20 vs 1: Speed Dating 20 Girls - Jon | Jubilee x Solfa

  • Published on Jan 13, 2019
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Comments • 4 455

  • D K
    D K Day ago

    “Kawaii in the streets, Senpai in the sheets”

  • Ayeesha H
    Ayeesha H Day ago

    I saw a girl in this video that was chosen by another guy in a different video 😂💀

  • margot elizabeth
    margot elizabeth 2 days ago

    this relationship probably lasted 3 days

  • DocZero
    DocZero 3 days ago +6

    He's lucky he got himself 2 girls.

  • Moelijk
    Moelijk 3 days ago

    3:07 cathy is a real gamer

  • The Montagues!
    The Montagues! 4 days ago +1

    You do know what your looking for if you haven't been in a long term relationship, its probably your partner that didn't know what they were looking for...Just saying....

  • MissMajalis
    MissMajalis 4 days ago

    the setting is soooo weird and awkward :o wtf

  • Jose Paolo
    Jose Paolo 4 days ago


  • BTS 1D
    BTS 1D 4 days ago

    Why did I think he was Ross Butler when I saw the butler?
    (Btw this guy is hot)

  • Kay
    Kay 5 days ago

    does he want a girlfriend or a mom?

  • SgI SGI
    SgI SGI 5 days ago

    My first question would be ," Are you subscribed to pewdiepie, if no then leave"?

  • ooDirtyMickoo
    ooDirtyMickoo 5 days ago

    "i want someone open minded"
    "if you vote bernie leave"

    • ooDirtyMickoo
      ooDirtyMickoo 15 hours ago

      +CrimsonWolf69 my point is that its not open minded to dismiss radical/extreme socialism. or whatever you want to call bernie.

    • CrimsonWolf69
      CrimsonWolf69 18 hours ago

      His point was that Sanders is a radical/extreme socialist. He clearly said that he doesn't like extremism.
      By the way, even Bernie Sanders doesn't take himself seriously. He is very in favor of capitalism. He made millions off his book.

  • Vanessa T
    Vanessa T 6 days ago

    *Kawaii in the streets*
    *senpai in the sheets*

  • The OG Mclovin3
    The OG Mclovin3 6 days ago

    These comments are everything

  • Bram Slootmaekers
    Bram Slootmaekers 6 days ago +1

    No way the girl with the purple hair goes to the gym 3-4 times a week( it's ok but she staid and she's lying)

  • Kendra Blanco
    Kendra Blanco 6 days ago

    Weeeee need more of theseeee

  • SpEnCeR MaLiNoWsKi
    SpEnCeR MaLiNoWsKi 6 days ago

    What’s wrong with Bernie

  • Alydia Forten
    Alydia Forten 6 days ago

    It makes sense that only one person there was an introvert/identified as a wallflower, because as an introvert I could never see myself doing something like this...

  • The Mad Cat
    The Mad Cat 7 days ago +15

    Oof. He used yellow moon face instead of grey moon face. That’s a deal breaker

  • Sarah Lamper
    Sarah Lamper 7 days ago

    "You need to be okay with me smoking/vaping everyday"
    And take more hits to my already crappy lungs? Hell no. My asthmatic ass would've ran out of there. I'm not dying bc you can't quit smoking.

  • Sarah Lamper
    Sarah Lamper 7 days ago +5

    "Needs to be open minded"
    "If you would vote for Bernie leave"

  • Huang ellyna
    Huang ellyna 7 days ago +1

    That person who send a funny video Of working Out at 2:05 😂😂

  • Devin Gray-Paul
    Devin Gray-Paul 7 days ago


  • Keo
    Keo 8 days ago


  • akatsuki360
    akatsuki360 8 days ago +1

    "if you feel bernie sanders should be president please leave" see ya later lmaooooo

  • asvin soma
    asvin soma 8 days ago

    competition for bitches is another lvl nothing like the opposite role

  • ohdaUtube
    ohdaUtube 8 days ago

    @Jubilee please put up normal decent looking Asian dudes here. Stop spreading negative stereotypes of Asian men please. You can have a mix but I'm rarely seeing anyone I know as being the norm...

  • Herr Nadelmaus
    Herr Nadelmaus 8 days ago +6

    Jon: "i oppose close minded people"
    Also Jon: "if you, for whatever reason, want Bernie to be President, just get out"
    Seems legit

    • CrimsonWolf69
      CrimsonWolf69 17 hours ago

      His point was that Sanders is a radical/extreme socialist. He clearly said that he doesn't like extremism.
      By the way, even Bernie Sanders doesn't take himself seriously. He is very in favor of capitalism. He made millions off his book.

