i was so uncomfortable

  • Published on Dec 5, 2017
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    Hope you enjoyed the video! have a great week, loves xx

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  • ConnorFranta
    ConnorFranta  Year ago +1569

    HI SORRY IM LATE! Happy Monday everyone. Hope you enjoy this little chat about the past 3 years and how comfortable I've gotten within them. Things are crazy. Love ya and have a good week x

    • Jacyln Wright
      Jacyln Wright Year ago

      ConnorFranta From the moment I read Note to Self I was hooked. I wanted to see who this Connor Franta was. I didn't know squat about his youtube channel. I just knew he had changed something in the way I viewed my life. At that moment I started forcing myself to be alone and finding things that I liked to do for me. I had lost who I was as a mother, a girlfriend, I had no individuality. So I searched. My family allowed me this time. I now know I love reading, coffee dates, doing puzzles, cross stitching, movies, cats and dancing. I do not like driving in the snow, loud noises, and grocery shopping. I have changed life perspective, began thinking out of the box, got sober, and started to be a more healthy person. It all started with 1 book. I hope 1 day he comes across this a nd realizes his story touches people and encourages them to also become self aware. It takes hard work but it can be done. ❤

    • desiyuna
      desiyuna Year ago

      it's cute how his eyes match his shirt and the bg

    • Abby Taylor
      Abby Taylor Year ago

      Connor, I met you on your tour this year and I never got out pictures. :(

    • Shujana Aurin
      Shujana Aurin Year ago

      ConnorFranta I'm late too 😕😬😬🤧

    • Hixjeremy
      Hixjeremy Year ago


  • Blazeslayer
    Blazeslayer 3 months ago

    Loved that video! :D

  • Steven Zafiris
    Steven Zafiris 4 months ago

    Its close to a year after this video was made! :)

  • Victor Katsumoto
    Victor Katsumoto 5 months ago

    I just wish that in 2019 people are more like Connor, who can talk different ideas in a respectful way!

  • Rihards Šteinblūms
    Rihards Šteinblūms 5 months ago

    Connor, you have no idea how your videos are helping me. I am super depressed today, everything is irritating me, I am feeling all kind of emotions and no emotions at the same time. Your videos are really helping me to soothe my mental pain, thank you so much. My depression is getting worse and it's probably because I still haven't come out to my family, especially my mom. Connor, I know you're never going to see this, but if there is the slightest chance, could you please give me some tips on how to come out to my mom, who isn't extremely homophobic, but likes to joke around about gay people.

  • Shon Emery
    Shon Emery 5 months ago

    Hi Connor
    I wish my environment was that nurturing. I’m a shut in and can’t talk to my family about anything.
    Being who I am has locked me in a cave....
    And as for the end of the video - green on green.
    You’re adorable - no need to worry ever about how you look :-)

  • Izzy Parker
    Izzy Parker 6 months ago

    (fuck trump) bahahha yes

  • oscar75722
    oscar75722 8 months ago

    You said what your coming out anniversary is and now I am frustrated cuz I don't know mine UGHH

    • oscar75722
      oscar75722 8 months ago

      Can I go back into the closet so I can know my coming out anniversary?

  • Susan May
    Susan May 8 months ago

    I’m bi so I get all your feelings 100%

  • The O T-R
    The O T-R 8 months ago +1

    Is green your favourite colour?

  • David Reed
    David Reed 8 months ago

    Your eyes are so beautiful! Their hue is accentuated by the sweater and the backdrop... Green is my favourite color, and I think it suits you very well. I know it's been several months since you posted this video, but please consider wearing more of that lovely shade of green. My two favourite things in the world: dark green and a cute boy!! Love love love love love

  • f. tucker
    f. tucker 10 months ago

    I'm the lgbt go to person in my friend group and my grade. it gets awkward but it's funny and i accept it

  • Sarah Curtis
    Sarah Curtis 10 months ago

    How is it that even outside he has a beautiful aesthetic setting and literally all the colours match. That’s it green is now my new fav colour 😝

  • Ely Salcedo
    Ely Salcedo 10 months ago

    I think many lgbtq people watches your videos!

