Sandra Oh wins the Golden globes

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019

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  • RetroScot Gamer
    RetroScot Gamer 10 days ago

    Jodie Corner was better...powerhouse performance, she makes the show. Shows how much nonsense these award shows are

  • kimbab gig
    kimbab gig 3 months ago

    how the fuck Sandra Oh became actress?

  • Andressa Serpa
    Andressa Serpa 4 months ago

    I'm Brazilian 💚💛
    I do not know if you're going to understand what I'm going to say because I'm using google translator to communicate with me.
    For me what was most beautiful was Sandra's father, because it was noticeable how much they support her, and how much they seem to be good parents.
    Sandra deserves all the awards she has won, and she will forever be our Christina.

  • Florencia Balori
    Florencia Balori 4 months ago

    OMG her dad's reaction = everything a daughter could ever dream of

  • Maycom Douglas Lima De Figueiredo Maicão

    Song introducer Sandra?

  • ruba j
    ruba j 4 months ago

    me and the lady whos filming said the same thing at 2:06

  • In The Beginning Was The Word

    2:08 sexy back!

  • Joana Feitosa
    Joana Feitosa 4 months ago

    Christina Yang forever

  • le a
    le a 5 months ago

    She's my Dr. Yang forever !! Great Woman

  • Albert Kang
    Albert Kang 5 months ago

    God Bless her and to all Korean Canadians

  • Andressa Santana
    Andressa Santana 5 months ago

    Sandraaaaaaaa maravilhosaaaaaaaaaasaaasaaaaaa eterna Dra Yang

  • Dayane Da Silva Santos
    Dayane Da Silva Santos 5 months ago

    Nossa eterna yang❤️

  • Cláudia Pereira
    Cláudia Pereira 5 months ago

    Pff who cares about the Golden Globe,where are the Harper Avery?

    Just kidding,congrats Sandra Oh ❤

  • bob burroughs
    bob burroughs 5 months ago

    Sandra was fine, but why is she getting these awards when the star of the show was Jodie Comer?

  • Milena R
    Milena R 5 months ago

    I don't even watch the show, but I'm so happy for her

  • Dominique
    Dominique 5 months ago

    Omygad the thumbnail

  • Gabriela Gomez
    Gabriela Gomez 5 months ago

    Me acuerdo cuándo la vi en la película...bajo el sol de toscana. Y luego en grey en su papel de Cristina yang...Felicidades !!!

  • Jordin Stephens
    Jordin Stephens 5 months ago

    I've loved her from Big fat liar to Grey's anatomy!! Sandra you're incredible!!

  • beep boop
    beep boop 5 months ago

    started watching Killing Eve today because of Sandra’s win. it’s so good!!!! her character is much like Cristina Yang who we love

  • Sweet Nightmare
    Sweet Nightmare 5 months ago

    Not happy that u laughed when she spoke korean

  • Credit A
    Credit A 5 months ago +2

    She is so great! If she stuck with Grey she would never have a chance with eve. She made the best choice and did it!!!!!!!! Love her.

  • eric martens
    eric martens 5 months ago +2

    She’s so humble I love Sandra!

  • LANI Reign
    LANI Reign 5 months ago +1

    Tears of joy when she thanked her parents. Her Dad was standing acknowledging everyone around him. Proud Dad.😭😭😭happy tears!!!

  • Juni Lim
    Juni Lim 5 months ago +1

    Congrats Sandra!!!!!!!!!!!! You go girl!!!!!! Well deserved.

  • Jenny Young
    Jenny Young 5 months ago

    She is a god damn Canadian treasure!

  • xoxprincessamzyxox
    xoxprincessamzyxox 5 months ago

    Go on, Christina Yang!

  • princepeterwolf
    princepeterwolf 5 months ago

    Gupta won!

  • kang1234 danny
    kang1234 danny 5 months ago

    멋있어 오늘부터 팬!

