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  • Published on Oct 9, 2017
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    Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys in the Midwest United States between 1978 and 1991 before being captured and incarcerated. He would become one of America’s most infamous serial killers. This is the story before that story.
    Jeff Dahmer (Disney Channel’s Ross Lynch) is an awkward teenager struggling to make it through high school with a family life in ruins. He collects roadkill, fixates on a neighborhood jogger (Vincent Kartheiser, “Mad Men”), and copes with his unstable mother (Anne Heche) and well-intentioned father (Dallas Roberts). He begins to act out at school, and his goofball antics win over a group of band-nerds who form The Dahmer Fan Club, headed by Derf Backderf (Alex Wolff, "Patriots Day"). But this camaraderie can’t mask his growing depravity. Approaching graduation, Jeff spirals further out of control, inching ever closer to madness.
    Marc Meyers’s MY FRIEND DAHMER is the haunting, sad, funny, true story of Jeffrey Dahmer in high school, based on Derf Backderf’s critically acclaimed 2012 graphic novel of the same name and Meyers’s own 2014 Black List script.

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Comments • 259

  • Nggr Kllr
    Nggr Kllr 4 months ago

    Ugh, Ross Lynch was jerking off in this movie. 😍❤
    Babe, please come home soon. 💕

  • Common Veracity
    Common Veracity 6 months ago

    What happened to the part where Jeffrey Dahmer was in the army for a little while. Then he started killing on a spree after that.

  • GJ Brown
    GJ Brown 7 months ago

    lmfao! Hi, I'm Derf Backderf.

  • Dennis Staughton
    Dennis Staughton 7 months ago

    Reading these idiotic comments really makes me want to see him kill the dog.

  • Bella B
    Bella B 8 months ago


  • anityy
    anityy 8 months ago

    Cringe. Actor doesn't resemble him at all lol

  • Carsyn Wheatley
    Carsyn Wheatley 8 months ago +1

    Where can I watch the full movie online for free?👌🏼

  • Lexi Lynn
    Lexi Lynn 9 months ago

    Saw the movie it was awesome blossom😝

  • Tony 74
    Tony 74 9 months ago

    Yeah let's make a movie about him 😀 smh .people are some sick😷 fux

  • Balga Adrián
    Balga Adrián 10 months ago +4

    Here's a movie about a serial killer who has killed, gutted, and eaten 17 young men and boys and they are bitiching about a stupid dog.

    • Dennis Staughton
      Dennis Staughton 7 months ago

      Balga Adrián . emotionally-stunted Americans. A lot of rich people suffer from the same malady, I've noticed.

  • MP R
    MP R 10 months ago +1

    One of the most dangerous human beings who ever lived.

  • Sunzu49
    Sunzu49 10 months ago

    Ross Lynch said he'd never heard of Jeffrey Dahmer before getting the role. So you can tell how much research he did to get his behavior and mannerisms accurately -- to the point where it even scared Dahmer's high school friends! That's dedication.

  • HEYDuDE607
    HEYDuDE607 10 months ago

    What's the name of the opening song?

  • p. s.
    p. s. 10 months ago

    the reason dahmer’s story makes me so sad is that he totally could have been helped. i don’t think he was a psychopath - he was deeply disturbed and ill, but he was human. if someone had seen that he had these deep seated issues, and gotten him some help, i don’t think he would have ended up killing anyone.

  • Jenson Jr
    Jenson Jr 10 months ago +2

    🔴 *My Friend Dahmer* Fᴜʟʟ Hᴅ Mᴏᴠɪᴇ [ ]

  • Richelle Collado
    Richelle Collado 10 months ago +1

    just looking at the trailer, ross did such an amazing job. this will be a great movie.

  • The dead acc Basicallypsychx

    I’m so excited this is literal art

  • amanda w
    amanda w 10 months ago

    Excited for this

  • Len Lucas
    Len Lucas 10 months ago

    So, now we're supposed to sympathize with a serial killer?! A monster!

  • Cher Horowitz
    Cher Horowitz 10 months ago

    Didn't know Anne Heche was in this now I know this is going to be good

  • elija.
    elija. 10 months ago +1

    me: this looks like it might be goo-
    me: sees him being a dog to that place he killed the squirrel
    me: nope.

