Valentine's Makeup Tutorial - Soft & Flirty Smokey Eye

  • Published on Feb 8, 2017
  • Here’s a valentines day makeup tutorial featuring a soft and flirty smokey eye!

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  • D Keating
    D Keating 8 hours ago

    Talk trough is the best

  • Liza Marie
    Liza Marie 21 day ago

    🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 So gorgeous!! Your videos are always informative and soooo entertaining!!🥰

  • Debbie Dobles
    Debbie Dobles 23 days ago

    If I could apply my shadow like that, I'd wear it everyday💯 this is so gorgeous 💯💝💋

  • Monica Gomez
    Monica Gomez 24 days ago

    this is one of the most beautiful makeup looks on youtube ever

  • Abbey Warren
    Abbey Warren Month ago

    Seriously watching your videos has gotten me so interested in wearing make up! I’m still learning basically everything about it, but I watch your videos every chance I get and I’m also entering in your Instagram giveaways! Would love to win so I can have make up to finally start learning to apply it because your girl doesn’t have much! Haha much love for you Jaclyn, keep being inspiring! ❤️

  • Laura Nametala
    Laura Nametala Month ago

    Ficou linda!!

  • Emadame Beauty
    Emadame Beauty 2 months ago

    This lipstick is beautiful

  • Elizabeth Hughes
    Elizabeth Hughes 2 months ago

    I tried a new ABH contour and it made my cheek grey and I had to wipe my whole face and do it again...

  • Lynsey Moffett
    Lynsey Moffett 2 months ago

    Great video.... That highlighter really does give u a glow from within!!xx

  • The Queen Roxanna
    The Queen Roxanna 2 months ago

    I love this loook!!!

  • Arianna P
    Arianna P 3 months ago

    Wow the highlighter trick mixing with foundation is genius! Should we use a really poppin highlighter or one without much pigment?

  • Billi Billi
    Billi Billi 3 months ago

    Beautiful 💞

  • Isabelle Lemieux
    Isabelle Lemieux 3 months ago

    this is one of my favorite videos of yours. you dont need that much makeup you are so naturally pretty hun. i love the way you explain things. i am much older (by at least 15 years :-S) and new to makeup, your tutorials are super helpful to me and are wreaking havoc on my wallet ... lol

  • Sadoofi 220
    Sadoofi 220 4 months ago

    Why these all mua's have dry skin? Uggghhhhhh nd i m here dealing with my oil🙄as if like my face is an arabian country😭💔

  • Salima Dharani
    Salima Dharani 4 months ago

    Hey Jacklyn how are you? I bought this concealer a month ago and I used to set with powder right away and yes it did crease. But now I don’t set it and at the end I set my full face with Mac powder foundation and it stays for whole day. Try it

  • Salima Dharani
    Salima Dharani 4 months ago

    Hey Jacklyn how are you? I bought this concealer a month ago and I used to set with powder right away and yes it did crease. But now I don’t set it and at the end I set my full face with Mac powder foundation and it stays for whole day. Try it

  • QueenYvonne
    QueenYvonne 5 months ago +1

    She kinda looks like Cathryn from the ace family

  • Catherine Zemitis
    Catherine Zemitis 5 months ago +1

    Don't feel bad giving honest reviews about products you don't like!!! It saves us the trouble and the money also

  • Maddy Chiapperino
    Maddy Chiapperino 5 months ago

    Hi Jaclyn! Just wondering what your go to lash glue is?!! Love all your videos

  • Ficklestone Films
    Ficklestone Films 5 months ago

    can someone tell me the intro song plllzz???

  • Lindsay Anderson
    Lindsay Anderson 6 months ago

    So beautiful Jac 😍

  • Kayla Shapira-Stern
    Kayla Shapira-Stern 6 months ago

    wait she used a bronzer brush for powder

  • America McLeod
    America McLeod 6 months ago

    Hi Jaclyn! I just wanted to say 1) I love your videos they are amazing and extremely helpful. But I just had a question. 1) how do you clean your makeup brushes without drying them out/conditioning them and 2) how do you do a really bold eye for someone who doesnt wear face makeup like foundation concealer any of that. It would be an amazing help. And once again you are awesome!! You are truly a blessing and I hope the Lord blesses you in every way shape or form!!! Much Love, your favorite Hillster!

