Why Captain Marvel Is More Important In Avengers: Endgame Than You Think

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
  • Why Captain Marvel Is More Important In Avengers: Endgame Than You Think
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  • Izzymarine99
    Izzymarine99 2 months ago

    I don't get why people hate captain marvel. Is it because she is a powerful woman? Are men only allowed to be powerful? I don't think so.

    • Angelo Spitale
      Angelo Spitale 2 months ago

      Actually read why they aren’t fond of her before assuming it’s just because she’s a woman...

  • k w
    k w 3 months ago


  • Jerilyn Bridges
    Jerilyn Bridges 4 months ago

    Thanos is soo toast!

  • kiid 6aal
    kiid 6aal 5 months ago

    I got 20$ on thanos 😂😂😭

  • NARDES1000
    NARDES1000 5 months ago

    the movie will start in the future. They found the recording of the past. They decide to go back in time.

  • Devil C Wesker
    Devil C Wesker 5 months ago +1

    MY thinking was, wow they are really gonna make her be the reason the aveners defeat thanos and she would be the marrysue. video title why captain marvel is more important in the avengers endgame tha you think. IM like how?

  • Rabbit Production
    Rabbit Production 5 months ago

    Disliked because of the thumbnail.

  • meme 24hours
    meme 24hours 5 months ago

    She dumb

  • OA Delano
    OA Delano 5 months ago


  • Shah Shahin Ali Shah Shahin Ali


  • Dan with no name
    Dan with no name 6 months ago

    Why Captain Bulldike will ruin Avengers.

  • Mr. Aldrich
    Mr. Aldrich 6 months ago

    Pay attention . .... Parts of this back story are in agent's of shield.

  • Karla Armenta
    Karla Armenta 6 months ago +2

    Many don’t want to watch captain marvel.... and that’s a big yay!!! more room space and leg space for me hehehe 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 give it chance it may just turn out well... 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • D Gatch
    D Gatch 6 months ago +1

    More gynocentric propaganda in film. MGTOW!

  • Waymon Rochell jr
    Waymon Rochell jr 6 months ago

    I want to see everyone back even Hawkeye family n destroy thanos n. Move on

  • theshiled
    theshiled 6 months ago

    I don't get it. Why did Nick Fury waited till Thanos's victory to call captain marvel. If she is so powerful she could have prevented all of this from happening in the first place. Where was she when they first fought Loki or Ultron.

    • Mamin Marvel
      Mamin Marvel 5 months ago

      @theshiled let's wait for both movies. I am also can't wait to watch them as its very mysterious...

    • theshiled
      theshiled 5 months ago

      @Mamin Marvel But Thanos threatened, and eventually killed, 50% of the population of the universe, not only earth. Sound to me she should have been involved much earlier, and not necessarily by earth lings.

    • Mamin Marvel
      Mamin Marvel 6 months ago

      She's involved in the Kree and Skrull war. She's trying to prevent every Skrull to step onto Earth. Maybe there's a deal where Skrull will not disturb Earth if Carol is not on earth. I don't know. You have to wait for Captain Marvel movie to understand...

  • Calavera
    Calavera 6 months ago +10

    Just came to thumb down for the deceptive thumb.

  • Noah AG THE Man
    Noah AG THE Man 6 months ago +2

    She'll make everyone happy I think.

    • Sir Azazel of Lowkey
      Sir Azazel of Lowkey 4 months ago

      I hope so. But I am not holding my breath. Bringing in a new character out of left field and have that character defeat the big bad that all the other characters we've grown with for multiple years got defeated by, would just be very lame and bad from a story telling perspective. She can playa pivotal role, that's important, since otherwise bringing her in at all would be a waste. But making her he big victor would just be an insult to all the characters that came before. If that happens, a lot of people would be unhappy.

  • Noah AG THE Man
    Noah AG THE Man 6 months ago

    What if she helps kill Thanos?

  • Jeroen Stobbe
    Jeroen Stobbe 6 months ago

    I don't think captain Marvel is gonna work as a new flagship. She's relatively unknown. She's being prepped up as the next best thing, but it's gonna flop bigtime. Who is she??

  • Dennis Olarte
    Dennis Olarte 6 months ago +17

    why so much hate on her being cast as captain marvel? have you already watched the movie?