  • tootsyfrootsy
    tootsyfrootsy 9 days ago

    Gone so fast

  • Martian
    Martian 9 days ago

    One man's lose is another man's gain. This dude removed Katherine and the guy in other video picked her up.

  • Bro Flawless
    Bro Flawless 9 days ago

    Does anybody else think it’s satisfying when the people leave and they play that little -1 noise?

  • I'm desperate for subs with no vids

    20 girls 1 man XD

  • Chun Wong
    Chun Wong 9 days ago


  • dude dude
    dude dude 10 days ago

    They use the same girls

  • Don Wald
    Don Wald 10 days ago

    Man vs 20: This is who I am.
    Woman vs 20: This is what you must give me.

  • Hermione 10Gaming
    Hermione 10Gaming 10 days ago

    This dude is looking for a friend, mom, or babysitter, not a girlfriend 😂 "ween him off of vaping and making him go to the gym"?? Bruh

  • Lesli Xo
    Lesli Xo 11 days ago

    Why did I think he was gonna type “thank you, next” (2:25)

  • Krubyy
    Krubyy 11 days ago +11

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    i thought he was cute
    but i was a fool

  • Tyler Swales
    Tyler Swales 11 days ago

    95% of comments
    He doesn't want to date an extremist omg how close minded
    He vapes but would be willing to cut back and eventually quit long term if his partner doesn't like it but wont make empty promises about instantly quiting a habit so immature
    He goes to the gym 3-4 times a week and seeks a partner with similar level of physical fitness *angry face* what impossible standards
    Wants a long term relationship with potential for marriage after 4 years and so doesnt want a partner who has never cohabitated has 0 idea how to have a long term relationship etc insane!!!
    The projections of inadequacy are strong in this comment section for real.

  • Saigon Buyers
    Saigon Buyers 12 days ago

    I love this guy :D

  • Jerry Pringle
    Jerry Pringle 12 days ago

    From beginning to end, Jon sounded like a girl.

  • TheSilverHusky063
    TheSilverHusky063 13 days ago

    Guess Katherine didn't like the other dude 😂😂😂

  • Justin .Y hunter
    Justin .Y hunter 13 days ago

    Dating: battle royal

  • Leah Gonzaga
    Leah Gonzaga 14 days ago

    please cast me im desperate

  • Max Mendez
    Max Mendez 14 days ago

    He's so picky for someone who thinks he's open minded and expects the same 👎🏼

  • Tbro223
    Tbro223 14 days ago

    Why am I watching this when I know I’ll die single ?

  • Spencer Hastings
    Spencer Hastings 15 days ago +1

    Did he just say that he is SUPER introverted and when asked ''on a scale from 1-10 how outgoing are you?'' he said 7?? That's almost an extrovert-level of outgoing lol

  • MXCouples
    MXCouples 15 days ago +2

    Okay this guy looks like NCT Johnny, he also kinda talks like him and then I just discovered in the end that his name is John WTF

  • Bob Kikas
    Bob Kikas 15 days ago

    I watched the full seiries

  • STRICKER terminatore
    STRICKER terminatore 15 days ago

    I will be your gym. Ok no problem

  • pohmakas33
    pohmakas33 16 days ago

    gut thinks he is pietro boselli calibre to be asking for those ridiculous requirements...
    fck off mate, will ya

  • Siraj Hajififty
    Siraj Hajififty 16 days ago

    But to tell you the truth, there are some very attractive people here

  • SonnyPlayz_YT
    SonnyPlayz_YT 17 days ago

    That big girl needs to stop, she doesn't go to the gym

  • Alexia Pane
    Alexia Pane 17 days ago

    What is his instagram ?

  • Rachel Grace
    Rachel Grace 17 days ago +2

    I've seen Katherine before :/ i thought she's dating with someone else now

  • Pi Gal 3
    Pi Gal 3 18 days ago

    Was I the only one who didn't think this guy was so bad?

  • Kailan Morrical
    Kailan Morrical 18 days ago

    where did this series go????

  • Kailan Morrical
    Kailan Morrical 18 days ago

    I miss this

  • Kailan Morrical
    Kailan Morrical 18 days ago

    what happened to this series?!?!?!?!?!? its so good and I miss it

  • AidanAce
    AidanAce 18 days ago

    *Spoiler alert* no one stays till the end

  • XxemmyxX Playz
    XxemmyxX Playz 18 days ago

    Hey can I ask why y’all haven’t done a girl and girl or guy and guy! It’s basically homophobic?

