A Desperate Exit (1)

  • Published on May 30, 2008
  • "ABC Afterschool Specials"
    Teenager is stunned when his best friend commits suicide, and is left with one unanswered question - Why?

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  • Me Goofy
    Me Goofy Month ago

    Was this show anything like The Sopranos?

  • Janaka
    Janaka 3 years ago +3

    Nancy Olsen

  • corrupt200
    corrupt200 5 years ago +4

    8:06 that looks like the uncle that molested Mallory on Family Ties

  • SpamNapkin
    SpamNapkin 5 years ago +3


    • PeeboTyson
      PeeboTyson 2 years ago +2

      He could've had a lifetime supply of pudding pops!

  • Sooleman
    Sooleman 5 years ago +1

    Sorry to hear about your loss Maureen.

  • Maureen Wheeler
    Maureen Wheeler 6 years ago +4

    I have known several people that I truly loved kill themselves...I lost my fiance` on July 8, 2011 from Suicide I found him in our garage....My life will never be the same....Many times life just feels so hard or you have lost someone in your life....We lost our daughter from SIDS and both he and I struggled....I love you Clint and Faith.....may you RIP

    • Robert Dambeck
      Robert Dambeck 2 years ago +1

      I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine what you're going through.

  • Retro Dreams
    Retro Dreams 6 years ago +2

    9:00 Big '80s hair alert

  • TheBuffalo29
    TheBuffalo29 7 years ago +1

    @latinavixn 1986
    September 19 1986 was the exact airdate.

  • StuntmanJackR
    StuntmanJackR 7 years ago

    You all are right, the acting in this is abysmal.

  • bubblinbrownsugar616
    bubblinbrownsugar616 8 years ago

    What the hell?!?! Theo killed himself!!!

    • Rebmetpes4
      Rebmetpes4 Year ago

      +shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend zip zop zoobity bop!

    • shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend
      shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend Year ago

      The morning after he woke up realizing that his TV Dad had slipped something into his pudding pop & taken advantage of him .

  • VegardMinde
    VegardMinde 8 years ago

    What's Bobby Lee doing there ?

  • T Rochae
    T Rochae 8 years ago +1

    All The Cosby Kids Were In These After School Specials, Malcolm, Tempestt, And Lisa !!!!

  • Monica Wright
    Monica Wright 8 years ago +1

    This was one of the most poignant ABC After School Specials. During the last few years, it seemed like half of the episodes were depressing!

  • latinavixn
    latinavixn 8 years ago

    I remember this, what year was this exactly? Anyone know?

  • Bil Lionaire
    Bil Lionaire 8 years ago +2

    amazing post i remember watching these as a kid ...they were so intense to watch when i was younger

  • Karen Moses
    Karen Moses 8 years ago +1

    You do not need to be a great actor to get the message through and I feel that even though the scenario is lacking the actors are good and I think this is a very important message even now in the 21st century. Don't think suicide is an easy thing to hear or feel or face. and for those of you who compare this to gays and rape - why don't you go see in the mirror and get a CT to check if you still have a brain and a heart.

  • schwoogie78
    schwoogie78 9 years ago

    prison rape by a guy dressed as a clown could be funny

  • TimeBolt
    TimeBolt 9 years ago

    @gopconservative78 your one big dumbass.

  • Betty Boop
    Betty Boop 9 years ago

    hey that's Theo Huxtable & some other actors I remember seeing in shows I used to watch as a kid but can't remember their names! I miss my afterschool specials!

  • LonerButterfly
    LonerButterfly 9 years ago

    Thank you for uploading these. I miss the After School Specials.

  • haldaltx ha
    haldaltx ha 9 years ago +1

    Look at the neighborhood Charlie grew up in.

  • mugabezuwane
    mugabezuwane 10 years ago +1

    damn that sucks Theo killed himself, I wonder how Cockroach reacted when he got the news

  • Chelsea Hardin
    Chelsea Hardin 10 years ago +1

    I like the whole idea, but the acting sucked.
    This wasn't funny like the hitchhiking one.

  • foxxyloxx
    foxxyloxx 10 years ago +2

    "Gotta drop off a load down in Philly.." lol.

    The kid @7:38- whiney whiney!

  • MzTJones80
    MzTJones80 10 years ago +1

    Well, for me, it wasn't the movie that was bad...it was the acting. It sucked!

  • MzTJones80
    MzTJones80 10 years ago

    I remember this!

  • SamTheHammer
    SamTheHammer 10 years ago +2

    This movie was so bad, I was even embarrased in Highschool. For losers.