  • Melissa Zawrotny
    Melissa Zawrotny 10 months ago +2

    🔴 *My Friend Dahmer 2017*
    Incredible film!
    Highly recommend checking it out! [ ]

  • Stezzy
    Stezzy 10 months ago

    He went from playing a pop star, to a serial killer. *Applauds*

  • LazarusResurrectionOfficial
    LazarusResurrectionOfficial 10 months ago +4


    • Kitt Gordon
      Kitt Gordon 7 months ago

      Levi Smith Elephant In The Room - Jonathon Lloyd

  • Tina Saigal
    Tina Saigal 10 months ago

    When this movie will be released in India??

  • harajukukid126
    harajukukid126 10 months ago +2

    Why make a movie trying to make him seem like a regular human being??? He’s a fucking serial killer for gods sake!!! It would have been better to just show the real aspect of Jeffery Dahmer, (the one everyone knew) what led up to it doesnt really matter

    • Gab riel
      Gab riel 7 months ago

      Dennis Staughton my point is it should be put out there to inform of these peoples lives not to entertain. A doccumentary would've been just as good.

    • Dennis Staughton
      Dennis Staughton 7 months ago

      gabe ggg16 No, it's showing a play-by-play account of criminals killing or raping or torturing for entertainment which has been "glorifying criminals" for decades in American movies. Haven't we seen enough flashbacks from the courtroom (which according to Hollywood is where a criminal's real life begins, apparently). Chelsea is right. It's time to start looking at these people's lives. And stop buying into the "bad seed" diagnosis that our media has been pushing forever.

    • Gab riel
      Gab riel 8 months ago

      Chelsea Katz yeah but to put it in a movie out there for peoples entertainment almost glorifying serial killers is not okay

    • Chelsea Katz
      Chelsea Katz 10 months ago +2

      you are so ignorant. what led up to it doesn’t matter? so we shouldn’t try to analyze or figure out what makes a serial killer? nobody should care about the psychology? how is this movie trying to make him seem normal? it does the opposite! what goes on in a criminals childhood is absolutely important. it’s important for people to know what causes this stuff. jeff didn’t kill because he felt like it. it’s necessary to know more.

    • It's ya boi
      It's ya boi 10 months ago

      This movie is based on a book

  • Lonely Star
    Lonely Star 10 months ago

    they learned from his mistakes

  • Lonely Star
    Lonely Star 10 months ago

    I bet theres motherfuckers ten times worse than dahmer nowadays that just don't get caught

  • alex ocampo
    alex ocampo 10 months ago +1

    *D E R F B A C K D E R F*

  • Jay Sykes
    Jay Sykes 10 months ago

    This is the way to break away from your Disney status. Take notes Bella...

  • Jacke Espinoza
    Jacke Espinoza 10 months ago

    Ohhhhh great

  • PakaFace123
    PakaFace123 10 months ago +2


  • me
    me 10 months ago +2

    Evan Peters and Jesse eisenberg

  • katrb4
    katrb4 10 months ago

    Yay it almost going to be out in the USA November 1st. Yayaya 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😍

  • Darrin Schultz
    Darrin Schultz 11 months ago

    Anyone Posting Here From *WISCONSIN* ?
    Where they imprisoned Jeffrey Dahmer in *WISCONSIN* .

  • Destinee Mercer
    Destinee Mercer 11 months ago


  • Mackenzie Blake
    Mackenzie Blake 11 months ago

    Haha so I wanted to see it and then I see it’s R rip my chances my mom will never let me see it😂

  • Christian Schmude
    Christian Schmude 11 months ago


  • Toxic Blogger
    Toxic Blogger 11 months ago +2


  • Brielle Davis
    Brielle Davis 11 months ago +2


  • Simple Mindz
    Simple Mindz 11 months ago +2

    i wanna watch this so bad but also dont wanna see him kill that dog.

    • Vincent Palermo
      Vincent Palermo 10 months ago

      Simple Mindz He spared the dog.

    • Simple Mindz
      Simple Mindz 10 months ago

      I've literally seen an interview where he said he started by killing animals including dogs lmao.

