Mordekaiser/Azir/Yasuo/Statikk Shiv/Ardent Censer Bugs - Live servers 9.15 - League of Legends

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
  • Mordekaiser/Azir/Yasuo/Statikk Shiv/Ardent Censer Bug - Live servers 9.15 - League of Legends
    Music: Irelia login screen
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  • Samuel Hooves
    Samuel Hooves Month ago

    Best Yummi Reaction 1:00

  • Hamza Chakir
    Hamza Chakir 2 months ago

    Whene Kindred use ult and Mordekaiser too, Kindred die :(

  • marites raguimia
    marites raguimia 2 months ago

    *National Geographic: Azir is just harrasing animals*
    *Riot: Okay let make him into something not threatening*

  • JD lucian Macabali
    JD lucian Macabali 2 months ago

    LOL have so many bugs thats why dota 2 is the best

  • weget 9
    weget 9 2 months ago

    Am waiting for azir buff, and now he got this shit

  • tomato picker
    tomato picker 2 months ago

    it aint a patch if morde doesnt have bugs

  • Данила Швед
    Данила Швед 2 months ago

    What about bug when Kayn R mordekaizer and than he disappear but kayn and s stucked?

  • vlacek motoracek
    vlacek motoracek 2 months ago

    I noticed one bug, its in game maybe for 3/4 patches, and its not anything minor, when kogmaw dies, his attack speed increases to 2.50 :D and it always happen to me :D

  • enzo gabriel
    enzo gabriel 2 months ago


  • DawidThePlayer2017
    DawidThePlayer2017 2 months ago

    Pls Riot mini rework Azir!!!!!!

  • CombativeFox
    CombativeFox 2 months ago

    Great lets nerf azir dammge so much that it dose zero dammge to everything

  • league on Rakan
    league on Rakan 2 months ago

    Wtf azir

  • nerv 2000
    nerv 2000 2 months ago

    1:25 I think this one is intended since morde steals stats when he ults and gets the stats when gets the kill.

  • The Da'ga Bro
    The Da'ga Bro 2 months ago

    I dont understand the ardent bug? If you think its a bug because both allies get, its not

  • Archimedius -
    Archimedius - 2 months ago +7

    Looks like Azir's soldiers were taught by Storm Troopers.

  • Creeper Master
    Creeper Master 2 months ago +1

    Bro that not a bug,that azir nerf bcs of PrOpLaY

  • Minute Ënguienne
    Minute Ënguienne 2 months ago

    Azir's soldiers are trained by the Galactic Empire
    They miss everything now

  • Munawar Karim
    Munawar Karim 2 months ago

    The azir bug is old

  • Attack Apache Helicopter

    1:15 thats not a bug morde steals 10% of ur stats bruh

  • Ip Man
    Ip Man 2 months ago

    Riot really hates azir

  • コウカウ
    コウカウ 2 months ago

    I don't understand

  • Jacob Villaruz
    Jacob Villaruz 2 months ago

    Also mastery tokens not being rewarded properly

  • Danie Aota
    Danie Aota 2 months ago

    I agree that Azir need a neft but to lower his power, not killing him

  • Magnus Nibbus
    Magnus Nibbus 2 months ago

    I once saw a Morde bug on the live servers. He beamed out Irelia and her ult was out of the Morde's ult.

  • xXSyleNXx
    xXSyleNXx 2 months ago

    Why Dark Star Cho is in Gemstone shop? xD He was for 1850 RP right?

    • Lex Smallstar
      Lex Smallstar 2 months ago

      It is a mythic skin afterall , the hextech skins are mythic too. Probably was on sale for rp temporarily cause it’s a charity skin

  • The Ruiner
    The Ruiner 2 months ago

    Azir GG

  • A StraightGuy Turned Me Gay!

    is there any way to get silver kayle again? D:

    • Roxor
      Roxor 2 months ago

      Unfortunately no :/
      Best skin for her but we can't get it. Well at least it makes this skin very unusual and rare :v

  • rocket jet
    rocket jet 2 months ago

    Love the irelia theme music

  • Gabriel Saberon
    Gabriel Saberon 2 months ago

    Wow I like the sound!!

  • Good Dog
    Good Dog 2 months ago

    Yes, Your daily dose of league of legends bugs

  • OhMyLordeKaiser Huehuehue

    I hope they decide to keep that ardent censor bug in the game after discovering it because I think it could add more flavour to certain champions. Im going to jump in and use it on mordekaiser rn xD

  • Kaneki Kamishiro
    Kaneki Kamishiro 2 months ago

    Tft or lol? Which one is more bugged

    JOHNPAUL KUN 2 months ago

    if you see it Nice 2:27

  • Jose Manuel Lara
    Jose Manuel Lara 2 months ago

    E pantheon vs ignite

  • Kassandru
    Kassandru 2 months ago

    Rioter 1: "Hey, what should we do to nerf Azir?"
    Rioter 2: "See that soldier range thingy over there? Set it to 550"
    Rioter 1: "Sure. Let me just change the soldier damage to 0 real quick"
    Rioter 2: "What the fuck is wrong with you? Fine. Let's take 2 weeks to just change a number from 0 to what it used to be"

  • Francis - Gaming
    Francis - Gaming 2 months ago

    Eldimarix they have new bug of akali
    when i use the project akali in main server i cant see my skin and my skills too
    i cant focus because my skill is not appering its only a small blocks i think

  • Kytsurio Queenston
    Kytsurio Queenston 2 months ago

    Im not sure i fully get the bug with cait, she just got more than 10% AS stolen right ? Or im i missing something ?

