • Shockadelic
    Shockadelic Month ago +1

    No longer the majority?

    Still the largest group.

    And always will be.

    • ugly motherfucker
      ugly motherfucker Month ago

      If trends are to continue even after the end of this century, they won't be the largest group.

  • Alvaro1ization
    Alvaro1ization Month ago +2

    The problem with you stupid Americans is that you still labelling people by their "race", not just as American people... You're all completely stupid people who don't even realise of that

  • igotouhere ci
    igotouhere ci Month ago

    People from foreign countries say people born here are "from the states"- they know we're not United!! #MakeAmericaGiveReparations

  • Jannis Höntscher
    Jannis Höntscher Month ago +1

    Nobody is illegal on stolen land

    • Tattle Boad
      Tattle Boad Month ago

      all land is stolen

    • ugly motherfucker
      ugly motherfucker Month ago

      @Jannis Höntscher I agree, we should get rid of all the non-Europeans in Europe, because it's their indigeous land.

    • Jannis Höntscher
      Jannis Höntscher Month ago

      tim van rijn the english stole it from the indegenous

    • tim van rijn
      tim van rijn Month ago

      Winning something in war isnt stealing

  • NickWestVids7
    NickWestVids7 Month ago

    Just waiting for 2045 only 26 more years

    BAD VIBES Month ago +1

    Me, as a white male from african descent i find this very confusing lol im half white half black and i love both colors

    • Louis Woodard jr
      Louis Woodard jr Month ago +1

      BAD VIBES + Amen To That Brotha,✊🏾🗽🇺🇸

  • Saagar Singh Sachdev
    Saagar Singh Sachdev Month ago +3

    I suppose the problem is "people" then.

  • Logan Plank
    Logan Plank 2 months ago +1

    Look at what happened to South African white people. I don't want this to happen to white Americans.

    • ugly motherfucker
      ugly motherfucker Month ago

      @wesley russell Access to whites is not a human right. If they wanna live segregated from other people, you know like almost every single ethnic group and race does in this world, then they should be free to do so.

    • T -
      T - Month ago

      wesley russell
      Ahh so it’s ok to kill and rape them? Got it.
      By the way white South Africans used to have a right to return to Europe. This was scrapped. So now even if they want to leave it is very hard to.

    • wesley russell
      wesley russell Month ago +1

      It's a different thing there. It wasn't more than 20 years ago that white people literally stole thier land and continued to do so. The minority which is white ruled the majority with their racist laws.

  • Atlanta718
    Atlanta718 2 months ago +1

    Americans are fearful of the dirty D word, #DIVERSITY.
    Then vote #Conservative 🗳
    Sorry to share FEAR won't change the OUTCOME

    • Travelator
      Travelator 13 days ago

      Which means Civil War 2.0

    • Javier smith
      Javier smith Month ago +2

      @Weston Meyer no, White Americans have turned into no pride having Corporate zombies.

    • Weston Meyer
      Weston Meyer Month ago +1

      Revolution will though.

  • shooterxd23
    shooterxd23 2 months ago

    Good, their "race" is being gobled up by ours...

    • Tattle Boad
      Tattle Boad Month ago

      lol not even close to being true

      a new race is being born, none of the old races are overtaking each other

  • gtrgy888
    gtrgy888 2 months ago

    Try to contain your excitement better about white death and infertility. Could the most important change be the decreasing testosterone of mincing weirdos like this who somehow run the media?

  • Bak Lava
    Bak Lava 2 months ago

    I’m emigrating!

    • wesley russell
      wesley russell Month ago

      @Tattle Boad Source

    • wesley russell
      wesley russell Month ago

      @Bak Lava South Africa was never like that. ...

    • Tattle Boad
      Tattle Boad Month ago

      @wesley russell lol the south african tribes fought and killed and stole each other's lands for thousands of years

  • Javier Vergara
    Javier Vergara 2 months ago +1

    is called xenophobia... if you believe in white supremacy,hegemony.... FEAR of loosing what you stole in the first place.

    • Tattle Boad
      Tattle Boad Month ago

      white people didnt steal anything, we took it

      you're just jealous that we were stronger than your weakling ancestors

  • cyberpimp29
    cyberpimp29 2 months ago +1

    What a rascist video. What they dont realize is that illegal immigrants of all colors are fleeing the United States in droves. Thanks to Trump, this issue is going to solve itself...

  • Chelsea J
    Chelsea J 2 months ago

    Did he call it the browning of America?!?! 6:15

  • Henry Crampton-Hays
    Henry Crampton-Hays 2 months ago +1

    "racial conservatives"

  • Kenneth Sanchez
    Kenneth Sanchez 2 months ago

    I'm not very educated but isn't a Mexican a HYBRID of Native American and Western European???? This world is ... (guess words can't explain)

    • Navarsh TTD
      Navarsh TTD Month ago

      @Kenneth Sanchez most mexicans consist of mostly indigenous or most mostly western European or half and half

    • Kenneth Sanchez
      Kenneth Sanchez 2 months ago

      THETRUTH202 here in the US we refer to the people of the land before the explores came as Native American. I do not know where you get Mongolians?
      Also, I meant to say Western European. For example Spain, Portugal, French etc.
      Native Americans have so many tribes starting with the Mayans Incas Aztecs . Just like South America still has native land tribes.
      European explorers just came out west. (Thought it was India) Found some women and there you go hybrid between European and Native American. Check your dictionary for the word Native. Don't know where you got Mongolia from my previous comment.
      If you are from the states then we have a big issue with education here.