    • Charlee Johnson
      Charlee Johnson 10 months ago +2

      Simple Mindz he doesn't. Jeffrey Dahmer never killed animals

  • William Quiterio
    William Quiterio 11 months ago +13

    What’s the song that starts at 0.15?

    • Kitt Gordon
      Kitt Gordon 7 months ago

      William Quiterio Elephant in The Room - Jonathon Lloyd

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 11 months ago +1

    Cant wait to watch it i am so hyped

  • Cristofer Cardoza
    Cristofer Cardoza 11 months ago

    This is gonna be so good, I know it!

  • jaylynn hake
    jaylynn hake 11 months ago +1


  • Ty
    Ty 11 months ago +2

    This looks good. There's also a terrific movie with Jeremy Renner called, "Dahmer". He was fantastic in that. But this looks like another good take as well.

  • Brace For Impact
    Brace For Impact 11 months ago +2

    I just want to know what the song is

  • ana reese
    ana reese 11 months ago +1


    • flowerwave
      flowerwave 11 months ago

      ConfettiFrenzy TM Nothing. Jeffery didn't kill live beings at that time period. If you read the graphic novel, it is shown that he wants to but if remorseful and let's it free.

  • Nick Bunker
    Nick Bunker 11 months ago +2

    what's the song being played in the begging

  • ajaxfilms
    ajaxfilms 11 months ago +1

    No thanks.

  • maddie meadows
    maddie meadows 11 months ago

    god I cannot WAIT for this ross in this kind of movie is like my worlds colliding

  • upoutmyfaceb0y
    upoutmyfaceb0y 11 months ago +1

    This looks good. I can't wait to see Ross lynchs portrayal of jeffrey. As sick as he was I find him very interesting

  • Panic! At The Larry Disco
    Panic! At The Larry Disco 11 months ago +1

    To the people wondering if the dog dies he let's it go after planning on killing it, but he couldn't go through with it. But later on I think he ended up killing the dog and nailing the corpse to a tree.

  • Panic! At The Larry Disco

    This is going to be amazing

  • Jeffrey Steenblik
    Jeffrey Steenblik 11 months ago

    So... what's the first song on the trailer??

  • aly
    aly 11 months ago

    It's going to feel weird watching Ross act like this compared to his Disney days but I'm really want to see this film. It seems like Ross is going to kill this role. No pun intended...

  • Ryan P
    Ryan P 11 months ago

    Who names their kid Derf Backderf?

    • Ryan P
      Ryan P 11 months ago

      You're right, I was just hoping his first name was actually Derf. Or scruffy nerfherder

    • Panic! At The Larry Disco
      Panic! At The Larry Disco 11 months ago

      Ryan P I don't think that's his actual name, don't take my word on this but I'm pretty sure he said derf isn't his real name it's just a name he came up with

  • Adena M
    Adena M 11 months ago +2

    Ross 😍yaaasss I need to see this

  • Nolan Hewitt
    Nolan Hewitt 11 months ago +4

    First Ross Lynch next Zac Efron (Ted Bundy)

  • Hans
    Hans 11 months ago

    Song at the beginning?

  • shay
    shay 11 months ago +6

    everything about this is fantastic except i wish they did the accents? jeff & his dad had really pronounced midwestern kinda accents, and i'm sure the rest of their town did (i believe derf does too?) i just wished they did that, to make it more believable. otherwise looks amazing, im super psyched

    • Darrin Schultz
      Darrin Schultz 7 months ago

      @: Dennis Staughton : *LIST*

    • Dennis Staughton
      Dennis Staughton 7 months ago

      Darrin Schultz Would you like to add your name to the list, dear?

    • Darrin Schultz
      Darrin Schultz 10 months ago

      @: Charlee Johnson,
      What state do you live in?
      *SUPERNATURAL* TV Series has had alot of *WISCONSIN* background themed episodes conveying demonic existences here in Wisconsin.
      We have a few *SERIAL~KILLERS*.
      1. *Ed Gein*
      2. *Jeffrey Dahmer*
      In addition to knowing that up here,...It's a matter of,...*KILL or Be KILLED*!!
      But just to note that;... *We're Not All SERIAL KILLERS*
      *I Blame It ON The MINDS of The MENTALS* !!

