Review: My HORROR FLIGHT on MALAYSIA AIRLINES - How I was BULLIED by an Airline!

  • Published on Nov 20, 2018
  • This is a review of my recent journey on Malaysia Airlines Brand new Airbus A350 to London. After sharing my honest opinion on Instagram I was bullied by the crew and denied service while onboard. This is a true story which happened on flight MH004.
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  • Flipje NL
    Flipje NL 11 hours ago

    Well, at least your malaysia flight didn't got shot down, so that's a plus.

  • Kha Yi Chan
    Kha Yi Chan 13 hours ago

    I don't know why people look down on air Asia so much. It's one of the best budget airlines, very punctual and have above average maintenance of the aircraft. The seats may not be comfortable and might be crammed but the cabin crew is always very hospitable and they care for their passengers, even exchanging small talk with us before the flight. The food is actually very good too (not sure why people shit on it so much either) The only flaw is that air Asia now only flies to Asian countries. Just fly with British airways or Singapore airlines the next time you're flying across continents. From my experience, they have great customer service and are of the few airlines that maintain their planes very well and provide good food and comfortable economy seats with tons of leg room

  • msabrina3
    msabrina3 13 hours ago

    Won’t be flying this airline ever! Thank you for your sharing and reviews. CEO of Malaysia, you fail your position and shame the whole company. You need to bring back the airline to a new glory.

  • makhzan abdullah fly MAS? are so stupid....!

  • Arelias
    Arelias Day ago

    Shame that happened, don't know why you got so many dislikes. In my opinion the only criticism here would be that your video could be just put together better, at times it seems like there is no proper structure there, flow isn't as good as it could be.

  • Zakaria Bashiri
    Zakaria Bashiri Day ago +1

    They have the worst service. From the crew member to food. I always prefer Thai Airways which are Friendly, and have lovely services. Believe me I had 6Kgs extra and thai airways allowed me without any extra charge since I was a student.

  • Khairi Nazir
    Khairi Nazir 2 days ago

    Qatar Airlines far more better than Malaysia Airlines

  • Gordon Kling
    Gordon Kling 2 days ago

    It’s been a year since this was posted any updates?

  • EJ Maza
    EJ Maza 2 days ago

    My first time in Malaysia Airlines from Manila to Singapore via KL. Cabin crew on Manila to KL not so goood. But KL to Singapore is okay even ny return flgihts

  • Upama Rai
    Upama Rai 2 days ago

    Me and my friends had the similar experience coming back from Bali. The crew were super rude. Didn't even gave me a choice of Food. Brought and sort shoved me down my throat 😂😂😂.. We were all so disappointed like you.

  • Stephen K
    Stephen K 2 days ago

    This airline do not train their staff properly but simply dependent on how they were brought up by their parents . I had a bad flight where orange juice was spilled on me, no apologies. Some one reminded to a crew member he did not get his bun , it was rudely given to him on a piece of tissue!.Then at most time the crew were gossiping amongst themselves regardless whether they were serving passengers or standing at back of plane. However on return flight, it was much better ,hardworking courteous crew very dedicated . I have come to conclusion, the service standard is based on their training at home by their parents , not by the airline. Hopefully you don't get those home made thugs as your attendants.

  • Melvin Arman Ratja
    Melvin Arman Ratja 2 days ago

    This is the tip how to get voucher and free tix for next trip. Congrats, u are the best at spinning words. No wonder the airlines ignore everything about U.

  • 4Js Gaming
    4Js Gaming 3 days ago

    ok so basically he got bullied for no reason and paid the same as everybody else and got broken entertainment? AND the crew did nothing? this is a joke

  • cinanglai
    cinanglai 3 days ago

    Sad to said that many Malaysian are really weak to criticism.
    Many Malaysian view criticism as "threat", due to the long years of corrupted system and totalism culture in Malaysia.
    To change that "culture", we need more honest people like you.
    Please keep being honest & truthful.

  • Reece Vanpletsen
    Reece Vanpletsen 3 days ago

    Have they apologized?

  • Middy_37
    Middy_37 4 days ago +1

    Never will fly with them,
    Their airplanes keep crashing and your point makes me feel like it isn't worth my money.