    • Minty Linux2
      Minty Linux2 3 months ago

      Youre right, Dennis

    • Rallo Tubbs
      Rallo Tubbs 6 months ago +1

      Probably the ones who tried to get the role so they hating her success

  • Blacklily Orchard
    Blacklily Orchard 6 months ago

    movie is going to be fucking amazing. Captain Marvel is going to be amazing. The bad photoshop is hilarious. I am kind of mad they are not releasing CM in late Jan/early feb. Waiting for march to only have Endgame come out one month later result will bite into CM box office.

  • kaylee mine
    kaylee mine 6 months ago +2

    Why did you give her the eye of agamoto

  • makaramuss
    makaramuss 6 months ago

    pls stop claiming defeating thanos has been a big thing
    every time thanos defeated was he was convinced to use 1 stone at time or someting wich even other heroes did before like strange
    many belive each universe whenever thanos gather all stones he notices how strong he became and everything becomes meaningless so he willingly losing or atleast crippling himself with such rules
    even at cartoon show of avengars (it was 4 gems at there? I belive) he was convinced to use 1 stone at a time and didnt use all of them until tony prepared for trap.(AND IT WAS A VERY CRAPPY VERSION OF THANOS! he wasnt wiping out half of universe he was focusing to destroy earth with gauntlet wich was taking time! movie thanos is weak too and it was weaker and he required to use 1 stone at a time to be defeated even there!)
    in marvel universe thanos is close to be undefeatable... and thats without his cube :D
    wake me up when someone in marvel ACTUALLY defeat thanos with entire stone set pls...

  • Josh cook
    Josh cook 6 months ago

    An thanos was weaken by the battle to channel that much power would leave anyone damage and he just got his wish peace retirement. He won’t using that again to kill everyone it be too much power.

  • Dustin Rael
    Dustin Rael 6 months ago +1

    Downvotes for the photoshopped time stone in the thumbnail. C'mon, try harder.

  • Briareos Barnes
    Briareos Barnes 6 months ago

    Rogue is going suck her like a vampire!!!

  • Jx-dama !
    Jx-dama ! 6 months ago +1

    She will bore villains to death

  • Tim Sullivan
    Tim Sullivan 6 months ago

    Ask yourself this...IF nick fury puts together the biggest heroes in the MCU to battle Loki and the Chitauri, and Carol Danvers is on earth at the time... AND Fury knows of her abilities, then WHY wouldn't she have been called in at the beginning? Oh, she's out in space you say? Well, ok..she's out in space..unfortunately that's where the Chitauri are coming from so, explain her absence? Oh, you mean she was in really REALLY deep space? Ok, then why would Fury "page" someone who is a galaxy away (not to mention HOW a pager signal would reach that far) but WHY call someone who is that far away to try and prevent 50% of humanity from being wiped out? Oh, you say "well she's on Earth now"? Well, ok... IF she's on Earth now, why wasnt she called in when Fury was informed that The Avengers were going after Thanos to begin with? Do ya actually SEE the gaping holes in logic here?

    • Tim Sullivan
      Tim Sullivan 6 months ago +1

      @Jx-dama ! the theories and speculations posted in TVclip videos are untouchable and cant be contradicted? Really? Sorry, but my comment here pretty much ducks over ANYONES theory as well as storylines in the movie itself

    • Jx-dama !
      Jx-dama ! 6 months ago +1

      Tim Sullivan it's a movie not real life relax lol

  • Ben Davis
    Ben Davis 6 months ago +2

    The thumbnail is Photoshoped get your hopes crushed

  • Ludicrous Gaming
    Ludicrous Gaming 6 months ago +38

    Thumbnail has worst Photoshop I have ever seen!!

  • Joykillerjk Julian
    Joykillerjk Julian 6 months ago +7

    One stop the bad photo shop with the time stone

  • Atuanya Brazile
    Atuanya Brazile 6 months ago

    Whas up wit all the captain marvel hate have yawl seen the trailer. Looks far from boring

  • james rock
    james rock 6 months ago

    Thanos will snap her bitch neck just like he did to Loki

  • Mr Hawkhawk
    Mr Hawkhawk 6 months ago

    We can't wait 4 her..

  • Yong San Chia
    Yong San Chia 6 months ago

    the narrator of this video has a very legitimate voice but the things he say is so stupid. weird.

