iconic vines that changed the world

  • Published on Dec 30, 2017
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  • chibuogwu mbah
    chibuogwu mbah 4 hours ago

    I’m saying this watch 1:50

  • Jamie Stewart
    Jamie Stewart 6 hours ago

    Look at this graph still cracks me up 😂

  • alexander fabiani
    alexander fabiani 9 hours ago


  • Emiko Chan
    Emiko Chan 10 hours ago


  • Moani S
    Moani S 11 hours ago +1

    Alright I’m gonna say it I’m gonna say it... I don’t care that you broke your elbow

  • Mariana Salazar
    Mariana Salazar 13 hours ago +1

    0:20 had me dead

  • moonlightxbabieee
    moonlightxbabieee 16 hours ago

    Thank u.

  • Eshal Naz
    Eshal Naz 19 hours ago +1

    Please tell me how to, control my laugh lol😜😄😜

  • min yoona
    min yoona 20 hours ago

    Whats the first song

  • Hermine Granger
    Hermine Granger 23 hours ago


  • GreenBreeze :3
    GreenBreeze :3 Day ago

    Does anyone know the song at 3:21

  • G.O.J Gaming
    G.O.J Gaming Day ago

    Still never found the first vine

  • Brenleigh marie X23 XD

    *Look at this graph* I love the actual song and the vine 🤣

  • Im on crack
    Im on crack Day ago

    ‘Do it for the vine!’ 🥺

  • Morgaaannn
    Morgaaannn Day ago

    Why do you put in the singing ones, they aren’t I c O n I c

  • Ja'Marcus Williams


  • Han_naH Sop_hia
    Han_naH Sop_hia Day ago

    That's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life: IT'S WATERMELONE INSIDE A WATERMELONE!!!!!😂😱

  • ADQuAkerz YT
    ADQuAkerz YT 2 days ago

    4:20 found that meme I was looking for.

  • KaylaTheGachaNoodle
    KaylaTheGachaNoodle 2 days ago


  • Kathryn Lewis
    Kathryn Lewis 2 days ago

    2020 and Vine still isn't back 😤

  • Vinnie al
    Vinnie al 2 days ago

    This video is not fuckin funny

  • Josh SV
    Josh SV 2 days ago

    "does it feels good?"

  • 765Dmar Johnson
    765Dmar Johnson 2 days ago

    4:21 I looked thru hella comps to find this vine after seeing a Canon battle in C.

  • Gameplay Videos
    Gameplay Videos 2 days ago

    All I see are cringey vines

  • misteur crayz
    misteur crayz 2 days ago +1

    8:14 music name or group name please

  • stickman animations
    stickman animations 2 days ago

    What about the vine where the mistake the national anthem ?

  • pasta slut
    pasta slut 3 days ago

    this made me feel old as hell

  • Lalie Q.
    Lalie Q. 3 days ago

    “Look at all those chickeeens” 5:48

  • Emma LiJin
    Emma LiJin 4 days ago

    Bruh u lost it when Jacob hit the whip 😂

  • SaintsOf Knoecks
    SaintsOf Knoecks 4 days ago

    8:21 fucking psycho

  • Ana Stars
    Ana Stars 4 days ago

    5:24 I legit stood up and did the dance

  • Biiigッ
    Biiigッ 4 days ago

    Ayebraws on fleeeek

  • Noël Garcia Pou
    Noël Garcia Pou 4 days ago

    you got my like with the first one

  • TeeEss
    TeeEss 5 days ago

    3:25 is that- jacob?

  • MEO
    MEO 5 days ago

    Whats the song at 3:48?:)

  • Lily Animates
    Lily Animates 5 days ago

    That second one tho

  • ExplosionBoi Bakugo
    ExplosionBoi Bakugo 5 days ago +2

    it’s honestly such a disgrace that people dare to call tiktok the new vine

  • Dani Kay
    Dani Kay 5 days ago

    i could've lived the rest of my life pretty contently without remembering that those grind on me vines ever existed :/

  • wiggle wiggle
    wiggle wiggle 5 days ago +1

    My first vine video ever!!! Watched this like a year ago and it started my addiction

  • Apple Pie
    Apple Pie 5 days ago +7

    No one:

    Random kid: *LEBRON JAMES*

  • Stormless Fritz
    Stormless Fritz 6 days ago

    No white people

  • the wasteland wanderer

    Vine was peaceful then the thots and fuckboys from tictoc attacked

  • •Cryinq_ Clxudsxx•


  • Sub2 Toby24
    Sub2 Toby24 6 days ago +2

    5:37 when you drop a quarter that you cant reach so you start stretching

  • whyistomatoafruit
    whyistomatoafruit 6 days ago

    Should change the title to “95% Awesome Black People Vines”

  • rosic'
    rosic' 6 days ago

    Tiktok entered the chat

  • Larua zapien
    Larua zapien 6 days ago

    Whats the piano song called at the start?

    • D Ana
      D Ana 5 days ago

      Play that song

  • Mr. Adi2007
    Mr. Adi2007 6 days ago

    2:17 backflip tutorial for fat people

  • Xd DidiTry
    Xd DidiTry 6 days ago


  • mkø158
    mkø158 6 days ago

    *o m y g u h*

  • vi vina
    vi vina 7 days ago

    geography teachers be like: 1:35

  • Dankme_mer 420
    Dankme_mer 420 7 days ago

    Come back. I miss you. TikTok isn’t a substitute. I swear I It did come bAck tiktok will be gone

  • Christine Kanayok
    Christine Kanayok 7 days ago

    The last part. .......goodbye

  • NO NO
    NO NO 7 days ago

    you missed
    -stop it get some help
    -i thought you were american
    -mmm blockin out the haters

  • AK 47
    AK 47 7 days ago

    2:28 ur welcome

  • sshantobia1
    sshantobia1 7 days ago +1

    I've had a crush on the dancing boy in 5:53 ever since I saw those dance moves. Can someone tell me his vine account name or social media?

  • a r
    a r 7 days ago

    when i heard "what it is? whussup?" i got hyped lmfao

  • twice모모
    twice모모 7 days ago


  • KMS Bismarck
    KMS Bismarck 8 days ago +2

    the Watermelon vines are my favorite

  • wesdawg360
    wesdawg360 8 days ago +1