Gordon Ramsay Prepares Duck In A Secret Sweet & Sour Sauce | Gordon's Great Escape

  • Published on Feb 3, 2019
  • Gordon Ramsay meets Madam Khoi and discovers why she's famous for her duck.
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  • Vân Hoàng
    Vân Hoàng 8 hours ago

    Actually the lady name's is Khoa and the translater name's is Quang

  • Nhok Gà
    Nhok Gà Day ago


  • Yhanie Unnie
    Yhanie Unnie Day ago

    I hope he visits Philippines also to try our food 😊😊

  • snowwhitewitch
    snowwhitewitch Day ago

    Wow...that killing made me feel very uncomfortable. Gonna go vegan now.

  • Isami Yuzuriha
    Isami Yuzuriha 3 days ago

    Typical center Hanoi small business owners, up in the ass and try-hard as all hell. (i'm from Hanoi)

  • johannes smith
    johannes smith 6 days ago

    She's kinda hot

  • Minn
    Minn 10 days ago

    Xin chào

  • galaxy gamer
    galaxy gamer 12 days ago

    Donald Duck has left the chat*

  • Lisa Parker
    Lisa Parker 14 days ago

    Why Gordon not in first class?

  • Floyd 710
    Floyd 710 14 days ago

    triggered vegans fuck off

  • angelo cabactulan
    angelo cabactulan 14 days ago

    Poor duck

  • Marsha Ann
    Marsha Ann 16 days ago

    White man stealing another country's culture. What else is new?

  • Marsha Ann
    Marsha Ann 16 days ago


    • Stephen Choi
      Stephen Choi 22 hours ago

      i mean what do you expect? the duck to walk into a pot and cook itself?

  • Ralph Furley
    Ralph Furley 20 days ago

    I love Vietnamese cuisine!!! It’s very fresh and simple. Also love roasted duck!!! ☮️🖖🏽

  • sebradi
    sebradi 21 day ago

    Vegan... One day maybe 😁

  • Dice Gaming MLBB
    Dice Gaming MLBB 24 days ago

    one does not simply teach gordon how to sharpen a knife

  • Oky Bagus
    Oky Bagus 25 days ago

    No u can't beat Asian mom, Gordon 😅

  • Chaos Clareon
    Chaos Clareon Month ago

    I dont care about seeing ducks being killed and cooked but I have to admit, I would enjoy it a lot more if it was geese instead lol.

  • Casey Fam Ly
    Casey Fam Ly Month ago

    Im sure gordon kisses her?

  • William Trinh
    William Trinh Month ago

    First off is Khoa not Khoi!

  • -menemoimer-
    -menemoimer- Month ago

    jeez i feel sad for the duck!

  • Satisfaction Therapy

    Fucking hell... Every day I am closer and closer to stop eating meat just because of one thing.. I love any animal 50X more than humans. I dont want even one animal to be slaughtered because of me.. Can not belive that Im saying this but, Im starting to be disgusted by meat... At the same time i LOVE IT... Fucked up situation... What to do What to do....

  • david orange
    david orange Month ago

    miss duck and mr rice perfect combo lol

  • Ota-kun - Anime and games

    lol even i, a vietnamese, couldn't hear what she said 1:56

  • RIley Jacobs
    RIley Jacobs Month ago

    I hate it when magpies steal my ideas

  • Tony Starks
    Tony Starks Month ago

    Can u hear the sound from the duck to the ground madam qauck don't touch hear the sound

  • George Jensen
    George Jensen Month ago

    He looked pissed off when she tried to teach him how to sharpen a knife. He wouldn't say it but you could tell he was just thinking who the fuck are you teaching?

  • Daisyxx Xx
    Daisyxx Xx Month ago

    Me: ohhh black ops fun!

    PRINCE RAIN Month ago

    2:55 What you do to YOUR haters!!!

