Best of Game Grumps 2018 (Part 1)

  • Published on Apr 15, 2018
  • Always account for the wind.
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    Games played:
    Sonic and the Black Knight
    Doki Doki Literature Club
    Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy
    Paper Mario TTYD
    Fire Pro Wrestling
    Mega Man VII
    Mario Odyssey
    Monster Hunter World
    Devil Daggers
    Guts and Glory
    Defender of the Crown
    Where's Waldo?
    Madden NFL '94
    Micro Machines
    Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
    Dragon Ball Fighterz
    Brief Karate Foolish
    Mario Part 7
    Escape Trick
    Lovely Planet
    Golf Story
    Trap Adventure 2
    House Party 2
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  • Truly Infamous
    Truly Infamous 2 months ago

    43:33 That voice is great

  • Taylor Loken
    Taylor Loken 2 months ago

    Must Jonika

  • Ellbell 616
    Ellbell 616 2 months ago

    I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t oooo I can’t I can’t oh boy uH YURI YuRi? AGHHHHH

  • 8luvgrl
    8luvgrl 2 months ago +1

    2:24 please can someone tell me if arin is quoting something here??? or is it just something he says? what is he saying??? either way it cracks me up but please help me

    • Tomo Chisaki
      Tomo Chisaki 2 months ago

      8luvgrl oh god he has done this sort of voice/noise before but i can’t for the life of me remember where it’s from

  • Anthony Balista
    Anthony Balista 3 months ago

    Dan's pure and genuine AHHHHHH in this is the best thing on the internet xD

  • Amanda Braun
    Amanda Braun 3 months ago

    6:30 I remember when I was younger, my best friend and I were sleeping next to each other, and I woke up to her massaging my forehead which I found odd. The next thing I knew, I saw her hand arch wayy upward, and with one swift movement, she punched me right in the stomach. It hurt like HELL. So what did I do? I punched HER in the stomach, waking her up from a dead sleep. She then punched me in the stomach AGAIN, and I was like, "HEY! You already punched me in the stomach! Why'd you do it again??" Turns out, she was in a deep slumber when she punched me the first time. Oh, Marie. We had some interesting, hilarious moments when we were kids. Good times, girl. Good times.

  • Ultricivus Pyre
    Ultricivus Pyre 3 months ago

    So at 1:07 I knocked my phone off the table, so it plummeted into the abyss screaming "NO!" in Arin Hanson's voice.

  • TheCosplayhouse
    TheCosplayhouse 4 months ago

    don't worry arin I hate Zelda games too, there shite and boring XD

  • Vitamin Luther
    Vitamin Luther 4 months ago +1

    39:32 dead.

  • Spicy chicken
    Spicy chicken 4 months ago

    My sons name is bradly

  • greggles25
    greggles25 4 months ago

    10 outta 10 just for DIDDLE KID!

  • M12GProductions
    M12GProductions 6 months ago

    What episode of Monster Hunter has the not Korean guy?

  • ZephyrCreiulf
    ZephyrCreiulf 6 months ago

    What was the first song used in the doubte T. Hikari dance?

    • Sbassbear
      Sbassbear  6 months ago +1

      in the moonlight by sbassbear

  • Zandor the Furry
    Zandor the Furry 6 months ago


  • swiftfeathers
    swiftfeathers 6 months ago

    //pauses video to go do something else, then comes back and hits play, first thing i hear is: "CREAAAMPIE MACARONIIIII" Only the Game Grumps LMAO

  • Diogo Silva
    Diogo Silva 6 months ago

    Oh god sonic and the _black_ knight was 2018

  • Jake Jordan
    Jake Jordan 6 months ago +1

    He sold cheese he sold bread and he sold the dead

  • Denim Holman
    Denim Holman 6 months ago

    32:20 that is exactly what perfect pitch is. Hearing a pitch and being able to tell you exactly what note it is, where on the staff it is found, and imitation of it. What Danny did wasn’t perfect pitch, it was just imitation, which anyone can do. It’s just easier when you’re trained.

