The Fall Of The Minivan

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • The minivan once helped save Chrysler from total ruin in the 1980s, but now it's relegated to a small portion of the automotive market despite fitting most customers' desires in a car. Meanwhile, buyers scoop up sport utility vehicles and crossovers at an increasing rate. Automakers are now faced with the choice of whether they ought to keep selling these multi-purpose vehicles or manufacture more popular and profitable models.
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    The Fall Of The Minivan

Comments • 1 865

  • Black Lyfe
    Black Lyfe Hour ago

    My mom used to drive a minivan before

  • Andrew
    Andrew 3 hours ago

    Thank goodness this is phasing out!! You can be just as soccer momish with an SUV!

  • jeffrey mcfadden
    jeffrey mcfadden 3 hours ago

    mini vans were plagued with not so good engines and even worse transmissions.

  • Andras Libal
    Andras Libal 10 hours ago

    If it is indeed the most practical ... then it's just stupid that people choose an SUV or CUV ... those are really not sportier at all.

  • Sagan Murphy
    Sagan Murphy 10 hours ago

    My dad says that his 2019 Pacifica is better than Acura he owned before it so FCA is doing something right

  • ludvig borg
    ludvig borg 11 hours ago

    in europe wolkswagen is very big on the minivan market

  • Debbie Wheeler
    Debbie Wheeler 12 hours ago

    I’ve had 3 minivans since buying my first in 1994. Thinking about getting my 4th to replace my 2007 Dodge Caravan. It’s still running well but I think I’d better get another before they stop making them! They are great for transporting larger dogs (retrievers) safely in secured crates, once one row of seats is removed or folded into the floor.

  • kira yamato
    kira yamato 13 hours ago

    I would get a mini van if it got better mpg. Seems like a great car to sleep in during road trips or camping.

  • Anjeluvadavis
    Anjeluvadavis 17 hours ago

    Solution? Hellcat Pacifica

  • ferkemall
    ferkemall 20 hours ago

    In the UK /EU its the\ Co2 tax that kills them ,GM diesel engine 2.0 ltr, 170 gkm why would want to pay £200 + per yr in road tax ?

  • Neri Demol
    Neri Demol 20 hours ago

    The early Dodge Caravans were nothing but crap to put it nicely.. From safety issues with the back door latch to poorly engineered engines . To cheaply designed interior and exterior ...

  • Umh Chud
    Umh Chud 20 hours ago

    replaced by the lifted sedan.

  • Steven Vincent
    Steven Vincent 21 hour ago

    Vans are amazing! I hate the expensive and cramped 3 row CUVs! Great storage, easy to load the kids, and excellent safety are just a few reasons we chose a Pacifica. And FYI, most CUV’s are just less practical minivans.

  • Brad Strawn
    Brad Strawn 23 hours ago

    station wagons are on the come up. It's not cool to drive your parents car, but it's cool to drive your grandparents car.

  • Isaac Kamau
    Isaac Kamau 23 hours ago

    Soccer Moms driving minivans: “Can I speak with the manager of this establishment”
    Every store and restaurant manager/employees : 🤦‍♂️
    In conclusion: Minivans driven by soccer moms scream a sense of entitlement since the women think they are winning mom of the year award even if their kids are assholes and it’s hard to get away from that stigma. lol

  • yawdiejin
    yawdiejin Day ago

    Just bought a mini van with sliding doors, best investment for 2019.

  • Greg S./ aka: The so called angry black man

    The SUV took it's place

  • Martin LV
    Martin LV Day ago +1

    i drive cheap 7seat mpv,
    my next car will be nissan nv200 7 seater
    i do not care about low self value people choices.