  • Smiggles Miggles
    Smiggles Miggles 10 months ago

    Where can I get that hoodie 😍😍😍😍

  • Ara James
    Ara James 11 months ago

    So when I came out to my boyfriend back then of me being bisexual I really really appreciate how he took it and how well he made me feel comfortable when it's not something that's accepted in my country.
    But when I came out to my Friend about this I expected an engaging sort of a reaction but hers was very cold. It wasn't in a way where she disregarded me but where she chose to not talk about it.
    And to this date I have met very few people who are willing to talk about it openly (at least in the environment I am prominently in)

  • i have a obsession with bts

    Your from wisconsin?

  • horsecrazy2266
    horsecrazy2266 Year ago

    con if we've been following you for any amount of time, we just expect random noises and light changes from outside videos, this isn't new boi

  • ayyana
    ayyana Year ago

    I'm so stressed. I'm a girl, but also agender. Okay wait it's hard to explain. I'm not agender in a way but I am.... in a way. You know? I'm also gay so yeah. I'm closeted as agender, but out (to my friends) as gay. I don't know, my parents are homophobic, so I *know* I won't be accepted. And it's all just really stressing me out bc I know what I am, but I can't be what I am. And people always say "you have plenty of time to figure out yourself!" But I already did. All I want now is to just be myself. I know if I come out as agender to my friends they won't care, it's just my family. And I just want to be myself

  • ben gtg
    ben gtg Year ago

    Dead channel hehe

  • Morgan Z
    Morgan Z Year ago

    "(Fuck Trump)" YES

  • Singer250
    Singer250 Year ago

    I go to a Catholic school and a lot of the time the only time a person ever brings up LGBT+ is when boys use it as a joke/insult with each other. I always feel very uncomfortable and upset because some of these guys are my friends and I hate it when people use the word gay as if it is a bad thing. I am bi curious (I like boys, but I think I might also like girls) and I usually leave the situation before I explode and punch someone for being so offensive.

    And no one, even my queer questioning sister, knows that I am bi curious. I don't want to come out unless I know for sure or if I even want to come out when I am sure, because straight people don't come out to their parents, so why should I?

  • Rosa Clardeij
    Rosa Clardeij Year ago

    ok but now the chirping distracts me

  • Jamie Crowe
    Jamie Crowe Year ago

    “I can be the most tranquil person......and then i hear that noise and i blow up”

  • Maram Stylinson
    Maram Stylinson Year ago

    He is so cute

  • Ariel Rechtschaffer

    Literally so happy right now for you even saying the word Pan
    Love you so much❤️❤️❤️

  • ransom182
    ransom182 Year ago

    A group of adults? Aren't you an adult Connor? :P

  • Shelby Rea
    Shelby Rea Year ago

    THIS IS ME!!!!! I have been out as bisexual for YEARS and everyone always comes to me for "gay" questions. Or like if people are questioning or are liking the same sex for the first time not knowing they were gay before hand. It's such a good feeling though. Like it makes me so happy

  • Rohini Newar
    Rohini Newar Year ago

    if there is one thing i believe in ...it is that connor was born aesthetic !!

  • Wafa Rashid
    Wafa Rashid Year ago

    I'm so happy for you, Connor! Love you for who you are. ♥

  • kendall vickers
    kendall vickers Year ago

    i've become the go to in my group for most things happening now-a-days. anything from lgbtq+ to what the new tax plan was all about. my friends always ask me about current situations.

  • Leo Wilson
    Leo Wilson Year ago

    You're Very Cute Connor,,,,,,

  • Helix Nguyen
    Helix Nguyen Year ago

    could anyone tell me the typeface he used in this video. Thanks

  • Aleismar Rentas
    Aleismar Rentas Year ago +1


  • John Ward
    John Ward Year ago

    Connor is a Mentally ill homosexual.

  • nat
    nat Year ago +1

    i love that you’re wearing green more your eyes look so good when you wear it

  • Kiley Swain
    Kiley Swain Year ago +1

    ive been out for less than a year, but one of my friends/teammates asked me if i could talk to one of her friends that just came out to her. ive never met this girl before but she thought she would benifit if i talked to her because ive experienced coming out and that was just such a full circle moment. like i could use what ive been through to potentially help someone else and thats just so amazing.

