• Published on Feb 21, 2017
  • "Now that's as good as I remember"
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    Video Description :
    Three vegetarians - who have been vegetarian for one, five and 30 years respectively - taste test different types of meat, including sausages wrapped in bacon, chicken wings, a burger, a steak and some breaded veal (baby cow).
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    Produced by Creative Nation
    Music licensed from Epidemic Sound.
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Comments • 100 212

  • _Not.So.Human.Child_
    _Not.So.Human.Child_ 32 minutes ago

    I could never ever touch meat again. I’ve been vegan for almost 6 years and I accidentally ate meat once and I threw up for hours. I just can’t do it.

  • Alicia Abdullah
    Alicia Abdullah 42 minutes ago

    It's not for the first time because they've obviously became vegetarian for a reason

  • My name is Miss. Sh00k Mom

    The thumbnail of this video made me a bit disguisted.

  • despicable scum of society

    U gotta stop meat-ing eachother.
    😂 I love her, her personality is just so lovely and fun.

  • Blake N
    Blake N 2 hours ago

    Make a “lesbians try meat for the first time”

  • serendie
    serendie 2 hours ago

    Look, I'm human.
    I love animals, BUT I ALSO *EAT THEM*.
    So, I'm kinda conflicted.
    Although, continue what you're doing, my vege friends!
    Help the fruit flies, lmao.

  • Wø0zus
    Wø0zus 2 hours ago

    Get a chef. Jesus.

  • llama looter
    llama looter 2 hours ago


  • ExplosiveZeke
    ExplosiveZeke 2 hours ago

    The fact you have to touch it with your hands yep sure

  • Gamer Potato
    Gamer Potato 2 hours ago

    The thumb nail girl looks like she LOVES it

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson 2 hours ago

    What a stupid video.

  • Heidi T
    Heidi T 3 hours ago

    Lol I feel like they're overreacting so much lol. I've been a vegeterian for like three years or so now. Lolololol I'd just eat it and be like "noice that's good"

  • Jten6h 6
    Jten6h 6 4 hours ago +1

    Who the fuck eats a burger with a fork and knife

  • penelotato queen
    penelotato queen 4 hours ago

    the ginger woman is a queen.
    the younger girl is an unintentional brat.
    the lady in the scarf is the most extra and problematic person I've ever seen.

  • 2024 Olivia Wasley
    2024 Olivia Wasley 4 hours ago

    I'm eating chick-fil-a while watching this

  • Deyvid's Channel
    Deyvid's Channel 4 hours ago

    Why did they agree to this?

  • The green hooded shy guy

    Are these the different moms your friends had?

  • Jack Bobbitt
    Jack Bobbitt 4 hours ago

    Lol dang they were born vegan lol just as dumb as I was born a boy when I’m a girl lol what

  • Violent Gents
    Violent Gents 5 hours ago

    The people who found these people must have had to pay these vegetarians to eat the meat

  • Bapeaholic Bape
    Bapeaholic Bape 5 hours ago

    If they vegetarians how they appose to eat this meat?

  • sophia 0_0
    sophia 0_0 5 hours ago +1

    Ik for a fact I would never do this

  • Fred Parrish
    Fred Parrish 5 hours ago

    Thanks for the clickbait. :p
    The first chick has only been veg for a year, meaning she's tried meat, and the redhead admitted she fell off the wagon before.

  • Ls Gaming
    Ls Gaming 5 hours ago

    She said cutting it was hard ........yeah coz your stroking the fucking thing

  • Z ip
    Z ip 5 hours ago

    Im sure those meal are cold.
    Cold meat sucks bad

  • maximion Gaming
    maximion Gaming 5 hours ago

    Where's fish?

  • Michał Kuliś
    Michał Kuliś 6 hours ago

    J Like meat

  • Angel Andriy Sanchez
    Angel Andriy Sanchez 6 hours ago

    Tu quieres ver el mundo arder

  • Mister Turk Turkle
    Mister Turk Turkle 6 hours ago +1


  • PGC Scythe
    PGC Scythe 6 hours ago

    Why are they all girls

  • Luke Pierce
    Luke Pierce 6 hours ago

    So since day one they’ve been vegetarian according to the title

  • Sal the human[Undertale OC]

    I like the one in the black top.

  • Itz_Roo
    Itz_Roo 7 hours ago

    They are not real vegetarians if they are eating the meat. If I went up to a vegetarian and said you want some chicken. They 99.9% say no.

  • Fionnuala Joan Johnston
    Fionnuala Joan Johnston 7 hours ago +1

    The black haired girl ~sounds vegetarian~ honestly...

