YOU vs XENOMORPH - How Can You Defeat and Survive It (Alien Movie)

  • Published on Jan 19, 2019
  • What if you came face to face with the xenomorph from the movies Alien? Could you defeat it?
    Imagine you are happily cruising along space in your very own mining ship when suddenly you pick up a faint distress signal from far away. Checking your spaceship's digital atlas, you discover that the signal is coming from a colony on a planet called “LV-426”- hmm, where have you heard that name before? Landing on this distant moon you exit your spaceship hoping to rescue some desperate colonists- only to come face to face with the galaxy's most formidable predator. Hello and welcome to another special episode of The Infographics Show- today we're putting you up against the most perfect organism in the universe in, Could you defeat it? You vs a xenomorph.
    Xenomorphs, or Aliens, are a parasitic species who's real origins are unclear. Some believe that Xenos were genetically engineered by an ancient space-faring civilization known as the Engineers, or Mala'kak. The Mala'kak may have used Xenomorphs to terraform planets by wiping out all large species and then starting fresh with their own genetically engineered creations, or they may simply have been a biological weapon meant to 'disinfect' experiments they think went wrong, or to use against their enemies. Others however believe that Xenomorphs evolved in a dark, distant corner of the galaxy and were discovered by the Engineers and other space-faring civilizations.

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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  7 months ago +1098

    How would you defeat him? Who would you call to fight by your side?

  • Unknown Demon
    Unknown Demon 4 hours ago

    *Wait so your telling me I am rich enough to own my own space craft*

    I will I wasn’t broke

  • Nick Grimz
    Nick Grimz 6 hours ago

    Purge it in holy fire

  • Dora the Axe-plorer
    Dora the Axe-plorer 9 hours ago

    5:00 that's not how acid works

  • Godzillafan8123
    Godzillafan8123 Day ago

    why are the xenomorphs in this video pink?

  • ThorsGayHammer
    ThorsGayHammer Day ago

    Doing this for research purposes.

  • 420j Z
    420j Z 2 days ago

    Get a flamethrower and some explosives or just destroy the ship he is on and the alien is no more

  • Tamaine Yolo
    Tamaine Yolo 3 days ago

    Do you vs venom from spider Man

  • AD_Zentify
    AD_Zentify 3 days ago

    The aliens are a wapon beacus like a monyh ago i watched a movie cald promotheus where at the end of the movie you can see that thelarva beacomes a alien

  • ItzNugget
    ItzNugget 3 days ago

    The larve kinda remind me of this one game where your a worm like alien and you go into people/animals bodys and make them go boom.

  • dansu92833
    dansu92833 3 days ago

    Just nuke it from the orbit, that is only way to be sure.

  • ii_MistyGacha YT
    ii_MistyGacha YT 4 days ago +3

    How can you defeat a Xenomorph? The answer is easy


  • Sashi_Me
    Sashi_Me 4 days ago

    It took me a while to realize that they were wearing caveman clothes and that they suddenly turn into sponges.

  • soulassassin0g
    soulassassin0g 5 days ago

    5:46 because we need rules during war lol.

  • Tyler Doxtator
    Tyler Doxtator 5 days ago

    Didn't David from alien Covenant make them

  • Jimic 45
    Jimic 45 7 days ago +1

    In the movie alien ressurection
    Ripley shotgunned and alien in the face and it died immedietly
    Having a 12 Gage shotgun would rip that alien apart

    • rewester17
      rewester17 4 days ago

      Or a Molotov which are not hard to make

  • Jimic 45
    Jimic 45 7 days ago +1

    Put their acid in a water gun

  • Avery G
    Avery G 7 days ago

    Ya I’m just gonna hop of my rocket ship with my military grade grenadeblauncher cuz everyone defiantly has one

  • ꧁n ö ö t s꧂
    ꧁n ö ö t s꧂ 8 days ago


  • Ya boi
    Ya boi 8 days ago

    Xenomorphi are WAY better than Predators

  • Leechgaming1
    Leechgaming1 8 days ago

    You haven’t seen prometheus or alien covenant because it explains the Aliens backstory

  • stimoEJS 123
    stimoEJS 123 9 days ago

    Make one about exzodia

  • Shadow Disaster
    Shadow Disaster 9 days ago +1

    Call John Wick

  • theGuiltyPlayer
    theGuiltyPlayer 9 days ago

    Here an 100% foolproof Guide on how to defeat a Xenomorph
    Step 1: You realize its a bad idea to fight it
    Step 2: Build a ship
    Step 3 : Leave
    Survival long as you always check to make sure the Xeno hasn't sneaked on someho-OH MY GO- *dead*

  • Elephant Lord
    Elephant Lord 9 days ago

    You vs indoraptor or indominus rex

  • Tad Rubiec
    Tad Rubiec 9 days ago

    These ailens are not all females

  • baconfan999 is a bacon

    1: call thanos

    2: let him deal with the aliens

    3: get popcorn and soda and sit on a recliner to watch the epic show

  • MTLSinCity
    MTLSinCity 9 days ago

    Infographics: You vs xenomorph
    Hudson: Game over man!! Game over!!
    Ripley: Get me gun
    Predator: Hold my cannon

  • KristinaTheGremlin Cutie
    KristinaTheGremlin Cutie 10 days ago +1

    I would call it to storm Area 51 by my side

  • Industructible 9
    Industructible 9 10 days ago

    How to beat a xenomorph
    1. Call Elon Musk

  • the enchanted honey bottle

    why not just call a predator like i mean they hunt xenomorphs for sport

    • ceu160193
      ceu160193 20 hours ago

      they hunt humans for sport as well...