  • 한Aire Million
    한Aire Million 5 months ago +1

    Well deserved win! Congrats to Sandra Oh

  • Yasmin Zarrabi
    Yasmin Zarrabi 5 months ago

    2:01 the person recording laughing at her Korean smh LMAOOOOO

  • Nisha Li
    Nisha Li 5 months ago

    “Oh she Korean” lol

  • Francisca Hidalgo
    Francisca Hidalgo 5 months ago +3

    my gramparents are asian on my fathers side they are the best they are so strong and lovelly, this wasa huge moment and Sandra deserves it Killing Eve is a amazing Show Jodie COmer and phoebe waller bridges are so powerfulll and tallented actris they meke a great trio

  • Beth McG
    Beth McG 5 months ago

    Did she forget to thank Jodie???? Like no disrespect she deserves this BUT killing eve wouldn’t have had a single chance of being as good as it was without Jodie Comer. She was unreal

  • Game Of Death
    Game Of Death 5 months ago +1

    Congrats Sandra Oh 👏👏👏

  • Francisco Sifuentes
    Francisco Sifuentes 5 months ago

    Jaaja she was upstage already

  • Melissa Balcarcel
    Melissa Balcarcel 5 months ago

    La amo ♥️

  • Clara Rocha
    Clara Rocha 5 months ago

    it's like Cristina win Harper Avery

  • Samuel Sherwen
    Samuel Sherwen 5 months ago

    The person speaking while filming is actually quite rude when Sandra spoke her native language. Shame on you.

  • lyta quiroz
    lyta quiroz 5 months ago

    Can Sandra take her parents to every award show, cause they are like adorable

  • Abhi chaterjee
    Abhi chaterjee 5 months ago

    Aunty is right even Im surprised she is Korean. But she is an excellent actor and that is what matters. You should do your job well.

  • Syed Mubashir Ali
    Syed Mubashir Ali 5 months ago

    Bruh that “oh she Korean” 😂

  • Syed Mubashir Ali
    Syed Mubashir Ali 5 months ago +1

    Awww her dad 😭

  • homi homi 5 months ago

    내가 다 눈물이 나오네.. 언니 행복하세요.....❤️

  • Kendo -sama
    Kendo -sama 5 months ago

    This year is truly Asians on stage...thank lord...quietly waiting without actually protesting...I guess if we actually work and be patient we can achieve anything

  • Jaiduhh Waiduhh
    Jaiduhh Waiduhh 5 months ago

    She deserved it. She’s an amazing actress!! And 😍 I love her

  • Tess Gella
    Tess Gella 5 months ago

    Never thought she is Korean. Good job Sandra.

  • Fair Vue
    Fair Vue 5 months ago +1

    like Sandra Oh!!!

  • Marta •
    Marta • 5 months ago

    I love her so much I'm so proud of her. Forever Cristina Yang in my heart

  • ToutCQJM
    ToutCQJM 5 months ago

    I’m very proud of her and I’m not even Asian.

  • gina Park
    gina Park 5 months ago

    Make me in tears when she said 엄마 아빠 사랑해요♡♡♡
    How sweat!!

  • T.O.P Trash BigBang Trash

    Her dad was so happy for her. I loved how she ran over to Gemma Chan while walking off stage

  • GoodAntony
    GoodAntony 5 months ago

    why was she already on behind the scene?

  • ALBUMOF2008
    ALBUMOF2008 5 months ago

    Her parents 😭😭😭😭 so so so cute I love this I’m so happy for her she’s an amazing actor 💖💖💖💖

  • ItsJustMikee
    ItsJustMikee 5 months ago

    When you just want her to thank Meredith

  • toirtaP ekawA
    toirtaP ekawA 5 months ago

    GREAT ALL SATANIC (baby eating/ adrenochrome) WHORES IN 1 AREA!!
    CLEAN UP FOR AISLE 5 PLEASE!!! Return THEM to SATURN!! Thank You!!

  • Zoe Yao
    Zoe Yao 5 months ago


  • Omar Vieira Rangel
    Omar Vieira Rangel 5 months ago


  • Jade Skaikru
    Jade Skaikru 5 months ago +1

    she's a magnificent actress.

  • Mr. Ghost
    Mr. Ghost 5 months ago

    Which Series she starred?

  • Theresa Gaberial
    Theresa Gaberial 5 months ago +1

    Her father is so cute 💜

  • Veronica Potter
    Veronica Potter 5 months ago

    Cristina 4ever

  • Serendipity Lee
    Serendipity Lee 5 months ago +1


  • Sara Luna Machuca
    Sara Luna Machuca 5 months ago +1

    Ya era hora q le hicieran justicia a Cristina yang después del Harper Avery q le robaron!!

