Nick Kroll Went To Burning Man And Was Really Into It

  • Published on Oct 4, 2018
  • 'Big Mouth' creator Nick Kroll couldn't understand why strangers at Burning Man greeted him with open arms upon arrival, but by the end he felt right at home.
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Comments • 481

  • A Human With a Book

    Oh my god, Stephen Colbert sounds exactly like the guy from set it up

  • Rexasaurus
    Rexasaurus 2 days ago

    Burning man is a fun time. Way better than a party and much much bigger.

  • Christa-leigh Johnson
    Christa-leigh Johnson 19 days ago

    Nick is so cute, beautiful...I want his

  • Maymona Yosef
    Maymona Yosef 22 days ago

    “Uhhh I guess we should get up..?”😂😭

  • Dylehn
    Dylehn 26 days ago

    Ooooooo its the Lady bugg... Its the lady bug!

  • l3l3Cakes
    l3l3Cakes Month ago

    I would sooOoo sleep with him. I feel like it’d be fun😁

  • Hungry Hungry Hippocampus

    Who's started the campaign to get Colbert to Burning Man?

  • Wilma FistFit
    Wilma FistFit Month ago

    Welcome to Boston

  • Caroline Alexander
    Caroline Alexander 2 months ago

    my god, i love nick kroll.

  • Birds Z
    Birds Z 2 months ago +2

    I’m really attracted to this man help

  • Giulia Targaryen
    Giulia Targaryen 2 months ago +1

    What did he says at 5:09?

  • Guadalupe Ortiz
    Guadalupe Ortiz 2 months ago

    Nick Kroll can always get it

  • Keanan Benton
    Keanan Benton 2 months ago


  • Paul Basquez
    Paul Basquez 3 months ago

    pupils blown it was lsd

  • Julio Francati
    Julio Francati 3 months ago

    "fully engaged"

  • Brewster Million
    Brewster Million 3 months ago

    He'll be a good Beatle juice

  • Sam Nolan
    Sam Nolan 3 months ago +1

    Am I the only one seeing they Key Necklace around Kroll's Neck in that photo haha

  • Sophie
    Sophie 3 months ago +4

    I’m in love with Nick. He’s hilarious and attractive.

  • Elly Valentini
    Elly Valentini 3 months ago

    Give me season 3

  • N4
    N4 3 months ago

    Yes! Finally. Thank you, Nick! It's Nevada not Nevahda.
    Let 'em know 😘

  • Samir El-Chaer
    Samir El-Chaer 3 months ago


  • Jack Staub
    Jack Staub 4 months ago

    Why is Nick screaming?

  • Panda One
    Panda One 4 months ago +1

    All these Bitches acting like they are in love and would have always loved him yet never did until he was rich and famous lmao.

  • Dumisa Lengwati
    Dumisa Lengwati 4 months ago

    I've never been to Burning Man, but have attended South Africa's regional AfrikaBurn event for the past 3 years. For anyone who hasn't gone/isn't interested in going, what Nick is talking about sounds like random dusty nonsense. For me - yes - it sounds like Home! Would love to go to Black Rock City one day!!

  • Sophia McCarthy
    Sophia McCarthy 4 months ago

    I can’t help but hear big mouth characters in every video of nick like 3:31 was Coach Steve I’m losing my mind

  • Olivia Brown
    Olivia Brown 4 months ago

    why am i attracted to him wtf

  • Joey Monster
    Joey Monster 4 months ago +1

    Shane Lizard

  • Ryan Naylor
    Ryan Naylor 4 months ago

    Kroll said on Joe Rogans podcast he had done acid the first time ever at Burning Man... explains exactly how he ended up right at home by the end lol...

  • Caitlin Sanderson
    Caitlin Sanderson 4 months ago

    He looks so hot but he's got n o s o c k s o n fam

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson 4 months ago

    I’m pretty sure the shame wizard is voiced by the English dude from Fargo season 3 lol

  • Amelia Anderson
    Amelia Anderson 4 months ago

    Wtf is nick kroll on?