  • Omar Nabulsi
    Omar Nabulsi 2 months ago

    and yasuo ww bug too

  • Husky Love
    Husky Love 2 months ago

    1:34 yasuo jg again..

  • jericho Daan
    jericho Daan 2 months ago +1

    Azir bug? Nah that’s just him in general

  • Pyke from bilgewater
    Pyke from bilgewater 2 months ago

    The azir bug seems the same as pyke's E onto minions and monsters

  • Vule Kralj
    Vule Kralj 2 months ago

    He is still bugiest champ

  • George Zgl
    George Zgl 2 months ago

    Hi , please notice my com , so for more than a week it is a bugg on katarina , if a dagger it is on a wall and you try to jump over the wall you won t get the shunpo reset,i think works as well if the dagger is on the edge of wall ,still not getting the reset , haven t played these days but i don t think they fixed it

  • Nyx
    Nyx 2 months ago +1

    So glad to see you back Azir! I missed you in the bugs section of patch notes :p

  • Gviil
    Gviil 2 months ago

    Wtf is going on, the last 2 patches broke everything

  • Cj Acosta
    Cj Acosta 2 months ago

    Ardent can always be self used even before this video. Also i thought mord ult steals attack speed aswell? Isnt it a "Core Stat"

  • Panda Pancake
    Panda Pancake 2 months ago

    Hopefully they will notice that ornns ult has a visual glitch where it would speed up 3 times as fast or it disappears all together or yasuo's windwall bug that has been in the game for over 2 months

    • Panda Pancake
      Panda Pancake 2 months ago

      @OhMyLordeKaiser Huehuehue its okay I thought itbwas crazy too but this bug for his windwall has been in the game without a hotfix for a couple of patches, riot even stated that they've taken notice of it but in my knowledge I havent seen the hotfix yet

    • OhMyLordeKaiser Huehuehue
      OhMyLordeKaiser Huehuehue 2 months ago

      @Panda Pancake I thought so. I was playing vs a lee sin yesterday and his Q went through my windwall. Didnt want to say anything incase it was just me being bad but this confirms my suspicions

    • Panda Pancake
      Panda Pancake 2 months ago

      @OhMyLordeKaiser Huehuehue certain skillshots would go through the wall such as nami ult ornn ult syndra ult pyke q thresh q etc. It would work half the time but would go back to being buggy

    • OhMyLordeKaiser Huehuehue
      OhMyLordeKaiser Huehuehue 2 months ago

      Whats the bug with yasuo's windwall? Because ive noticed some issues with it recently but weren't sure if I was imagining them or not

  • Aizen Sōsuke
    Aizen Sōsuke 2 months ago +1

    Haha, look at Azir getting the opportunity to level his Flash and Teleport.
    This is Faker level OP 😁

  • The Machine
    The Machine 2 months ago

    I'm confusion

  • HentaiLord
    HentaiLord 2 months ago

    Finally some good balance changes

  • Elia Benvenuti
    Elia Benvenuti 2 months ago

    Ardent censer one I noticed it when I respawned with rakan that give me passive shield but I gave shield to no one 😂

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow 2 months ago +4

    I don't see any bug between Morde and Caitlyn, morde ultimate steal some stats from champions

    • Anton Filip Lovrić
      Anton Filip Lovrić 2 months ago

      @Roxor It says CORE stats, not stats you get from items.

    • Swagbastian
      Swagbastian 2 months ago

      @Roxor Maybe it's stealing too much?

    • Roxor
      Roxor 2 months ago

      @Swagbastian And the tooltip says that he is also stealing AS so it's not a bug unless the bug is something else that i can't see.

    • Swagbastian
      Swagbastian 2 months ago

      @Weriter Eriter Not all stats. On the tooltip, it lists all the stats that he steals.

    • Weriter Eriter
      Weriter Eriter 2 months ago

      @Swagbastian he is it says all stats

  • owo I'm FaBoLuSsS
    owo I'm FaBoLuSsS 2 months ago

    Wow That incenser bug of Morde remind me the old one xD

    BLNKU 2 months ago

    Azir is sooo done with the nerfs, his soldiers themselves dont deal damage anymore.

  • Essence Reaver
    Essence Reaver 2 months ago +3

    If Veigar Have 1000000 AP
    And Mordekaiser Steal 10% Of Veigar AP With Ult (=100000 AP)

  • Ralph Garcia
    Ralph Garcia 2 months ago

    shitty bugs XD always

  • JPartner Napussakorn
    JPartner Napussakorn 2 months ago

    Mordekaiser king of bug

  • Mrwetframe
    Mrwetframe 2 months ago

    is there no explanation for the azir no dmg bug?

  • Kaya Enes Yalçın
    Kaya Enes Yalçın 2 months ago +1

    0:50 Mordekaiser hit Yuumi
    Yuumi : 0:52 (Wtf?)

  • Some Person
    Some Person 2 months ago

    "Looks normal to me"