Maroon 5 - Memories

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
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    Music video by Maroon 5 performing Memories. © 2019 Interscope Records (222 Records)
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  • Oktavia Khusna
    Oktavia Khusna 11 hours ago

    Every time I hear this song, I want to repeat it many times. Maroon 5's song is always easy listening, and Adam Levine is very cool..
    Indonesia, 15-12-2019

  • Eyce
    Eyce 11 hours ago

    are we just gonna ignore that adam looks like KRATOS in this one ?

  • ŁynX Official
    ŁynX Official 11 hours ago


    sike thats the wrong numba

  • Zullah Shirin
    Zullah Shirin 11 hours ago


    MAANOJ A/L MARIAPPAN - 11 hours ago

    So sad

  • 눕눕
    눕눕 11 hours ago

    느낌 이상하다 애덤 리바인도 늙구나
    이렇게 얼굴 자세히 본건 처음인데
    어느새 주름이 있네

    세월의 흐름이 보인다
    연륜이 보인다
    숨기없이 보여지는 흔적들이 뭔가 더 가슴이 울려지네

  • Paula Lima
    Paula Lima 11 hours ago


  • Ahmad Fahreza
    Ahmad Fahreza 11 hours ago

    Kontol ngapa kagabisa 144 anjg

  • Rupo Parvatkar
    Rupo Parvatkar 11 hours ago

    This hits hard when the one you lost is yourself and you miss yourself😔

  • Justin Price
    Justin Price 11 hours ago +1

    Adam really do look like that guy with the gravity spikes from bo3

  • Purwokerto Jawa tengah
    Purwokerto Jawa tengah 11 hours ago

    I like it ... from indonesia

  • Ge Im
    Ge Im 12 hours ago

    played 10x everyday!!!!

  • Pilipinong Negro
    Pilipinong Negro 12 hours ago


  • EarlyLALY
    EarlyLALY 12 hours ago

    listen to this song again and again......

  • Confuzzeled Duck
    Confuzzeled Duck 12 hours ago

    Every second of our lives is a memory. We may have bad memories.. but that's why we meet special people in life so we can heal each other.

  • Maurizio Corigliano
    Maurizio Corigliano 12 hours ago

    Bella canzone

  • Joseph Salgo
    Joseph Salgo 12 hours ago

    Backread memories 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mittul Daswani
    Mittul Daswani 12 hours ago

    The song’s great but the video isn’t

  • Karla Precones
    Karla Precones 12 hours ago


  • Daniel the player
    Daniel the player 12 hours ago

    Good Bye Jordan Feldstein Memories Bring Back You We will never forget you

  • Sumeet More
    Sumeet More 12 hours ago

    listening it every damn day !

  • Josua Glen
    Josua Glen 12 hours ago +1

    Kratos singing..

  • Shelby Gold
    Shelby Gold 12 hours ago

    “Toast to the ones that we lost on the way” goes out to my grandma on my dads side and to my grandparents from my moms side. And to all the friends I’ve lost on the way because we grew apart. God bless y’all

  • songs songs
    songs songs 12 hours ago

    memories and memories............ we on the way to hit 40 million subscribers!!! soon

    ALEJANDRA MADRUGA 12 hours ago

    Esta canción me da muchos recuerdos 😞😞

  • Ashem Victory
    Ashem Victory 12 hours ago

    😁😁😁😁 oh my god cool

  • Muhammad Firdaus
    Muhammad Firdaus 12 hours ago


    MINJUN CHO 12 hours ago

    I couldn’t lisent to such as this song
    In my life😊😊

  • Alone Lonersilencer
    Alone Lonersilencer 12 hours ago

    Baldur is that u ?

  • Endang Endang
    Endang Endang 12 hours ago +1

    Yes i cat

  • Junz372 Yo
    Junz372 Yo 12 hours ago +1

    Yang nontonnya sambil aktifin subtitle biar ada lirik nya mana suaranya?🤣🤣

  • عبدالرحمن الشطيري

    اللي عربي لاييييك

    🇸🇦 🇸🇦

  • ⊙CoffeWood⊙
    ⊙CoffeWood⊙ 12 hours ago

    Me : ( Sleep at the class )
    Teacher : Hey! What are you doing!!??
    Me : I'm Just sleep

    Me. : Cuz my dream bring back of the memory :D

  • Marlene Petiaye
    Marlene Petiaye 12 hours ago

    Good luck Adam. You sing very hot

  • Rexy farelintino
    Rexy farelintino 12 hours ago +1

    You look like yuri boyka😃

  • Muhamad Darmawan
    Muhamad Darmawan 12 hours ago

    100% Connor Mc. Gregor Face

  • honey's vlogs
    honey's vlogs 12 hours ago

    Same back round samea as usual hehrhehhe sorry for bushing but im not bushing
    Im just telling the truth

  • Dark Dark
    Dark Dark 12 hours ago

    I really dont know why I cry every time I listen to this song....

  • Jen-Mel
    Jen-Mel 12 hours ago


  • Lindsay Wright
    Lindsay Wright 12 hours ago

    My Dads funeral song 😥

  • Lindsay Wright
    Lindsay Wright 12 hours ago


  • Football Man - Football & Football Games

    Isn't the music similar to canon by Johan Pachelbel?

  • 북북공장장
    북북공장장 12 hours ago

    메시닮았노 888

  • Captainsnake 25
    Captainsnake 25 12 hours ago +1

    It’s not my birthday
    My cat didn’t die
    But give me a like
    Cause I didn’t lie

  • Mary Roy
    Mary Roy 12 hours ago

    This song make me cry and I don't know why
    In school we saw our memories in an edit and we used that song and I almost cried
    Cuz it's almost the long school holidays
    I'll miss u everyone in my school....

  • piyu pelvelyne
    piyu pelvelyne 13 hours ago


  • Nazwaalyaa Zahra
    Nazwaalyaa Zahra 13 hours ago

    Roy ricardo is the dog

  • Nazwaalyaa Zahra
    Nazwaalyaa Zahra 13 hours ago

    Atta Halilintar is the best

  • Nazwaalyaa Zahra
    Nazwaalyaa Zahra 13 hours ago

    Vidio not good

  • Nazwaalyaa Zahra
    Nazwaalyaa Zahra 13 hours ago

    Fuck, i dis like this song

  • Theresia Tessa
    Theresia Tessa 13 hours ago

    the simplest music video, and it reach 200+M views

  • Luân Nguyễn Ngọc
    Luân Nguyễn Ngọc 13 hours ago

    come from VietNam

  • Hilari Olivé Encinas
    Hilari Olivé Encinas 13 hours ago +1


  • JustSlay PW
    JustSlay PW 13 hours ago

    Teacher -Okay Students Exam Start Now :)
    John -*Drinks*
    Teacher -John Why Are You Drinking In My Class?!?
    John -Drinks bring back all the MEMORIES
    Teacher -*TRIGERED*

  • Penonton Setia
    Penonton Setia 13 hours ago

    Finally I know kratos from GOW.4 can sing🤣🤣

  • ยุทธนา สังวรกาญจน์

    wowww ... !! I live maroon5

  • Gumelar Gendut
    Gumelar Gendut 13 hours ago

    Mantap kali ni lagu

  • manase Kafoa
    manase Kafoa 13 hours ago

    Love this song keep it on repeat 🎶🔊💯🔥👌

  • David Bastidas
    David Bastidas 13 hours ago

    Vendo mi alma a cualquier ente por 100 millones de dólares y larga vida mía y mis seres queridos

  • 츄파츕스
    츄파츕스 13 hours ago