  • Raiku Hamada
    Raiku Hamada 6 months ago +3

    Find other leader for the avengers plzz not her plzzzzz

  • Steven Jenkins
    Steven Jenkins 6 months ago +1

    Just show some nipples

  • Cody Napier
    Cody Napier 6 months ago

    She is not important just another forcing of shit down our throats

  • Gremy Saint
    Gremy Saint 6 months ago +1

    You mean , Ms. Marvel . And no, I'm not gonna watch for the same reason I didn't play with barbies when I was a child . You guys sure as hell are trying to sugar coat the hell out of crap .

    • Gremy Saint
      Gremy Saint 6 months ago

      @Michael Lewis cause I have a life that I follow , myself .

    • Michael Lewis
      Michael Lewis 6 months ago

      ......so....you're going to go into Endgame without watching Captain Marvel? The movie that SETS UP Endgame? How do you live with yourself lol?

  • AJ Sena
    AJ Sena 6 months ago +1

    Ms Marvel has the strongest resting b face in the Marvel Universe.

  • Derenzo Ambrose
    Derenzo Ambrose 6 months ago +3

    Bro they should have gave nova a solo movie first

  • CatNadian
    CatNadian 6 months ago

    What Marvel's fans hate,is the arrogant attitude of this actress

  • Frank Soutar
    Frank Soutar 6 months ago +6

    Avengers 4 will be the last good MCU movie after this the Disney SJW's will destroy the franchise with their bullshit agenda.

  • Helen Plimmer
    Helen Plimmer 6 months ago

    How fast is captain marvel.

    • k w
      k w 3 months ago

      Light speed

  • Alex
    Alex 7 months ago

    captain marvel is pure shit as the same as brie larson period.

  • Chris Mclaren
    Chris Mclaren 7 months ago +6

    I love karen gillan

  • tsm_ cobra
    tsm_ cobra 7 months ago +1

    What is the beep

  • Brettus
    Brettus 7 months ago

    She probably didn't show in The trailer as shes travelling in space still and maybe the 1 to save Tony.

    • D Gatch
      D Gatch 6 months ago

      I'm banking on Rocket to save Tony.

  • Jesus Perez
    Jesus Perez 7 months ago

    I su subscribed so do not forget about me

  • Tony Becker
    Tony Becker 7 months ago +21

    So far, NOT interested in her solo movie at all due to her seeming indifference, boredom, and lack of acting ability. Just praying that she doesn't fuck up Endgame. Would love to be proven wrong, but believe she is totally mis-cast for such an important Marvel role.

    • Sir Azazel of Lowkey
      Sir Azazel of Lowkey 4 months ago

      @clarissa35f You believe everyone is trolling you, it seems. Says more about you than about them. You seem to be unable to understand that people can have a problem with Brie Larson being cast as Captain Marvel other than she is a women. I mean, whomever they would have cast would have to be a woman. Cause, ya know. The character is female. But hey, I'm just trolling I guess.

    • Rallo Tubbs
      Rallo Tubbs 6 months ago

      clarissa35f ADHD huh? So now you assuming I have ADHD first of all I don’t have that and 2nd you so dumb that I really don’t care what you say

    • clarissa35f
      clarissa35f 6 months ago

      @Rallo Tubbs I believe that says more about you, Not bothering t read and comprehend than about me. So.... keep ONLY reading the first couple of sentences, and hoping people send you short responses. As I believe you are now trolling, this is my final response to you. Have a nice day, and good luck with your ADHD. Hope this wasn't too long for you.

    • Rallo Tubbs
      Rallo Tubbs 6 months ago

      I ain’t trying to understand cause you a sexist

    • Rallo Tubbs
      Rallo Tubbs 6 months ago

      clarissa35f you make no god damn sense 😂

  • daniel niemeyer
    daniel niemeyer 7 months ago +3

    I am not a fan of the comic version of captain marvel but this one has to be different. her past alone is going to be way different as there is no rogue.

    • Timothy Rosario
      Timothy Rosario 4 months ago

      I hope it succeeds and the films to come wow us. Then for drama, when they start introducing the Xmen, I want the story of Rogue putting her in a coma. Tragedy, then it's MCU Xmen era. I think they should not rush into Xmen though, even though they are my first love lol. Maybe no sooner than five years, maybe more.

