Optical Instruments: Crash Course Physics #41

  • Published on Feb 16, 2017
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    How do lenses work? How do they form images? Well, in order to understand how optics work, we have to understand the physics of light. In this episode of Crash Course Physics, Shini talks to us about optical instruments and how they make magnification possible.

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  • I am Filipino
    I am Filipino 2 months ago +1

    0:42 im blind

  • karen he
    karen he 3 months ago +2

    me: this looks like something for kids. Ill understand it.
    *ten minutes later*
    me: wut

  • Alexandrite Leigh Montecarlos

    I like you more than my teacher 😉

  • Liam Martin 2: Electric Boogaloo

    That thumbnail did not age well

    SRIDHANYA KOMARAVOLU 6 months ago +1

    Because even if you've never picked up a camera or a smartphone in your life, you're "probably" still using your eyes

  • Javier Mancheno
    Javier Mancheno 7 months ago

    Thanks a million !

  • Andy Tang
    Andy Tang 7 months ago +1

    This is amazing! Can we do an organic chemistry course?

  • The king 52
    The king 52 8 months ago

    u r looking so good babes

  • Shilpa Kulkarni
    Shilpa Kulkarni 8 months ago

    In India hyperopia us call as hypermetropia

  • sujan sarkar
    sujan sarkar 8 months ago

    Madhavi Badshah

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E 9 months ago +1

    Her uneven sleeves bothered me

  • Arya Sivaram
    Arya Sivaram 9 months ago

    Pretty lady..nice video..,🌻🌻🌻

  • Lord Event Horizon
    Lord Event Horizon 9 months ago

    Wait is that a cross around her neck? How is she religious if she is a physicist?

  • Vamsi Mohana
    Vamsi Mohana 10 months ago


  • Vamsi Mohana
    Vamsi Mohana 10 months ago


  • Hudson Roseboom
    Hudson Roseboom 10 months ago

    3:49 ET phone home

  • wasted boogeyman
    wasted boogeyman 10 months ago

    Hold up. Slow it down coach!
    - nolifeshaq

  • Musical Lifestyles
    Musical Lifestyles 10 months ago

    You are so beautiful that I can hate physics but love it😍

  • Ahmad Mustafa
    Ahmad Mustafa Year ago

    Great Video. And many thanks for speaking bit slow and pronouncing the words completely unlike previous videos :) Good accent btw

  • Vojtěch Votruba
    Vojtěch Votruba Year ago

    LoL, tan(x)=x.

  • abubakar Yusuf
    abubakar Yusuf Year ago


  • Miguel Delgado
    Miguel Delgado Year ago

    this is great introduction to optics - thanks


    Mam can we make telescope at ur home to see moons & stars?

  • Ethan Martin
    Ethan Martin Year ago +1

    that unsolved Rubix cube is annoying me

  • I E
    I E Year ago

    What happens if 2 photon streams of pi/2 oscilation distance are directionally aligned? Will the stream not be detectable at specific distances? What if the streams are separated by pi? Are the photons annihilated?

  • I E
    I E Year ago

    My near point was around 12cm, who is included in the calculation of the average?

  • Shaun Zelarom
    Shaun Zelarom Year ago

    Still can't force myself to listen to her fake accent.

  • Julio Aguilar
    Julio Aguilar Year ago +1

    Sheah right like someone can hold a College Physics Book with just one hand in a angle where they could have a page open to read to find out near point

  • Sandris Virsis
    Sandris Virsis Year ago

    I see red and blue lines

  • Sandris Virsis
    Sandris Virsis Year ago

    I see everything like game simulation or somhing!

  • Sandris Virsis
    Sandris Virsis Year ago

    I have severe ligh aberration -_-

  • Emma Lee
    Emma Lee Year ago

    what if I have astigmatism? My eyes are really crap-I can't see anything close or far away.

  • squeezablehoney
    squeezablehoney Year ago


    • squeezablehoney
      squeezablehoney Year ago

      Crash C
      Crash Co
      Crash Cou
      Crash Cour
      Crash Cours
      Crash Course
      Crash Cours
      Crash Cour
      Crash Cou
      Crash Co
      Crash C

      I know... I’m wasting time in my life

  • cholo wachin
    cholo wachin Year ago

    fk u im blind

  • CallMeGumball CMG

    Crash course. using memes for learning. good game crash course DAMN IT WHY CANT I TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO PLAY MINECRAFT WITH MEMES!

  • Siddiboi
    Siddiboi Year ago

    I am learning optics and I watched 2 Crash Course videos about optics. They were very supportive! Thanks!!

  • CallMeGumball CMG

    Such wow! many education. so phisics

  • Sp-Who-Me? si-DAB-you

    Am I the only one who noticed that she never blinked when talking about what we learnt today.

    NINJA ASHU Year ago

    Nice video but i think you missed the important derivation of magnification i.e m=V/U(1+D/F) where D is the least distance of distinct vision.

  • Blah 123
    Blah 123 2 years ago

    Crazy to think back on how much I have learned these past two semesters of phsyics. Thank you crash course! I love physics!

  • Sebastian Zagler
    Sebastian Zagler 2 years ago

    I am a simple man:
    I see doge... I click

  • soundravally rajendiran

    "hyperopia"? Its hypermetropia! -_-

    NATHAN ZUNIGA 2 years ago

    Shouldn't tan(theta')=Height of the virtual image/focal length of the eyepiece?

  • Dheer chudasama
    Dheer chudasama 2 years ago

    look at the moon

  • Dheer chudasama
    Dheer chudasama 2 years ago

    Did anyone notice the man riding a bycicle at 3:49

  • 멀티팬단
    멀티팬단 2 years ago

    That was the sound of my mind being blown

  • Soufiane KARRAKCHOU
    Soufiane KARRAKCHOU 2 years ago +1

    Awesome video, thanks !
    Just one error I mentioned at moment 6:21, theta prime = I1/fe and not h/fe.

  • Geeks God
    Geeks God 2 years ago +1

    nice explanation

  • The FBI
    The FBI 2 years ago +2

    i dont get it :(

  • Afro Man
    Afro Man 2 years ago

    Hey guys, look at the moon at 3:49- Spielberg would be proud

  • MechaBunny
    MechaBunny 2 years ago

    My near point (11 years) is 6 cms is that really weird?

  • Joel Mendoza
    Joel Mendoza 2 years ago

    too bad the dot on her head isnt an off button

  • Travis Muhler
    Travis Muhler 2 years ago

    These physics videos are a lifesaver! Thank you!!!

  • Vincent P
    Vincent P 2 years ago

    Rip Crash course Physics 😭

  • Aanmoon AJ
    Aanmoon AJ 2 years ago

    anybody notice the hagrid on the moon 3:48

    • MechaBunny
      MechaBunny 2 years ago

      I think that's E.T, but well done for spotting it.

  • Eva
    Eva 2 years ago

    Thank you for being so much nicer and more insightful than my real physics professor. TRULY you are the reason I am passing.

  • Friedrich Nietzsche
    Friedrich Nietzsche 2 years ago

    Optical instruments? Optican approves this message.

  • Amin EnJan
    Amin EnJan 2 years ago

    Two Of The Recent Videos are not Added To Physic Playlist
    Episode 40 and 42

  • Navid Sadikali
    Navid Sadikali 2 years ago

    Great work! I like your pace it is exactly the type of fast action crash review to get rapid conceptual understanding. I'm reviewing 10 per day. I took 1st year physics 20 years ago and I'm not interested in the details, but the conceptual underpinnings. I hope you go right into more advanced topics.