  • Terrence Ragin
    Terrence Ragin 5 months ago

    So Happy for her. She made History as the Host and Winner

  • LOL L
    LOL L 5 months ago


  • Ms. K
    Ms. K 5 months ago

    Does she say oh oh oh ahhh?

  • Jacob Lopez
    Jacob Lopez 5 months ago

    Who is she

  • Chatter
    Chatter 5 months ago


  • Korean Peninsula
    Korean Peninsula 5 months ago +2

    Her acting is so good. Wonderful actress. Great job Sandra.

  • just a parrot
    just a parrot 5 months ago

    What the fork

  • vkim5
    vkim5 5 months ago

    2:07 ohhh she is korean lol

  • Karla Paragas
    Karla Paragas 5 months ago

    If you have seen the 1st season 2nd episode (if I'm not mistaken)of Grey's Anatomy ,you would have known already that she's Korean because she mentioned it.

    VW GOLF PASSION 5 months ago

    I LOVE U. TNX U ❤️

  • Luka Paunović
    Luka Paunović 5 months ago

    Isn't she overreacting

  • Lah Doh Tun
    Lah Doh Tun 5 months ago

    I just started watching grey s anatomy and i love it. Saragnhe CHRISTINA YANG😍😍

  • Tegan Rose
    Tegan Rose 5 months ago

    Where is the greys anatomy lovers at ❤️

  • Susan K
    Susan K 5 months ago

    You deserve this!
    I'm rooting for you..

  • Priscilla wren Von blucher

    What a beautiful woman I love u yang

  • mann
    mann 5 months ago

    im crying bc of her dad omg

  • Gabizinhaah silvaa
    Gabizinhaah silvaa 5 months ago

    Eterna Christina Yang ❤️

  • 소소라이프!Life of Tealily

    엄마 아빠 사랑해요❤️

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee 5 months ago

    Oh shi corian!

  • Ramona Flowers
    Ramona Flowers 5 months ago +1

    Killing Eve is an amazing series one of the best of last year. And it's because of her great performance well deserved.

  • Kalinda Kali
    Kalinda Kali 5 months ago

    Well done sis 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Supeemo
    Supeemo 5 months ago +1

    "Oh she's Korean"
    Well duhhh

  • Jess T.
    Jess T. 5 months ago +1

    A promising new year starts with Sandra Oh being awarded 👑

  • Didi Prescott
    Didi Prescott 5 months ago

    Awww Saranghaeyo, Sandra!

  • Bea Kiddo
    Bea Kiddo 5 months ago +14

    When her dad stood up, that's really the only standing ovation you need!

  • Lily !
    Lily ! 5 months ago

    As an Asian I have goosebumps

  • james song
    james song 5 months ago

    sandra oh korean name is 오미주 oh mi ju. she is from southkorea.

  • james song
    james song 5 months ago

    sandra oh congratulations from southkorea.
    엄마 아빠 사랑해요. mom dad love u.
    proud of u. 오미주 산드라오.

  • Anukriti Sinha
    Anukriti Sinha 5 months ago +129

    Aww her dad is like "yeah thats my daughter everybody!!!!"

  • Jenni Murphy
    Jenni Murphy 5 months ago

    I'm gonna cry I stg this is so sweet

  • Barby long
    Barby long 5 months ago

    Dedicated to Catherine Avery and Harper Avery, with love ❤😁

  • 불빛등대
    불빛등대 5 months ago +2

    I’m so happy for her.
    She is a beautiful person.

  • cães da bolota
    cães da bolota 5 months ago

    Amoo você

  • Nicole D
    Nicole D 5 months ago +1

    That’s our girl!!

  • Ayden Vay
    Ayden Vay 5 months ago

    Oh she's a Korean....after this many years I thought she's a Chinese....hahaha....happy for her.....

  • Badmadman 5
    Badmadman 5 5 months ago

    The 사랑해요 👌👌👌

  • sylvee Kaydee
    sylvee Kaydee 5 months ago +1

    She’s Korean wow 👏