  • Roger Sizemore
    Roger Sizemore 7 months ago +8

    Time Travel 🧭 = Blah :-/. I’d like to see After “The Snap” we see tht the Infinity Gauntlet is damaged maybe even “bonded” onto Thanos’s hand. Ok, fine. So if it’s damaged is it to far to think, since it’s taken on damage much like Thanos himself, tht maybe just maybe he can only use one stone at a time therefore placing a limit on the “maximum amount” of damage it was once able to inflict. With tht said, enter Tony Stark’s B.A.R.F. Tech except this time The Avengers somehow convince Thanos tht they have indeed achieved time travel when in fact they haven’t time traveled at all instead just re-created the battle of N.Y. Via B.A.R.F. Tech except this time instead of “Barf” existing of one small tiny room, instead this time it literally is made up of almost the entire city of NY. I know, Believe me I know. But this time he knows of Tony Stark bc Tony was the one who stopped Loki’s invasion and effectively stopping Thanos through Loki’s failed attempt. Except this time since the avengers have genuinely convinced Thanos tht they have indeed achieved time travel & are going to “set him up this time” at the battle of N.Y. Thanos considers stepping in himself stopping Stark from delivering the Nuke effectively stopping the war/invasion EXCEPT this time. Thanos walks right into N.Y. But as the audience watching we know tht instead of stepping into NY to “set things right from the get go”, he steps into B.A.R.F. This wld give the avengers & others the chance to do as the will with Thanos by really creating their own “reality Stone” although this is no stone it’s Barf 🤮 and it’s. Straight up Trap as the watch Thanos battle it out with everyone, all the avengers are simply watching and waiting for the money shot the moment of weakness tht Thanos displays. Soon as tht happens boom 💥 your done ✅. Capturing Thanos placing him in the under water prison tht shield 🛡 has set up only his cell isn’t like the others. It’s set up for Thanos type damage and is virtually unescapable. Sure I’d love to see Ultron somehow make his way into the facility only to free Thanos / team up / and void the Avengers for once and for all. Also I’d love to see a iron man suit, Mark whatever, made of the same metal tht StormBreaker is made of. Idk. This theory is probably out there somewhere in some part of the dark corner of the internet BUT I’ve not seen it and I watch about all of em. Anyways. There’s probably like a zillion reasons why this cld nor wld ever ever happen. But we can Theorize can’t we...?!? Hahahahaha
    Have a good one ☝️

    • Roger Sizemore
      Roger Sizemore 6 months ago +1

      Jer M -Thts way better than my Theory. You just may be onto something. Right on bro.

    • Jer M
      Jer M 6 months ago +1

      @Roger Sizemore it has crossed my mind that Thanos could possibly team up with the avengers. But my reason for the team up is because during the snap Thanos split in two. Part of him ended up in the soul stone.
      So in the ethereal plains scene meeting young gamora, he noticed his chest was healed and the gauntlet was missing.
      Later he escapes that place and helps the good guys fight farmer Thanos.