    • Charlee Johnson
      Charlee Johnson 10 months ago

      Yes exactly! Watching interviews with dahmer and his father you can really tell both of them were raised in Wisconsin

    • Darrin Schultz
      Darrin Schultz 11 months ago

      *Pronounced Midwestern Accents* ?
      I live in *WISCONSIN* where they arrested that *FREAK of Nature* in *MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN* !
      I'm 2 hours away from there.
      Where are you located?

  • Iandia
    Iandia 11 months ago

    So proud of you, Ross

  • vvvvain
    vvvvain 11 months ago +4


    • Simply Skyro
      Simply Skyro 10 months ago

      vvvvain it's alright, the dog doesn't die in the novel so I doubt he will die in the movie

  • Sydni McClanahan
    Sydni McClanahan 11 months ago


  • Kingofhell
    Kingofhell 11 months ago +5

    i didnt know there willl be a movie

    FREE AUDIOBOOKS CHANNEL 11 months ago +3

    You see kids, become a serial killer and they'll movies about your life too. Screw scientists and Nobel prize winners.

    • Chelsea Katz
      Chelsea Katz 10 months ago +1

      Keymo Suenos [Author] serial killers are interesting. so are scientists. that’s why there are movies about both.

    • Chelsea Katz
      Chelsea Katz 10 months ago +2

      Keymo Suenos [Author] there’s movies about those too. did you not see the theory of everything?

  • Shane Dawson:Yasss Queen
    Shane Dawson:Yasss Queen 11 months ago

    Also I neeeeeeeeeeeed to see this a Disney channel star to a serial killer yes please he was my favorite Disney character when I was young

  • Shane Dawson:Yasss Queen
    Shane Dawson:Yasss Queen 11 months ago +1

    I was the 1k like♥️♥️♥️

  • Adam Gorsky
    Adam Gorsky 11 months ago

    Thats when the cannibalism started....

  • Julia Evans
    Julia Evans 11 months ago +2

    The blonde girl in the jean dress is me. THE SET WAS SO AMAZING

  • Carly Miksza
    Carly Miksza 11 months ago

    I know my theatre wouldn’t play this. lol I am waiting for Netflix or Amazon or hulu.

  • natalie dagys
    natalie dagys 11 months ago

    Ew I cringe everytime I watch the trailers cuz they filmed dis shit at my school

  • zmiggles
    zmiggles 11 months ago +3

    yEs the TCC IS QUAKING

  • ReinaBaby
    ReinaBaby 11 months ago


  • Zelda Cara
    Zelda Cara 11 months ago

    Ok but does the dog survive

  • Nick Mcguirk
    Nick Mcguirk 11 months ago

    Where is the murder?

  • Silent Soldier::
    Silent Soldier:: 11 months ago +2

    The real Jeff the Killer

  • Juan Carlos C. Acosta
    Juan Carlos C. Acosta 11 months ago +15

    Someone knows the name of that first song 0:15?

  • a happy vitamin
    a happy vitamin 11 months ago +57

    i will just say what everyone's thinking: HE BETTER NOT KILL THAT DOG

    • Jill Sandwich
      Jill Sandwich 4 months ago

      Jeffrey never killed any animals

    • Karbler
      Karbler 10 months ago

      oh okay good

    • Vincent Palermo
      Vincent Palermo 10 months ago +2

      Jeffery spares the dog. It’s the few times he shows mercy.

    • dancingrl212
      dancingrl212 11 months ago +6

      book-loving kpop junkie Spoiler: he doesn't.

  • Hailey Marie
    Hailey Marie 11 months ago +8

    When I saw the dog I was like .... NOPE

    • Charlee Johnson
      Charlee Johnson 10 months ago

      No, dahmer never killed animals. He picked up roadkill but never killed any animals

    • Kate Lissa
      Kate Lissa 10 months ago

      Hailey Marie ohmygosh me too, I have to fast forward scenes like that with animals. I hope nothing happens and they stay true to real life 😰 But yeah it looks good, can’t wait to see it!

    • Hailey Marie
      Hailey Marie 10 months ago +1

      Kate Lissa ohhhh okay, whenever I see a dog in a scary movie they usually have it killed and I hate seeing animals die in a movie but thanks for telling me, besides the dog the movie looks good.