  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 12 days ago

    2:00_2:09 mlg alien

  • Donna Ronald
    Donna Ronald 12 days ago

    I would use it’s own ther power

  • Oliver Studios Gaming And More!

    only queen and special xenos have 4 arms

  • The local idiot
    The local idiot 12 days ago +1

    The xenomorph’s were geneticly made by a Android named David. It’s shown in Alien covenant

  • vile
    vile 12 days ago

    but at the newest alien movie the soldier just shot one of them the head and it died

  • sherika lane
    sherika lane 12 days ago +1

    I would use flamethrowers, machine guns and plan b Nuke theme

  • Hendshues2
    Hendshues2 12 days ago

    are the "XENOMORPH" sounds from Dota 2 Ursa?

  • Jake Reeves
    Jake Reeves 12 days ago +2

    Xenomorphs don’t have 4 arms and do have eye organs, because they have EYE SOCKETS.

  • Cy Raaen
    Cy Raaen 13 days ago

    I did the math, and that grenade launcher fires 6.25 grenades a second. The launcher will make you bankrupt faster than heavy's gun

  • Brandi Dougherty
    Brandi Dougherty 14 days ago

    Not the drones

  • Brandi Dougherty
    Brandi Dougherty 14 days ago

    Xenos don’t have four arms only the queen does

  • Carl Singson
    Carl Singson 14 days ago

    marry the best predator

  • johonsje _
    johonsje _ 14 days ago +1

    The Xenomorph is the most formidable predator
    Predator: say sike right now

  • Jennifer Williamson
    Jennifer Williamson 15 days ago

    I don’t know if anybody knew this but Xenomorphs are weaker in groups

  • Jacob Gerhard
    Jacob Gerhard 15 days ago +1

    In order to win. Just call predator

  • Jorge Romero
    Jorge Romero 15 days ago

    Why are they purple and not the color black

  • Kim Joo Law
    Kim Joo Law 16 days ago

    Normal people cannot afford flamethrowers

  • Michael M
    Michael M 17 days ago

    5.56mm is a pretty powerful ammunition. It goes through...

  • Quackety Quack
    Quackety Quack 17 days ago

    Get ze flammenwerfer

  • Kristoffer Benitez
    Kristoffer Benitez 18 days ago

    xenos' origins are already explained in alien covenant

  • Liquid Snake
    Liquid Snake 18 days ago

    Instant death

  • Mr. L
    Mr. L 18 days ago

    Dragons breath shotgun rounds?

  • Jaeden Douglas
    Jaeden Douglas 19 days ago +1

    dude use a rocket launcher

  • Thad Lamban
    Thad Lamban 19 days ago

    Xenomorphs are from the unknown regions in the star wars mythos

  • D7MOOONY 69
    D7MOOONY 69 20 days ago

    Do Americans believe in anything

  • Alex Tomlinson
    Alex Tomlinson 20 days ago

    With harsh language. Obviously.

  • syed qambar
    syed qambar 21 day ago

    Just nuke him nuke him!!!

  • Emilijo Batarilo
    Emilijo Batarilo 21 day ago

    airstrike lol with gbu27 pavevay ii bunker busting bomb it cant escape

  • Knap Gamen
    Knap Gamen 22 days ago

    Those burp sounds xD

  • pat a
    pat a 22 days ago

    Mount two 40mm nade launchers on the arms of the claw machine in aliens.

  • Harry Potter Mega fan 1

    The holiest of explosives is the holy hand grenade used by parsival in ready player one

  • George Townsend
    George Townsend 23 days ago

    Is he xenamorph real?

  • Kacper Cicharski
    Kacper Cicharski 23 days ago

    This will be needed for the area 51 stormers.

  • Tyson Dawson
    Tyson Dawson 23 days ago

    The xenomorphs have eyes

  • Chloe Hay
    Chloe Hay 23 days ago

    I love you 😍

  • Rock Keeper’s Pet Rock Adoption Center

    Xenos are cute :)

  • Robert prodigy
    Robert prodigy 24 days ago


  • regina ciputra
    regina ciputra 24 days ago

    I just team up with the predators and grab that weapons and armor

  • Michael Burns
    Michael Burns 24 days ago

    Perhaps a high powered crossbow that can fire bolts like a machine gun? That way it’s harder for acid to get on you due to the arrows being lodged in the entry would.

  • person
    person 25 days ago

    LV-426 sounds like my level

  • Kitkat Animations
    Kitkat Animations 25 days ago

    What If I wanted to be friends with it?

  • Felonal
    Felonal 26 days ago

    I will bully it

  • clash gangster
    clash gangster 27 days ago


  • lian rai
    lian rai 27 days ago