  • Musharraf Aziz
    Musharraf Aziz 6 months ago

    I love your makeup but you talk too much!

  • boxiebabe
    boxiebabe 6 months ago

    Miss Jaclyn: You're so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all. You really come across as genuine.

  • Outpat
    Outpat 7 months ago

    there's nothing subtle about that filter girl

  • April S
    April S 7 months ago

    Girl! Flawless.

  • Mary Elizabeth
    Mary Elizabeth 7 months ago

    ya know when you get a here and

  • Alexandra Worang
    Alexandra Worang 7 months ago

    What song

  • Alexandra Worang
    Alexandra Worang 7 months ago

    First what songggg

  • Marilyn Hellebuyck
    Marilyn Hellebuyck 7 months ago

    I bet we can use your palette to make this look!

  • Sharon Trisha
    Sharon Trisha 9 months ago

    That red lip is jus perffff urggh

  • Maria Sotelo
    Maria Sotelo 9 months ago

    Always looking flawless ❤ LOVE this look 😊

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    Myrna Kitchens 9 months ago


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    Sumi Baby 10 months ago

    You look more beautiful without makeup 👍🏻

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    SK beauty 10 months ago +1

    You looks like Nancy Agram 😍😍😍she is a Lebanon singer ♥ OMG ♥♥

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    Santiagos Vids 10 months ago

    Searched red lip & she came up. This bitch gets on my damn nerves but this looks good

  • N B
    N B 10 months ago

    I love you monkey

  • Alexandra Talbot
    Alexandra Talbot 10 months ago

    i wish you could do my makeup for my graduation😭

    LIL LIZ 10 months ago

    What’s the song at the beginning of the video?? I’m in love with it!!

  • strel933
    strel933 10 months ago

    What eye lashes are you wearimg😁

  • Hina Suleman
    Hina Suleman 10 months ago

    that doesn't look like glow from within

  • SOSObeautiful
    SOSObeautiful 11 months ago

    You look lovely Jaclyn!!! ♥️

  • Vana Heisey
    Vana Heisey 11 months ago

    You are beautiful. Love your earrings. Where can I get them? Info pls!! Thank you 😍

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    I love your videos...😙😙😙😙

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  • Yahouna Fleming
    Yahouna Fleming 11 months ago

    How did I miss this video last year! Lol, but I was about to watch another VDay makeup tutorial, even though it's the day after VDay, and I saw this video and immediately clicked on it!
    I Love you Jaclyn girl, I feel like we're friends. Lol. I would love to meet you one day!!! 😍

    DAVID REYNOLDS 11 months ago


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    Danielle Kleshinski 11 months ago

    Oh my gosh your skin is FLAWLESS! Can you please do an updated skincare routine on your channel? I need to know your secrets.

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    Dana Nokes 11 months ago

    he said "oh these are organic I picked them" hahahahaha dead

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    Carmen Erickson 11 months ago

    What kind of camera do you use to film?

  • Cassidy K Does Beauty
    Cassidy K Does Beauty 11 months ago

    Since the 1st time I watched you use Luminous light I have wanted it. One day it shall be mine!

  • Areej Sami
    Areej Sami 11 months ago

    hi jaclyn! have you ever tried the lancome foundation sticks? i am curious how you would compare them to the hourglass foundation sticks.

  • Shauna Fidler
    Shauna Fidler 11 months ago

    Very pretty! Xoxo

  • Nino Mumladze
    Nino Mumladze 11 months ago

    I think you are much more beautiful without make up and you are an exception for me. I thought a lot what about make up made your face look different (and for me, not in a good way) and i think i realised that you have cheeky face and you are highlighting your cheeks by placing the brightening concealer too low, which gives your face a look as if it has minimal bone structure. + I really like you without crazy false lashes , with your natural beautiful lashes.

