• Published on Feb 21, 2017
  • "Now that's as good as I remember"
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    Video Description :
    Three vegetarians - who have been vegetarian for one, five and 30 years respectively - taste test different types of meat, including sausages wrapped in bacon, chicken wings, a burger, a steak and some breaded veal (baby cow).
    #vegan #vegetarian #food
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    Produced by Creative Nation
    Music licensed from Epidemic Sound.
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    Similar to channels such as BuzzFeed, WatchCut, TheFineBros & GMM we focus on creating content that depicts people (usually Irish people) experiencing new things for the first time, whether that be food, drink or maybe a TV show!
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Comments • 114 108

  • Toretto Glass
    Toretto Glass Year ago +30719

    Humans are weird

    • Delphini Riddle
      Delphini Riddle 3 days ago

      Lol i know

    • Elia Baez
      Elia Baez 4 days ago

      So true

    • Iba Khan
      Iba Khan 4 days ago

      Toretto Glass Means your weird too.

      Dont worry im not trying to hurt your feelings.... Im Very Weird

      We all are weird

  • Yasmine Tamayo
    Yasmine Tamayo 3 hours ago

    The one that says she has been a vegetarian for five years does not seem vegetarian

  • Fintan Corr
    Fintan Corr 5 hours ago

    So when you become vegan you forget how to use a knife and fork... GTFO. How conceited can you get.

  • Ar1240 Ch
    Ar1240 Ch 5 hours ago

    Chick with the scarf I’m surprised she don’t like meat, she looks like she eats children for dinner. Tafuck out of here with that nonsense

  • slappy sam
    slappy sam 8 hours ago

    Mentally ill

  • Mike Clontz
    Mike Clontz 11 hours ago

    My god this had to be rehearsed... NO way anybody would be like that..

  • Roya Akbari
    Roya Akbari 12 hours ago +1

    The lady with the blue scarf pisses me off for some reasone

  • Wolfie 3267
    Wolfie 3267 12 hours ago

    The girl in the scarf acts like she has never heard of meat

  • Zac Boland
    Zac Boland 14 hours ago

    Who worries about cutting vegetables 🌶

  • Princess DAJA Gonzalez
    Princess DAJA Gonzalez 15 hours ago +1

    *update the ginger girl is not vegetarian anymore after this video*

  • Kool Beanz
    Kool Beanz 18 hours ago +1

    They could have just eaten the celery😂

  • Paul Mendiola
    Paul Mendiola 23 hours ago

    the blue scarf lady pissed me off with her accent

  • Konki Konki
    Konki Konki 23 hours ago


  • Its Jay
    Its Jay Day ago

    But chicken is not considered meat because it's poetry

  • The Coin Collector

    You take the life of animal, you take life from vegetable.

  • julikeah
    julikeah Day ago

    Ginger girl is lovely

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar Day ago +1

    I don't care about I don't care about vegetables

  • magentaface happy

    They should have tried dinuguan its just a soup made out of pigs blood

  • Leiptr
    Leiptr Day ago

    Redhead was the only human one. The others were completely insane should be institutionalized.

  • jasmine Mixon
    jasmine Mixon Day ago

    The way I look at it the animals already dead and you just look at it and you spit it out so that’s basically wasting the animal so you’re basically wasting a kill because you think it’s disgusting like it’s already gone so you just let it die for nothing

  • dparra0264
    dparra0264 Day ago

    The burger look🤢🤮

  • Kayla T
    Kayla T Day ago

    I like meat... especially bacon

  • I amcarbonandotherbits.

    And the reason behind this is because?.

  • GiVe Me YoUr FuCKinG MonEy

    Hey, i just wanted to say not all vegetarians are like this, i'm not like this.

  • Shotgun JDz
    Shotgun JDz Day ago


  • Andrei Games
    Andrei Games Day ago

    Cmon bro meat its life 😂😂

  • nata4451 nata4451

    i love meat but its fucking weird

  • patrickwinkler1
    patrickwinkler1 Day ago

    If you pause at 0:00 and skip forward, every 10 seconds the Lady with the scarf looks disgusted in literally every picture. 😅 The redhead loves the meat and the young one has no real expression.

  • Ali Walid
    Ali Walid Day ago

    The guy who cooked the meat is a bad chef

  • Tyler Green
    Tyler Green Day ago

    2:10 this is cow lol

  • Dovie Tomplait
    Dovie Tomplait Day ago

    Why are they so annoying to me?

