gabriel iglesias aloha fluffy part 1

  • Published on Jan 10, 2017

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  • アブドラ
    アブドラ 6 hours ago


  • NeedSolsa HD
    NeedSolsa HD Day ago

    You talk about Singapore and not mention Singlish??

    WWELIVEGUY94 Day ago

    Long beach in the house. Nice show fluffy

  • - ___alexander___hamilton___ -

    I looked up punani and yes it means what you think it means

  • Maddy Puppy
    Maddy Puppy 2 days ago

    Best part is. I’m a Greek Native American. IVE BEEN BLESSED WITH THE INDIAN GODS!

  • Gasha failure
    Gasha failure 2 days ago

    Lol not me I don’t care about my image

  • Mon
    Mon 3 days ago

    Doesn’t embarrassing your kid just ruin the trust?
    I don’t agree with the point he makes at 30:50

  • Im Slaterr
    Im Slaterr 3 days ago

    Bitch where’s part 2?!

  • Kittycatsplat11
    Kittycatsplat11 3 days ago

    19:29 I’m a middle schooler and my home room teacher always tells us “I can teach you ELA, but not common sense” , because we are in need of some lessons in that field

  • Jennifer Rose
    Jennifer Rose 4 days ago

    26:15 - 27:15

  • Darlene Warner
    Darlene Warner 4 days ago +1

    Xoxoxo xoxo 💋 I watch u everyday to cheer myself up . Even if I watch the same clips over and over it still makes me happy to hear your stand up...and wow....u can make us LAUGH SO HARD without ANY CUSS WORDS!!!! Other comics need to follow suit!

  • Night Sky Productions

    Would he mess with Dave?

  • Labyirnth II
    Labyirnth II 5 days ago

    Gosh he looks so different from his younger years. Like he's matured and ugh, 😭👏👌

  • Jenny Simon
    Jenny Simon 5 days ago

    If they thought he was tec support, maybe he try to rob best buy.

  • sameera Ruwan
    sameera Ruwan 6 days ago

    Love this guy

  • Vascity
    Vascity 6 days ago

    20:14 😂

  • Raegan Ruemmler
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  • Wuft Chan
    Wuft Chan 6 days ago

    30:50 that only works if you care, or are popular, but the other people already let ppl know how their parents act

  • Wuft Chan
    Wuft Chan 6 days ago

    29:30 dude like ik my weekends

  • Waleed Bajwa
    Waleed Bajwa 7 days ago

    gabriel you live next to america so i dont hate you and you are mexican so thats another reason

  • Waleed Bajwa
    Waleed Bajwa 7 days ago

    indian people are the worst im being honest here look even though im pakistani and i hate them more than americans there are some indians that are good people i have a lot of family friends who come for my family reunions and they very nice people

  • Clay Odiorne
    Clay Odiorne 8 days ago

    19:47 talks about common sense then proceeds to get left and right mixed up, lmaoooo

  • Miah Coakley
    Miah Coakley 8 days ago

    i live in England and i was laughing my ass off like so fucking true, you get hit you fucking die! i seen a girl walk out onto the road, she was looking at her phone and a car, a car! hit her and she was thrown into the air! like cataplotied! when she hit the ground her blood painting the road!! like she died on impact!

  • TheShadowKnight
    TheShadowKnight 8 days ago

    the sound quality is amazing.

  • Yung.kamzYT
    Yung.kamzYT 9 days ago

    I know everything I am Hawaiian and in Oahu

  • clarice tat
    clarice tat 9 days ago

    Wish i could witness what everyone there did..

  • Bongo Cat
    Bongo Cat 10 days ago +4

    my mom is good at
    driving in hawaiian time lol

  • Danesh Surkheti
    Danesh Surkheti 11 days ago

    Fat ugly mama

  • Sharkgirl360
    Sharkgirl360 11 days ago

    Many Indians rape but okay.

