Victim for Victims The Theresa Saldana Story (1984)

  • Published on Dec 8, 2011
  • Victims for Victims: The Theresa Saldana Story (1984)
    Staring Theresa Saldana

    The true story of the brutal attack on actress Theresa Saldana by an unbalanced fan. As a result of her ordeal and its aftermath, Saldana becomes involved in the victims' rights movement.
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  • Erain Franklin
    Erain Franklin 7 days ago

    She Was Very Ugly Without The Scars Beautiful My Ass She's No Elizabeth Taylor Ava Gardner Marilyn Monroe 😗

  • O L
    O L 9 days ago

    Slurken har buskat i knotam. Vom erk hant slimpen?

  • april ventri
    april ventri 11 days ago

    Jesus!!!!!! All this neighbours who watching only!!!!!! Unbeliveble

  • Shequita Brown
    Shequita Brown 12 days ago

    Frank....Moesha daddy from tv show

  • Dario Simone
    Dario Simone 13 days ago

    No one even help the young water man ..

  • Viet Nguyen
    Viet Nguyen 13 days ago +1

    It seemed to be a thriller but it sure was a true story.

  • Naj rahman
    Naj rahman 19 days ago

    This movie pissed me off how people being so mind own business.

  • Sara Manch
    Sara Manch 20 days ago +1

    wtf wtf wtf y wasnt anybody doin anythng

  • Jazzmaen ✨
    Jazzmaen ✨ 20 days ago +1

    wow just wow

  • Christina Bravo
    Christina Bravo 21 day ago

    I have to tell myself those people were probably in pure shock to just stand there an do nothing. You can't say what you would do in that situation til you live it. But man fuck all those people who did nothing. I hope they went on to live shitty lives. I really like her acting. She's really good. I'm so glad she survived. She seems like an amazing person. Much love Theresa ♥️

  • Jennifer Revay
    Jennifer Revay 22 days ago

    I guess I’m the only one that thinks she sounds like a cold hearted selfish whinny bitch

  • Annieville Faoa
    Annieville Faoa 22 days ago

    Some people are so ignorant. They should have used common sense. Once someone screamed for help act fast but they just stand there and watch. It might be you l.

  • soraya walters
    soraya walters 22 days ago

    That man was so far away from her yet he ran and save her the others just stand there watching

  • Ms Heidi
    Ms Heidi 22 days ago

    The neighbors? Wtf? No one moved a bone to help?

  • BlytheWorld1972
    BlytheWorld1972 23 days ago

    She looks anorexic

  • ursula lestage
    ursula lestage 27 days ago

    all can say god was with her

  • Chance St.Thomas
    Chance St.Thomas 27 days ago

    7 minutes in...Poor Theresa!
    14:31-15:29 Ah HELL NAW!
    1:00:00 Awww! 🐶

  • Jelly Yy
    Jelly Yy 28 days ago

    I heard of this story and others in New York people standing around while woman getting stabbed up smh people are disgusting like it was a block party nobody took a bat, stick, chair, unbelievable it take someone from a far. Also that’s so real what she said that man is living free in jail and she over there having to figure out how to pay medical bills...

  • Dess Samuilov
    Dess Samuilov Month ago +1

    Why the fuck everybody’s watching and don’t do nothing ?!!?!!!! What the fucking crazy fucking stupid demonic persons are they?!?!? They even don’t scream , don’t go run to her house to call her husband don’t run to their homes to call the police and ambulance..... BRO WHAT THE FUCK BROOOI ?!?!!

  • Monica Rosas
    Monica Rosas Month ago

    No one did nothing, people are horrible.

  • Viola Gentsch
    Viola Gentsch Month ago +1

    1:14:37 Fk your regulations

  • Viola Gentsch
    Viola Gentsch Month ago

    My God they mistreat that lil 🐶. Totally mishandling it.

  • Viola Gentsch
    Viola Gentsch Month ago

    People weren't too bright in the 80s.
    We were all products of our lovely 1950/60 alcoholic/drug parents. This poor girl was surrounded by the worst kind of people. Evil

  • ivory fyall
    ivory fyall Month ago

    Excellent movie. I love Theresa Saldano. May she continue to sleep in eternal peace 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Victamise Sinor
    Victamise Sinor Month ago

    These neighbors men wow

  • Maja Krstic
    Maja Krstic Month ago +1

    They just watched, what morons lived there? Better say an assholes, just watching and do nothing.

  • Teresa Linton
    Teresa Linton Month ago

    the people that stand there watching make me sick--what cowards

  • Teresa Linton
    Teresa Linton Month ago

    the neighbor is the lady on the golden girls

  • World Connection
    World Connection Month ago

    The murderur got caught right??? I know its wierd i ask but i dint see anything about it.