    • AERA Gaming
      AERA Gaming 2 days ago

      @Middy_37 then ? You say "keep crashing ?"

    • Middy_37
      Middy_37 2 days ago

      @AERA Gamingokay... I didn't say for fun though.. yea I did say that, but I didn't say for fun

    • AERA Gaming
      AERA Gaming 2 days ago

      @Middy_37 "their airplane keep crashing"

    • Middy_37
      Middy_37 2 days ago

      ​@AERA GamingAight.. ill insert my dominance over aviation knowledge here.
      I know how MH17 happened, it was shot down by a Russian missile over Ukraine
      apart from Germanwings and 9-11 do you think anyone wants to crash a plane? and that being said, for fun?? Where did I say "crash it for fun" you can't accuse me of something I didn't do or say
      sorry, how is it 'stupid' that I don't want to fly an airline? and given this video and 2 plane crashes, I have good reasoning for my opinion, you don't need to get salty... if you want me to name a safer airline I can.

    • AERA Gaming
      AERA Gaming 3 days ago

      @Middy_37 then ? U think the MH17 want to crash it for fun ? Didn't u read how the MH17 crash ? Stupid

  • Jeremy Lee Wang
    Jeremy Lee Wang 4 days ago

    If you want polished and scripted reviews, check out other channels. Check out Sam Chui’s channel? Hahahahaha

  • Rob Allan
    Rob Allan 4 days ago +3

    I laughed when you said that the second meal you were served tasted “quite good” because if I were a betting man; I’d say your food was served with an extra special topping or two.... 😂

  • Shailesh Manandhar
    Shailesh Manandhar 4 days ago +2

    Never flying Malaysian Airlines after watching this and also the MH370 🙏🏻

  • Joe Joe johnson
    Joe Joe johnson 4 days ago

    If your close to London British Airways is the airline for international..

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 5 days ago

    So You expect a Captain to come down from the cockpit to ask you ,if your entertainment system is working or not ?
    Nice 👍🏻

  • MultidimensionProductions84're white and you received this kind of treatment? I can't imagine me an Asian taking this flight, i might get thrown off the plane mid flight

  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma 5 days ago

    There's something about Malaysian air companies and not just this carrier...i had a guy next to me in one of my Malindo air flight who literally jerked off sitting next to me...

  • Lady Lecter
    Lady Lecter 5 days ago +1

    Even their customer service is missing, what a dreadful airline lol

  • Anti Singh
    Anti Singh 6 days ago +1

    I have watched many of his videos and I have noticed one thing in every one pf them. He speaks like a 5 year old boy and when he has to complain, he speakes like a 5 year old girl.

  • roberpic
    roberpic 6 days ago +1

    I've seen it so many times: those that make the rules don't have to live by them.

  • Ardhika Yudhayana
    Ardhika Yudhayana 6 days ago

    Hi, Josh..
    Does Garuda Indonesia better?

  • Ansar Hanzar
    Ansar Hanzar 6 days ago

    Dont flight with them anymore.

  • Swoyam Joshee
    Swoyam Joshee 7 days ago +1

    These airliners should stop treating flyers like shit. Lets realize that its OUR money that keeps them flying.