    • Kate Lissa
      Kate Lissa 10 months ago +1

      Hailey Marie If the movie is true to reality he won’t hurt the dog. I’ve read a few books about him and, for what a monster he was, he was strangely loving and caring toward his family dog and was even upset when she died of natural causes years later.

  • jesse james
    jesse james 11 months ago +4

    what is the music in this from?

  • pinsxneedles
    pinsxneedles 11 months ago

    did he kill the squirrel? didn't he say that he never hurt animals?

    • Kyle k
      Kyle k 11 months ago +3

      boi he killled a shit ton of animals

  • Edén Alekss
    Edén Alekss 11 months ago +3

    I like this trailer better

  • Bekka K
    Bekka K 11 months ago +9

    This movie needs a fucking oscar😍

    • Derpy DittHam
      Derpy DittHam 11 months ago

      Bekka K chill. I think it will be good but let's see it first

  • Amanda Arbogast
    Amanda Arbogast 11 months ago +2


  • mica lynch
    mica lynch 11 months ago

    cuando salga la peli.. y alguien tiene la oportunidad de grabarla y subirla completa please no lo duden !! ♡ Ross mi actor favorito

    Mr. FXCKIN BEAN 11 months ago

    "Outta the way dumb"

  • Carolien De Cupere
    Carolien De Cupere 11 months ago

    Dallas Roberts!

  • Nefertiti_goddess
    Nefertiti_goddess 11 months ago


  • Roman Godfrey
    Roman Godfrey 11 months ago

    Watching this film anyways!

  • Meow Mew
    Meow Mew 11 months ago

    Looks fucking awesome! I really hope the theater in my town will be showing this. Disappointed it seems to depict him killing a squirrel though, he never killed animals he just collected roadkill. Still looks great though.

    • Meow Mew
      Meow Mew 11 months ago

      princeoftidds No actually, I've only ever heard that he didn't kill animals or harm them. He once almost killed a dog but decided not to. So although he did horrible things and killed people, it's never been documented in any way that he hurt animals.

    • princeoftidds
      princeoftidds 11 months ago

      He killed 17 people and did unspeakable things, you really think there was no progression killing animals before he took his first victim?

  • Ashley Kinsler
    Ashley Kinsler 11 months ago


  • Caroline Rackley
    Caroline Rackley 11 months ago +2


  • Anna Costa
    Anna Costa 11 months ago

    This seems to be an amazing movie, Im so excited for it!

  • you look so julia
    you look so julia 11 months ago


  • Eliza Bijl
    Eliza Bijl 11 months ago +27

    it’s amazing how many R5/Ross Lynch fangirls are on here. You do realize that this is supposed to be an AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JEFFREY DAHMER, not another film with Ross in it? Personally, I’d like to see Jeffrey Dahmer instead of Ross playing him (which I think/hope will be the case, looking at the trailer)

    • Smooooth
      Smooooth 10 months ago +2

      It'll be interesting to see all the at first giddy teenage girls walking out the theater aghast

    • PakaFace123
      PakaFace123 10 months ago +2

      It would be nice to see Jeff playing himself, but sadly he was killed in prison and even if he was alive it would be difficult because the movie is about Jeffrey Dahmer when he was in high school and if Jeff was alive he would be 57 years old.

    • Vicky Prm
      Vicky Prm 11 months ago +4

      same tbh.
      but look on the bright side: everyone who watched the movie and knows Ross says that it's completely different to what he really is (Ross). I think he's a great actor- and now that he's off Disney maybe he can prove it.

  • Gennady GGG Golovkin
    Gennady GGG Golovkin 11 months ago +4

    Oscar winning probably if every goes correctly

  • Aneta Ivanová
    Aneta Ivanová 11 months ago

    Screaming! Wanna see it now, can't wait

  • Valiese
    Valiese 11 months ago +18

    The TCC will be proud :3

  • soft angel
    soft angel 11 months ago +4

    all i know is this movie is gonna be AMAZING and ross lynch is gonna KILL this fucking role , and i can see it cause he is a great actor and i hope he gets so much attention for his acting after the film comes out