• Published on Feb 21, 2017
  • "Now that's as good as I remember"
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    Video Description :
    Three vegetarians - who have been vegetarian for one, five and 30 years respectively - taste test different types of meat, including sausages wrapped in bacon, chicken wings, a burger, a steak and some breaded veal (baby cow).
    #vegan #vegetarian #food
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    Produced by Creative Nation
    Music licensed from Epidemic Sound.
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    Similar to channels such as BuzzFeed, WatchCut, TheFineBros & GMM we focus on creating content that depicts people (usually Irish people) experiencing new things for the first time, whether that be food, drink or maybe a TV show!
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  • Toretto Glass
    Toretto Glass Year ago +18460

    Humans are weird

    • SeaDemon
      SeaDemon 2 days ago

      So theres this video by this guy I forgot his name but it basically summarizes humans in 20 years or so.

    • G S
      G S 3 days ago

      Toretto Glass you are a human your calling yourself wierd

    • Time to be Creative
      Time to be Creative 4 days ago

      @toretto glass I know right, we dragons are much better

    • Time to be Creative
      Time to be Creative 4 days ago

      I know right we dragons are so much better

    • Mirza Hassan
      Mirza Hassan 4 days ago

      +Charlie Revian Are you yelling at people just because of what they eat.Thats stupid

  • East Kazz
    East Kazz 7 minutes ago

    "For the first time" ha...

  • AceyCamui
    AceyCamui 17 minutes ago

    i am not a vegan or vegetarian but i also cannot stand bone in my meats. it grosses me out. it's just a thing for me lol if someone picks it off for me i'll eat it but if i have to deal with the bone i enjoy it way less.

  • p 143
    p 143 18 minutes ago

    Legit vegetarians eat plants right and animals eat plants so vegans are killing animals because they are eating their foods

  • joko9086
    joko9086 21 minute ago

    Vegetarians live an extra 5 years, an extra 5......bacon-less.............years

  • Viri Bernie
    Viri Bernie 25 minutes ago +1

    These people are real aliens. Quick report it for history channel

  • Chompy Said
    Chompy Said 51 minute ago

    Any crops harvested with machinery kill animals. They mangle snakes, rabbits, foxes, etc. An entire section of processing is dedicated to picking out animal carcasses.

  • Steviemc007
    Steviemc007 Hour ago

    Imagine the our ancestors watching us today, throwing away perfect meat...... And wasting it... Pathetic.

  • Zion
    Zion Hour ago

    Creo que soy uno de los únicos españoles comentando este vídeo.

  • Fanouris Panagiotou

    The black girl stop eating meat because she cant have all the farm when she is hungry😂😂

  • Madison Rehmert
    Madison Rehmert Hour ago +2


  • Waffle Queen
    Waffle Queen Hour ago

    Red head me to I am vegetarian for life and even when I’m dead I will still be vegetarian

  • etndomi
    etndomi 2 hours ago


  • blu gioiel
    blu gioiel 2 hours ago

    Zucchine nel cervello

  • Kawaiii Pige
    Kawaiii Pige 2 hours ago

    Why do they wanna taste meat? They’re vegetarian!? Aren’t they not eating animals because they don’t like the thought of that it’s a animal? I’m confused

  • W00Zle Udyr
    W00Zle Udyr 3 hours ago +3

    But vegetarians drink water and water is the home of the fishes.

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly 3 hours ago

    Can we change the law and make science and medicine exempt from taxes as opposed to religion?

  • GracieTheGreat27 8
    GracieTheGreat27 8 4 hours ago

    The one with one year is definitely faking it...

  • Matthew miller
    Matthew miller 4 hours ago

    I hate vegetarians and vegans who cares if eat animals they're going to die anyway

  • Withered Freddy Five Night At Freddy

    Im vegetarian and im eating Burger meat..

  • Solid Bløke
    Solid Bløke 5 hours ago


  • Czech Gopnik
    Czech Gopnik 5 hours ago +1

    I'm eating a steak while watching this

  • Babydoll Peachy
    Babydoll Peachy 6 hours ago

    Honestly, all meat tastes and smells like wet dog to me.

