Victim for Victims The Theresa Saldana Story (1984)

  • Published on Dec 8, 2011
  • Victims for Victims: The Theresa Saldana Story (1984)
    Staring Theresa Saldana

    The true story of the brutal attack on actress Theresa Saldana by an unbalanced fan. As a result of her ordeal and its aftermath, Saldana becomes involved in the victims' rights movement.
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  • Amy Emily Stack
    Amy Emily Stack Day ago +1

    She was a remarkable woman to relive this ordeal in a movie about herself.

  • Deb Hollings
    Deb Hollings 5 days ago

    12 years????? Should have been way way more!!!!!

  • Keshia Wilson
    Keshia Wilson 9 days ago

    I no ppl dont like to get involved but come thats like here instead of helping they will record it smh

  • Reds Firestarter
    Reds Firestarter 26 days ago

    Bystander effect my ass.vwhat I see on this film I know me I know I'm not watching that take place in front of me in broad daylight. God only knows what would unfold but I'm Not Standing there. sorry.

  • Jude Dimatteo
    Jude Dimatteo Month ago

    The way people watched and heard that women getting stabbed and attacked and no one cares except that man happened to me I got attacked and I felt like I was in a boxing ring

  • Darren Nicholl
    Darren Nicholl Month ago

    A shocking true life story great viewing but hard to watch at times

  • Sadie Jill Monroe
    Sadie Jill Monroe Month ago

    An yeah why did all those cunt people stand around like that. lol. Made me feel sick and angry seeing that. I understand the woman would of been scared to stop the knife guy but youd think the other guys would of like kicked the knife guy in the head to stop him or youd think they would of atleast run around the cars to find a rock or something to hit the guy?

  • Sadie Jill Monroe
    Sadie Jill Monroe Month ago

    what happen at the end of this movie? it stops. Did she get back with her hubby? what happened with the victim thingy @ the end?

    MGTOW Month ago +1

    The United States Needs To Make A Victim's Federal Law Forcing The Person(s) Responsible To Pay The Victim's Health Care For As Long As Need Be For Their Action The Person (s) Deliberately Inflicted On The Victim(s)...The Sooner The Better... Lets Call It "The Victim's Bill Of Rights." This Is A Good Idea..

  • Lynn Hayward
    Lynn Hayward 2 months ago

    Only 12 years 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😞😞😞😞 so sad

  • Jamie the Female Glover

    Her husband is such an asshole

  • Jamie the Female Glover

    Fuck her husband and fuck that nurse

  • Ms.Hershey Kiss 211
    Ms.Hershey Kiss 211 2 months ago

    that breaks my heart ho all those p just sad around and watched being stab.....When Tracy Thurmon was stab by her estranged husband they did the same thing.

  • Rachael H
    Rachael H 2 months ago

    Theresa’s parents were wonderful, just like mine! I can see my parents waiting on me day in and out if I were in her shoes.

  • Valerie Walter
    Valerie Walter 2 months ago

    Is it me or does the emergency room doctor and the water guy look like the same person? Wow, talk about multi-tasking! Lol

  • Eliza Raffles
    Eliza Raffles 2 months ago

    The water guy is a hero. I can't believe all the other people just sat there and watched. Pigs.

  • ScorpioSoul13 90
    ScorpioSoul13 90 3 months ago

    How strong, brave, and completely bad ass it was of her to play herself with this story. Shit, I admire this woman immensely.

  • Atika Khadafi
    Atika Khadafi 3 months ago

    Horrible god blesss Theresa

  • Cin Cia
    Cin Cia 3 months ago

    Can you believe those neighbors 🤬

  • Jasmine Shores
    Jasmine Shores 3 months ago

    I can't believe her neighbors just standing there without helping her.. that shit pissed me off PERIOD..

  • Shanta Jones
    Shanta Jones 3 months ago

    That nurse would have got cuss the Fuck out!

  • Shanta Jones
    Shanta Jones 3 months ago

    So the people basically was going to just stand there and watch attempted murder take place their just as guilty as the son of BITCH! Like wtf they could have did something it was like 10 people against 1 man just pissed me off

  • Magdy Elsayed
    Magdy Elsayed 3 months ago

    Over acting for hospital seens

  • Tomorrow is NOT just another day

    I don't think I was born when she was doing her movies, but when I saw this one it touched me. She was strong and helped others in the end. Rest in paradise Theresa Saldana. ✝️❤️

  • Serena Geiler
    Serena Geiler 3 months ago

    I never felt that close to someone I don't know.

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 3 months ago

    1:02:30 aw. He wore a suit and brought her flowers. This entire part, I can’t stop crying.

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 3 months ago

    Oh my this is the sickest thing in front of everyone in day light. Break his neck. Kick him in the teeth. He needs to be dead. I have chills watching this. And she played herself. Wow. And her man is Johnny Zucco from Grease 2 Hahahah

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 3 months ago


  • Brianna Mollett
    Brianna Mollett 3 months ago

    aww that puppy was sooooooooo cute

  • Brianna Mollett
    Brianna Mollett 3 months ago

    why was everybody just watching her be stabbed did they think she was acting rest in peace Theresa Saldana

  • Jboss
    Jboss 3 months ago

    It's crazy that all those bystanders were just watching it like they're watching a movie SMDH..thank God for that heaven sent water man!!

