Hazelnut Swiss Roll Recipe

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  • Randall Sunderland
    Randall Sunderland 19 hours ago

    I'm gonna have to veganize this and make it.

  • Penny Wilson
    Penny Wilson 3 days ago

    Why is someone who is dairy free an idiot?

  • OJeyjunior
    OJeyjunior 4 days ago

    " You're knocking off my nuts "
    *Ben giggles silently*

  • Shaved Alpaca
    Shaved Alpaca 5 days ago

    Beans brushing up against nuts. SAUCY

  • markelino
    markelino 6 days ago

    Is vanilla paste different from vanilla extract?

  • OsnapItzLaurenn
    OsnapItzLaurenn 6 days ago

    every time i watch this channel i get so hungry and want to eat what they made

  • Liam L.
    Liam L. 7 days ago

    Eggs are dairy...

  • malink
    malink 7 days ago

    "Now technically..." none of us should suck the tit of another animal into adulthood (or ever).

  • bowen4duke
    bowen4duke 7 days ago

    Drink week!!!

  • Atomic Apple
    Atomic Apple 7 days ago

    I live in Switzerland but never ate that

  • Esidm
    Esidm 7 days ago +1

    Have you guys ever tasted woodruff before? (or in german Waldmeister) If not you have to try it its a unique taste that i never found somewhere else.
    I also would like to see you come up with a recipe for it.

  • Reah Eslick
    Reah Eslick 7 days ago

    Hiya guys love your channel. Would you be able to make baba ganoush at some point? I love it and would really like to see your version. It's good as a dip but I love it with spicy roast lamb too thanks 😉

  • Adrian Rayburn
    Adrian Rayburn 8 days ago

    No No NO NO NO NO

  • Magdalena Reisenegger

    in Chile we call that "brazo de reina", which means "queen's arm"

  • Anuj Kalra
    Anuj Kalra 8 days ago +1

    The best things about dairy-free and/or vegan recipes is that those can be enjoyed by everyone in the family together!

  • Priscilla B
    Priscilla B 8 days ago

    Any chance of you guys making Wagamamas Firecracker Chicken one day?

  • My Stars Shine Darkly Over Me


  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams 8 days ago

    Yep, I'm gonna hold off for another five seconds cause I always end a little... too... early. Oh, look look look, nearly nearly nearly. Nuts are going in!

  • imtiredofthisfarce
    imtiredofthisfarce 8 days ago

    Thank you for the dairy free recipe

  • ImperialWarhawk123ABC

    Ricegum took the L

  • Amaan Naveed
    Amaan Naveed 8 days ago

    Do a collab with myvirginkitchen

  • Percy Pig
    Percy Pig 8 days ago

    Where on earth do you find hazelnut milk!!!?!?!!

  • Naux LYX
    Naux LYX 8 days ago

    Jeremy? Jeremy?? JEREMY!!!

  • Ferad Speculates
    Ferad Speculates 8 days ago

    my name is Jeremy But no girlfriend hard r i p.

  • Banana Senpai
    Banana Senpai 8 days ago

    You're knocking off my nuts ;)

  • enteryourname404
    enteryourname404 8 days ago

    You come for the recipes - you stay for the puns

  • LoriCiani
    LoriCiani 8 days ago +1

    Hmm...reading a comment I had an idea. These things rarely escape so I hope this is a good one. Here goes...How about an education week? Teaching a class or feeding the 5000 in a dinner school or students restaurant. Best foods for learning etc. I'm sure that students will love it. Well, how did I do? Oh...OK. Sorry, I think I'll just go off and disappear.

  • Carla
    Carla 8 days ago

    “And then you wanna grab yourself (long pause) a tray lined with paper.” 😂

  • Laura van Kouwen
    Laura van Kouwen 8 days ago

    "JEREMY YOU IDIOT" i died

  • Tessa Lim
    Tessa Lim 8 days ago

    Stoked to see your flavour choice! Hazelnut and coffee is one of my absolute favourite combos. Thanks for the shout out :)

  • Amanda O
    Amanda O 8 days ago

    Love how he explains the reason for each ingredient/action!

  • Hiba Syed
    Hiba Syed 8 days ago

    Mike !!! tvclip.biz/video/qlnsq3sQOBs/

  • Matthew Winnick
    Matthew Winnick 8 days ago

    The chef is just a wannabe Jamie Oliver

  • Maddy Godwin
    Maddy Godwin 8 days ago

    Ahhh dairy free! Thank you!

  • KarolinaMalwina
    KarolinaMalwina 8 days ago

    Did anyone notice the head-wiggle Ben always does while or after saying "sorted"?