  • Batte josephs
    Batte josephs Month ago

    Ok pple here are sayin that the people staring at her being stabbed were frozen and didn’t know what to do okay I agree with you that’s fine but who called 911 after the cooler guy helped her ?🤔who helped her get to her house when she was bleeding ? No body even those at the pool just watched her bleed on her way to her house 🏡 the world 🌎 is only full of people who just always need a beer 🍺 from your pocket but can’t buy u one ☝️ till u die and say RIP who knows one of you here might have been there when she was stabbed and didn’t help but your here saying pple are pathetic

  • Knowledge is Power
    Knowledge is Power Month ago

    Thank you so much for sharing!! I’d wanted to see this movie since I was a young teenager when I watched one of my True Crime DVD’s (hosted by Theresa) & she mentioned how she’d been stabbed, my Mum then told me she did a movie about it where she played herself, but it was so rare I could never find a copy, first saw this uploaded for the first time a few years ago so finally got to watch it after all those years, just watched it again now, thank you so much, great movie!! ☺️🙏🏼

  • R B
    R B Month ago

    This nurse is WRONG and it ticks me off. Never do u treat people like babies. Its not hurting anyone with her stuffed animals in bed so LEAVE IT BE. Man I would give her a ear full. What a witch and yes she is. I seen to much that nurse did wrong and I cant stand wrong doing to people. That lady needs a diff job then being a nurse.

  • arooba abbasi
    arooba abbasi Month ago

    It hurts me. When hes stabbing her I feel so pain. I feel really sad for her.

  • Edith Gutierrez
    Edith Gutierrez Month ago +2

    It was GOD that put that waterguy to rescue her.

  • Edith Gutierrez
    Edith Gutierrez Month ago +1

    Poor girl😑

  • Edith Gutierrez
    Edith Gutierrez Month ago +1

    People where just standing there

  • ferozia dollie
    ferozia dollie Month ago

    Such a sad story .

  • pinkpokeadotz
    pinkpokeadotz Month ago

    wtf.. people just standing there..and hes legit doing that in front of people wth so sad :(

  • Erjie Dumbab
    Erjie Dumbab Month ago

    acting is really good

  • Joseph Gilbert
    Joseph Gilbert 2 months ago

    That is Theresa Saldana.

  • Vanlalhriati Khuptong
    Vanlalhriati Khuptong 2 months ago

    How can they just stood n staired.?I'm thankful ppl in my place wouldn't do stupid things like this. Neighbors r like family in my place. I hate the hospital for being deprived of emergency surgeon. But happy that they saved her

  • Ka'Brieyl Joseph
    Ka'Brieyl Joseph 2 months ago

    Thank god for adrenaline that's why she was able to get all the way to the stairs and those neighbors are disgusting and dumbass for just standing there and not even calling 911.

  • Gwen Scott
    Gwen Scott 2 months ago

    Born: August 20, 1954 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
    Died: June 6, 2016 (age 61) in Beverly Grove, Los Angeles, California, USA
    On March 15, 1982, Saldana was the stalking victim of Arthur Richard Jackson, a 46-year-old drifter from Aberdeen, Scotland.

  • William Anthony
    William Anthony 2 months ago +3

    All these assholes just standing around like fucking idiots. Really?

  • mediterranea1983
    mediterranea1983 2 months ago +3

    nobody helped,bloody hell. Everybody just stood there watching. Im shocked

  • Jackie Marini
    Jackie Marini 2 months ago

    I don't know what happened to her . Watching now May 5 2019

  • Rick Cortez
    Rick Cortez 2 months ago

    And the rescue squad and Fire Engine look like Station 51 from the 70's tv medical series "Emergency!" from that 1984 tv movie too!

  • Samy Antrum
    Samy Antrum 2 months ago +2

    Um this movie jumped in to a stalking scene with nothing leading up to it. Makes NO sense at all.

  • mrsmarvdeep
    mrsmarvdeep 2 months ago

    That lady with the dog came in and immediately started giving mouth to mouth to a conscious woman! She just helped herself lol!!

  • Kaleah Collins
    Kaleah Collins 2 months ago

    I wonder is she some way related to the actress Zoe saldana

  • June Viarruel
    June Viarruel 2 months ago

    I had no idea she died. I wondered if she and hubby made it? Didn't she go on to make other movies? With Charles Bronson? And her program? Victims for Victims?

  • June Viarruel
    June Viarruel 2 months ago

    Strange my birthday is August 6th. 🤔😞

  • MrBenjy1991
    MrBenjy1991 2 months ago

    All those people stood there and watched her get stabbed..... Not one tried to help, how sad.

