How to hold your breath and breathe underwater. Breath Hold Challenge!

  • Published on Nov 25, 2017
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    This is quite the challenge. How to hold your breath for a minute and breathe out underwater. It takes lots of practice but I will show you how to hold your breath for a long time underwater. The most important thing to remember is to hold your breath. Relax your body and your mind. Think about happy things like puppies and kittens, rainbows and unicorns, or butterflies and warm summer beaches. For 2 minutes breath normal and relax as much as you can. Then take three deep breaths in and out. Then take one more really deep breath and hold it as you go underwater. While you are holding your breath underwater, don’t think about holding your breath. Don’t think about breathing at all. Look around the pool if you have goggles on. Think relaxing thoughts. Don’t count the time. When I first started I could only hold my breath for a few seconds. But I practiced a lot now I can hold my breath for a minute. It is not easy but if you practice you can get it! Good luck and remember, LIFE IS FUN WHEN YOU JUST ADD WATER!
    My name is Elizabeth. I started swimming when I was just a baby. Every week is a new adventure Exploring new pools, Trying new things, and Meeting new people. So jump in with me, because life is fun when you JUST ADD WATER!
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