  • Anand Jayanthi
    Anand Jayanthi Day ago +1

    How can they bring themselves to eat that crap? I’m a vegetarian all my life and I’ve never wanted it!

  • You Tube
    You Tube Day ago

    it was slyness man

  • You Tube
    You Tube Day ago

    just advertising

  • Sakis Vak
    Sakis Vak 2 days ago

    Welcome to the real world! It is biology!

  • Banana Lord
    Banana Lord 2 days ago

    The readhead was cutting her burger with a knife. wh0 d03S tH@Tt

  • Jonathan Hoyt
    Jonathan Hoyt 2 days ago

    If ever think about becoming a vegetarian, i'll watch this video again to remember you become a bitch.

  • Granola Plz
    Granola Plz 2 days ago

    “Your just chewing chewing and it goes no where” Karen have you TRIED celery that shit is hard to swallow

  • Cod Beast54321
    Cod Beast54321 2 days ago

    Vegetarians must disappoint there partners especially men get disappointed cause the women can’t take any meat

  • theflyingcrumpet Watcher

    The only reasons they don’t like it is because it’s shitty Irish meat 😂

  • Oliver Borch Nielsen

    Veal...what is that. You’re a fucking brit and you don’t know😂😂😂

  • Crantrex
    Crantrex 2 days ago

    This video made me think

    Chicken - we eat em
    Elephants - pianos
    Pigs - we eat em
    Snakes - we wear em
    Crocodiles - we keep money in em
    Monkeys - we keep em hostage
    Bears - we make them into floor mats
    Prolly tons more that I can’t think of

    We don’t deserve earth

  • Dalika Buci
    Dalika Buci 2 days ago

    Wow one of them likes chicken 😮

  • Jaden Cordova
    Jaden Cordova 3 days ago

    if ur vegan in texas ur actually slow

  • Stephanie Bustamante

    Not the red hair lady

  • Stephanie Bustamante
    Stephanie Bustamante 3 days ago +1

    The one with the Blue scarf and the lady with black shirt they both piss me off. like if u agree

  • hotel hideaway critic

    I love how none of these people are American ahah

  • SAB Edits/More
    SAB Edits/More 3 days ago

    I was vegetarian for a year and then tried meet again. And it tasted exactly the same. Idk why the one year lady is overreacting about it. But maybe it’s different for different people.

  • Roliana Osman
    Roliana Osman 3 days ago

    Who cuts bugers

  • Roliana Osman
    Roliana Osman 3 days ago

    Thats a cow

  • Roliana Osman
    Roliana Osman 3 days ago

    Its a cow ❤️😂

  • Mateus Tavares
    Mateus Tavares 3 days ago


  • Lauren Krawczynski
    Lauren Krawczynski 3 days ago +2


  • Moonlight Girl
    Moonlight Girl 3 days ago

    Even tho the blue scarfed lady was annoying she was a vegetarian for such a long time so I would see why. But that teen tho........... but the ginger haired lady was honest lol

  • xørry
    xørry 3 days ago

    Who cuts burgee

  • ßhanna luck
    ßhanna luck 3 days ago

    Dem a gwarn like say dem a nyam shit

  • Nicole Lie
    Nicole Lie 3 days ago

    1:19 I don’t know I feel the struggle too.

  • kayla ruley
    kayla ruley 3 days ago

    that old lady is MEAN. and has a Sister's look

  • Alex Berra
    Alex Berra 3 days ago

    1:20, that’s not how you cut steak

  • The Lover
    The Lover 3 days ago +2

    2:34 well you have TEETH!! FOR GOD SAKE WOMAN!!!

  • Kakdof Sjdjduhd
    Kakdof Sjdjduhd 3 days ago

    How somebody throws up after eating meat?🥓🍗🍖🍔🌭🥩🌯🌮🍕

  • Gacha Cookie
    Gacha Cookie 3 days ago +2

    The blue scarf woman has just won the award for pissing me off and the red head has just won the most hilarious vegetarian award 😂

  • Ott Einassoo
    Ott Einassoo 3 days ago

    1:06"even cutting this is hard"LOGIG ITS HARD WHEN U HOLD FORK AND KNIFE WRONG

  • Mariah Barrett
    Mariah Barrett 3 days ago

    The woman with the blue scarf is pissing me off

  • Haknazar Sultanov
    Haknazar Sultanov 3 days ago

    They are Irish ignore them

  • Braylon Fuqua
    Braylon Fuqua 4 days ago


  • Black Jesus
    Black Jesus 4 days ago

    If two vegans fight is it considered beef?