  • Jake Power
    Jake Power Year ago

    3 years agoooooo I met youuuu ahhh I miss that 😔❤️

  • Saylor Garcia
    Saylor Garcia Year ago

    omg i remember the day you posted your coming out video! i was at school in seventh grade and like we weren’t allowed to have our phones but i peeked and saw that you posted a video called “coming out” or something like that and we were in theater club so me and my friend like snuck out and went behind the building to watch it and we were crying so bad that like we had to sit for a while and gather ourselves before we went back inside

  • LpsAster
    LpsAster Year ago

    “tell the people you love you love them” love youu connor! take care alwaysss!

  • LpsAster
    LpsAster Year ago

    i am so proud of you! holy shit.

  • Allison
    Allison Year ago

    Your eyes are so green in this video so PRETTY!!!!!!

  • chelsea martinez
    chelsea martinez Year ago

    you are amazing.

  • Ana Márquez
    Ana Márquez Year ago

    You are so attractive

  • Sanjna Kaul
    Sanjna Kaul Year ago

    I definatly get what you mean. I came out less than a year ago and just a couple months after coming out I didn't have barely any doubts before I slipped something lgbtq+ in a convo, or even came out. Before that, I was always wondering how should I come out, who I should come out to, and if I was being annoying about my sexuality. Now, it's honestly the funniest thing ever to me because I have almost no hesitation before making a joke that could out me to someone.

  • Lexi
    Lexi Year ago

    I haven't been able to watch your videos for awhile and coming back to videos like this just make me so happy. I'm glad you're comfortable in who you are. I came out early in 2017 because I had a girlfriend who I cared for very much, though things did not go well between us nor did it go well with my mother I'm happy with myself because of people like you. Honestly thank you for being you, I love you so much. I also love the aesthetic you put in your videos like it's so pleasing😂

  • Chibi book Nerd
    Chibi book Nerd Year ago

    Sorry but Ellen is the go to

  • Jessica Kara
    Jessica Kara Year ago

    This font can be very hard to read for dyslexic people

  • Camille Viala
    Camille Viala Year ago

    how do you make everything so beautiful?

  • TossedSaladAndScrambledEggs

    I only just realized three months ago I was gay. I always listen more than I speak, and often hear my parents using slang terms or insulting the lgbt community, without even really realizing it. I’m hoping that when I come out (yikes that’s a panic-inducing day to think about), I’ll be able to talk about it and educate them as well as you do, Connor. Thanks for the inspiration

  • Sadie M
    Sadie M Year ago

    Am I the only one who thought that he was standing next to a trash bin for basically The Who video 🤔😃😘💙

  • Kenzie Wallace
    Kenzie Wallace Year ago

    I don't know everything, but I know something haaha love Connor

  • Mike Niemann
    Mike Niemann Year ago

    I didn't know I needed this today :)

  • emily rose
    emily rose Year ago

    this video hit me really hard, I only recently came out fully to my parents and friends, I used to live in New York but four years ago we moved to Memphis Tennessee, and the reactions I have gotten from each part of my surroundings have been...varied. It's so crazy to be so open and sharing and accepted in one sphere of my life, when I'm in New York there is no hesitation in expressing myself, but when I'm in Memphis, I have to do a complete 180 and hide and cover a lot about myself because of the extreme prejudice I face, either way this is an amazing video and it gives me so much hope for the future.

  • jeongyeon's hair
    jeongyeon's hair Year ago


  • Liliana Johnson
    Liliana Johnson Year ago

    I'm bisexual. For sure. I've told my friends (who still live me) but not my family. My parents seem supportive of the LGBT+ community but they still dance around the topic and I'm really worried about telling them. Idk. I feel bad. Any suggestions.

  • Matthew Vincent Stevenson

    I notice a small orange word at 01:00 stated “fuck trump”

  • DanPhilUndertale.prettymuchme

    ...Help? I really need another opinion on this... I've identified as a lesbian for a few years now, but I'm doubting myself. One of my guy friends is doubting me, making me doubt myself. Long story short, he's had a crush on me for about 7 years. He's a good guy, he was actually kinda cool with me when I came out. But after a while he told me I didn't have "lesbian traits" or I didn't "act like a lesbian". I keep on getting confused. I know I like girls, but am I bi or pan? I haven't felt a crush on guy, but I used too. I'm not sure if I changed or I kept on faking being a lesbian until I became one. I don't know. It was so clear before but now I'm all messed up. Any advice? I'd love it! And please please please be honest, not just what I want to hear. Thanks!