  • Franklin Franklin
    Franklin Franklin Day ago +1

    I said I’ve never get a minivan, but hell here I am now with 6 kids and a Toyota Sienna lol

  • emm_gee12
    emm_gee12 Day ago

    Some people these days want to drive SUV's to be seen as aspiring outdoor enthusiasts the way they wear NorthFace jackets. But they could'nt change their own tire or make a camp fire with a lighter and a fire starter if their life depended on it. -_-

  • colleen ryan
    colleen ryan 2 days ago

    Minivans are great until you live in rural New England and you need to get up your driveway

  • Brian Kerr
    Brian Kerr 2 days ago

    Bullcrap , I see more mini vans than cars, they're more convent to use than SUVS , for ski trips, camping trips, grocery shopping, hockey, & yes soccer games. Sliding doors in tight spaces, wider opening to load less mobile passengers, better ride, more Cargo space .... I'd take a Dodge Caravan or Toyota AWD Sienna over anything that costs the same money in the SUV market.

  • Cheryl Gaston
    Cheryl Gaston 2 days ago

    Minivans are good for people with big families definitely stay away from Dodge Chrysler Minivans they are nothing but pure garbage they will stay in the shop more than with you

    • Debbie Wheeler
      Debbie Wheeler 11 hours ago

      Cheryl Gaston I’ve had three Dodge Minivans over many years, all with long lives. No significant problems at all and I’m not very timely on regular maintenance. My current one is 13 years old, going strong.

  • djkenny
    djkenny 2 days ago

    Trouble is; they are now too damn Large and too damn Expensive. We need to revert to the earlier mini wagons in size and usefulness. Something like a modern Colt Vista. Combined with EV and/or plug in hybrid technology. With great sghlimes. Trying to maneuver a modern Chrysler or Sienna in any city environment is pure Hell.

  • sit down
    sit down 2 days ago

    nah modern mini vans look good af and the old ones just ugly so Im bouta snatch one

  • ken131
    ken131 3 days ago +1

    The minivan didn't die. SUVs started turning into minivans. I mean, just look at them.

  • ZowieFawn
    ZowieFawn 3 days ago

    LIES!! Mom’s love them. Sliding doors And Huge car seats fit!!

  • Desert Rat
    Desert Rat 4 days ago

    I have owned 2 mini vans. I love them! But with the low ground clearance, they wouldn't take me places that I now want to go. So I bought a Jeep.

  • Jim McDaniels
    Jim McDaniels 4 days ago

    It probably to quite an extent boils down to the husbands wanting the more masculine image suv in the family collection instead of a the feminine image of the mini van.
    It’s funny because I have met families where the husband didn’t like the minivan idea but fell in love when driving it.
    If the cost and gas mileage is better the it’s a great choice and the front 2 wheel drive is much better in the snow and ice than the rear 2 wheel drive of an suv.
    But too many of us don’t like to follow what is practical in this reality but instead to chase after our delusional mind aspirations till reality hits us smack in our face.
    Wouldn’t it be wiser to keep it real !?

  • Edward Lloyd
    Edward Lloyd 4 days ago

    Still popular in Europe. I love mine.

  • Tim Swinson
    Tim Swinson 4 days ago

    Sell cars and last 2 cars I sold this week has been new pacificas

  • Grants Rants Hollywood Talk

    Can we do this without Kevin Hart?

  • Alan Taylor
    Alan Taylor 5 days ago +2

    I’m a dad who’s just about to have his fourth child. FML if they quit making minivans. I love my friggen minivan.

  • somebody important
    somebody important 5 days ago

    Simple: majority of the mini van owners are super grown now and going through their midlife crises. Bright yellow Camaro anyone 😂😂
    I have about 15 years before i get mine lol

  • Washington Mothapo
    Washington Mothapo 5 days ago +1

    The world is over populated, STOP HAVING KIDS you dumbs

  • Wizardnil
    Wizardnil 6 days ago

    I’m a teenager and I drive a minivan that has racing stripes and auxiliary lights, I’m the coolest person at school. This entire “boring” argument is dumb.

  • NemeanLion
    NemeanLion 6 days ago

    Here I am, reading through the comments about minivans instead of sleeping. Time to climb out of the rabbit hole.

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia 6 days ago +1

    We love our mini van.

  • dan j
    dan j 6 days ago

    Vans and Minivans rule!