  • dawn smythe
    dawn smythe 2 months ago

    All those people standing around & it took a delivery driver running from the complex too run out and help her. Thank god he was there

  • Veronica Jackson
    Veronica Jackson 2 months ago +2

    wow only 12 years for almost killing her?? that's insane!! ill never understand how people could watch the brutal attack on her and not help her??

  • Dangerous planet
    Dangerous planet 2 months ago +1

    Omg this is so heartbreaking 😭 i decided to watch a random movie from the 80s and came across this great yet sad story didn't know it happened to her for real so so so horrible i m glad she made it out of that nightmare

  • M-Cool
    M-Cool 2 months ago

    Bunch of stupid mother fuckers did nothing to help

    CEE-CEE 2 months ago

    My thing is: Why are ppl scared to intervene??? If it’s a bunch a people out there. Just all jump his ass. He’s only one person 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
    I could see if it was him and one other person outside 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Insert Witty Name
    Insert Witty Name 2 months ago +1

    Honestly I cant be mad at the people who did nothing because I cant say I'd react any better. (Doesnt make it any less upsetting, though) Thank God for that water guy. He's a real hero for acting when no one else was. It's hard to do.

  • Omega1867
    Omega1867 3 months ago +1

    Love how the bystanders are literally surrounding them, like right THERE while she is brutally attacked, but just chose to stare and do nothing. Some people.

  • Ami Contreras Barrutia
    Ami Contreras Barrutia 3 months ago +1

    Bitterness is something natural as result of the pain and the loss. As victims, it is very important to see all we still have instead of focusing on what we lost. Without an alternate reality, forgetting such experiences is impossible. People who love those who have gone through horrible things like this have to do all they can to give these persons a sweet, strong world, filled with love, security, acceptance, understanding, freedom and balance. Victims have to avoid jumping on others and hurt those who are trying to help, just as the movie actress said so clearly at the end of the movie. Crying and praying may be of great help in order not to remain living in fear and with it, instead of growing and living again and better. As victims, we have to be corageous, strong, fair and loving: patience, humility and perseverance are necessary.

  • Coley Fineout
    Coley Fineout 3 months ago

    The rarest place for human discrimination is when humans are trying to save another Humans lives😐. People become practical when death is father away from reality. This lady deserved the one and only last Emmy Award, Golden Globe, Oscar, an a Academy Award! Because that Lady was the Greatest actress from the 80's I have ever watched in my life! The pukey gross "Entertainment" they are shoveling & pushing are down right garbage. Nothing new could come out & even think about trying to hold a candle to this movie.This is & always will be the "Realist Movie" in history😐

  • Coley Fineout
    Coley Fineout 3 months ago

    It's called "The Bystander Effect", where everyone who is watching assumes that others will call 911, but no one does😐. The phrase comes from the "Kitty Genovese murder case".😢

  • Latoya Hale
    Latoya Hale 3 months ago +1

    Her neighbor is played by Sophia from the Golden Girls

  • Alien Person
    Alien Person 3 months ago +1

    Damn, this must've been so hard for her to play herself and go through this again.

  • N W
    N W 3 months ago

    Heart wrenching.

  • Claire Pierson
    Claire Pierson 3 months ago

    reminds me of thee case in newyork years ago who did nothing for a girl murdered and screaming for help they all stood by and did nothing

  • Pauline Walters
    Pauline Walters 3 months ago +1

    Theresa's screams are blood curdling. What a great actress to relive her agony.

  • Blue Ice
    Blue Ice 3 months ago +1

    What makes me mad is all those people standing around just looking instead of trying to help wtf what type of shit is that 🤬

  • ʙᴀʙʏ ᴋɪᴀ
    ʙᴀʙʏ ᴋɪᴀ 3 months ago

    PTSD. the man in the hospital. Lord she was was a strong woman to relive this traumatic experience again. She was a very gorgeous woman.

  • ʙᴀʙʏ ᴋɪᴀ
    ʙᴀʙʏ ᴋɪᴀ 3 months ago

    How the hell no one tried to help her. They just watched while he repeatedly stabbed her. In BROAD DAYLIGHT.

  • Chris Mc Evoy
    Chris Mc Evoy 3 months ago +2

    Rest In Peace Theresa Saldana.

  • Jayla Barrington
    Jayla Barrington 3 months ago

    Damn they just watch.. Fucking unbelievable

  • Jayanthy Samuel
    Jayanthy Samuel 3 months ago

    : we

  • Vanessa Richardson
    Vanessa Richardson 3 months ago +1

    I cant believe those people stood there and watched that physcho stab that woman.