  • Roxanne Castillo
    Roxanne Castillo 18 days ago


  • Maeby
    Maeby 19 days ago

    lol wtf, how do u draw the line at BERNIE, brah. bai

    KIRSTEN PHOEBE TIU 19 days ago +1

    I will text “Hi, I’m Kirsten”
    *everyone leaves 😂

  • It’s Right
    It’s Right 19 days ago

    Why ain’t no one mentioning Kimberly 1:50 😂😂

  • MrsPark
    MrsPark 19 days ago +1

    Who did it first Jubilee or Solfa 🤔🤔🤔

  • Jwcoolboy1
    Jwcoolboy1 19 days ago +25

    Could you do a gay version? :)

  • MissesKitty
    MissesKitty 21 day ago

    Im an extrovert but im 0 outgoing

  • Dboy1347
    Dboy1347 22 days ago

    Rip he got all the ugly girls

  • DustyTheMexii
    DustyTheMexii 22 days ago

    first round should be "On birth control? if not please leave"

  • Kieu Nguyen
    Kieu Nguyen 22 days ago +2

    Me: Leave if you hate Anime and K-Pop
    Producer: This show is cancelled

  • Freya DK
    Freya DK 22 days ago

    4:15 that girl was SPRINTING outta there

  • Lily Jiang
    Lily Jiang 23 days ago

    Did anyone notice there were 5 girls txting in the chat when he talked about having a 1-2 year relationship but there were only 4 girls sitting around him...

  • Artemis Hv
    Artemis Hv 23 days ago

    I wanna do this

  • Mrs. Dixon32
    Mrs. Dixon32 23 days ago

    Not into Asian or Oriental descent people as a partner so i would have left before it even started and after that Bernie comment i would have been glad i left.

  • Luca Colacicco
    Luca Colacicco 24 days ago

    the guys a wanker who uses words that he doesnt even understand what they mean

  • Alexandra Justine Jarvis

    Lmao the girl who made a joke about avengers would have been The One for me, no doubt

  • r1oot
    r1oot 25 days ago

    Help me God, to think they are morons like this looking for love with a god awful contradicting mindset standards of what they want.

  • Isaac Druin
    Isaac Druin 25 days ago

    I would just start with the most controversial. Abortion advocates leave.

  • Khusleen Kaur
    Khusleen Kaur 27 days ago

    Stopped watching when he said he vaped.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 28 days ago

    Btw. Only with an Asian will you see this many Asian contestants. They're so worried about their parents lmao

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 28 days ago

    This dude is gay af... not making fun. He's legitimately a gay man. He'd take your clothes and spend more time getting ready than you.

  • Snoozles BunnyBaby
    Snoozles BunnyBaby 28 days ago

    Jon seemed like my perfect partner. I want to find someone too, I’ve been on my own for a long time but I keep telling myself that I’m fine and I’ll get through this even if I have to do it alone. It’s saddening though, everyday because you think no one is compatible with you, or you’re just here for your own experience by yourself...
    It just sucks :/

  • Tierney Kugel
    Tierney Kugel 29 days ago

    Him not being open minded by sending girls home Bc if their political opinions

  • Nuna Nesi
    Nuna Nesi 29 days ago

    dammm hating on my manz BERNIE SANDERS lmoa thats cold

  • Wizard Gato 93
    Wizard Gato 93 29 days ago

    I guess I'm the only one that doesn't see anything wrong with everything he said.

  • Flo Murora
    Flo Murora 29 days ago

    5:47 😂😂

  • Cup of tae With kookies

    *roblox has entered the chat*

  • Manny Flores
    Manny Flores Month ago

    I don’t think this kids now what love is , if would break every law know to man to continue my marriage with my wife of 13 yrs , and for our kids I have sacrifice sooo much for them .love is about giving and comprising even willing to die for one another not just drinks and social media

  • Yo Momma
    Yo Momma Month ago

    I notice a prior winner still looking. Guess it didn't work out.

  • Ancient Aspirer
    Ancient Aspirer Month ago

    At 2:56 when you notice another one bites the dust in the chat screen.

  • Bruno M
    Bruno M Month ago

    remember the girl who talked about height? imagine him saying "anyone over 150 pounds leave" world would collapse

  • Joram Ike
    Joram Ike Month ago

    THAT IPHONE CLICK gave me a headache

  • uniglitter 101
    uniglitter 101 Month ago

    there is a girl from ashuls video the dating in real life app video

  • Comment Tator
    Comment Tator Month ago

    He is gay

  • Uwu Owo
    Uwu Owo Month ago

    He’s cute but his attitude...

    TECH-NO MONK Month ago +2

    Well he definitely texted 20 more girls than I have......

  • CrazyRichEngineer
    CrazyRichEngineer Month ago


  • Kristine Zamora
    Kristine Zamora Month ago

    Well this was kinda boring...

  • Anja Vrčon
    Anja Vrčon Month ago +1

    Dating in 2019; everybody sits in a circle, looking at their phones. Classic.