  • gorilla glue
    gorilla glue Month ago

    I'd pluck her duck any day 😍

  • Nobody #sorryornot
    Nobody #sorryornot Month ago

    Its sad seeing the ducks alive

  • W.D Chaotic
    W.D Chaotic Month ago

    Ho chi minh trail...... Hanoi hilton... Ahhhh

  • Marko Stojanovic
    Marko Stojanovic Month ago

    the first time somebody scared Gordon Ramsay,and that is impossible,she is like a female version of him hahaha

  • NIMA 24x
    NIMA 24x Month ago +1

    i cryed because of that poor duck 🦆 RIP Beautiful ducky

  • Mark Ocampo
    Mark Ocampo 2 months ago

    Mr. Gordon please visit our country philippines please i always watch your video and i learn a lot. And have a good health and godbless please upload more videos

  • Dew It
    Dew It 2 months ago

    Hanoi, communist stronghold.

  • Shangpoos Amazing life
    Shangpoos Amazing life 2 months ago

    A true chef never gives the full recipe away my grandma would tell me ... so I learned that you have to help them cook from beginning to end and learn yourself since almost all asian dishes are by taste and not measurements.

  • yacket
    yacket 2 months ago

    Conflict. The duck dishes look great but I feel so bad for the ducks, they were so docile :(

  • jake lin
    jake lin 2 months ago

    So weve met the vietnamese gordon ramsay, and im in love with her hahahah

  • David Maynard
    David Maynard 2 months ago

    Mrs quack lol

  • Boi
    Boi 2 months ago

    Duck lady is sexy👀

  • Zack Saunders
    Zack Saunders 2 months ago

    Roses are red
    I'm a pretty chill boss
    Gordon prepares duck in a secret sweet n sour sauce

  • Kenneth Mason
    Kenneth Mason 2 months ago

    1. Why do so MANY people
    ***(HATE)*** GORDON RAMSEY, because GORDON RAMSEY treats other people like SHIT!
    2. Most people I talk to, CANNOT stand Gordon Ramsey!

  • Kenneth Mason
    Kenneth Mason 2 months ago

    I ***(HATE)*** Gordon Ramsey!!!

  • Kenneth Mason
    Kenneth Mason 2 months ago

    1. Why do so MANY people
    ***(HATE)*** GORDON RAMSEY, because GORDON RAMSEY treats other people like SHIT!
    2. Most people I talk to, CANNOT stand Gordon Ramsey!

  • Nickos GR
    Nickos GR 2 months ago

    Mrs. Duck


  • Kung fu Hamsters
    Kung fu Hamsters 2 months ago

    Gordon looks jacked I don’t even think he lifts weights dude is just naturally built .

  • Rafal Bechert
    Rafal Bechert 2 months ago

    Vietnamesse women ar awsome

  • Tarun Chopra
    Tarun Chopra 2 months ago +1

    Please dont do animal cruelty and lets all of us turn vegetarians....

  • Ahmed z
    Ahmed z 2 months ago

    His shit must really stink

  • Vincent Lopez
    Vincent Lopez 3 months ago

    So let me get this straight Gordon... You want to STEAL HER RECIPE take it back to your restaurants and produce her dish??? And your mad cuz she won't tell you?! WOW... THATS SOME SORRY BULLSHIT.

  • Sunnie T
    Sunnie T 3 months ago


  • Alexander vargas
    Alexander vargas 3 months ago

    Why is gordan so swole

  • keeny uk
    keeny uk 3 months ago

    I thought it was dog 😂

  • saito louise
    saito louise 3 months ago

    so in the end you didn't learn the recipe?

  • Francisco Rico
    Francisco Rico 3 months ago +1

    Pro ducks

  • Offlxne Official
    Offlxne Official 3 months ago +14

    *gordon starts naming some possible ingredients of the secret sauce*
    *lady has an intense nervous face*

  • drbobvs
    drbobvs 3 months ago

    She's the Bubba Gump of duck.

  • Supahwayn Man
    Supahwayn Man 3 months ago

    One of the problems is that they don't understand each other. But the worst part is that it seems like she doesn't understand that they don't understand each other smh

  • Cringiest Memelord
    Cringiest Memelord 3 months ago

    When Gordon Ramsey calls someone a hardass you know it’s serious