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YOU vs XENOMORPH - How Can You Defeat and Survive It (Alien Movie)

  • Published on Jan 19, 2019
  • What if you came face to face with the xenomorph from the movies Alien? Could you defeat it?
    Imagine you are happily cruising along space in your very own mining ship when suddenly you pick up a faint distress signal from far away. Checking your spaceship's digital atlas, you discover that the signal is coming from a colony on a planet called “LV-426”- hmm, where have you heard that name before? Landing on this distant moon you exit your spaceship hoping to rescue some desperate colonists- only to come face to face with the galaxy's most formidable predator. Hello and welcome to another special episode of The Infographics Show- today we're putting you up against the most perfect organism in the universe in, Could you defeat it? You vs a xenomorph.
    Xenomorphs, or Aliens, are a parasitic species who's real origins are unclear. Some believe that Xenos were genetically engineered by an ancient space-faring civilization known as the Engineers, or Mala'kak. The Mala'kak may have used Xenomorphs to terraform planets by wiping out all large species and then starting fresh with their own genetically engineered creations, or they may simply have been a biological weapon meant to 'disinfect' experiments they think went wrong, or to use against their enemies. Others however believe that Xenomorphs evolved in a dark, distant corner of the galaxy and were discovered by the Engineers and other space-faring civilizations.

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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  26 days ago +636

    How would you defeat him? Who would you call to fight by your side?

    • 1994ALLES
      1994ALLES Day ago

      use watever to kill the first use the head and tail as shield and spear (acid blood resistans +100)

    • Joseph McDonagh
      Joseph McDonagh Day ago

      Aquaman, the trench beasts are similar.

    • Myna Imrie
      Myna Imrie Day ago

      Sigourney weaver's got enough experience, ill just hang behind her.

    • Jente Liefers
      Jente Liefers 2 days ago

      I will give him VODKA 🇷🇺‼️

    • GTA daily
      GTA daily 2 days ago

      Chemical warfare or overlord.

  • Amir Fazli
    Amir Fazli Day ago

    I would use a sword vs a xeno that would I could keep his head as a trophy

  • Austin
    Austin Day ago

    Shotgun with Dragons Breath

  • Pugweed
    Pugweed Day ago

    The one thing that could solve a xenomorph on a ship is to drop a Space Marine in there. RIP xenos.

  • Shaya Jungreis
    Shaya Jungreis Day ago

    Lol just ask a predortor to kill it

  • XxKristly _FirexX

    Stop imagining then

  • The Almighty Memer Boi

    *_MalaCOCK_* :D

  • Karpo Jii
    Karpo Jii Day ago

    I'm glad we have Russia in case the xenos attack earth!

  • vermas4
    vermas4 Day ago

    Make sure they land in Australia. The outback will do the job for you

  • Kitty Fox
    Kitty Fox Day ago

    I would just dump a bucket of holly water on it

  • ThatDutchguy
    ThatDutchguy Day ago

    Well, the Russian's haven't used the flamethrower since WWII, the USA however used it as recently as the Vietnam war.
    Not that the info on the Russian's re-adopting the flamethrower is accurate either,'s fake news so to speak.
    But they do however use thermobaric muntitions in missle form shot from a mobile or self propelled rocket artillery system called TOS.
    It's China that actually still uses the traditional flamethrower and North-Korea does aswell, but the USA has never disavowed the use of them either, even until this day they are part of US auxiliary military stockpiles.
    Just an FYI.

  • Alex Silver
    Alex Silver Day ago

    this channel is amazing !

  • Ričardas Baika
    Ričardas Baika Day ago

    Bullets don't work ? Don't worry about it, just replace them with grenades bullets and it will be good.

  • Pr0 Gam3r
    Pr0 Gam3r Day ago

    I think a shot gun would just do fine as well.

  • fireforeffect1979

    MK19 weighs around 75 pounds. Tripod is around 45 pounds. So a 120 pounds not including ammo. Minimum range for a 40mm is around 15 meters which means it's useless when the xeno gets into its killing range. Your MK19 on a tripod is a sitting duck. Maybe on vehicle mount. But still if the xeno gets close, which they do in the movies, it's effectiveness drops a lot. Best bet is high rate of fire weapons with AP ammo. And if you can't acquire and hit a moving target you shouldn't have joined the Colonial Marine Corps.