  • The Gaming Grammar Nazi

    cOnsUMe PriLoSeC

  • Sandy Warren
    Sandy Warren 6 months ago +1

    I would be that teacher that would say stay after class. ARIN A+

  • MidnightFireFox
    MidnightFireFox 6 months ago

    at 1:19:08 arin ACTUALLY sounds like he used autotune omfg

  • chrisjt86
    chrisjt86 7 months ago

    That rainbowy inage in the thumbnail looks like something I made when I was a kid. You didn't get it from DeviantArt, did you?

  • AnchoreDB
    AnchoreDB 7 months ago

    Pro Tip: play Don't Worry Be Hapy by Bobby McFerrin in the background on repeat as you watch the video, it's espescially good for the Majora's Mask portion

  • Kylar Koenig
    Kylar Koenig 7 months ago


  • Susan
    Susan 7 months ago

    1:17:05 which episode is this?

  • Shania Rogers
    Shania Rogers 7 months ago

    2018 game grumps 🤣😂

  • Brian Gomez
    Brian Gomez 7 months ago

    I laughed way too much with that intro to the video....

  • Markus Lang
    Markus Lang 7 months ago +1

    'cause Diddle Kid does, what the Diddler doesn't!

  • Bob Dylan
    Bob Dylan 7 months ago

    In bed, frappe in hand, game grumps on my phone, de-stressing from exams. Life is good.

  • PastelOpal
    PastelOpal 8 months ago +2

    That’s awesome.

  • Neku 757
    Neku 757 8 months ago

    I forgot doki doki literature clue is the fucking horror version of ground hog day

  • Tree Frog Gamer
    Tree Frog Gamer 8 months ago

    Dan: I lost interest after Jon left the show
    I still lose my shit at this xD

  • Grady Shmalady
    Grady Shmalady 8 months ago

    OoT and Majora's Mask are the greatest games ever!!! FIGHT ME!!

  • Verse K
    Verse K 8 months ago

    I was drinking sparkling water and I laughed and now my nose hurts and tingles please help

  • ArchangelDrake
    ArchangelDrake 8 months ago +4

    I love your compilations the best, not just because you guys put in your own amazing stuff (like your own music and sounds) but because you do little details like finding the little man Matt and Ryan put in the darkness for like one frame. It's a lot of dedication to do this sort of thing, and you guys manage to show it even while doing all your other content. I appreciate that.

  • ADDMcGee25
    ADDMcGee25 8 months ago

    1:23:37 Hey Matt, um... What's up with the toilet paper roll at your station?

  • sanjiluv
    sanjiluv 9 months ago

    how about fuck you

    • Sbassbear
      Sbassbear  9 months ago

      not sure who you're talking to, very confusing. I give this comment a 3/10

  • Griffin Lawrence
    Griffin Lawrence 9 months ago

    Whats the song playing during the interpretive dance at 57:00?

  • TG Productions
    TG Productions 9 months ago

    High on LSD rn, haha good times

  • MayCorn
    MayCorn 9 months ago

    49:00 anyone else think of Agust D?

  • Levyathyn
    Levyathyn 9 months ago +15

    19:34 Arin's sudden, mid-word explosion into laughter is one of my favorite Grumps moments.

  • ltshep
    ltshep 9 months ago +74

    "Please don't make Diddle Kid a character."
    *Immediately proceeds to make Diddle Kid a character*

  • brokenst33l
    brokenst33l 10 months ago


  • Ryan Cier
    Ryan Cier 10 months ago +1

    1:19:08 sounds so constipated

  • Julien Jones
    Julien Jones 10 months ago

    Are you able to renew the Discord link? :)

  • Makku
    Makku 10 months ago +5


  • Ryan Smukala
    Ryan Smukala 10 months ago +10

    Arins Larry the cable guy impression sounds like an impression of Gabriel Iglesias doing an impression of Larry the cable guy.

  • CroLanix
    CroLanix 11 months ago

    *ONLY* the Trinity is perfect, and *ONLY* the Trinity!

  • Jamesspunk
    Jamesspunk 11 months ago +1

    41:10 is that Steve Blackman?