  • Rachel Meister
    Rachel Meister Year ago

    Omg cringe “goto guru” used to be my youtuber beauty guru name when i was 13

  • What Is A Soul
    What Is A Soul Year ago

    Having incredibly homophobic parents and other family I can't talk about lgbt things and my parents political views are the opposite of mine so I have to keep my mouth shut a lot

  • Jacyln Wright
    Jacyln Wright Year ago

    From the moment I read Note to Self I was hooked. I wanted to see who this Connor Franta was. I didn't know squat about his youtube channel. I just knew he had changed something in the way I viewed my life. At that moment I started forcing myself to be alone and finding things that I liked to do for me. I had lost who I was as a mother, a girlfriend, I had no individuality. So I searched. My family allowed me this time. I now know I love reading, coffee dates, doing puzzles, cross stitching, movies, cats and dancing. I do not like driving in the snow, loud noises, and grocery shopping. I have changed life perspective, began thinking out of the box, got sober, and started to be a more healthy person. It all started with 1 book. I hope 1 day he comes across this a nd realizes his story touches people and encourages them to also become self aware. It takes hard work but it can be done. ❤

  • Maya makes videos or something

    I was in a mental hospital and now I just feel the same way you do but with that topic

  • Winnie Gavin
    Winnie Gavin Year ago

    His backdrop wrinkles at 2:09 then again at 6:37, what ghosts are haunting him?

  • Winnie Gavin
    Winnie Gavin Year ago

    Sometimes, as a teen, I think about how little I knew about sexual stuff just a few years ago, I remember 3 years ago having to look up what boner meant. It really blows my mind like you said.

  • Winnie Gavin
    Winnie Gavin Year ago

    His smile is so infectious I’m dead!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗

  • Hannah Sixx
    Hannah Sixx Year ago

    This video was really nice to see and hear about. Good for you Con. i missed your channel!!

  • dtx dtx
    dtx dtx Year ago

    (fuck trump)

  • Elliot DiDonato
    Elliot DiDonato Year ago

    I honestly relate to this shit man,, it’s definitely strange but it’s also kind of refreshing to realize how far you’ve grown as a person

  • Elliot DiDonato
    Elliot DiDonato Year ago

    Relatives; *calls me by my birth name*
    Me; i was so uncomfortable

  • Elliot DiDonato
    Elliot DiDonato Year ago

    Your aesthetics make me so mMMmmMMmmMmM

  • Its Casey xx Xox
    Its Casey xx Xox Year ago

    the aesthetics ❤💯

  • chadnga8
    chadnga8 Year ago

    Connor it is so good to see how far you have come and how comfortable you are with yourself. Very proud for you.

  • Julia Wildschut
    Julia Wildschut Year ago

    Aesthetically + emotionally pleasing luv it

  • Francisco Valenzuela

    Dear Connor, I love how sincere, honest and transparent you are. Unlike some people on the media, you always look very authentic, you speak your mind and to be honest, every time a I watch one of your videos you encourage me to do the same, to dare to have an opinion, no matter how wrong or right I am. Somehow you motivate me to speak out, and not to be afraid of exposing my self to everyone elses validtion. Thank you for inspiring me to be myself, believe in me and be authentic without fear.

  • Terr
    Terr Year ago

    Guru Connor?
    Guru Eskild?
    Plsssss give me all the gay gurus. ❤️

  • Alexis Malicek
    Alexis Malicek Year ago

    Honestly, I want my future child to be gay. I would be so happy. I'm not gay but I love gay people. Yay LGBTQ+!!!🌈🌈🌈

  • Nicky PALKA
    Nicky PALKA Year ago

    I’m creating a LGBTQ+ retreat at my school, and when my aunts asked me about it, I froze. I have had negative experiences talking about queer things in the past. I thought I’d be comfortable talking about these things to them...but it wasn’t. I love talking about LGBTQ+ topics with my peers, but my family who have said homophobic things in the past....not so much

  • Ghada Mahir
    Ghada Mahir Year ago

    Your videos are so aesthetically pleasing damn

  • Engine 8
    Engine 8 Year ago

    You're cool, Dude.... Be true to your followers, and you'll do weel....

