Youtube Just Got Much Worse

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • This is the greatest criticism of All Time
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  • Rodman Channel
    Rodman Channel 9 hours ago

    I miss TVclip 2009-2015

  • Jesse Collins
    Jesse Collins Day ago +1

    Jimmy isn’t being take down correct, but not because they are corporate or too big, but because they’re left wing. They don’t take down TYT either. TVclip disproportionately targets conservatives. I do agree they are a private business and they should be able to discriminate and do whatever they want but if they are making money off you tubers and they have an agreement there is a case for dishonest business practice. But if they want to say we can censor anybody we want for any reason and you can consent to that or not I am fine legally. I don’t agree with that but I don’t agree with a lot of things but the government has no business in this. The government should t have that power. I know you were making a joke but burning down your house has nothing to do with TVclip if you’re on their platform that’s different. Again I don’t agree with it I’m very right wing libertarian/conservative.

  • Waphun
    Waphun Day ago +1

    They don't talk to actual creators because if they did the creators would start pointing out the numerous flaws of youtube (Matpat's interview with Susan Wojcicki is the undisputable proof of to this)

  • Wenge Kong
    Wenge Kong 3 days ago

    Freedom of speech? More like freedom to take ur money smh

  • Claire ___
    Claire ___ 3 days ago

    This is just more silencing speech. I don't want to be worried when I'm debating or giving constructive criticism.
    Hold up on the Twitter, I had 3 12 hour bans (Sept.-Nov) and almost had to decide to delete my account at one point. One for saying "I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire." I had to delete that...even tho, I still WOULDN'T

  • 3minati
    3minati 4 days ago

    Get on they ass, no acceptance

  • Jerome
    Jerome 4 days ago

    I love how he doesn’t deliberately talk until the 10 minute mark

  • Red Rum
    Red Rum 6 days ago

    Someone needs to create a different platform. Susan is a moron.

  • yeet meat
    yeet meat 9 days ago

    Good thing this is happening while onision is getting nudes from underage girls! We almost got him. It would be a shame if they saw there were literal pedophiles on their site.

  • Yandiツ
    Yandiツ 11 days ago

    What’s the fastest way to skip this ad.

    Click the Skip button.

  • Bodie Potter
    Bodie Potter 16 days ago

    Also every time I try to watch a video nit made for kids it just pauses it every 2 minutes saying saying this is not kids only content

  • hellowearecarrots
    hellowearecarrots 17 days ago

    Is nobody going to talk about the 'made for kids content"?

  • Natalie Ngonela
    Natalie Ngonela 19 days ago +1

    Correction: bullying Donald Trump is a *global* sport we all partake in.

  • Matthew L
    Matthew L 20 days ago

    I love how he’s just so blunt😂🚫🧢 by far my favorite TVclipr

  • L Daher
    L Daher 21 day ago

    Onision gets to do whatever the hell he wants unchecked.

  • IKnowGunFu
    IKnowGunFu 22 days ago +1

    TVclip need to ban kid under 9 years old, because these dumb kids is litterally believing everything they fucking watched, even clickbait videos

  • Laughter Cannon
    Laughter Cannon 22 days ago

    This is pretty great

  • Boneheaded 2037
    Boneheaded 2037 23 days ago +1

    Lets sign that petition to get Susan fired

  • Glorioustigereye
    Glorioustigereye 23 days ago

    There is such I big divide between creators and staff it is like entirely different worlds. Do we have anyone in the staff that stands up for us?

  • theleftnut
    theleftnut 25 days ago

    Let's just go on a new platform

  • Daverm
    Daverm 27 days ago

    Someone needs to remake youtube

  • Bee k
    Bee k 27 days ago

    T h e n make a workers union and protect your content

  • Bee k
    Bee k 27 days ago

    But fuck iDubz he’s an asshole

  • Bee k
    Bee k 27 days ago

    The leafy video shouldn’t be taken down bcos he needed to be exposed

  • Majestic Kaneki
    Majestic Kaneki 28 days ago +1

    That H3H3 video was constructive criticism, I hate that constructive criticism has become bullying and hate

  • Spooky Amorox
    Spooky Amorox 29 days ago

    Peluchin Entertainment. I can understand Spanish so I watched videos about that guy. The Spanish speaking community was not happy about that. Not sure what happened to him but he was doxxed, if I remember correctly. But I don't think much happened to him.

  • tall glass of whiskey sauce

    Reason why youtube has gone to shit is because their is a dumbass peice of shit woman whos in charge of youtube. Fuck her and her bullshit updates or whatever

  • Isaac Littlehale
    Isaac Littlehale 29 days ago

    Comments dislikes and likes and videos like these will be taken away by Susan and all that will be left is the jimmys vibing while getting millions

  • Nathan Roscoe
    Nathan Roscoe 29 days ago

    The like to dislike ratio is INSANE

  • Fred Fannakapan
    Fred Fannakapan Month ago

    Your hat is on backwards. Oh wait. You’re being ‘edgy’. Carry on.