    • THETRUTH202
      THETRUTH202 2 months ago

      No lls Mexicans are mixed with Southern Europeans (Spain) and something else but definitely not the Mongolians aka “native Americans”

  • Darth Bomber
    Darth Bomber 2 months ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • David Norwood
    David Norwood 2 months ago +7

    As a white man, I’m hearing, “have more babies!”

  • G.I. JOE RO
    G.I. JOE RO 2 months ago

    This is trash teir race bait

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 2 months ago

    Zionist propaganda. Ballsy video you cockroach

  • Aziz Shabazz
    Aziz Shabazz 2 months ago

    Wow. Your founders of our country did a great job. They made immigration possible so that the poor and destitute could come here to try to live comfortably. The constitution provides for immigration of all people..not just white people. Just because your forefathers built this country does not make it a white country. Blacks helped build this country as well as Chinese working on the railroad. Should we blacks expect for Africans to immigrate here over European descendants..after all this is just as much my country as it is yours. Am I not correct? If not please correct me like i will correct you. Fastforward to 2019 and white people have this complex that "brown" people are taking over. Brown people was always here. Maybe not in your neighborhood. Or did you move your neighborhood here from Europe? Brown people is what people associate with the real America. America is north and south America. As a matter of fact..are you even American? I have native ancestry as i more American than you? Now do you see where this is going? This is not a white America nor a "brown" America. This is one US of America not 2 or 3. This country was set up exactly how the forefathers set it regardless of what race you are we enjoy the same liberties an wlll continue to do so whle accepting the "brown" immigrants. It is not a browning of America it is a browning of the world. In 2040 blacks will be 39% of the world. You will not lose the USA you just simply will be old. Without the immigrants whose going to do the service jobs? Be careful how you treat "brown" people those same "brown" people may have to change your bedpan. And the last question you would want to hear at age 90 is "were you against immigration? Should i treat you human and change your bedpan or let you squirm in the excrement that you made.?
    Make your choice today. Service or excrement.

    • Aziz Shabazz
      Aziz Shabazz Month ago

      @T - no what's bizarre is that blacks are in the same predicament as before. There are millions if black middle class people I don't think your narrative stands firm. The disenfranchisement of black people for 450 years contributed greatly to there poor place in American society. This is by design. America already fooled itself letting Latinos in to take the jobs from blacks and what do you know now they are taking over America. I'm ok with that seeing that blacks will still have the same amount of political and financial power as before. Nothing will change for blacks however with the trump narrative of sanctions the tariffs will be paid by American citizens..the same group who elected him. White reproductive replacement rates are under 1.8 they will never recover from that. Thanks to Soros and other politicians who've hit a brick wall trying to secluded brown people economically your dominance is slowly fading away. The American dream of job car and house has become your American nightmare due to racism disenfranchisement and falsely glorified narrative. Soon you will be "ordinary folk" like the rest.

    • T -
      T - Month ago

      Aziz Shabazz
      I think what the problem is is that the people walking in are illegal, getting jobs undercutting wages, not paying taxes and on top of all that getting welfare which covers homes, bills, food, clothes, healthcare, drivers license etc. While Americans (of all colours) are left in the dirt and even treat with distain by the government.
      Tell me does letting in millions upon millions of people help black Americans? Native Americans? White Americans? Asian Americans?
      I’m sorry but the USA cannot accept everyone that wants to go there.
      The less white the USA is becoming isn’t improving peoples lives FYI. Not saying whites are superior or anything but when a group of people come to know and love a country they tend to want to look after it.
      Rather than actually try to make America a better place, all that has happened is that once it was ok to discriminate against non-whites now it’s socially and even encouraged to discriminate and be down right racist towards whites.
      The left are all for helping illegals get everything they want/ need but isn’t the black community suffering? Isn’t the Native American community suffering? Etc. Can’t even try to sort out the problems that they already have, but will bend over backwards for people of another country. So bizarre.

  • Aziz Shabazz
    Aziz Shabazz 2 months ago +1

    Just know that around 10% of Latinos are black. So blacks are more than 13% of the USA population.

  • José Arcadio Buendia
    José Arcadio Buendia 2 months ago

    These fake “a-and”/“wha-what”/“bu-but” stutterings at the beginning of his sentences in order to sound casual are super annoying IMO.

  • William Flores
    William Flores 2 months ago +1

    As a hispanic the Browning is going to cause a lot of problems.YOU CANT DENY that diversity causes problems as people want to represent their group which causes a boiling pit of races.Im not saying any race is bad but having one race be the majority helps a country be stable.Look,most of the world's wars can be attributed to diversity just look at south Sudan.Minorities should remain minorities

    • T -
      T - Month ago

      William Flores
      Hey William, I agree. I have nothing against people with a different skin colour or anything but I think the USA has too many problems as it is and cannot meet the needs of the current population(of all colours), let alone trying to “help” people people south of the border.
      The USA doesn’t have unlimited resources, money, homes, schools etc. There has to be a limit otherwise the USA will be a hellhole for everyone.

  • MisterKorihor
    MisterKorihor 2 months ago

    I think the US should break apart into separate nations. We are no longer a unified people. Multiculturalism and multi-racialism has failed.