1993 20/20 Clip w/Betty Broderick and Tracey Thurman

  • Published on Mar 3, 2019
  • Just a quick clip of two women and their stories....
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  • BettinaBalser
    BettinaBalser 8 hours ago


  • Miss k
    Miss k 20 days ago +3

    No alimony wtf she got 16k a month!!!

    • Miss k
      Miss k 7 days ago

      @Jerry Jones she was also educated she could have easily gone back to work instead of being a psychopath.She is where she belongs and I doubt she'll ever get out thankfully

    • Jerry Jones
      Jerry Jones 7 days ago

      About 10k of that went to pay the mortgage of her house but what they don’t tell u is that the deed of that house was in dan Broderick name only. So 2/3rds of her alimony went to paying the mortgage taxes and insurance on dans property. He was making close to 2 million a year. She worked four jobs to put him through Cornell medical and Harvard law school while also raising her kids. So 60k a year while he makes 2 million, yea that’s not a fair settlement

    • Jerry Jones
      Jerry Jones 7 days ago

      Read the book till the twelfth of never, you don’t have all the info

  • Benita
    Benita 2 months ago +3


  • Sweet Dixie
    Sweet Dixie 2 months ago +6

    Let betty go home she's paid her price .

    • Rita Gomes
      Rita Gomes 15 days ago

      No she hasn't paid her price she'll pay the price when she dies in prison

  • Fly by night
    Fly by night 3 months ago +8

    I dont know if he actually "tormented" her. I think he just fell out of love with her. And when he tried to end it civilly she went ape shit. She spent their whole marriage supporting him and helping him get somewhere. She loved him. So she felt betrayed when he met someone else. A younger someone else to boot. He just wanted a clean break and that drove her nuts. She wanted him to hurt, to suffer. One psychotic stunt after stunt should have sent a message. She went there with a gun. She says to just get their attention. Make them listen. But there are other ways to get someone to listen. She shot them and felt good about it. She said so in interview. Said she suddenly felt better after she shot them. I dont care how abused she said she was., she killed two people. Lost all her friends, and her own kids turned away because her behavior scared the hell out of them. She was obsessed. And she still is. Not one regret. Not an ounce of sorrow. Which is why she,ll never get out. Shes already 70. So she,ll be 80 at her next hearing I bet talking the same shit. Seriously everytime she tells the story she acts like she did when it first happened. Shes beyond scorned. Shes literally nuts.

    • Hebrew Helena
      Hebrew Helena 2 months ago +1

      Fly by night yes..she was just a vengeful psychotic woman. She could have had a great life without Dan but if she could not have him, no one would. Just tragic.

    • Sydney Prescott
      Sydney Prescott 3 months ago +3

      He took the kids while she had visitation, she didnt get hardly anything in the divorce that they both had worked for and to have to see your husband, father of your children, with a girl in her 20's would've been devastating, I dont think I could kill anyone but I can see how easy it would be

  • Judith Boltz
    Judith Boltz 4 months ago

    It should have been two countxs of 1st degree murder.

  • Freddie an Brenda Busshart

    Linda Kolkena had an affair with a married man! Dan Broderick was verbally abusive to Betty! My husband is verbally and physically abusive to me and I have breast cancer! Sometimes I feel like I'm going to snap on him! Betty just had the guts to do what most of us women want to!!

    • Vicky R.
      Vicky R. Month ago

      I would just castrate the douchebag not kill him...

    • liznflorida
      liznflorida 2 months ago +2

      Freddie an Brenda Busshart Please get help if you have any thoughts of doing anything to your husband! He is not worth you spending the rest of your life in prison! Prayers going up on your behalf!

  • LyricalXilence
    LyricalXilence 5 months ago +1

    Betty is a vile bitch! Tracey is a hero and survivor

  • Anthony Morgan
    Anthony Morgan 5 months ago +13

    Tracey Thurman all my respect to you . So glad you survived through that terrible experince.

  • Destiny tran
    Destiny tran 5 months ago +3

    She lied. She got $16k a month, and he got a house for her near the beach. She was a scorn angry woman.

    • JP
      JP 2 months ago

      Destiny tran Betty B is a liar and deserves to stay behinds bars.

  • regalgs51
    regalgs51 6 months ago +6

    Do you have the entire 20/20 episode of Betty Broderick?

  • regalgs51
    regalgs51 6 months ago +7

    WOW.....for YEARS now, I have been searching for the 20/20 episode on Betty Broderick! Even if this is just a clip from the episode, THANK YOU!!!