  • Peace&Tranquility
    Peace&Tranquility 3 months ago +1

    The way they portray the dress code (bare-chested) of her husband, one would think it's an adult/porno film instead of an awful crime biography.

  • Mazy Bee
    Mazy Bee 3 months ago +2

    There is hardly any help for victims of crime out there, I had nothing .

  • E C
    E C 3 months ago

    Are those people around stupid ???
    What about attacker ?
    How many years did he get

    • Stephanie Harris
      Stephanie Harris 2 months ago +1

      12 years. He should've got life or death. It's really sad.

  • Shelby Beeimus
    Shelby Beeimus 3 months ago +3

    I find it incredibly brave that she started in a movie about her own horrific attack. She wanted to show how serious stalkers can be, and this definitely sold it.

  • PoodleParti
    PoodleParti 3 months ago

    Interesting excerpt from IMDB: While the lunatic was struggling with Saldana on her front lawn, a bottled-water deliveryman was driving by. He rushed to Saldana's assistance, subdued the lunatic and summoned medical help for her. When the media reported that the young deliveryman had hoped to pass the exam for deputy sheriff and join the department, the sheriff of Los Angeles County ordered that he be immediately given the written exam and placed in the training academy. He graduated from the academy and became a deputy sheriff.

  • Kennedy Law
    Kennedy Law 3 months ago

    Theresa remarried and had one child later. She passed away in 2016 at the age of 61.

  • Kennedy Law
    Kennedy Law 3 months ago

    All those people, no way I wouldn't do something to help save a person from such a horrific attack! All those Lookers would have wanted someone to save them if situation was reversed! Gutless spineless monsters. Fascinated enough not to run and get help but not brave enough to try to get this crazy lunatic or at least distract him!

  • Kennedy Law
    Kennedy Law 3 months ago

    Worthless by standers!

  • julie cooper
    julie cooper 3 months ago

    Only in America...standing watching her get stabbed to death....spineless bastards.

  • Special K
    Special K 3 months ago +1

    I bet she was afraid when he got out in 1988!! Good message

  • Linda Thrall
    Linda Thrall 3 months ago

    That’s why I know a very good friend of mine is fighting for the death penalty for severely mentally ill he does believe in mentally ill should be put to death he doesn’t like severely mentally ill people in fact he hates them with a passion. I seen this movie and when my friend was stabbed 47 times and barely survived he met Theresa Saldana in real life

  • Latrice Carter
    Latrice Carter 4 months ago

    Sure make the husband out to be the bad guy for wanting to beat down the guy that tried to kill his wife for no reason at all SMH

  • Sweet Girl
    Sweet Girl 4 months ago

    I don't believe that a lot offpeople just watching.. why morons..

  • Felicity Ray Self
    Felicity Ray Self 4 months ago

    Another transexual star?.

  • Nancy Howard
    Nancy Howard 4 months ago +1

    Theresa Salana. God bless you are a🍑

  • Nancy Howard
    Nancy Howard 4 months ago

    Only 12 years

  • Tanner Tanner
    Tanner Tanner 4 months ago

    Great movie 😍

  • Patrica Dyson
    Patrica Dyson 4 months ago

    Good story.

  • Tiny Dancer
    Tiny Dancer 4 months ago +2

    Dang! What an awful film, the acting was terrible. She must have been desperate for fame, to relive what must have been an horrendous trauma by playing herself in a film about it. Good on her though for setting up a support group for other victims. I'd never heard of her until I came across this film.

  • TexasGirl 1
    TexasGirl 1 4 months ago +1

    So scary and weird that the guy came all the way from Scotland!

  • Celeste Marie
    Celeste Marie 4 months ago

    What bothers me is that everyone just look and no one help her but the water man!! She ran all the way to her apartment and no one helped her!!

  • Lizard girl Emily
    Lizard girl Emily 4 months ago

    What the Hell?!!!! Everyone just STANDING AROUND WATCHING while being repeatedly stabbed!! 😨😨😡

  • Jᛕ BเaSẸd AR๓y ᗷiss -

    Sorry but this movie sucks and how could she walk after being stabbed like that

  • LaLa Don'tTrip
    LaLa Don'tTrip 4 months ago

    Im a girl & i would of grabbed a rock or freaking block whatever i saw around & hit the man several times & on his hand to get him to let go of the knife ...stop him from stabbing her ....what kind of shit is that yea your scared but it make me angry seeing him just stab her & not do nothing about it poor her 💔😢

  • Maximus Prime
    Maximus Prime 4 months ago

    Ha! TV's Adrian Zmed.