  • Sam Blackhardt
    Sam Blackhardt 11 months ago


    • Sam Blackhardt
      Sam Blackhardt 11 months ago

      Sbassbear The fuck you apologising for? You made a good video you're just a DUMB FUCK (jk dude, you're cool. I was making the funny haha's)

    • Sbassbear
      Sbassbear  11 months ago

      Okay. Sorry.

    • Sam Blackhardt
      Sam Blackhardt 11 months ago

      Sbassbear Tru but it's a different series...

    • Sbassbear
      Sbassbear  11 months ago

      Which is on the Game Grumps channel. Hope this helps.

  • Squid Massacre
    Squid Massacre 11 months ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥☄️☄️💥🔥💥☄️💥🔥☄️🔥☄️💥☄️💥🔥☄️☄️🔥☄️HES attackibg arin widg the fore🔥🔥💥☄️☄️🔥💥☄️🔥💥💥🔥🔥💥☄️💥🔥💥☄️💥🔥🌟💥☄️☄️💥🔥🔥💥💥🔥🔥🔥💥💥🔥💥🔥🔥💥☄️☄️☄️☄️💥💥💥💥☄️💥☄️☄️💥🔥🔥💥💥🔥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🔥☄️☄️💥💥☄️💥

  • AWildBrandon
    AWildBrandon Year ago

    Year's not even over yet. This is premature as fuck.

  • Iven Kohn
    Iven Kohn Year ago +233

    15:06 "At this point I wouldn't even wait to find a gun, I would just place the bullet on the desk and slam my head into it really hard like the Joker."

    • Sandy Warren
      Sandy Warren 6 months ago +7

      "I can press A with perfect timing" 😂 Press A to shoot 🔫 AHHHH

  • Hugo Santos
    Hugo Santos Year ago +1

    I love when I see a compilation of the popular TVcliprs, Markiplier and Jacksepticeye.

  • Morgan
    Morgan Year ago +1

    “did you like it? did you think that shit was b a n a n a s?”

  • Risky
    Risky Year ago

    That's awesome!

  • StITchEM NuGs
    StITchEM NuGs Year ago

    what game were they playing at 38:59 it looks cool

  • isabelle
    isabelle Year ago

    you know it’s a good video when you have to pause it just to laugh hysterically

  • Jordzyi1
    Jordzyi1 Year ago

    Love me daddy 🤣😂

  • Gaymo
    Gaymo Year ago

    Ya didn't list runescape in the list and it was the very first game¿?

  • Kyle Garrett
    Kyle Garrett Year ago

    I appreciate the flashbacks.

  • Emma Manson
    Emma Manson Year ago +13

    Ahh I also have the parrot version of perfect pitch that dan talks about at 32:30 and as soon as he said “pfft yeah what a gift” I died laughing cuz like
    Same dude, I’ve felt the same way like how am I gonna use this
    Just means I can do okay covers

  • Matilda’s Fun Home


  • corga dork
    corga dork Year ago +56

    44:31 Arin's "Oh my geEEhH" while approaching the wrecking ball always cracks me up

    • Risky
      Risky 5 months ago

      @JawaKiller 44:37

    • JawaKiller
      JawaKiller 6 months ago

      I don't hear it at the timestamp you mentioned.

  • PierzPressure
    PierzPressure Year ago

    Paper Mario and the thousand hour game

  • Icy Phoenix
    Icy Phoenix Year ago

    That "country" accent is more of an Missouri accent

  • HÖÖLMÖ hölmölä

    watch this at 0.25 speed xD

  • XL nightmares
    XL nightmares Year ago +5

    "yay, u picked me!" xDDDDDD

  • Kyle Hill
    Kyle Hill Year ago

    “dan like thai... jeepers... oh no” sjdbakbdsi

  • Kenma Babe
    Kenma Babe Year ago +3

    46:18 ow that’s real fire 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shaky Cam VA
    Shaky Cam VA Year ago

    Old news I know, but He probably shouldn’t have wobbled his boulder rolling since he lined himself just fine several times. His fault, just saying.

