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YOU vs XENOMORPH - How Can You Defeat and Survive It (Alien Movie)

  • Published on Jan 19, 2019
  • What if you came face to face with the xenomorph from the movies Alien? Could you defeat it?
    Imagine you are happily cruising along space in your very own mining ship when suddenly you pick up a faint distress signal from far away. Checking your spaceship's digital atlas, you discover that the signal is coming from a colony on a planet called “LV-426”- hmm, where have you heard that name before? Landing on this distant moon you exit your spaceship hoping to rescue some desperate colonists- only to come face to face with the galaxy's most formidable predator. Hello and welcome to another special episode of The Infographics Show- today we're putting you up against the most perfect organism in the universe in, Could you defeat it? You vs a xenomorph.
    Xenomorphs, or Aliens, are a parasitic species who's real origins are unclear. Some believe that Xenos were genetically engineered by an ancient space-faring civilization known as the Engineers, or Mala'kak. The Mala'kak may have used Xenomorphs to terraform planets by wiping out all large species and then starting fresh with their own genetically engineered creations, or they may simply have been a biological weapon meant to 'disinfect' experiments they think went wrong, or to use against their enemies. Others however believe that Xenomorphs evolved in a dark, distant corner of the galaxy and were discovered by the Engineers and other space-faring civilizations.

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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  3 months ago +928

    How would you defeat him? Who would you call to fight by your side?

  • shirley juicebummer
    shirley juicebummer 14 hours ago

    i would use a RPG but that doesn't work for close range so also a shotgun and if that doesn't work then i will slap the alien with a keyboard

  • StormBlaze Eye Of The Storm

    Spam Nukes

  • Billy Talbott
    Billy Talbott Day ago

    A robotic plastic silicon form of a drone xenomorph

  • Ruzzy Ruzby
    Ruzzy Ruzby Day ago

    I think fighting a Predator would be more interesting, thing's badass.

  • Sebastian 2005
    Sebastian 2005 Day ago +1

    Quick! Get the Death Star!

  • Aberforth
    Aberforth 2 days ago


    Avada Kedavra!!!

  • Glen Haywood
    Glen Haywood 2 days ago

    The Mk19 is fun to fire. Had one in my Arms Room.

  • Darkly wolf
    Darkly wolf 2 days ago

    Call in so many predators

  • gamer boi
    gamer boi 2 days ago +1

    me grabs shotgun id like to keep this for close encounters

  • Nicole Connelly
    Nicole Connelly 3 days ago +1

    The queen protecc. She atacc
    But most importantly

    She create an egg sac

  • Lance Mclaughlin
    Lance Mclaughlin 3 days ago

    Granad launchers right in the mouth the one t2 used against t. 0000!! I thought it before they said it lol

  • Tristan the Meme
    Tristan the Meme 3 days ago


  • Savage Banana’s
    Savage Banana’s 4 days ago

    Just use a nuke.

  • Ahmed Nabeel
    Ahmed Nabeel 4 days ago +1


  • Cinema Macabro
    Cinema Macabro 4 days ago

    A 2 man team of flamethrowers, and liquid Nitrogen guns ala Predator 2 would work, Lions and Tigers and Bears....ohhhhmy

  • Harry Parker
    Harry Parker 4 days ago

    Not thinking about Predators, because there more powerful than aliens.

  • sir you Can't do that

    You vs hitlar next

  • Ness
    Ness 4 days ago

    Just build a wall and throw ice at them..

  • Ron Brown
    Ron Brown 4 days ago

    Was that Duke Nukem passing out grenade launchers?

  • nathaniel MCCALL
    nathaniel MCCALL 4 days ago


  • Bleak Cobra Productions

    Y do they have 4 arms they only have 2

  • Jodi Lam
    Jodi Lam 5 days ago

    Send the Cleaners to scrap those aliens in NY

  • crubs
    crubs 5 days ago

    Coat the flamethrower with Teflon and it will be fine against acid.

  • Jon Fischer
    Jon Fischer 5 days ago

    The mk-19 or mark19 is a 2 person carry and not easy 2 set up... also maximum range of 3200m because it is an area weapon the point range is irrelevant at those ranges... it's my favorate weapon I ever fired :)

  • Claude Alpha
    Claude Alpha 5 days ago +1

    Do You vs T800.

  • the blazican
    the blazican 6 days ago

    Watch prothemius

  • rougoner 123
    rougoner 123 6 days ago


  • rougoner 123
    rougoner 123 6 days ago

    You have no chance alone against a whole hive including a queen
    You might me lucky with a king but
    you would still die

  • Mystical Mew
    Mystical Mew 6 days ago

    A nuke is the best weapon!!!

  • Valentino Acevedo
    Valentino Acevedo 6 days ago +1

    Do you vs shazam

  • Vidar Porten
    Vidar Porten 6 days ago


  • Molten_ Jesse
    Molten_ Jesse 6 days ago

    Seriously!just use guns on alien.....from a game called alien extermation.(or you are saying the queen)

    • Insightful
      Insightful 4 days ago

      Molten_ Jesse you cant use guns. Fire works best

  • justin villar
    justin villar 6 days ago

    Can you also made a video about what will happen if your country or land was infested by xeno? And what will you do? Or the earth itself was infested.