  • Monkey Boy 420
    Monkey Boy 420 8 hours ago

    You cant eat vegetables forever meat js part of a healthy diet

  • 8gu_90後大吃貨 Jlam

    is that bacon right here?!?! :p seriously?!?

  • Jack Witney
    Jack Witney 9 hours ago

    What a dope cutting up a burger wtf

  • Darllan Petrova
    Darllan Petrova 9 hours ago

    Tell them that there's artificial meet

  • Parodie Italianizzate
    Parodie Italianizzate 11 hours ago +1

    Fuck the vegan.

  • PC PRO
    PC PRO 12 hours ago

    Can i come I AM VEGETARIAN

  • AlexandarMax
    AlexandarMax 14 hours ago

    Eat the grass then... Kappa

  • uUmar RB
    uUmar RB 16 hours ago

    who the f eats burger with a knife and fork

  • Redzip5387
    Redzip5387 17 hours ago

    those two girls "awww disgustang" red haired girl "awwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah boi"

  • Take Me Away Depression

    *Dick Vegans*

  • Foxy Dud
    Foxy Dud 20 hours ago

    I don't get some people

  • DIY BANANA and hauls/reviews

    Why is she peeling it shes a dumby

  • AtroxDeus
    AtroxDeus 21 hour ago

    give them a veggie burger and say its meet and they will make up BS for it too

  • Jennifer Shin
    Jennifer Shin 22 hours ago

    What is veal if you don’t mind me asking

  • Emily Cheek
    Emily Cheek 22 hours ago

    I just ate steak and eggs with no shame

  • Exciting Eli
    Exciting Eli Day ago

    How does she know how how tissue tast like

  • Selena Bugaj
    Selena Bugaj Day ago

    I love how the two girls r so revolted over the chicken wings and then the ginger girl is like in heaven

  • fobos936
    fobos936 Day ago

    I think that all people must have eaten meat in their childhood because there must have been serious developing problems without meat.
    Why they behave as if they have never eaten meat in their life?

  • Ashley Rose
    Ashley Rose Day ago +1

    The girl at 2:05 "mmmmm"


    Then there not vegetarian 😈

  • person human
    person human Day ago

    Was that steak well done? I couldn't see it, but medium rare is the best

  • 10000 suscriptores sin video challenge

    Fucking vegetarians

  • cauã br 30
    cauã br 30 Day ago +1

    The human is stupid

  • crystal min
    crystal min Day ago

    Solo recordemos esto
    Las plantas también están vivas, solo que no gritan.

  • Dabber Master
    Dabber Master Day ago

    I'm only vegan for animal rights

  • George L
    George L Day ago

    I mean... they're not vegetarians if they're eating meat, knowingly, are they?

  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi Day ago

    i’m a proud vegetarian

  • The Pitch
    The Pitch Day ago

    “Meat doesn’t feel like food” well what the hell is it

  • Cal Thompson
    Cal Thompson Day ago

    o men tho ?

  • Hector Hawthorn
    Hector Hawthorn Day ago

    Im an adult and have never eatn meat...u fuckin liars

  • Ислам Ханапов

    Red girl I think is missed meat so strong 8)

  • Mr Dottor Paxxo
    Mr Dottor Paxxo Day ago

    that girl has orange hairs cuz she eats a lot of carrots... that's weird...

  • Charbel Alam
    Charbel Alam Day ago

    "Because it's a baby" dead

  • Nick The Nick
    Nick The Nick Day ago

    ta aqui o comentario em portugues q vcs tavam procurando

  • kemal habul
    kemal habul Day ago

    None of them had the celery with the chicken

  • ZiomeczeQ
    ZiomeczeQ Day ago

    Kill them pls fuckn idiots

  • Nikusha Danelia
    Nikusha Danelia Day ago

    those people cut burger with knife?

  • Bac si Gà bé
    Bac si Gà bé Day ago

    These people are pansies

  • Autistik Waldo
    Autistik Waldo Day ago

    The redhead is hardcore wife material.