  • rjtheripper931
    rjtheripper931 Day ago

    the first thing to do is just to not even get spotted by one. and stay alert

  • Nick Wolfard
    Nick Wolfard Day ago

    10mm explosive-tip caseless. Rinse, repeat until infestation is purged.

  • CombatCreeper117

    I chose Apache attack helicopter

  • Killing DeadThings

    fus roh dah

  • Killing DeadThings

    So small arms etc are no good cause you can't see it, but a grenade launcher is :/

  • archersrule Plays

    Alien isolation: xeno:"hi let me eat you" you: "nope" you take a flame thrower out and burns the xeno xeno:"aaaaaaaaahhh" xeno runs of and exits through vents like a coward

  • Zyroid
    Zyroid Day ago

    Cast Firestorm.

  • redslate32
    redslate32 Day ago

    It was good all the way up 'til the end... What a waste.

  • NUKE
    NUKE Day ago

    What about a Lightsaber?

  • Panther15 ZodiacGods

    How can you defeat Alien monster? I can't lie about your chances: but you do have my sympathies. :)

  • Drew Thatcher
    Drew Thatcher Day ago

    But who I would want on my side how the Xenomorphs Queen. For one she in charge of her xeno brood so if one her off spring even thinks about eating me she will probably give a spanking they will never forget lol. If at all is was possible to communicate with queen into sparing your life and helping her in return. Because as the saying goes if you cant beat them join them lol.

  • Drew Thatcher
    Drew Thatcher Day ago

    The Problem as mention is that xenos can adapt. Just like with World War 2 mg nests your stationary meaning your vulnerable to flank attacks and usually they would have a guys distracting them. Yes good for one xeno but a group no. As one Xeno can just taunt you in to shoot at them while dodging the the 40mm grenades as they will have a pattern and are slower to hit a target than bullets. Then before you know it one his buddies is right behind you turn around and be like ah shit then he eats your brains.

  • Rainbowsquad35 Rainbow

    Would fire breath rounds work then?

  • Bat Kidmk3
    Bat Kidmk3 Day ago

    The ray gun cod zombies.

  • Bat Kidmk3
    Bat Kidmk3 Day ago

    You vs thanos

  • Serpirior Level 35

    Defeat it with a couple charmanders, flareons, and littens and you will be gud

  • Pomegranate Seeds

    I have my faithfull ally

    The high ground

  • tolphree
    tolphree Day ago

    @3:30 “Much like many insects and invertebrates here on earth queens are completely self fertilizing”
    So wrong It’s funny. I don’t know where you got this idea, but it’s complete nonsense.
    Queens absolutely have to mate with males to reproduce. This is coming from an amateur entomologist, beekeeper, and antkeeper. She mates with them and stores the sperm for later use. Look it up.

  • Smxurf - YT
    Smxurf - YT Day ago

    Third Form Frieza.

  • Myna Imrie
    Myna Imrie Day ago

    I'll just stick with the M.O.A.B. and an old school refrigerator.🤓

  • Regor
    Regor Day ago

    Quick answer: no

  • gallade Warrior
    gallade Warrior Day ago

    Quick answer: no

  • Generic Protagonist

    You heard it here folks, now it's time for a bug hunt!

  • Mario's Life
    Mario's Life Day ago +1

    This video scared the shit outta me 😂



  • Pixelated Warrior

    I'd use a .22 a shoot myself in the head

  • Arkbuilder268
    Arkbuilder268 Day ago

    Show them a t series video and they will immediately die

  • Amir shan Alqaydi


  • Sgt Pilko
    Sgt Pilko Day ago

    Ridley Scott is pretty good at killing aliens

  • JackMakeMore
    JackMakeMore Day ago

    Only thing is...

    *_They aren't real_*

  • Craig owen Lindvall jr

    This was posted 2019. In alien covenant they show how the Zeno was first made remember?

  • Kason Yang
    Kason Yang Day ago

    who even responds to a distress call from lv-426?

  • Mystic The Mythic

    Probs need a black hole powered by T-poses and default dances

  • Fearghus Keitz
    Fearghus Keitz 2 days ago +1

    The problem with the tripod grenade launcher is that you have to sit in an area to use it, and you can’t use thermals or anything to catch the Zeno, so yeah if they’re just running at you across a flat field from a hundred meters out then go ahead, but if they’re hiding then you are screwed, especially since you cannot use the grenade launcher at close range so if they’re within a few meters your doomed.