  • Itsjustme 123
    Itsjustme 123 12 days ago +1

    Dad of the year award goes to this dude

  • Leatherkid01
    Leatherkid01 12 days ago

    I used to live in Singapore... In the same condo complex with Michael Fay....the guy who did the graffiti :)

  • Mad Ashell
    Mad Ashell 12 days ago

    HaVai nnnoooo its Hawaii

  • erika chiappone
    erika chiappone 12 days ago

    what is up gabriel iglesias

  • Anonymous _
    Anonymous _ 12 days ago

    Always Indian business are scammers tho

  • Anonymous _
    Anonymous _ 12 days ago

    Always Indian business are scammers tho

  • Maikel K
    Maikel K 12 days ago

    King kameha meha? That's dragonball z right?

  • Elan2017 Tee
    Elan2017 Tee 14 days ago

    He’s absolutely fantastic but is it necessary to applaud every single sentence!

  • tunchi Kingston
    tunchi Kingston 14 days ago

    this guy 😍😍

  • Dominic Sebastian
    Dominic Sebastian 14 days ago

    Creative ..and coooool really funny dude hats off...😍😍

  • Deborah Pedro
    Deborah Pedro 16 days ago


  • Deborah Pedro
    Deborah Pedro 16 days ago


  • Yustika Audilia
    Yustika Audilia 16 days ago

    12:08 my favorite part

  • Alex A
    Alex A 17 days ago

    Get him a calendar it's Sunday kid hahaha

  • Ethan Weeter
    Ethan Weeter 17 days ago

    Think his girl was in the back.

  • Joshua Novotny
    Joshua Novotny 18 days ago

    thats funny...he did teach me something about's true punctuation.

  • Kiliki U
    Kiliki U 18 days ago

    A True ALOHA NUI LOA to ya :)

  • KandiMD1
    KandiMD1 18 days ago +1

    I laughed so hard I peed myself

  • Murfle Rachel
    Murfle Rachel 19 days ago

    This has thought me a lot about Science...

  • M Erives
    M Erives 21 day ago

    This guy sucks. Js.

  • MetallicaLife4
    MetallicaLife4 21 day ago

    oml this sound quality is tight

  • never ever
    never ever 22 days ago

    It was Sunday 🤣🤣🤣

  • Adi Darmawan
    Adi Darmawan 22 days ago

    i see bakpau in my monitor.... kkkkkk

  • Yes
    Yes 22 days ago +1

    Never part 2?

  • sebas the_awsome
    sebas the_awsome 22 days ago

    11:37 😂😂

  • Jp Smith
    Jp Smith 22 days ago

    Am I the only one who realized his right left was backwards??

  • Enrique Guzman
    Enrique Guzman 22 days ago

    My condolences Gabriel!! My she rest in peace!!!

  • Frimy Estrada
    Frimy Estrada 22 days ago +2

    I love it but these people need to stop clapping for everything ugh 🙄

  • Joseph Bezzi
    Joseph Bezzi 23 days ago

    I never stop laughing

  • Yankarlo Chavez
    Yankarlo Chavez 23 days ago

    When I heard the part where his mom cussed him out for bringing a "white" Mexican. I started laughing my ass off. Cause its really like that. Im Mexican too so I its even more funny when someone sees or hears the exact same things you do with Mexican families or people

  • Adam Mankind
    Adam Mankind 23 days ago

    OMG I love this guy he's one of my favorite comedian of all time 😍😂💙💚💛💜

  • Cee zee
    Cee zee 23 days ago

    Lol, I absolutely love watching this guy's stuff, he always makes me laugh, I'm sure he makes anyone laugh, everyone laugh.
    And of course!? There are people who "Dislike" this, tf?
    jk, someone always gotta get offended by something, yeah.
    But I love this guy's material man, he is good, the way he changes his voices just to make his show more and more funny.
    One of the greatest comedians to live.