  • Unexpected Incident
    Unexpected Incident 8 days ago


  • Coupe the Boy
    Coupe the Boy 8 days ago +1

    Wowzer.. so trendy..



  • Clara Hutchinson
    Clara Hutchinson 8 days ago

    Any suggestions if you can't have eggs or dairy? 😥😥😥 I've the worst allergies :(

  • Predator-Hunter -
    Predator-Hunter - 8 days ago

    We are eternal spiritual beings having a very brief earthly experience. R.I.P and annihilation are a LIE!! Dont wait until you breathe your last to find this out.

  • Angelica Contreras
    Angelica Contreras 8 days ago

    I’m Jeremy’s girlfriend literally

  • AthenaGoddess
    AthenaGoddess 8 days ago


  • paintingfood
    paintingfood 8 days ago +5

    Can we make a Swiss roll with a giant raisin on top?

  • DavidVsNorm
    DavidVsNorm 8 days ago +3

    Ricegum took the L

  • Kevin Lint
    Kevin Lint 8 days ago

    Could yousendtherecipe

  • Lindsey Resnik
    Lindsey Resnik 8 days ago +1

    I'm sorry but you know Mary Berry would say that the roll is not tight enough!!

  • At That Moment
    At That Moment 8 days ago

    This looks AMAZINGGGG

  • Viral Vids
    Viral Vids 8 days ago

    Check out www.veganseekin.site for healthy recipes

  • Shawn blazerrr
    Shawn blazerrr 8 days ago

    Huh that's how I roll my joints 🤔

  • Bella DiMambro
    Bella DiMambro 8 days ago +1

    Looking good, Mike! Lots of jaw line definition!

  • rexington john
    rexington john 8 days ago

    Mike, you can totally be Jeremy’s girlfriend if you want to. You can be anything you want if you believe hard enough.

  • Wesley Carter
    Wesley Carter 8 days ago

    Keep up the dairy free desserts/ food! 👌

  • timhrim
    timhrim 8 days ago

    What? didn't understand girlfriend explanation >.<

  • Rucha
    Rucha 8 days ago

    I love the intro it's so funny

  • Alicia Tan
    Alicia Tan 8 days ago

    Is it possible to substitute hazelnut with macadamia?

  • BestBrew
    BestBrew 8 days ago

    Hey Guys flash frame @5:40

  • he has risen!
    he has risen! 8 days ago

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    • Mar C
      Mar C 8 days ago

      he has risen! No

  • TheGallifrey123
    TheGallifrey123 8 days ago

    Please temper your hazelnut coffee mixture or you will scramble the yolk

  • Marie Anne Lise Tan
    Marie Anne Lise Tan 8 days ago

    What if you can't find hazelnut milk? Will other nut mills work??

  • Kurayami MaiMai
    Kurayami MaiMai 8 days ago

    u're knocking off my nuts

    that sounded damn wrong man XD

  • Luluruba
    Luluruba 8 days ago +12

    "you wanna be quite precise so 8,9 or 10 minutes"

  • TheLurkNewsChannel
    TheLurkNewsChannel 8 days ago


  • Isaac Weston
    Isaac Weston 8 days ago

    "You're knocking off my nuts"

    Mike, 2017

  • Erin O'Hara
    Erin O'Hara 8 days ago

    Dairy free recipe but you used eggs......

  • Monzell Rushin
    Monzell Rushin 8 days ago


  • lavapepsi703
    lavapepsi703 8 days ago +2

    nothing like a mild, unnecessary transphobic comment when you're trying to watch a recipe video, thanks so much Ben

    • Marcelo Ponce
      Marcelo Ponce 7 days ago +1

      lavapepsi703 felt the same exact way. Was looking for a comment lol

  • N I C E x3
    N I C E x3 8 days ago +2

    *instructions unclear, got penis stuck in swiss roll*

  • BananaCabana
    BananaCabana 8 days ago

    Mike just wanted to put his nuts all over that roll but Ben kept getting in the way

  • Jeremie Arciaga
    Jeremie Arciaga 8 days ago

    But I’m a girl and I can’t eat dairy

  • sally
    sally 8 days ago

    Wait it says coffee st the start and hazelnut in the title

  • Petronella Wessman
    Petronella Wessman 8 days ago +4

    It has to be nice to have so few allergies in one's circle of acquaintances that "dairy free" poses a problem. I once made a birthday cake that was nut free, egg free, gluten free, chocolate free, berry free,  stone fruit free and that did not contain lactose, in order to accommodate all the allergies and intolerances within the party-goers. Wasn't the BEST thing I've ever baked, but 1000% worth the effort to see everyone's delight when told that "No, there's no gluten/nuts/eggs/etc in there, so you can eat it."