  • Elvin Mateo
    Elvin Mateo Year ago +3


  • B N
    B N Year ago

    Me'Gaman is the actual pronunciation

  • Lane321
    Lane321 Year ago +4

    How's it going D O O D

  • Vainerin
    Vainerin Year ago

    All i can think of when arin does monika is bird person

  • RoarRaps
    RoarRaps Year ago

    There’s a theory I saw going around that whenever you saw the black text in Doki Doki literature club, that was Monica trying to mess with the characters. But with Natsuki was saying she wanted the main character to play with her and to not leave her, that wouldn’t have been helpful for Monica’s cause, so I’m thinking that may be before she’s able to interject, the other characters are

    • peachy
      peachy 6 months ago

      ChrysOtaku no, monica was trying to make the girls’ worst traits amplify. natsuki was clingy, so she was extra clingy

  • Chuck Chungus
    Chuck Chungus Year ago

    What’s the name of that wrestling game their playing I HAVE TO KNOW
    Edit: nvm I found it

  • CamTheKitty
    CamTheKitty Year ago

    Arin is shit at games, blames games for it

  • Jared Stringfellow


  • J Cs
    J Cs Year ago

    Arin thats not what yeet means

  • ドノバン
    ドノバン Year ago

    The “that’s awesome” shit reminds me of an autistic kid (no really) in my English class who always sasses the teacher. It’s so fuckin funny and awkward.

  • Trevin Hughes
    Trevin Hughes Year ago

    that came at me toooo fast

  • EpicBananaMan 777
    EpicBananaMan 777 Year ago +61

    Eat Prilosec may still be my favorite Larry the Cable Guy line that he didn't actually say

    • Greta mmm boi
      Greta mmm boi 9 months ago +1

      I gotta eat prilosec a lot bc of my ulcers and I ALWAYS think of them whenever I’m in pain and lose my shit cx

    • TheFlowerGirl13
      TheFlowerGirl13 Year ago +9


  • Mo Chi
    Mo Chi Year ago

    0:32 what is the game I forgot it

    • 8luvgrl
      8luvgrl 3 months ago

      run escape

    • BrainTube
      BrainTube Year ago

      Ded Me Pretty sure its Runescape

  • GregtheSalad
    GregtheSalad Year ago +11

    This makes my salad hard

  • Aaron
    Aaron Year ago +1

    To you, scrolling through the comments, random knowledge! A weak-chin can be known as an underbite. Similar to an overbite where there lower jaw is too far forward, it can be fixed with ease. There is headgear you'd wear whilst asleep which with time moves your jaw into the 'correct' place.

  • Cease
    Cease Year ago

    that’s awesome!

  • c blob
    c blob Year ago

    can you fuck off with this stupid fucking anime bullshit. fuck this stupid game.

  • icediamonds
    icediamonds Year ago

    I deadass watched their ddlc playthrough 5 times
    I love it so much XD

  • Gunther Penguini
    Gunther Penguini Year ago +53


  • Jeremy Arnold
    Jeremy Arnold Year ago +6

    "then he'll make spaghetti and forget" I lost it when he said that

  • chungo
    chungo Year ago

    My son’s name is Bradley.

  • Landon Sawyer
    Landon Sawyer Year ago +2

    1:23:26 =best moment in this...its just too perfect

  • Max V.
    Max V. Year ago

    You know what really creeped me out? Arin humming Monikas' theme song......happily.(shivers)

  • Eternal Blue
    Eternal Blue Year ago

    “‘ ‘Cause that shit is WEAK!”
    Absolutely kills me.

  • Lt ChugaCast
    Lt ChugaCast Year ago +3

    6:26 “C A R D K E Y” ewww. Mothefrucker it’s Key Card!

  • Tr0llShaman
    Tr0llShaman Year ago

    Legit almost choked to death at 18:40.

  • Carnage Talks
    Carnage Talks Year ago +2


  • frederk
    frederk Year ago

    Dumbledore didn’t even die in the last book, it was the half blood prince