  • Hani Alrefaei
    Hani Alrefaei 6 days ago

    As a father of 3 children the minivan is the best family car ever.
    So much space for passengers and luggage.

  • The Nomad Path
    The Nomad Path 6 days ago

    Well the way rent prices are increasing....most people will be living in their vans.

  • Raj Dewan
    Raj Dewan 6 days ago

    I own a 2018 Honda odyssey, I love it! It isn't perfect, but it does everything I need it to do. I can take my family everywhere, plus haul stuff as i need too. It's a very practical vehicle. I don't care what people think about me driving it, I am the one who loves it.

  • Donald Teuber
    Donald Teuber 6 days ago

    OK.... let's be clear... Mini-vans: suburban/soccer moms/traditional families/practical.... perceived as "boring ". Almost the same as the P.C. description of White people. Does anyone see a pattern here?

  • Benedictus Jovan Prawira

    no minivan are better than toyota alphard.

  • Clayton Navarro
    Clayton Navarro 7 days ago

    They're just plain ugly

  • Rosa Lee
    Rosa Lee 7 days ago

    I’ve been driving a town and country since 2015 and I love it.

  • William Morton Jr.
    William Morton Jr. 7 days ago

  • Germain Gonzalez
    Germain Gonzalez 7 days ago +1

    I don't have kids but it has so many other uses than to just haul a big family. I believe pickup trucks have a place in society, but most people that buy one, would actually be better off with something like this and a small trailer. My girlfriend and I also use my mini van to sleep in on weekend getaways, and for all my camping gear. It's one of the most practical vehicles out there

  • Radford Tataryn
    Radford Tataryn 7 days ago

    Iacocca did not leave Ford motor company to take over Chrysler. He was FIRED from Ford motor company. There was a leadership dispute too lengthy to discuss here. So when Chrysler was on the verge of bankruptcy, it just so happened that Iacocca was available. So he took on the challenge and successfully turned the company around. Until Daimler took over in the late 1990's and put them back into bankruptcy once again. They fired their American engineers and replaced them with their own. Chrysler was not their own company anymore.

  • rambo8wradio
    rambo8wradio 8 days ago

    I think i've seen that before. Same as with iphone.
    Mini vans before? Nope. Minivans. Totally different.
    'Murica strted the revolution.

  • 67tomcat
    67tomcat 8 days ago

    Sick of crossovers, so I guess between the two, the minivan is at least genuine.

  • Karl H
    Karl H 8 days ago

    Lack of four wheel drive is the main reason I went with an SUV instead of the m/v.

  • joseph humphrey
    joseph humphrey 8 days ago +1

    I was a professional commercial photographer for 30 years. Whenever I did location photo gigs, I would always rent a Dodge Caravan, unless I really had to go off road (which was rare) A much more practical vehicle than an SUV. You haul a lot of gear and can load from sides and back, they are comfortable and get decent milage. Cool is defined by the owner/driver, not the vehicle. My personal car is a VW Sportwagon. I love it, and could give a rat's ass what you think. Sheep buy SUV's and crossovers.

  • ssj4david
    ssj4david 8 days ago +1

    Ugh I hate crossovers... They're not good at anything. Not good on road, off road, or transporting

  • Arby Taufik
    Arby Taufik 8 days ago

    Different in my country, minivan is symbol of luxurious like a Toyota Alphard

  • Anthony Reinking
    Anthony Reinking 9 days ago


  • TheSpiderman7285
    TheSpiderman7285 9 days ago

    SUVs? No one wants SUVs anymore. It's all Teslas, Pick Ups, and the "sporty" Jeeps . Nowadays even the crossover SUVs look like minivans. (Yes, I'm looking at you too, Lexus and BMW. Hell, you could even add Bentley, Jaguar, and Mercedes to that list.)

  • Emma Cat
    Emma Cat 9 days ago

    I don't want one because the gas milage isn't as good.

  • eojgnoix
    eojgnoix 9 days ago

    Itll be popular once they make EV Vans a thing

  • gotham61
    gotham61 9 days ago

    How many clips of kids in soccer uniforms getting out of minivans do they have?