  • Samantha Bloom
    Samantha Bloom 4 months ago

    Why is he shaming nick for liking burning man?? Get less uptight, man

  • CB 1014
    CB 1014 4 months ago +1

    I used to work w a girl who would go to burning man. Cant stand how people pretend to like that shittt. Fuckin scrub losers.

  • CB 1014
    CB 1014 4 months ago +3

    I live in Boston and thats spot on

  • Bozo The Clown
    Bozo The Clown 4 months ago

    I'm fucking going to burning man now

  • O K A Y V I B E S
    O K A Y V I B E S 4 months ago

    Nick is fucking adorable. Wtf.

  • David 420
    David 420 4 months ago

    I want to go to burning man so badly

  • Jahdaipie
    Jahdaipie 4 months ago

    i just realized he’s like, attractive

  • Nimble_doughnut 97
    Nimble_doughnut 97 4 months ago

    Shittt what I wouldn’t pay to go to burning man with THE ALMIGHTY NICK KROLL!! 🤘

  • mothball boxes
    mothball boxes 4 months ago

    What happened to Colbert? What a stiff.

  • Doreen Schrader
    Doreen Schrader 4 months ago

    Can't like this enough

  • mickey milkovich
    mickey milkovich 4 months ago

    i actually am in love with nick

  • Marcel Carneiro
    Marcel Carneiro 4 months ago

    Stephen's reaction at 7:41 is too much lmao

  • The Debaucherous Dweeb
    The Debaucherous Dweeb 4 months ago

    The fact that Nick didn’t even compute the possibility that Stephen didn’t mean “go to burning man” and instead thought he was just gonna leave... oh boy that one got me good.

  • Jacob A
    Jacob A 5 months ago

    "Is this live?"

  • Special Agent0099
    Special Agent0099 5 months ago

    "I went to Boston once"...

  • holly chapman
    holly chapman 5 months ago +664

    listen i’m not saying i’m completely and utterly in love with him, but....

  • luke warm milk
    luke warm milk 5 months ago +10

    1:32 you can see his wittle bewy

  • Organon
    Organon 5 months ago

    The Shame Wizard is Roger Daltry?

  • Stephanie Northcutt
    Stephanie Northcutt 5 months ago

    I’d like to think the Boston guy was just Jeremy Dooley from Achievement Hunter

  • Cici
    Cici 5 months ago

    Just close your eyes and then this just becomes another Big Mouth episode

  • Stephen Sharpe
    Stephen Sharpe 5 months ago

    Nick Kroll looks like a cross between a young Jeff Goldblum and a muppet....that one from the Muppet band...Janice.

  • Angela Covacs
    Angela Covacs 5 months ago

    What is it they bleeped, White Nikes and what?

  • River Long
    River Long 5 months ago +4

    It's pretty interesting that Colbert isn't going along with this so much. I thought showbiz types had to approve of basically everything wild and crazy.

  • Jake Matthews
    Jake Matthews 5 months ago

    Burning Man sheds the outer layers of society off and allows you to experience life and yourself at the core that connects us all. The people who don't get it have just been disconnected for too long. This Monty Python bit says it very well:

  • adarsh sirsat
    adarsh sirsat 5 months ago

    Sounds fun

  • Live Till I Die
    Live Till I Die 5 months ago

    Big Mouth is my new fav show, its hilarious and heartwarming.

  • Douglas Hanes
    Douglas Hanes 5 months ago

    John and Jenny are hilarious tho. Its only you nick, ideas>voices

  • Douglas Hanes
    Douglas Hanes 5 months ago

    Be funny nick, maybe season 3....

  • Jessica D
    Jessica D 5 months ago

    Stephen please go to burning man for an outside the studio piece!!!

  • Firefenex1996
    Firefenex1996 5 months ago

    Not gunna lie. Colbert needs to work on his segways a little more. I know almost every talkshow interview has drawn out topics they are told to ask guests about but damn...

  • Joss
    Joss 5 months ago

    What did he say that was bleeped out?