  • Arala
    Arala Year ago

    You are such my inspiration. Soon it'll be my 3 years aniversary of my diagnosis -anorexia and depression- and I really get upset when this time is comming because I feel I didn't do any step forward. But you have made me see that now I know a lot of about mental ill people commumity that I didn't take on account before and I am by far more confident explaining people how to include us (mentally ill people) and notice us. I think I am doing a pretty good job in my environment teaching other ones about these topics, which in my opinion are super necessary for a future tolerant and perfect world. Also you have given me hope -you don't know how you will be in three years from now, so maybe I will have been recovered, for this reason I'm keeping fighting 💪

  • Killian Severson
    Killian Severson Year ago

    I love how he added pansexual in there because it seems to be overlooked. A lot!

  • what about nipple

    do you edit using final cut pro x?

  • Terra Honeycutt
    Terra Honeycutt Year ago

    you are so pure i love u. my anniversary of watching u on youtube is on the 27th. 3 YEARS. thats crazy.

  • Riley Cordova
    Riley Cordova Year ago

    Connor is so great and AWSOME because it’s like you are talking to him face to face like his videos are so chill and funny💖

  • joshpwnsnoobs
    joshpwnsnoobs Year ago

    I prefer to keep my conversations about sexuality and gender identity completely separate. because as a gay man, people struggling with their non cis identity really have nothing to do with me

  • joshpwnsnoobs
    joshpwnsnoobs Year ago

    ugh I'm so over Connor

  • Becca x
    Becca x Year ago

    Your adorable! ❤️

  • rebecca klvac
    rebecca klvac Year ago

    I don’t know a lot about LGBTQ+ stuff but I would like to. The people that I know that would know about it are very agressive and sensitive to the topic, so I can’t comfortably question things without looking stupid. It’s very frustrating, how can I make this situation better?

  • weird page
    weird page Year ago

    So. I have an EXTREMELY religious family on my dads side, and that’s where I’m spending my Christmas this year. And I’m so scared that something will come up or they’ll talk bad about it and I’ll just sit there because if I speak up I get yelled at. Because I’ve come out to my dad and his response was “no. You don’t know who you are. I do. You’re straight, end of discussion.” So I obviously feel so safe there anyways. Yeah. Idk what to do.

  • honey del castillo

    I, freaking L O V E you.

  • Aliyyah Matthys
    Aliyyah Matthys Year ago


  • Collin Harness
    Collin Harness Year ago

    So goofy. love it. Have definitely evolved over time.

  • Victoria
    Victoria Year ago

  • Galaxy of Slimes
    Galaxy of Slimes Year ago

    OMG!! he published this on my 13th b-day!! AHAAAA!

  • Ezra Scarlett
    Ezra Scarlett Year ago

    3:32 lmao same

  • Oriana F
    Oriana F Year ago

    I'm so proud of you Con.
    These three years we've grown up a lot and it's so inspiring to see how much you've changed for the better in a sense of accepting yourself and feeling free to explore those somethings.
    I am so proud.
    I'm really sorry I've been late to your videos but I always watch every single one and I'll always stand by you 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Hannah Sims
    Hannah Sims Year ago

    I relate to being the “gay guru” lol I’m the only out lesbian at my school and everyone asks me questions about the lgbtq+ community and it’s honestly quite awesome that i have the ability to educate people about it and that they choose me to ask these questions. i mean some questions have been blunt or rude but i had the chance to educate people. I live in a small town in southwest Georgia and well not everyone is accepting and not a lot of people know about the lgbtq+ community. also a few people have came out to me and only me just because they felt comfortable with me and knew that i could relate in some way. ITS SO NICE

  • Melody's Mix
    Melody's Mix Year ago

    Dang it's been a good year since I've seen your videos.

  • Khushi Shah
    Khushi Shah Year ago

    His voice is so damn soothing istg it never fails to calm me down