  • Hasa Rafael
    Hasa Rafael 7 hours ago

    They are so faking it

  • Red Lightning Guy
    Red Lightning Guy 7 hours ago +1

    How can you not like meat,its so delicious 😄

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 7 hours ago

    1:31 stupidest thing never heard

  • Lyn x3
    Lyn x3 8 hours ago +1

    I could NEVER and I mean NEVER be vegetarian im sorry i Love Meat Cook Meat :3

  • shulolly cuties
    shulolly cuties 8 hours ago +1

    Omfg chicken is my favourite don't disrespect MY CHICKEN

  • emmeandashh Roblox/Bloxburg house build

    How dont they not like steak!!!!???

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher 9 hours ago

    This hamburger looks so ugly

  • idontwanttostudy *at all*

    αnчσnє ѕlíghtlч αnnσчєd/σffєndєd?

    ARIANNA BERISHA 9 hours ago

    I thought being a vegetarian was good. Then I found out vegetarians are not “healthy” because they eat vegetables and vegetables are healthy. When they are actually missing protein and nutrients in meat. To me the lady who was vegetarian for 30 years looked frail not to judge.

      ARIANNA BERISHA 4 hours ago

      Actually you should cause veggie burgers and salmon are not heather choices to eat. Meat has good and needed protein I’m not surprised you don’t know. Stop taking offense and be mature.

    • V for Vegan
      V for Vegan 8 hours ago

      lol you can get all the protein you need on a vegan diet, educate yourself kid

  • CommanderSpice
    CommanderSpice 9 hours ago

    It's the girl jacksepticeye

  • ABsolutly61161
    ABsolutly61161 10 hours ago

    The brunette is so fucking dumb says chicken wings are the worst

  • Ryan Wiggan
    Ryan Wiggan 11 hours ago

    Why say you are gong to try something then put the thing in your mouth for 1 second without chewing or actually tasting then spitting it out 😩

  • Dope Side
    Dope Side 11 hours ago


  • Cakanac
    Cakanac 11 hours ago

    You cant live without meat!

    • Cakanac
      Cakanac 6 hours ago

      +V for Vegan no i'm dont, but you need both meat and vegetables to be heathly.But for me vegans are mentaly sick people! Sorry for bag english

    • V for Vegan
      V for Vegan 8 hours ago

      LOL!!! yes you fucking can, how retarded are you?...

  • Anna Kadlčková
    Anna Kadlčková 11 hours ago

    That girl that was vegetarian for like a year...she was over my friend is vegetarian for 2 years and she ate meat with me, and she liked it. But she is vegetarian because she don't like the way that the animals live.

  • Shut Up
    Shut Up 12 hours ago +1

    Technically, I just got clickbaited...

  • rizki amin
    rizki amin 14 hours ago

    "I'd like to eat yours if you dont mind"

  • vladimir putin
    vladimir putin 16 hours ago

    Todos los comentarios hablan en ingles la concha de la lora

  • XFireZ Red
    XFireZ Red 17 hours ago

    The girl who has a scarf is so fucking annoying

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 18 hours ago

    *_how about i pretend like a vegetarian and try these delicious meat and gladly appreciate it_*

  • Nice Try
    Nice Try 19 hours ago

    Look guys meats are good fuck da cows

  • weirdo thats me
    weirdo thats me 20 hours ago

    That steak looks discussing

  • Destructor 2000
    Destructor 2000 20 hours ago

    Maybe hire better cooks next time.

  • Hussam Saif
    Hussam Saif 21 hour ago

    Is that real 😱

  • ExtRa
    ExtRa 21 hour ago

    The one that was vegen for 1 year was dramatic

  • TrytoFindme
    TrytoFindme 22 hours ago

    Ooh yeah for the first time.

  • MrTarfu
    MrTarfu 22 hours ago

    Lmao really complaining about how hard it is to cut and chew food? Also as a side note none of the meat they served really even looked that good.

  • Amir Bolghadr
    Amir Bolghadr 22 hours ago


  • C.Q Cumber
    C.Q Cumber 22 hours ago

    Why are they not happy about this? I don’t know why they are yelling so much lol

  • Mons†ére
    Mons†ére 23 hours ago

    People that dont eat animals or what comes from them is so retarted, theyre on the fucking planet for a reason

    • V for Vegan
      V for Vegan 8 hours ago

      Ya, the same reason why humans are on the planet, to live their life and survive.