  • Fatal
    Fatal 6 days ago

    I’d smash the hive to death proclaiming the Rule of 34

  • kingzap30 225
    kingzap30 225 6 days ago

    Infographics show: how can you defeat a alien that can shrug off bullets and bleed acid blood
    Predator: am I a joke to you

  • Fluffy sheep Animations

    FBI: Sir there är Xcenomorphs here!
    Trump: Nuke em ALL!
    Friend: Aliens are attacking!
    Me: *Picks up phone*
    Also me: Hey predator! Wan't some sweet Alien skulls?

  • Second Chance
    Second Chance 7 days ago

    Answer is here 8:03

  • Chip Noir
    Chip Noir 7 days ago

    This isn't quite right by some canon. I recall a behind the scene's interview that poses that the facehugger actually implants a virus inside of the host. The virus begins infecting cells, rewiring them to reproduce like cancer cells, eventually forming the chestburster. This is why Xenomorphs can adapt characteristics of their initial host organism.

  • bookit thewolf
    bookit thewolf 7 days ago


  • don't deny my righteousness truth

    You guys got so many things wrong with this. First off Firearms work on Aliens. If a couple of Marines would have had an AA-12. Vasquez, Hudson, Drake, and the Sarge would be alive. This was a total fail.

  • Game AN
    Game AN 8 days ago

    Get a baseball bat and scream"You picked the wrong man fool"

  • vindechi 86
    vindechi 86 9 days ago

    David created the xenomorph

  • Young Scientist of the USA

    What about 5 watt pulse lasers

  • Christian Johansen
    Christian Johansen 9 days ago

    Step one: Move to the moon, step two: execute order 66

  • Quasar
    Quasar 9 days ago

    Hmm, let's see... killing a xenomorph... a xenos... with explosive munitions...
    Holy bolter will it be.

  • Evan Taylor
    Evan Taylor 9 days ago

    Kinda would like to see how to defeat a full hive

  • Dark dogegaming
    Dark dogegaming 9 days ago +2

    Aliens who can spit acid? Do you mean "Alien spitters"?

  • Friendly alien Boi
    Friendly alien Boi 10 days ago

    Can you do my specis vs humans and all their weaknesses just asking for a friend

  • Djkiller09875 Gomez11
    Djkiller09875 Gomez11 10 days ago

    Wow the comments doesn’t know about aliens I’m a big fan like if you a person like me

  • Masta Theif
    Masta Theif 10 days ago

    I like the predator version, they were made to be a perfect predator

  • Mr-Traveler-guy 665
    Mr-Traveler-guy 665 10 days ago +1

    I know what would defeat the predators


  • John Potatoman
    John Potatoman 10 days ago +1

    So you haven’t seen the prequels?

  • Enrico Stimpson
    Enrico Stimpson 11 days ago

    Xenomorph is the definition of what we called a parasite

  • Joseph McLaughlin
    Joseph McLaughlin 11 days ago

    ether that or colinal space marines

  • Joseph McLaughlin
    Joseph McLaughlin 11 days ago

    take a tip from the seconed AVP movie and use a tactical nuke

  • Daniel Macneil
    Daniel Macneil 11 days ago

    I would use the smell of my blood and lure them to a well lit location where i would leave animals to distract the xenomorph. And leave A LOT of tnt there rigged to explode. As it was lead in to the building. I would exit on a chopper. And blow the place skyhigh

  • Dylan Atchley
    Dylan Atchley 11 days ago

    Barritt 50 cal and some distance

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez 11 days ago

    i hate to say it but...ud still lose u didnt really give a way to find the xenomorph and they are notorious for ambushing. additionally flamethrowers haven't been shown to be weak to any temperature including fire since a xenomorph literally falls into lava and jumps out they are only really weak to rapid change in temperatures from intense heat to cold or vice versa. Additionally ur giant grenade launcher tho nice and cool in theory again if u cant find a xenomorph it isnt useful and unless its outside its prob not the best option in an enclosed space. U need a way to find the xeno and preferably a strong accurate automatic firing weapon, since your prob gonna miss a lot. However if your alone unless you can pull a ripley your gonna die more then likely.

  • Max Henry
    Max Henry 12 days ago

    Army of hulk busters

  • Finnegan Burns
    Finnegan Burns 12 days ago

    Do godzilla

  • TylerFireX H
    TylerFireX H 12 days ago

    Your wrong flamethrowers were made and used in Germany German soldiers uses the flamethrower in combat

  • The Lego Reviewer
    The Lego Reviewer 12 days ago

    Nuke it

  • Oliver Channing
    Oliver Channing 12 days ago

    Most formidable predator the predator

  • chtc88
    chtc88 12 days ago +1

    Me vs Xenomorph? I would just show a fanart from 4chan of a xenomorph wearing french maid costume and say "Dude, we humans are way weirder and gross than you. In fact, some ppl may even enjoy your way of "reproduction", get out of this planet while you can bruh

  • Harry Smith
    Harry Smith 12 days ago +2

    0.24 "The galaxies' most formidable predator" what about the predators themselves?