  • peace life
    peace life 7 days ago

    I had really bad experience with mayasian airlines..
    #1. In a year of 2017, me & my husband booked tickets a month before for our wedding, 17th Sept sunday from Australia to Nepal ( 3 weeks of holiday) My wedding date was fixed on 21st thursday sept, In pokhara. our family had organised everything from invitation card to party palace. We paid nearly $1300 per person. we also booked ticket for my sister, which we were thinking to give surprise to family & we didn't tell she is coming after 7 year of staying in Australia.
    #2. Just a week before we were informed our flights have been changed thats going to be on 18 sep monday.
    2. we had shopped all are wedding dresses, gift for our family. in our 3 suitcases. my heavy wedding lehenga was in handy carry. So on 18 sep, we were very excited that we are going , we were making fun jokes. our luggage were checked & we were in departure side off to australia, we waited & waited said Due to technical error it is being delayed.. we had so many things to do in this short period of days.. so we were just talking abt those plans, Later we informed that our flight had been cancelled. not sure when is our next flight. there were other passengers they have some emergency too, ( family member had passed away),
    we were given back our luggage & told to go home if we live near by. We requested them to arrange staying facilitaties. They arranged but were refusing to give fascilities to one mothet & her daughter (age of 25) who were sick & we had talk on behalf of her too.
    ✍🏻3. we stayed in Novetal Hotel of City, this time we were 5 people ( with mother & daughter). Next morning 19 th Sept, Tuesday. I was just keep calling to airlines that we need to go today at any cost, our wedding is on Thursday. We had to reach first Kathmandu then again pokhara. they were just telling its hard but gave assurance to go near counter & they might arrange for you.
    Then we caught Taxi went immediately.
    That mother & daughter also followed us.
    ✍🏻4. when we reach there, massive crowd was in counter, we could see one of lady staff of counter was crying as it was very hard to handle for them to. And one I was crying a lot that our flight was still not fixed. We told them our emergency. All other passengers also telling that we need to arrange first. Some of them were making fun of us, that bride & groom also here, now we are going to celebrating our marriage at airport.
    ✍🏻4. After hard request they arranged ticket but said you there no flight we can arrange from Malaysian transit. they said we need to again asked at transit to make arrangements flight from malaysia to Nepal. We had no other choice as it was already tuesday & our wedding is on thursday.
    we just ran over to flight. Our family member from sydney to Nepal all were started worrying about us.
    me, my husband and sister had to stay in different sit with other passengers. We couldn't stay together as well.
    at last I saw mother & daughter also coming to same flight. Then our flight flew.
    ✍🏻5. when we reached Malaysia, they said there is no flights & they cant do anything until wednesday . Now this time we didn't have any energy left. we requested & requested and they said there is only one option if you need to go fast. they said we need to take flight from malaysia to Delhi. From Delhi to Nepal. we had no other choices we agreed & said good bye to that mother & daughter & invited to our wedding if we could meet in Nepal. our eyes were full of tears. we hugged each other & left to flight of Delhi. ( Capital city of India)
    ✍🏻6. So our flight flew from Malaysia to Delhi. We were still making hope that on wednesday morning we could reach to Nepal. after we will go Pokhara a day before our wedding. Reception party was on Friday. I can remember all our family members were crying in phone. i was thinking how to arrange. This time also i was in between of strange passengers one nice Indian lady & side one gentleman , my sister was at first row. between two gentlemen & my husband was in between of two gentlemen too. We couldn't see eachother. I told my story next to our lady. my husband told same story. They were looking at us"oh bride & groom" are here.
    ✍🏻7. After few hours I could see map that our plane is moving here and there. Instead moving to delhi it started to go in Chennai, another city of India.
    due to weather & technical problem we had land our flight to chennei, Therr were thunderstorms & plane was shaking. Such terrifying moment, my husband & sister we were separate place. I was shouting being scare now our plane will be crash. we are going to die. I was catching hand of lady next to me. Though she was very strong & assured me don't worry nothing going to be happen.