  • merídían dráth
    merídían dráth 24 days ago +1

    the crowd is amazing as well

  • Larissa Flores
    Larissa Flores 24 days ago

    :58 did someone just slap Gabriel’s head 😂

  • Slazo
    Slazo 24 days ago

    It’s been 2 years cmon I wanna know the rest

  • Cristina Andersson
    Cristina Andersson 25 days ago

    Your so funny Gabriel. Your jokes are so funny haha😂🤣

  • Gamersedge 157
    Gamersedge 157 26 days ago

    You see that mom you see that, they make em in that color to XD

    BEING A JAMAICAN 27 days ago


    BEING A JAMAICAN 27 days ago


    BEING A JAMAICAN 27 days ago


  • Don Navarrette
    Don Navarrette 27 days ago

    Ralphie maye

  • littlefeild jake
    littlefeild jake 28 days ago

    I have seen both

  • Makeala Atkins
    Makeala Atkins 28 days ago

    This was so relatable. My family friend Wally is Hawaiian and is considered family (he's my uncle). Every year he hosts a traditional luau with kalua pig and all. I may not be Hawaiian by blood but it is in my heart and spirit. So as someone who has grown up with Hawaiian culture, I couldn't help but enjoy this.

  • Winnie s
    Winnie s 28 days ago

    he's good, I hope he lives a long time. He should have a personal chef and trainer by now. We want him to live forever

  • RandomFILMS
    RandomFILMS 28 days ago

    When he said shower, my mind was focused on shower so I was typing captain America but I typed ,”captain shower”!😂😂😂

  • JPB227
    JPB227 Month ago

    Anyone else hear that voice crack at 25:08

  • Tech Yeti
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  • MYBRO industries
    MYBRO industries Month ago

    its cool that he got the Hawaiian parts correct.
    (Hawaiian time) Holy shit. bro I feel you. If you ever plan on comin don't be surprised when you don't make it in a hour.

  • Dave White
    Dave White Month ago

    LOL!! You see Ma they make them in that color too!

  • Dr Redd
    Dr Redd Month ago

    41:04 best part 😂😂😂

  • Kristie  Schnell
    Kristie Schnell Month ago

    punani = female special spot or slut

  • Franco Barrera
    Franco Barrera Month ago

    They have to put the Aloha Fluffy special on Netflix too.

  • MissyDissy
    MissyDissy Month ago

    3:05 it's not Australia it's Strya

  • No Brain
    No Brain Month ago

    i think i just pissed my bedeoom he is brilliant very funny

  • Otto
    Otto Month ago


  • Agnes Smith
    Agnes Smith Month ago

    Hi there ... sure was nice to see Diamond Head again... It has been many years since I've been there..Enjoyed Don Ho's luau way back Don't want to forget... You're terrific !

  • Misspretty Sands
    Misspretty Sands Month ago

    First time watching him i already like him😀😀😀😀 hilarious

  • Jamile Enalanga
    Jamile Enalanga Month ago

    RIP to Flurry's mum

  • Георги Михайлов


  • Shakira I
    Shakira I Month ago

    Lmao I love the jokes with frankie

  • Summy Chan
    Summy Chan Month ago

    "Where did you get the laptop?"
    "They thought I was tech support!"

  • Andysparrow
    Andysparrow Month ago

    is SJW voice is good

  • richard nicolas
    richard nicolas Month ago

    Yeah the Indian never robbers a bank's but the rapid girls you right fluffy

  • Arthur Hovhannisyan


  • Quotah
    Quotah Month ago



    I absolutely love this man's work!God please continue to bless him and everything he does

  • Michael G
    Michael G Month ago

    You show be on agt (Americas got talent

    • Joe Turner
      Joe Turner 24 days ago

      He'd make a great special guest performer!

  • Michael G
    Michael G Month ago

    I love your beatboxing 🤑

  • Alan Hill
    Alan Hill Month ago

    Wonderful show, wonderful man.

  • Michael G
    Michael G Month ago

    You are so funny 😂😂

  • Luis Alberto Narvaéz Fonseca

    Mis sinceras condolencias mi fluffy amigo ...Dios bendiga el alma d tu mamita y siempre continue bendicionendote tu familia y tu carrera