  • Aditya Nath
    Aditya Nath 12 days ago

    With my Smile

  • EyeofWinterGT GT
    EyeofWinterGT GT 12 days ago

    Use mom credit card and blame the aliens

  • Brayden Dufour
    Brayden Dufour 12 days ago

    Did they not see Prometheus or alien covenant? I’m pretty sure those movies explained the origins of the Xenomorph. As kinda unwanted, we know anyways.

  • MackenDeez
    MackenDeez 12 days ago

    Was that a Reaper at 1:43

  • The Wrench
    The Wrench 12 days ago

    An AA-12 and a barrette 50. Cal will do the job.

  • Atomic 209
    Atomic 209 13 days ago

    Just stop imagining

  • Alexis C
    Alexis C 13 days ago

    Use a shotgun with a heat/fire shell

  • John doe
    John doe 13 days ago

    are these things real if is this a joke?

  • Pathwanderer
    Pathwanderer 13 days ago

    Nuke the site from orbit. Its the only way to be sure.

  • Oofer Gangster
    Oofer Gangster 13 days ago

    2017 anyone

  • Chase_Gamer156
    Chase_Gamer156 13 days ago

    Nuke Em

  • Caleb Chelini
    Caleb Chelini 13 days ago

    why do you draw the xenomorph with 4 arms they don't have that many just giving feedback i love your art

  • Lord Mugfish
    Lord Mugfish 13 days ago

    Xenomorphs have always had eyes, and can clearly see, they just have eyes underneath their domes. The eyes can only be seen while they are drones due to the dome's thinness as it hardens to be used as a battering weapon when they molt and become warriors. They can only really be beaten with extremely high-calibre gun-fire and/or explosive bullets, flames will deter them but setting a xenomorph on fire will result in a very unpleasant acid explosion which will undeniably melt your face off if you're in range to actually light it on fire with a flame thrower. Your best bet really is to just have a really bright hallway with the xenomorph at one end and a pulse rifle or high-calibre machine gun at the other end as if you damage this hallway and create any other possible routes to your fleshy goodness the alien knows to take them instead of running headfirst at an armed target.

  • Brian Cervantes
    Brian Cervantes 13 days ago

    Can u do you vs predators

  • CallMeCarlos
    CallMeCarlos 13 days ago

    And how the f am I supposed to get all these firearms in the middle of space

  • Bhanu Murali
    Bhanu Murali 13 days ago

    predator just talked me

  • LOL Im
    LOL Im 13 days ago +1

    Reaper in ark

  • Mark Miyadi
    Mark Miyadi 13 days ago

    russia population and race 3,000,000 bear lol

  • Mark Miyadi
    Mark Miyadi 13 days ago

    lol its funny that u misgudge other counttries without being ther and that u said russian doesnt care whats going on in the world lamao

    RAGE RONAN 13 days ago

    You vs Thor

  • Plane boy and car animations SOCIAL CHANNEL

    You vs Superman
    Or something

  • Skyrim 59
    Skyrim 59 13 days ago

    How could you defeat it

    Double pump it with ninja and tfue

  • Skyrim 59
    Skyrim 59 13 days ago

    Build a bedrock house as it never breaks from anything

  • DeepfriedDigits
    DeepfriedDigits 14 days ago

    Go to Russia come out at winter then use the flamethrower Napoleon tearboneapart will be stunned

  • Rosa Gonzalez
    Rosa Gonzalez 14 days ago +1

    When it lands are pranking at the hospital

  • Dreammirror Brony
    Dreammirror Brony 14 days ago

    As shown in some of the series, coating your armor in a gel like substance with a ph of 0, protects against the alien blood, which strongly suggests that it is an acid based liquid.

  • Vocal Hearts
    Vocal Hearts 14 days ago

    Xenomorphs have eyes, undergrad the head thing, I'm guessing they can see through it

    • LDN EDD
      LDN EDD 10 days ago +1

      The creatures possess no visible eyes; Giger mandated this in his original design, because he felt that it made the creatures much more frightening if one could not tell they were looking at them.

  • David Lim
    David Lim 14 days ago

    Then there's will be lots of Ridleys attack the xenomorphic mania ya. 😂

  • Catherine Lardizabal
    Catherine Lardizabal 14 days ago

    Me:video game references

  • Camilo Pinillo
    Camilo Pinillo 14 days ago

    You mean Kha Zix?

  • Havregryn
    Havregryn 14 days ago

    You vs A Purge Gang

  • Say Wut?
    Say Wut? 14 days ago

    Leave it and it will suffer from deppresion and commit suicide

  • Cor Ri
    Cor Ri 15 days ago

    Do slappy from goosebumbs

  • Romeo Jr Jagonia
    Romeo Jr Jagonia 15 days ago

    If the xenomorph is sensitive to sudden temp. Changes, wont he die quickly if he goes to earth? You know cause of global warming?