  • triix
    triix 4 days ago

    The redhead was the best out of all of them

  • Honey Comb
    Honey Comb 4 days ago +1

    Plants feel pain so..

  • Logan Hetke
    Logan Hetke 4 days ago +4

    I don’t get it. I didn’t know vegetarians are so dramatic just by looking at meat🤦‍♂️😂

  • Jazmyn Ironshield
    Jazmyn Ironshield 4 days ago +1

    Blue scarf lady makes me mad

  • _Th3_M0nst3rs_
    _Th3_M0nst3rs_ 4 days ago +2

    "Chewing and chewing, and it's not going anywhere"
    ok, thats dumb.
    its MEAT wth do you EXPECT.

  • I aM CoNfUsEd
    I aM CoNfUsEd 4 days ago +1

    As a veggie I would never do that ????

  • B S
    B S 4 days ago


  • María José Salvador Ramos

    La gorda llena de cuentos y es vegana pero sigue gorda WTF? 😂

  • Rich kidd cii !!
    Rich kidd cii !! 4 days ago +5

    The lady with the blue scarf made me say shut up to Manu times😂 so did the the one that's thick😂🤦🏿🤦🏿🤦🏿

  • Claire Gualteros
    Claire Gualteros 4 days ago

    I wonder, were any of those foods properly cooked?? Like the steak and burger didn't look appetizing at all

  • PayneDiCay
    PayneDiCay 4 days ago

    Does freshly cut gras smell the same to vegans as a steak on the grill smells to a non vegan??

  • Ruby Morgan
    Ruby Morgan 4 days ago +1

    Mmmm looks so good I’m hungry

  • Naomi Potato
    Naomi Potato 4 days ago

    Tf is that burger

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop 5 days ago

    The redhead was honest, the Snooki looking chick was fake, and the tenured veggo was full of shit, she couldn't even admit that the veal had been seasoned. I bet you she would straight-faced argue that a piece of celery had more flavor than a piece of steak, seasoned and all. A completely see-through person, and it's also funny that they all have to take vitamin K to get the nutrients that their bodies need, that they would have gotten from the meat they ignore.

  • Losinq Hxpe
    Losinq Hxpe 5 days ago

    Never will I ever

    *Be Vegan*

  • Fabian The Dead Meme


  • oh crap its Megami
    oh crap its Megami 5 days ago

    i love meat i cant live without it

  • Nate Anunciacion
    Nate Anunciacion 5 days ago

    Old McDonald’s makes burgers
    Burger King
    Burger King too

  • lil ayshhh
    lil ayshhh 5 days ago

    They all have Accents

  • Alejandra Martinez
    Alejandra Martinez 5 days ago

    *Crossing my fingers they’re vegan after all the information has gotten out there about the evil dairy, egg, and honey industries!*

  • ShadowGamingYt Playz Games

    If I was vegetarian I’d give up in 5 minutes

  • PennyWise The Dancing Clown

    Woah did she say 13 or 30??😕

  • GacelaJerry
    GacelaJerry 5 days ago

    Wtf xd

  • Xodzy
    Xodzy 5 days ago

    This is sad

  • Jinthe De Bondt
    Jinthe De Bondt 5 days ago

    The one that has only been a vegetarian for 1 year like:
    Is that bacon? B*tch you probably eated that 1 year ago
    The chicken? When I touched the bone... you probably whent to kfc every week with your friends

  • Jinthe De Bondt
    Jinthe De Bondt 5 days ago

    I only like the redhead the others piss me off

  • jander ewo
    jander ewo 5 days ago

    it doesn't seem like food lols what a fucking comment.

  • jae bojing
    jae bojing 5 days ago

    they aren't vegetarian for no reason

  • Xtina Xlover
    Xtina Xlover 5 days ago

    If Gordon Ramsay baked these then they'll be thankful

  • Ava hogg
    Ava hogg 5 days ago

    this is cruel

  • Althea Cassar
    Althea Cassar 5 days ago

    If you didnt want to eat meat then why are eating meat 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • Karma Studios
    Karma Studios 5 days ago

    I’m a pescatarian and I can’t imagine doing this😂

  • Typical Hxwo
    Typical Hxwo 5 days ago

    I like the red head😂