    • peace life
      peace life 7 days ago

      ✍🏻8. We landed to chennai. I pray to God & that Pilot for saving our life. Now we had forgot our wedding. Now we were started to think how to be safe. My sister slowly started getting sick. Still my family didn't know she is coming. My family were trying to contact my sister in sydney, but for sure how they can contact.
      we stayed more than 2 hour inside plane with no Air conditior. Small baby were crying. No refreshments were given. I was sorry for Malaysian staff too. It was unexpected accidents that now we were in Chennei.
      There we met another three people of a who meant to be in Nepal. they whad also some urgencies so they took same flight with us.
      ✍🏻9. At chennei Airport we struggled for our life. this time There were no one to help us. My husband and sister had Australian citizenship except me. They given us threatening that we need Indian visa to stay there. We asked some representatives from Malaysia airlines. Why we need visa? we were not there for India visit? we were asking them to arrange our flight to Nepal. we were struggling 5/6 hours without food & drinks. I saw another Australian old couple struggling same as we did. later we'were given sandwiches from people of another. but Malaysian airline they didn't show up & people from the counter were telling us we' ll arrest without visa.
      after 5 hours one boy age of 25 came near to us took us to upside of airport while other passengers were staying in hotel we were staying in one cafe up stair. There could eat some chennai dishes..Wait!!! what abt our marriage. It was on Thursday & its already wednesday.
      I would like to huge gratitude to all those passengers that i met in That flight. They helped us lot.At cafe also we were not allowed to stay after certain peroid but one Indian couple helped us. They also helped us for Chennei to delhi flight.
      ✍🏻10. after hard struggle we reached to delhi. Omg that crowd, people were fighting for flight from delhi to Nepal. I saw more than 200 people whos flights were cancel, & kept their for numbers of hour with no food & drinks. there were no cafe that we could buy some food. This time my sister was lying on floor, she was very sick. we contacted to our family, they werr crying. They though our plane was hi zacked. All our well come arrangement werr destroyed. They said dont worry about marriage just come safely home or if its hard go back sydney. But safe. They informed that our marriage is canceled on thursday, yet we need to inform more than 500 guest for reception party that is going to be cancel if we didn't reach
      ✍🏻11. our other battle started where we have to go, as there was no malaysian airline representative, sometime they said we need to go mumbai, some said you need to go back Malaysian otherwise we'll be arrasted. we didn't where is our luggage too. as we had taken many flights. they knew our story, they showed us sympathy. But told us to go back malaysia as there is no any flight to Nepal for uncertain period.
      ✍🏻12. after lot struggle we reached to malaysian back again. In plane as sister was sick we asked for medicine for her, but they said didn't have any. we met that same group of three( one lady & two boy). this time we 6 people were at counter of malaysian. We requested them to arrange our flight, due to their miss arrange we had faced a lot proble.
      we talked every senior staff their.They couldn't understand english too, luckily there was one gentleman of us, he could speak Malay language, we told them if they dont arrange we will call media, bla, bla, but actually we were not sure what to do.. what if we put on jail for no reason. after waiting more 5/6 hours they finally arranged flight to Nepal. We immediately inform family we will come by friday thats on 22 nd of september, still we cant say anything could happen. We contacted to travel agency too. We contacted one of relative to arrange transportation from kathmandu to pokhara. unfortunately there was no flights available & he arrange one van.
      ✍🏻on thursday night around 9:30 pm 21sept,2017 we landed to Nepal. our luggage where our all gift and weddings dress wherr there were still in india, and not sure when it will come. we think not to give we will make arrangement getting marriage on friday with reception party. Next day was function, i had my lehanga in hand carrry but my husband dresses were left in that suitcase. He didn't have tie to socks. lady of that group contacted immediately to her husband to arrange his suit for wedding day. i still feel to cry, people are very nice in heart.
      his husband lent us his suit, for wedding day. we thanked them & went
      to pokhara by van over the night my husband & sister were very tired they were sleeping in van, but i couldn't blink my eyes, what if something happen to this van, so until we reach I keep talking with driver offer him tea in local hotel. Just made sure driver wont feel sleepy.
      finally 22 nd sept on friday we reached there, all the relatives were happy, my in laws cried a lot after seeing us.
      We married ln 22 nd sept, we had reception. all guest were asking what happen for 2-3 months back then we were busy telling our story.
      our luggage came after 2 weeks after another hard story.
      from my experience we said we'll never take malaysian flights , even if they provide us free. But I would like give to Malaysian Pilot, for saving our life, thanks to mother & daughter, thanks to all indian passsenger from malaysia to chennai, thanks that three group of people thanks that driver & one who arranged for it. My family got surprised to see my sister who remain sick for her 3 weeks of staying in Nepal.

  • Adam Adam
    Adam Adam 8 days ago

    Very impolite and arrogant management and this will really impact on the mass Air business

  • James Kirk
    James Kirk 8 days ago

    This is just a case of RACISM

  • Luke 10
    Luke 10 8 days ago

    I am not Malaysian but i fly this airline a lot and I have not had a bad experience with them but I completely agree with your points.

  • Janice Zhang
    Janice Zhang 8 days ago

    Yes this is nonsense and you are a paying customer and that's nothing wrong with your expectations at all.

  • Janice Zhang
    Janice Zhang 8 days ago

    Such terrible food and service!!! Omg

  • Saqib Rahman
    Saqib Rahman 8 days ago +3

    You just lost another customer, Malaysia Airlines.