  • Bella Hrupek
    Bella Hrupek Day ago

    Personally, I love the taste of meat. I just don’t feel moral eating it, that’s just how it is for me 🤷🏻‍♀️


    Real tile: picky eaters taste normal people food... and over react. Wait what, plants aren’t living too.😂

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  • Rafael Vallim
    Rafael Vallim Day ago

    Aqui o comentario em portugues q esperavam

  • Marisa Greco
    Marisa Greco Day ago

    Come on steak does have a taste and steak is delicious

  • ferret me
    ferret me Day ago

    Why is she so pink

  • SJ Walt
    SJ Walt Day ago

    The black haired girl is definitely eating more than plants...

  • SJ Walt
    SJ Walt Day ago

    The black haired girl is definitely eating more than plants...

  • Mike Moody
    Mike Moody Day ago

    She doesn't eat meat, but she sure likes to bone.

  • Zentithia.
    Zentithia. Day ago

    the 1 year vegetarian got on my nerves *so* much, oh my god..

  • Aundrea Williams

    How are they trying meat for the first time if they haven't been vegetarian all their life

  • Kelley Cole
    Kelley Cole Day ago

    That's why they all look sick and act like weirdos

  • Pan Publiczny Videos

    3:22 looks better than flavor because its a baby -vegetarians 2017

  • Pan Publiczny Videos

    1:05 no meat no power in arms

  • Maria Eduarda Bittencourt

    100% vegetariana diz a moça que gostou de comer carne de novo...

  • Rishi Puranik
    Rishi Puranik 2 days ago

    Woman while cutting steak: "Jesus how do people do this."
    Me: "Protein..."

  • Grace Malavolta
    Grace Malavolta 2 days ago +1

    I thought that they would throw up...

  • Lisandro Frutos
    Lisandro Frutos 2 days ago

    No sé porque tanto dislike! yo soy carnívoro y reaccionó igual si me dan una milanesa de soja xP

  • David Valencia
    David Valencia 2 days ago

    They are all fake AF. Except the red haired woman she enjoyed the meat.

  • queen Carter
    queen Carter 2 days ago

    Wtf they are nkt specific like what type of meat all they lable this shjt as is meat like what tyoe of meat

  • Dillon Puente
    Dillon Puente 2 days ago +1


  • Pakonja
    Pakonja 2 days ago

    For the first time? Really?
    Like when they were kids mom was picking up leafs for snack?

  • Tim Thienel
    Tim Thienel 2 days ago

    Like , if this shit makes u as agressive as me

  • Amyleigh Melia
    Amyleigh Melia 2 days ago


  • PRONIK 06
    PRONIK 06 2 days ago


  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones 2 days ago

    I’ll give ya some meat to taste.

  • Nicolle Mars
    Nicolle Mars 2 days ago

    La peliroja no volverá a ser vegetariana 🤣

  • CiCCioBug
    CiCCioBug 2 days ago

    2 idiots that dont know what are talking about lol

  • •Broken Pluton•
    •Broken Pluton• 2 days ago

    Perdón pero me dio asco ver hasta como cortaban la carne ay yo no podría sorry

  • Riki Bain
    Riki Bain 2 days ago +1

    What's wrong with these people?

  • DMNx99
    DMNx99 2 days ago

    Non-halal meat tastes like blood and metal.

  • Zukashichikume ツ
    Zukashichikume ツ 2 days ago +1

    But now not vegetarian?

  • JZ Silverback
    JZ Silverback 2 days ago

    I wont criticised vegans or vegetereans.. So dont criticised us average Joe's for eating meats and veggies..

  • n venhuizen
    n venhuizen 2 days ago

    Fake vegetarians. Real ones would never ever eat it again. If someone would pay me 10.000 i would do it.

  • Mica Asdfghjklñ
    Mica Asdfghjklñ 2 days ago

    No podría comer otra vez carne... con tan solo pensarlo vomito!

  • FPBrasil 0202
    FPBrasil 0202 2 days ago

    Essa vegetariana ruiva parece a Rita Lee Nova

  • criptamedia 5 criptamedia5mc

    The girl with the black hair and black makeup "we I cant do this"(goes to lick fingers)😂

  • Kermit de Fwog
    Kermit de Fwog 2 days ago

    Ginger girl is ledgend