    • Petronella Wessman
      Petronella Wessman 2 days ago

      Thanks! 😁
      We baked a sheet cake (made of oat flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, raising agent, and subbing sparkling water for the eggs), then split that in three and layered with whipped cream and peeled clementine segments to get the birthday cake look. Luckily, we didn't have a milk protein-free requirement, just my own lactose intolerance; and lactose-free products are pretty big in Sweden, so we could get lactose free butter and cream.

    • Sukiinpink
      Sukiinpink 3 days ago

      Petronella Wessman What on earth WAS in it? Hats off to you for managing that!

  • Ruger_Ray 412
    Ruger_Ray 412 8 days ago

    “let me guess, someone stole your sweet roll”

  • _ SassySoucyxx _
    _ SassySoucyxx _ 8 days ago +1

    Jeremy you prick

  • Sara
    Sara 8 days ago

    Love the video, but I'm allergic to hazelnuts :(

  • Laura Forde
    Laura Forde 8 days ago

    Very nice, thanks for sharing!

  • Jiraporn Sud
    Jiraporn Sud 8 days ago

    i must try this, thank you.

  • BoBo Po
    BoBo Po 8 days ago

    Hey Mike, you are acting a little strange lately, are you alright?
    Blink twice on the next video if you need help!

  • Zed Zexry
    Zed Zexry 9 days ago

    Ben almost said "Dairy Free Girlfriend" at the end don't even try and hide it lad

  • Kristen Martin
    Kristen Martin 9 days ago +1

    Which is the better method for making marshmallows using egg whites or without egg whites?

  • sleepyredwolves
    sleepyredwolves 9 days ago

    You can make this vegan by replacing the egg yolks in the cream with silken tofu and the eggs in the cake with aqua faba for the volume and oil for the fat!

  • LynseyRose
    LynseyRose 9 days ago +2

    No sprig of mint??? -gasp-

  • Philipp Smythe
    Philipp Smythe 9 days ago +3


  • Dimple Ravuri
    Dimple Ravuri 9 days ago

    Mike''s looking better than eva... so YUMMAYY :)

  • Glenn Jeffers
    Glenn Jeffers 9 days ago

    Ben wins for the first minute with that nose pinch over the glasses...

  • Denesha Roberts
    Denesha Roberts 9 days ago

    "You're knocking off my nuts"

  • JJMicstaf
    JJMicstaf 9 days ago

    Make that Jiggle Cheescake thingy!!!

  • Rebekah Allomes
    Rebekah Allomes 9 days ago

    Could I replace the coffee with something else? Dairy free but I can't stand the taste of coffee..

  • Paula Jaramillo
    Paula Jaramillo 9 days ago


  • Ay! Chimichanga!
    Ay! Chimichanga! 9 days ago

    If he waited until cake was cooled off a little I don't think it would've stuck to the parchment. Can't always cover bad bits with powdered sugar

  • Zamina Somji
    Zamina Somji 9 days ago

    Oh my god, that looks soo good... I wanna have it!

  • Samantha Fall
    Samantha Fall 9 days ago +1

    I understand how weird this is going to sound, but I'm gonna say it anyway.
    Watching Ben roll that pastry was like, oddly sexual? Just me? 🤷

  • caro m
    caro m 9 days ago

    oh my god Mike don't ignore it >:C

  • Michael Kaplan
    Michael Kaplan 9 days ago

    Looking for Jermi in the commnets ;)

  • Alli Gilden
    Alli Gilden 9 days ago


  • Charlene van As
    Charlene van As 9 days ago

    That looks yummy even for people who can eat dairy.

  • A Man Apart
    A Man Apart 9 days ago

    I've already become obese watching this. Eating it will kill me for sure.

  • Kendra Fitzpatrick
    Kendra Fitzpatrick 9 days ago +1

    Looks a bit like it's filled with cold pork gravy... So my challenge for you is this: Make a savory pork swiss roll with gravy!

  • Anne Katrine Hansen
    Anne Katrine Hansen 9 days ago

    Swiss rolls are awesome and super tasty so it's awesome that you made a video with this recipe, but you can tell that it's def not perfect. Swiss rolls should be round and the spiral should stand out well otherwise the cake part might not have been made right which is totes fine for just eating with family, but you want to impress your mates right? ;)

  • Morge on Peels
    Morge on Peels 9 days ago


  • Mechakittylove
    Mechakittylove 9 days ago +2

    I thought eggs were dairy... 🤔

    • Mechakittylove
      Mechakittylove 8 days ago

      Fair enough... You learn something new every day haha

    • That Girl
      That Girl 8 days ago

      Mechakittylove they don’t come from milk producing animal...