  • Fearghus Keitz
    Fearghus Keitz 2 days ago +1

    Step one of beating the aliens on lV-426: don’t stick your face over a moving alien egg thing, because that’s not how you science correctly.

  • AviaDaSilva
    AviaDaSilva 2 days ago +1

    'High fire rate' as its 375 RPM. Do you know whats got a fast RPM? A full auto Tec-9 with 1.5k rpm and a M134 vulcan with 1.4k rpm.

  • Bamboe Ultra
    Bamboe Ultra 2 days ago

    Xenomorphs were genetically engineered organisms that were spliced with human by David the automaton from the ship Prometheus. It can be argued that his mind was manipulated, which implies that the original engineering of this organism was done through mind manipulation. The most primitive form of this organism is a fungal spore sack, as seen in Alien Covenant.

  • evol111
    evol111 2 days ago


  • Sprizzy
    Sprizzy 2 days ago

    The most common way that they can detect prey is through echolocation. It explains why they are constantly hissing

  • [SCPF] Secure.Contain.Protect Channel

    Finns can survive from the Xenomorph invasion cos Sauna!

  • Lois Dw
    Lois Dw 2 days ago

    "pulls out meat scepter"

  • Shimotu Azuma
    Shimotu Azuma 2 days ago

    Why stop at 4 grenades? You cant be sure its dead until its a pothole.

    NOMASAN 2 days ago

    tell their mom. that’ll get them

    NOMASAN 2 days ago

    words are the best weapon. they get all sad and start crying. so... i think the tears are acidic too, which would destroy the body :P

  • Legend Ronk
    Legend Ronk 2 days ago

    Yeah this is all fiction..

  • mrGhost
    mrGhost 2 days ago +1

    I’d get a spaz12 with extended mags and a deagle with tax knife and my perk is stopping power

  • stefan diaconu
    stefan diaconu 2 days ago

    luckily THEY ARE NOT REAL

  • Darth Beefcake
    Darth Beefcake 2 days ago

    Isn't there a kind of minigun that when mounted, has a laser targeting system and can shoot at 1000000 rounds per minute?

  • Bec
    Bec 2 days ago +1

    The same way you kill any xenos scum; a fully automatic bolter, a pinch of mass exterminatus and a little bit of Emprah worship.

  • Bec
    Bec 2 days ago +1

    I'd wear camouflage gear to literally make me invisible.

  • 雪ディアナ
    雪ディアナ 2 days ago

    Make a you vs Kirito, of course with his in game abilities.

  • MoonHalo
    MoonHalo 2 days ago

    AA-12 with dragons breath rounds

  • Mateusz Murak
    Mateusz Murak 2 days ago

    Yeah, heckin full-auto grenade launcher is always a deal

  • Sölvi Borgar Sighvatsson

    Alfred Nobel did not invent TNT. He invented Dynamite and not in 1867 but in 1863.
    Kind of error that makes one wonder about the accuracy of any other information presented on this channel.

    DARTHASH PIE 2 days ago

    Just call that xenomorph homophobia so he will die with shame!

  • Nightshade Jay
    Nightshade Jay 2 days ago

    Rail gun?

  • kordulus
    kordulus 2 days ago

    this video should be 2 seconds long. you click it. it says "you can't" and then it ends. lol

  • William Smith
    William Smith 2 days ago

    I'd die I think to be honest..

  • Adam B
    Adam B 2 days ago

    Harpoon gun!

  • Adam B
    Adam B 2 days ago

    Can I put it in a full nelson?

  • Cleavicus Maximus
    Cleavicus Maximus 2 days ago

    Duct tape. It can fix any problem.

  • frank kilama
    frank kilama 2 days ago

    Why would you answer that call.

  • Keyon Acuna
    Keyon Acuna 2 days ago

    in avp it legit talks ab how alien was created

  • MrKarter HuH
    MrKarter HuH 2 days ago

    FN Scar 17 chambered in 308 with Armor Piercers and Incendiary rounds and a Beneli M4.

  • Alice Sinn
    Alice Sinn 2 days ago

    Good to know if the xenomorph invasion starts I can run on down to ten nears Walmart and buy a grenade launcher...

  • Echo Mitzu
    Echo Mitzu 2 days ago

    Well I'm gonna die.