  • Jen F
    Jen F 3 months ago

    That is a grouchy ass little dog .. jeeez 😂

  • Stephanie Briscoe
    Stephanie Briscoe 3 months ago

    Thank God for the man who saved her. Wow, so many people just feet away from her and just stood watching.

  • Ebony Allen
    Ebony Allen 3 months ago

    Them bitches just looked nd said call the police..smh white ppl.

  • Michelle Staunton
    Michelle Staunton 3 months ago

    It’s bad enough that these vermin are out there doing these terrible things but when they catch them the courts give them such light sentences ! What has happened to this world that criminals ,evil psychopaths are not given life for these crimes .i never used to believe in the death penalty
    But nowadays I hear of such brutal crimes I think my belief has changed

  • Jennifer Ruel
    Jennifer Ruel 3 months ago +1

    i just dont understand why everyone watched this man stab her nobody did shit everyone ignored her screams people right there watching it happen! one man only one man helped her!

  • Remi Rodney
    Remi Rodney 3 months ago

    Why were they just looking?

  • Ciarra Crawford
    Ciarra Crawford 3 months ago


  • Kaitlyn Lindsay
    Kaitlyn Lindsay 3 months ago

    Like why would they just stand around and not help just watching as this man stab her half to death smh like why.... 😢😢😢😢

  • Erain Franklin
    Erain Franklin 4 months ago

    She Was Very Ugly Without The Scars Beautiful My Ass She's No Elizabeth Taylor Ava Gardner Marilyn Monroe 😗

  • O L
    O L 4 months ago

    Slurken har buskat i knotam. Vom erk hant slimpen?

  • april ventri
    april ventri 4 months ago

    Jesus!!!!!! All this neighbours who watching only!!!!!! Unbeliveble

  • Mac Nikki
    Mac Nikki 4 months ago

    Frank....Moesha daddy from tv show

  • Dario Simone
    Dario Simone 4 months ago +1

    No one even help the young water man ..

  • Viet Nguyen
    Viet Nguyen 4 months ago +1

    It seemed to be a thriller but it sure was a true story.

  • Nur Najmah Rahman
    Nur Najmah Rahman 4 months ago

    This movie pissed me off how people being so mind own business.

  • Sara Manch
    Sara Manch 4 months ago +1

    wtf wtf wtf y wasnt anybody doin anythng

  • Jazzmaen ✨
    Jazzmaen ✨ 4 months ago +1

    wow just wow

  • Christina Bravo
    Christina Bravo 4 months ago

    I have to tell myself those people were probably in pure shock to just stand there an do nothing. You can't say what you would do in that situation til you live it. But man fuck all those people who did nothing. I hope they went on to live shitty lives. I really like her acting. She's really good. I'm so glad she survived. She seems like an amazing person. Much love Theresa ♥️

  • Jennifer Revay
    Jennifer Revay 4 months ago

    I guess I’m the only one that thinks she sounds like a cold hearted selfish whinny bitch

  • Annieville Faoa
    Annieville Faoa 4 months ago

    Some people are so ignorant. They should have used common sense. Once someone screamed for help act fast but they just stand there and watch. It might be you l.

  • soraya walters
    soraya walters 4 months ago

    That man was so far away from her yet he ran and save her the others just stand there watching

  • Ms Heidi
    Ms Heidi 4 months ago

    The neighbors? Wtf? No one moved a bone to help?

  • BlytheWorld1972
    BlytheWorld1972 4 months ago

    She looks anorexic

  • ursula lestage
    ursula lestage 4 months ago

    all can say god was with her

  • Chance St.Thomas
    Chance St.Thomas 4 months ago

    7 minutes in...Poor Theresa!
    14:31-15:29 Ah HELL NAW!
    1:00:00 Awww! 🐶

  • Alucard
    Alucard 4 months ago

    I heard of this story and others in New York people standing around while woman getting stabbed up smh people are disgusting like it was a block party nobody took a bat, stick, chair, unbelievable it take someone from a far. Also that’s so real what she said that man is living free in jail and she over there having to figure out how to pay medical bills...

  • Dess Samuilov
    Dess Samuilov 4 months ago +1

    Why the fuck everybody’s watching and don’t do nothing ?!!?!!!! What the fucking crazy fucking stupid demonic persons are they?!?!? They even don’t scream , don’t go run to her house to call her husband don’t run to their homes to call the police and ambulance..... BRO WHAT THE FUCK BROOOI ?!?!!

  • Monica Rosas
    Monica Rosas 4 months ago +1

    No one did nothing, people are horrible.

  • Viola Gentsch
    Viola Gentsch 4 months ago +1

    1:14:37 Fk your regulations