    • Roger Sizemore
      Roger Sizemore 6 months ago

      Jer M - I See, I see. Fresh look. I like it. Tht or Thanos is going to have to “Team-up” w/ the Avengers. Why...from what i hear is Captain Marvel is bringing a Sh^t load of New Enemies w/ her. Cld the Avengers need or cld Use Thanos for fighting these new Villains. - yep & stop him at the same time. It seems to me tht the Time Stone / & Space Stone (although their all important in their own right) but to me it seems these 2 are especially “Special” For whatever reason these 2 Stones are incredibly powerful. I mean Odin himself keeled the Space Stone & The time Stone w/ someone as “The ancient one” latr passed to Strange Himself (one of the VERY FEW to hold his own against Thanos in intense battle.) He’s a BadA$$ frfr!!!!
      TBH w/ya I’m more EXCITED about the M.Night Trilogy ( Tht was NEVER MEANT TO BE A Trilogy! ) but turns out it’s the absolute PERFECT FREAKIN’ Trilogy tht cld be dropping in the coming weeks. Started w/Unbreakable (2000) B.Willis. (16 YRS LATER!!!!!) Split w/ James “Jacked-Avoy” & we also know w/ “Glass” about to drop Some NEW “Splits” manifests “Glass” he’s ONLY INTERESTED in the NEW personality - “The Beast” (btw the beast can bend steal, be shot - w/a shotgun 2x. & be fine) and “Mr.Glass” clearly being the one of the 3 individuals w/ the highest I.Q. Knows exactly how to control “The Beast” if your bones were made of steal and the others guys bones are made of glass it seems to me the person made of glass wld want someone like the beast around especially with someone who’s made of steal.
      Did M.Night set out (when making ‘Unbreakable’) to make a 2nd film 16’ yrs latr - absolutely NOT. But he did and it was good in the movie “Split” with ‘James McAvoy.
      ‘ & even tied into Unbreakable bc Kevin or (“The Horde” bc he has 2 dozen Identities living inside his body) Kevin’s father was on the train where no one survived except for Dunn. 1.One tie in 2.kevin bumps into Willis and he sees the bad things he’s done to the girls. 3.Glass was in the 1st one - he didn’t exactly succeed BUT.......what’s to say he won’t this time. After all he has everyone in one location. Perfect place to release the “The Beast”.
      M.Night is A Sh^tty Director who has gotten extremely lucky at times but most of his movies are total BS. Yes “The 6th sense” was revolutionary and groundbreaking,’ok, blah blah.
      And when he released ‘Unbreakable’ I thought to myself “this wasn’t tht bad, I’d like to see more” well by accident and 16/18 yrs latr here we are. He didn’t write the perfect Trilogy, the perfect Trilogy found him. PLUS (last thing) All of this takes place outside of the MCU or DC. It’s in its own class and a major reason why it’s so good I just gonna say it is bc of McAvoy. Or Jacked-Avoy. Hahahahaha
      It’s gonna be better than “captain marve”, I guarantee tht at least. This is my opinion and mine alone it’s Not meant to offend or “call anyone out” just an opinion. Opinions are like A$$ Holes / everybody’s got one.

    • Jer M
      Jer M 6 months ago +2

      @Roger Sizemore I'm certain marvel paid meticulous detail to which stones light up and when. I think these fine details are like Easter eggs for fans to figure out. The 4 stones that light up are Soul, Reality, Space, Time.

    • Roger Sizemore
      Roger Sizemore 6 months ago

      Also I say at the end “obviously this is something tht cld NEVER happens”

  • Roger Sizemore
    Roger Sizemore 7 months ago +9

    Captain Marvel < The (Dark) Phoenix.

    • Roger Sizemore
      Roger Sizemore 6 months ago


    • Roger Sizemore
      Roger Sizemore 6 months ago +1

      Keep thinkin tht

    • Jacob Rogers
      Jacob Rogers 6 months ago

      Dude u dont know what captain marvel is capable of... Have u been a comic fan?? Too bad, because she is really that hero who will bring the showstopper, trust me...

  • Dick Marx
    Dick Marx 7 months ago +12

    God please don't let her be a new lead character. I didn't like it in the comics, and brie Larson is just aweful

    • Mr Hawkhawk
      Mr Hawkhawk 6 months ago +1

      Dude. Of course she's going to be a lead character.. solo movie and a big important lead in the endgame.. She's fighting Thamo

    • Aesthxtic_Laur
      Aesthxtic_Laur 7 months ago +2

      Dick Marx shut up dickhead mofo

    • Dick Marx
      Dick Marx 7 months ago +4

      @Aesthxtic_Laur STFU feminist cuck

    • Aesthxtic_Laur
      Aesthxtic_Laur 7 months ago +1

      Dick Marx Brie Larson can be awful your no better and she's a main character.

  • Marvelman1000 Jimmy C.
    Marvelman1000 Jimmy C. 7 months ago +2

    This is just me , but I think that Captain Marvel and Pepper Potts as Iron Woman will save Tony Starks or at least try to.
    (Keep it Real ✝️)

    VICKY DEXTRO 7 months ago

    I just think she's just gonna play a very action centric role more than a key role

  • Ninja Gaming
    Ninja Gaming 7 months ago

    Yey I subscribed and like the video andd turn on notifications!!

  • Ninja Gaming
    Ninja Gaming 7 months ago +1

    Can i ummm... heart or comment or like pls??

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  • Matthew Collins
    Matthew Collins 7 months ago

    3rd, Ready for these movies to come out...

  • OmegaHunter
    OmegaHunter 7 months ago


  • Steven Garneau Jr
    Steven Garneau Jr 7 months ago