  • Deceptacles Reviewer

    Ummmm..... You just coat it in liquid Magma and then freeze it. The sudden change in temperature will break it's exoskeleton, thus breaking it entirely. Alien 3 shows this in action, and the "spitter Xenomorph" is the just the Dog/Runner Alien. Also They are all It's, no Male nor Female. You should've just done your research, even Freaking WatchMojo knows more than you guys.

  • wolfhunter98
    wolfhunter98 2 days ago +1

    There is only one way to be sure. Exterminatus.

  • Greg Williams
    Greg Williams 2 days ago

    *zenemorph* you can’t escape *me* oh yes I can *takes out huge rocket launcher* try this on for big size BOI! *zenemorph* wait..... the he- *death*

  • the gaming doggo
    the gaming doggo 2 days ago

    I would just take him

  • Literal Cancer
    Literal Cancer 2 days ago

    We are talking alien not aliens...

  • OrB Clan
    OrB Clan 2 days ago

    Slap it.

  • Miller Riddell
    Miller Riddell 2 days ago

    "I say we nuke it from orbit, its the only way to be sure"-Ellen Ripley

  • Ben King
    Ben King 2 days ago


  • Alex Murillo
    Alex Murillo 2 days ago

    I’d bring a potato launcher just in case

  • scasny
    scasny 2 days ago

    you need 2 thinghs brain and M249. Basicly any light machine gun will do

  • AragonGaming
    AragonGaming 2 days ago

    Nuke them

  • Eugene Pearson
    Eugene Pearson 2 days ago

    You wouldn't in 98% of the encounter scenarios.

  • Kris Seepersad
    Kris Seepersad 2 days ago

    Mini nuclear explosives

  • Gaming Chase
    Gaming Chase 2 days ago

    Use the BFG from doom

  • Freddy productions
    Freddy productions 2 days ago


  • tickle me kermit
    tickle me kermit 2 days ago

    I'd get some xenomorph repellent

  • Phoenix RQ
    Phoenix RQ 2 days ago

    The ultimate plan to stave off a xenomorph Attack would go like this:
    Disclaimer: I am only posting my strategic opinion after being a moderate fan of the franchise for 5+ years, I also will be taking notes from the Imperium of Man’s playbook and from Sun Tzu’s: The Art Of War.
    The first and foremost step would be a total refit of a planets armed forces, this would entail changing their infrared and thermal vision to motion and sound detection, sound being preferred as even cheap sound detectors can be ramped to the highest sensitivity and detect a pin falling on carpet. Next we would strategically carve paths and clearings and scorch the earth, therefore leaving no large places to hide while not destroying the environment. After that we would change all vehicle designs to swap traditional armor for lighter and cheaper hollow ceramic scales, if acid is splattered over the sides the front is melted off leaving the back of the plate relatively intact. We would then build large fortresses on mountain tops and in inhospitable terrain; sparing no expense in making it as difficult as possible to infiltrate. They would be in large open areas with few entrances that are far apart from one another, as the xenomorphs lack any sort of advanced range weapons simple high caliber rifles with scopes could be used to stem the tide of drones as they rush across an open area. Next we would arm soldiers with large bore shotguns (10 gauge #00004 buck will do) and high capacity pulse sub machine guns (chambered in large pistol rounds and supplied AP Magnums, for this they could easily penetrate the armor) this would make them exceptionally better at combatting them at close range. Next we would make sure that the outer layers of the bases corridors are designed to be hazardous to get to the inner layers, large airtight solid steel and titanium alloy doors which would be electrified and pressure sealed, if they melt through the pressure would send the door fragments at the speed of sound killing the first wave and alerting everything in a mile radius that the aliens have breached the first door. With this the soldiers would be ready to use flamethrowers (with shielded fuel supply) and shaped charges to stop the incoming aliens, to which bases would be designed to funnel them into tight bottlenecks to advance. If the attack is not repelled at all by this point a timely evacuation would occur as the nuclear reactor in the base would be set to meltdown (I don’t care how tough they are, trying surviving ground 0 of a Chernobyl-esque meltdown in confined conditions). This would give us a better chance to fight them.
    TL;DR: force the aliens to fight in large open spaces, or tight bottlenecks, use weapons that either reduce the risk of splattering or can engage them from far away, design your defenses with this in mind and if all else fails nuke it from orbit...’s the only way to be sure

  • M. I.
    M. I. 2 days ago +1

    Just nuke it