  • AmykinzVlogz
    AmykinzVlogz 11 months ago

    I thank you for embracing your color. I'm also super white and have been considering spray tan but seeing you still look so stunning makes me feel a bit more hopeful for myself!! This looks great! Thank u

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    Let's discuss the following: your bomb af skin, I need those earrings, that eye look killed me just to bring me to life and kill me again

  • Emile Marlene
    Emile Marlene 11 months ago

    Just uploaded my VERY FIRST make up tutorial! Its a very wearable make up look including brands like Tarte, Urban Decay, Jaclyn Hill x Morphe and more! I worked really hard on it and even though the lighting isn't great, I would love some feed back! xoxo

  • Lisa Rose
    Lisa Rose 11 months ago

    Watching this in 2018 for this Valentines Day! A lot of makeup "gurus" are doing looks that contain pink glitter, and I'm not into that - not even for Valentines day! I prefer this Neutral Eye, Glowing Skin, and a Red Lip, so I return to my fave, Jaclyn! ❤️

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    Mariana Solorio 11 months ago

    Thanks for providing the names of all the brushes you use and the discount code

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    Daysha Butler 11 months ago

    I think this look is what I am going for this year, except without the lashes. I love it. :)

  • Linda White
    Linda White 11 months ago

    It’s gorgeous I really love the red lip the whole look is flawless Happy Valentine’s Day 😊💕

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    Julieann Blanco 11 months ago

    That's not soft

  • Lismary Ferreira18
    Lismary Ferreira18 11 months ago

    I have to recreate this look ❤️❤️

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    Angela Meindl 11 months ago

    Love the lip and I love the shadow. You're right, it is very feminine...something missing in our society these days.

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    Theresa Green 11 months ago

    you make it look so easy!!!! loved it all! xoxo

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    Flawless! You're so beautiful! Ultimate girl crush!

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    Elizabeth Moreno 11 months ago

    Hey fellow makeup lovers, I'm a senior in my last semester of college and I'm creating a communication plan for tarte cosmetics for my capstone. In order to do this i need to collect some research first so please support me and take this quick 2 minute, 9 question survey please

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    Emma Kapotes 11 months ago

    Love this look, love the lip, love you, Jaclyn!! 👏🏼👏🏼💕

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    Kennedy Ryan 11 months ago

    Jaclyn is naturally such a good teacher. She's so helpful and gives tips, this is a true tutorial! It's so awesome to watch.

  • Nikita Legacy
    Nikita Legacy 11 months ago

    Lmao i love how there was silence while puttin on her lipstick

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    Garden Hoe 11 months ago

    Jaclyn is the queen. I love this look sooo much!!

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    Rachel Fridh 11 months ago

    I adore this! So beautiful, I will definitely be doing this look next week! Thanks Jac❤️💋

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    Ylhsa Eiram 11 months ago

    Jaclyn tried that concealer months ago and hated it. Lol like had a melt down

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    MsKathy92 11 months ago

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    Kimberly Mederos 11 months ago

    Yay!!! Jaclyn I’m so happy that you are going to be back ^o^ 💕 I think that the amount of love you get and deserve over powers the hate ! I think your personality you have is AMAZING !!! && I’m really really happy to have you back and I look forward to watching your videos😊😊😊😊

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    Debbie Haggerty 11 months ago

    I may be incorrect, but I believe you used that concealer when you first purchased it and didn’t like it then either. Love the eyes Jaclyn!

  • Evangeline Anastasia
    Evangeline Anastasia 11 months ago

    When are you going to use your palette to show a Valentine’s Day makeup look or any other colours. Chloe Morello has way more videos of using her palette.
    I bought your palette but there no makeup videos from your end using your palette.
    What’s the point of making a palette and buying it when you not going to show us looks for occasions like Valentines etc.... 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    A year ago today 😍