  • Patrick Paradis
    Patrick Paradis 5 months ago

    :| what a tame clip... finished the season yesterday, Hilarious show, and that clip is just... they found one of the 30 second moments with only 1 joke in it... i suppose anything that was Actually funny couldn't be broadcast on such a channel?

  • Jeaniemaii92
    Jeaniemaii92 5 months ago

    Steve is right Burning Man is a Ritual's a demonic ritual people are so blind.

  • Richie Moriarty
    Richie Moriarty 5 months ago

    does Kroll know he's mic'ed? he's screaming through this whole interview.

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube 5 months ago

    uh, christianity is a cult. "i wonder what father wants next". catholicism is a cult, the baptists are a cult, mormonism is a cult, judaism and islam are cults... going to a trump rally is a cult. you don't have to join anything or pay membership dues to go to burning man.

  • P H
    P H 5 months ago

    "I guess we should stand up?" HAHAHA HA! Big Mouth has spoken.

  • cevlapod
    cevlapod 5 months ago


  • soyboy
    soyboy 5 months ago +1

    Burning Man is great. I bet anything Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero talked him into it. I'm missing all the fun people! Gotta get back home.
    PS: Big Mouth is one of the best shows on tv.

  • shann xo
    shann xo 5 months ago

    LMAO that old lady is high af. I'm shocked this network show didn't blur their faces!

  • jahovia82 disdik
    jahovia82 disdik 5 months ago +44

    Colbert completely killed his rhythm.

  • chamalsr
    chamalsr 5 months ago +2

    Colbert was really condescending when he said that Nick looked troubled in that photo. What about you endorsing drinking alcohol like it's nothing, Stephen? Granted that psychedelics are not for everybody but they are way safer than alcohol. Don't try to make it out to be pharmaceutical drugs Stephen.

  • Chailuv Gidwani
    Chailuv Gidwani 5 months ago

    Why is he y e l l i n g

  • wataloopus
    wataloopus 5 months ago

    God damn it Nick when are you coming out of the closet? We’re tired of waiting

  • Mike Abner
    Mike Abner 5 months ago

    Please for the love of god let Stephen go to burning man

  • Jason Despaw
    Jason Despaw 5 months ago

    I went to Boston over the weekend to visit some friends. We did the Freedom Trail and tried to hit up a bunch of bars along the way. I thought the people were all nice.

  • Django90
    Django90 5 months ago


  • Armin Norouzi
    Armin Norouzi 5 months ago +161

    Go listen to Joe Rogan's podcast to hear the REAL experience that Nick had on psychedelics. listening to both interviews will help you to understand the difference between reality and the things tv wants you to hear.

    • Aaron Richert
      Aaron Richert 3 months ago +7

      i mean it’s definitely because he was there to promote Big Mouth. also it’s because this is just a late night talk show, not trying to spread the word about psychedelic drugs.

    • Chris Mojica
      Chris Mojica 3 months ago +1

      Armin Norouzi notice how when nick mentioned religion he, said “sure I’m catholic” , denying god right on live tv

    • Armin Norouzi
      Armin Norouzi 5 months ago

      So you're saying that they could not talk about psychedelic experiences just because they didn't have enough time? come on! +Dean Boerner

    • Adi Mars
      Adi Mars 5 months ago +16

      colbert is so weirdly dismissive of the whole thing, and thats probably why

  • Andrew Luhring
    Andrew Luhring 5 months ago

    inb4 burners talking about how commercial burning man has become

  • KaterinaTalantliva
    KaterinaTalantliva 5 months ago

    What's burning man?

  • Marielle Corona
    Marielle Corona 5 months ago

    8:12 lol, you're all welcome.

  • Sindollx666x (Heather/Sprout/Monster)

    Also you don't have to be on drugs to enjoy burning man. They also have awesome bars everywhere. Distrikt is one of my favorite bars with a DJ there that's only open during the day and they have blended iced fruit smoothies that are fabulous. Man when I went I kicked it a lot at the rollerdisco wish I could've gone this year perhaps I'd have skated with Nick Kroll!