  • mimi yak
    mimi yak 9 days ago

    i am sure they will lost revenue because of your video. next time they should fix the problem while you are still in the plane😀

  • Ch Da
    Ch Da 9 days ago

    That is horrible. Oh my god that's unfortunate. Yeah I would've been grossed out a bit. I would have just sent an email to the airlines requesting like some sort of discount or something. Instagram I probably wouldn't have done that but definately Facebook. lol

  • Boski
    Boski 9 days ago +3

    I like your reviews always honest and unbiased. Other slike Sam Chui are sometimes sponsored by the airlines so they always post positive reviews

  • Hodhod 82
    Hodhod 82 10 days ago

    U have more accents than Pooja😅

  • Aviation Captain
    Aviation Captain 11 days ago

    I think this is why I still fly with AirAsia 🤔🤔

  • Robert
    Robert 11 days ago

    Having travelled throughout Malaysia, and have found the citizens to be most courteous and friendly. I am shocked with how you were treated. I Should not be, for I had an unpleasant flight just down to Singapore, only 1 hour.. I agree, Air Asia crew are so devoted to their customers!

  • peter frost
    peter frost 11 days ago

    Should have had nasi lemak for breakfast, amateur

  • Patricia Marie Mendoza
    Patricia Marie Mendoza 11 days ago +1

    12:28 I dont know I felt really bad for you as you were eating 😓

  • Autistic Savant
    Autistic Savant 11 days ago

    If you had real moralsn and ethics you would NEVER FLY them again! FULL STOP. YOU SOLD OUT!

  • pashang lama
    pashang lama 12 days ago

    I really like your Video

  • Don Sugu
    Don Sugu 12 days ago

    Maybe that particular flight crews fuck up... Sorry about it Josh....

  • Pinar Kalkan
    Pinar Kalkan 13 days ago

    This year i flyed with singapore airlines, my tv wasnt working and while trying to fix it they apoligised and gave me a $80 voucher, 100% recommend singapore airlines

  • Jay Rana
    Jay Rana 13 days ago

    That's how u rob legally n no1 can do anything

  • Dad Y
    Dad Y 14 days ago

    They also spat in your dinner

  • TAD
    TAD 14 days ago +1

    Malaysia airport itself is unfriendly! I never like it..... always prefer singapore airlines

  • Scopolamin
    Scopolamin 15 days ago

    never fly with mushlims again

  • RainbowCat GamerXD
    RainbowCat GamerXD 16 days ago +4

    If I wasn't given any meal and the disrespect me as A Kid, my mom will argue at those disgusting people on board also the captain.

  • mendokusai
    mendokusai 17 days ago

    Sounds like typical US airlines these days 😬

    • Speed Media
      Speed Media 15 days ago

      mendokusai what about southwest?

  • Matt Cinema
    Matt Cinema 17 days ago

    Malaysia Airlines Berhad full of shit

  • angelica01261996
    angelica01261996 17 days ago

    Went with them just 2 days ago it was terrible 😣😣 they have the worst customer service my luggage have dents!

  • Mrinal Singh
    Mrinal Singh 18 days ago +2

    goddamn, that was awful. putting a mental note never ever to fly this horrible airline in my entire life. thanks Josh.

  • Poo With Me
    Poo With Me 18 days ago

    I am Malaysian. This happen because Malaysia Airlines got too much scandal. They're one of the bankrupt company in here. 😂 they are afraid of any kind of critics. 🤣

  • Platun Walker
    Platun Walker 18 days ago

    I very sorry for your and anyone else who had same experiance,i from malaysia

  • Puikook
    Puikook 18 days ago

    MAS is the worst airline ever. Flew twice with them & never again. As a paid customer, it took them 45mins to get a cup of warm water for my mum. When they deliver the warm smile , nothing! Another time..they were chatting among themselves & one stewardess was saying ‘ Yah....she does everything orally very well...hahahahaha ( giggles in the background) . I could hear it & so does a few more passengers around me. I think that is appalling behaviour as cabin crews! After that never again. Unprofessional, rude, unfriendly & worst of shame!