  • Thieveless
    Thieveless 23 hours ago

    “It doesn’t taste like food” umm what??😂

  • SandStormer123
    SandStormer123 23 hours ago

    They would terrible on a crusade

  • Goddess Tara
    Goddess Tara Day ago

    The hardest thing for me to give up is chicken and fish. I can live without beef and pork.

  • Submaridz
    Submaridz Day ago

    god - created human
    human - created another god
    god - you think im a joke to you

  • Submaridz
    Submaridz Day ago

    god - created animals to eat
    human - become vegan
    god - you think im a joke to you?

  • cris tooser
    cris tooser Day ago

    Titulo en español, video en ingles y comentarios en ingles...sin palabras

  • keen L
    keen L Day ago

    The accent makes these cunts so much more intolerable

  • SmilingFlame
    SmilingFlame Day ago

    Why are vegans vegan. No matter what people are still going to kill animals. Animal overpopulation isn’t good and everyone as a vegan would start that. I’m not against being vegan, just wonder why.

    • V for Vegan
      V for Vegan 8 hours ago

      It's irrelevant that people will continue to kill animals, that is not a fucking justification to eat meat! people who eat meat are the direct cause of animal overpopulation, I don't know how you can't see that.....

  • Ker mit
    Ker mit Day ago

    These vegans are pussy

  • pepe santos
    pepe santos Day ago

    É muita frescura velho....Deus fez os animais pra gente comer....

  • silverxrose
    silverxrose Day ago

    my friend became vegan because she hated seeing animals being abused and killed and knowing shes eating that after what happened to them so now she never eats meat

  • Danilo Navarro
    Danilo Navarro Day ago

    Pensé que era ded

  • Anvi Bhagavatula

    They keep saying vegetables but im a vegetarian and I eat tofu and literally anything but veggies because I'm fat af

  • Anvi Bhagavatula

    For the first time my butt

  • The Blue Fugi_
    The Blue Fugi_ Day ago

    I feel like the ginger doesnt care if other people eat meat she just doest want to eat meat

  • Tomato Potato
    Tomato Potato Day ago

    I’m a meat eater and this still disturbed me. Why would you give them meat?????????

  • Bashful ray
    Bashful ray Day ago

    Right u was born an ominivore but u wanna go devolved don't get me wrong facts don't care ur feelings.

  • Isaiah Farmer
    Isaiah Farmer Day ago

    i couldn’t live without meat wtf

  • Lauren Haworth
    Lauren Haworth Day ago

    The title should be ex vegetarians

  • Hasyla
    Hasyla Day ago

    *eating meatloaf while watching this* well isnt that a shame

  • Kaegan Lloyd
    Kaegan Lloyd Day ago

    Did she fucking cut a burger 🍔😑

  • wolfrost
    wolfrost Day ago

    Que desagradable la primera tipa xd

  • Lukas Gjoni
    Lukas Gjoni Day ago

    La rossa è l’unica non falsa le altre due erano più false che mai

  • DeadStormPirate
    DeadStormPirate Day ago

    *its so hard to cut. You never have this problem with vegetables*
    Well maybe if you actually put some pressure on the the meat and fix your grip then maybe it would cut more

  • Sophie Cool
    Sophie Cool Day ago

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue
    I don't know why I'm here,
    And neither do you.

  • mAtTaka
    mAtTaka Day ago

    Vegetarians choose to eat their foods food.

  • The_Kawaii_ Kitty

    the ginger the top😂😂🔝🔝

  • XIRavenXI
    XIRavenXI Day ago

    Lol they taste meat. Maybe they girls can taste my meat next😏

  • Sabine McMahon
    Sabine McMahon Day ago

    What is wrong wit dem people

  • Levka
    Levka Day ago

    Fucking diplodocus people

  • Eirik Anmarkrud
    Eirik Anmarkrud Day ago

    This is cringe

  • Eirik Anmarkrud
    Eirik Anmarkrud Day ago

    They imagine its not good, wow.

  • Day T
    Day T Day ago

    I thought it said vegan😂

  • Franklin Clinton

    I’ll eat what they don’t

  • flyin dino nuggets

    The red headed one made me laugh so hard!

  • sushma P
    sushma P Day ago

    2:09 really..?who hates chicken wings on earth🤔am i the only one who wonders how some vegetarians are fat

  • Odai Raed
    Odai Raed Day ago

    Can someone tell me why are all of them women?

    • Odai Raed
      Odai Raed Day ago

      Sandra C it’s just that feminists are vegans lmao

    • Sandra C
      Sandra C Day ago

      Ew, identity politics.