  • Sindollx666x (Heather/Sprout/Monster)

    Seriously people have such a harsh judgment of burning man. It's an incredible experience I think it would be great if Stephen went. Stephen is rich he can 'Glamp' I actually think he'd really enjoy it. I don't know anyone who has ever gone to Burning Man who didn't enjoy it. It's something you can't possibly understand no matter how much you think you know about it, until you've experienced it.

  • SharDaly
    SharDaly 5 months ago

    Love Nick Kroll.

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan 5 months ago

    Shane Lizard was amazing.

  • Kelly Perkins
    Kelly Perkins 5 months ago

    They need to replace Colbert with Conan

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy 5 months ago +151

    5:08 For Those Wondering What Nick Said That Got Bleeped...

    Stephen: "I wonder what father wants next"
    Nick: "White Nikes and a blowjob, i guess"

    • Tanzonia Flakes
      Tanzonia Flakes 3 months ago

      Thanks for this! I was thinking that was what he said. Its still funny.

    • Audrey Barton
      Audrey Barton 3 months ago +2

      so hilarious how right before he says it you can see him asking himself in his head if he should say it or not and I'm very happy he did

    • Patrick Paradis
      Patrick Paradis 5 months ago +1

      the fact they censored the word "blowjob" explains why they chose such a tame clip from the show.

    • Naveed A. Shah
      Naveed A. Shah 5 months ago +1

      U da real mvp

    • murfman2001
      murfman2001 5 months ago +5

      ThatOneGuy haha thank you needed that translation

  • Kevin Zkeekz
    Kevin Zkeekz 5 months ago +2

    Why is colbert being so condescending? You can tell Kroll boy is a little bothered by his negativity.

  • Jonathan Woodham
    Jonathan Woodham 5 months ago

    Steven Cockswallower and this cream pie were the pivot man, and spit roast
    surprise at the..."oh my ass is BURNING MAN reach around festival.

  • Scott Carlass
    Scott Carlass 5 months ago

    I love Nick Kroll, although I would ask him to quit shouting.

  • Scott Carlass
    Scott Carlass 5 months ago

    Not enough 2na...

  • Country Corner
    Country Corner 5 months ago +1

    colbert couldn’t handle burning man

  • Jessi Lynn
    Jessi Lynn 5 months ago

    I wish he wouldn't have laughed so hard at tge cult joke (although it's hilarious) but burning man is intended as a break from reality that teaches you to question norms and think outside of the box. Its a beautiful concept. Even better he shoukd have mentioned the principles. It's a goal of mine to go in the future. I have a cousin who was married there. Its a place to go be free, be yourself, and be outside of society's normal mundane sometimes unbearable confinds.

  • Vittorio Mauriello
    Vittorio Mauriello 5 months ago

    There's a key around his neck. I wonder what that's for...

  • Becky Camp
    Becky Camp 5 months ago +42

    Holy @#$% the lady next to Kroll is ALL pupils.

  • First Born Daughter
    First Born Daughter 5 months ago +410

    Everyone is talking about Nick Kroll's face in the photo but can we talk about the old lady next to him?? Like her eyes are BLACK!

    • Samantha Beebuz
      Samantha Beebuz 7 days ago

      Cocaine eyes

    • Ti Huffman
      Ti Huffman 2 months ago +1

      It’s acid, Morty. Pure LSD

    • Gabrielle Pavkovich
      Gabrielle Pavkovich 2 months ago

      That’s what you call hallucinogenics darling, and if you’re doing them at that age you have lived a rather fulfilling life.

    • Wes Man
      Wes Man 4 months ago +2

      Someone's never tripped beforeeee

    • kuramasan
      kuramasan 4 months ago

      Omg! They’re all just pupil @2@

  • Van Gannaway
    Van Gannaway 5 months ago


  • Jun Moreno
    Jun Moreno 5 months ago

    I'd so watch Stephen at Burning Man.

  • Shannon Dean
    Shannon Dean 5 months ago

    sometimes i think nick cast john in his show just to hear him say certain lines . . .

  • Kimaury Kelly
    Kimaury Kelly 5 months ago

    Stephen at Burning Man would be an amazing special for next year...