    • mr twovy
      mr twovy 10 days ago

      shut up it's a fucking cap no need to "reeeee" all about it
      plus how does that make him "edgy" anywats

  • Brage Merkesdal
    Brage Merkesdal Month ago

    a video that is 4 seconds short to being 10 minutes in december? ok boomer

    PIGEON MAN Month ago +1

    Critikal: the last youtuber

  • sirabdude14
    sirabdude14 Month ago

    Classic case of corporate hamfisting a response to a non-issue because someone said it could affect their bottom line

  • EthanG6499
    EthanG6499 Month ago

    I had to rewind the video 3 times because instead of listening to Charlie, I was paying attention a pupper in the background

  • Ivan
    Ivan Month ago +1

    We need amazon or whoever to come up with a youtube alternative

  • James S
    James S Month ago

    I'm about to just get a twitch account, pull up Critical!!!

  • Allison Borg
    Allison Borg Month ago

    This new change is gay cause some people can be the worst human beings and other can say somebody is stupid and get their vid took down for calling somebody stupid I really don’t know what Susan and her retarted office workers or whatever you like to call it are doing and for the viewers they enjoy the content that is now not able to be posted cause nothing can be said these days or just on TVclip without out it being harassment

    • mr twovy
      mr twovy 10 days ago

      I agree but there is nothing wrong with being homosexual or "gay"

  • Mauricio Pérez
    Mauricio Pérez Month ago

    I wish all 1.3 million people that saw this could tweet it to Susan

  • sdkipper32
    sdkipper32 Month ago

    you sound... the same

  • YugiBrony
    YugiBrony Month ago

    Susan is so useless

  • dlrarmy
    dlrarmy Month ago

    time to get money the old fashioned way.....gotta go get a job...i know its easy to talk shit from ur cushy chair and people send u $$$$....but reality set in....caught u with ur hat on backwards and ur pants down.......

  • Paguo
    Paguo Month ago

    TVclip needs competition, now more than ever

    MAST3RCHIEF 98 Month ago +1

    Well there's literally a video of someone's suicide on TVclip but I guess they gotta concentrate on cracking down on those satire videos instead.
    No but seriously its ridiculous how this is on here and it's been up for over a year with 500K views, shocking. Here, just a link to prove it.

  • James Lopez
    James Lopez Month ago +1

    Lol we are fucked

  • Colleen Glanville
    Colleen Glanville Month ago

    "Sh*tting On Donald Trump Has Become A Beloved American Sport That We All Partake In."
    You can say that again lol! 😂😂😂

  • Colleen Glanville
    Colleen Glanville Month ago +1

    "I'm Going To Address The Elephant In My A** Hole Right Now."
    A very interesting metaphor! 🤔

  • Colleen Glanville
    Colleen Glanville Month ago +1

    "No One Not Even The Devil Himself Would Think Of."
    I thought this was going to turn into a dead meme, but it didn't! 😌😏

  • Colleen Glanville
    Colleen Glanville Month ago

    "I Have Made A Total Of 14 Videos Over The Last 6 Years B*tching And Sh*tting On TVclip."
    That's a huge mood lol! 😂😂😂

  • Sam Deluxe
    Sam Deluxe Month ago

    *Go Fuck Yourself*

  • Sunny Sonne
    Sunny Sonne Month ago

    I agree with everything in this video.

  • sammbo250
    sammbo250 Month ago

    So basically other creators cannot make videos criticising things, only TVclip can criticize things and videos.
    All hail Lord TVclip, Arbiter of all things right and just.

    I'd like to refer to the Red Dwarf episode where they are on a ship where criticism is illegal, firstly because Red Dwarf is awesome IMO, but also because it makes a good point.

  • adorably smug little bastard

    Good. Let's flag onion's vids to see if it really works

    • mr twovy
      mr twovy 10 days ago +1

      do you mean onision?

    SABER Month ago

    Visit joergSprave on TVclip if u really wanna make a difference

    • SABER
      SABER Month ago

      The time has come for a rebellion

  • david_justin5523
    david_justin5523 Month ago

    No matter what dumbass changes happen to this platform, just so long as your channel exists, my heart and love for this platform and creators like you will never be broken.

  • Alley
    Alley Month ago

    We need another platform. TVclip is absolute garbage.

  • The Neowolf
    The Neowolf Month ago

    Apparently if you kindly ask youtube not to suggest the jimmy channels, they will immediately suggest the same channels in the form of ads that cannot be removed or reported.

  • The Bedroom Show
    The Bedroom Show Month ago +1

    There go the educational/ student jfk assassination videos

  • yaki
    yaki Month ago +4

    I'm gonna say it. This is why there are certain jobs that women should sit out on. We are emotional creatures and it seems she's more concerned about contorlling what she sees for HER own sake meanwhile destroying a platform built on sharing public opinions without repercussions. But because she's too goddamn sensitive she ups and makes a choice for the majority of content creators that can destroy them because "oh well they said this and it hurt her feelings and offended me". If you're an adult and you get your feelings hurt by a stranger's opinion, you probably shouldn't be on TVclip in the first place, but you SHOULD just learn how to ignore shit. Outside of TVclip you can still get bullied and be talked down or talked about. Your own family can talk shit about you to your face.

  • Saher
    Saher Month ago

    *Pollution entertainment*

  • Lord of Siberia
    Lord of Siberia Month ago

    120k total of likes
    119k being positive
    ~900 dislikes
    *99 to 1* , we win TVclip