In search of fallen soldiers in Germany | Focus on Europe

  • Published on Nov 30, 2019
  • The remains of thousands of World War II soldiers have yet to be found. The Association for the Recovery of the Fallen in Eastern Europe searches for the dead and has made a surprising discovery - 74 years after the end of the war.
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Comments • 19

  • MultiSuperfluous
    MultiSuperfluous Month ago

    So very sad

  • fikret nart
    fikret nart Month ago

    Cehalet gerçekten baki , ölüleri rahatsız etmek size ne zevk veriyor. Oraya harcayacağınız vakti parayı ihtiyaçlı olanlara harcayın, YARATIKLAR. bıktım artık cehaletten .

  • jason4275
    jason4275 Month ago +2

    *Their finding unexploded bombs in Western Europe, but only bodies in Eastern Europe, it's sad that the Russians didn't even care about proper burial for their own men, no wonder why the Russians never gets any credit for winning WW2 in Europe, only humiliation for their war crimes, and this video is further proof of more humiliation for their incompetence.*

  • Moses Nsereko
    Moses Nsereko Month ago

    DW, these fallen soldiers died for a Cause Or influenced??? WW1 or

  • Edward Gross
    Edward Gross Month ago +13

    My father was a WW1 veteran from Australia 18 yo at the time, during some heavy fighting he jumped into a trench, there were two very young German soldiers about his age, they quickly put there hands up and surrendered. They sat opposite each other silently, when the fighting died down, he shock both their hands and left. His best mate in Aust before he went to the war was German, when he came back they remained close friends until they both died in their 90s.

    • johnny chang
      johnny chang Month ago

      The idiocy of any war is sacrificing young innocents for the greed of the old and deprecated ideologies :(

  • I am not Pleased
    I am not Pleased Month ago

    Yeah...whatever. Do check ashes from ovens as well as undisclosed mass graves.

  • Rick Hunter
    Rick Hunter Month ago


  • vivek kumar
    vivek kumar Month ago +3

    I m not dead.....I m..watching

  • Denny Smith
    Denny Smith Month ago +4

    The measure you measure out... will be measured back...shaken down... overflowing...
    Why bother... leave them in peace... a resurrection one day will be their portion...

  • Zachary C
    Zachary C Month ago +4

    Haha! Classic trench warfare. It's almost like that whole continent is one enormous graveyard.

    • Wolfgang Pawelczig
      Wolfgang Pawelczig Month ago

      It's not just in Europe. Mankind was, is and will kill each other everywhere.

    • Me AndMeToo
      Me AndMeToo Month ago +3

      It is.
      Europe was a wartorn region from pax Romana to 2000.

  • Nikola Prolić
    Nikola Prolić Month ago +5

    Well done. All of them should be burried properly. Each in their own homeland, hopefully

  • Kyle Brock
    Kyle Brock Month ago +3

    So much death for a damn clown of a man. Those volunteers are doing good work.

  • Manish kumar
    Manish kumar Month ago +5

    I am very sad for him.... 😢😢

  • Sanjaya youlock alrosyidgatsby