Taraji P Henson Gets Emotional Talking Mental Health While Addressing Congress

  • Published on Jun 8, 2019
  • While speaking to congress about mental health, an emotional Taraji P. Henson opened up about trauma she suffered in her past and how she struggled to deal with the effects. The actress also addressed the lack of mental health support for the African American community.
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Comments • 33

  • Matthew Mockabee
    Matthew Mockabee 19 days ago

    why isnt this on every news outlet?

  • Itzy Zaza
    Itzy Zaza 26 days ago

    3 months ago I saw her on Dr. Oz and she inspired me to get help, but I didn't know where to go. On a fluke, I typed GetTherapyNow.Com and I promise you, I found a WONDERFUL therapist that offered online counseling. It was the best decision I have made in a long time.

  • Dee Jorney
    Dee Jorney 27 days ago

    Yes we want professionals that look like us to deal with these children. Black or Brown.

    • Itzy Zaza
      Itzy Zaza 26 days ago

      Go to GetTherapyNow.Com. She's a Black therapist and she is phenomenal!

  • Sharah Yasharahla
    Sharah Yasharahla 27 days ago

    Shes sweet and naive. The government😭cares about black kids😪

  • koko creamy
    koko creamy Month ago


  • Becky c
    Becky c Month ago

    It's irritating to me that she is only talking about one race when all races are being affected. It's really sad, how about let's talk about all youth, races? Whites, Black, Asian, Hispanic to name a few. Wish she would use her platform for everyone. My nieces friend 15-white who is transgender recently tried to commit suicide but luckly failed. Tired of all the segregation. This world is diverse with alot of hurting people of different races.

    • Becky c
      Becky c 21 day ago

      Myra Honore and what? Did u not read my comnent at all? We live in a world of not only Black people but many other races who need help also.

    • Myra Honore
      Myra Honore 21 day ago

      Becky c ok and

  • Mitchell Osayande
    Mitchell Osayande Month ago +1

    Most people are depressed because they don't have peace in their conscience. The truth is that we have offended God. And the only way to silence our conscience and be saved from punishment is to believe Jesus sacrifice for our sins. When we believe Jesus Christ took the punishment for our sins we will be saved and we will have peace in our conscience. No modern movement can neglect that.

  • sonyapeach
    sonyapeach Month ago +1

    It was the and Black mental health and she was addressing the Black National Caucus.

  • Dirg Ramsey
    Dirg Ramsey Month ago

    We black! And we angry!
    Thanks for the black report Taraji...

  • Unique08
    Unique08 Month ago

    Eleanor Holmes Norton looked COMPLETELY uninterested, tf.

  • Glo Sae
    Glo Sae Month ago

    so profound.

  • G
    G Month ago +3

    So necessary!!!

  • Adrianne Edwards
    Adrianne Edwards Month ago +1

    This is the same woman who support RKelly. So. Nope. Thumbs down.

  • triple v 101
    triple v 101 Month ago +3

    So mental health issue is the reason why there are Bloods and Crips

    • Dwayne Johnson
      Dwayne Johnson 19 days ago

      Not really thats being stuck in a community where their seems to be no hope and falling into the stereotype of living in the ghetto, now a white boy named Kyle or zack walking into a school and shooting it up after living in a good neighborhood and being spoiled now that’s mental health

  • Debra Wilson
    Debra Wilson Month ago +4


    • wolfkids28
      wolfkids28 Month ago

      Biych you look like a facebook mother.

  • Robert Henry Scott
    Robert Henry Scott Month ago +4

    Amen to that! She absolutely right

  • Js M
    Js M Month ago +7

    She’s a queen. Access to mental health professionals is difficult in this country.

    • Itzy Zaza
      Itzy Zaza 26 days ago

      It's not anymore. I just commented about my therapist that I found online at GetTherapyNow.Com. She even took my insurance.

  • Jay Reszy
    Jay Reszy Month ago +6

    I know that’s right.

  • T. C.
    T. C. Month ago +12

    So glad she is strong enough to discuss this matter. It is an extreme taboo in the black community and oddly looked down upon, when mental struggles are shared. I agree completely, that this is a national crisis and needs to be priority immediately.

  • Ayanna Chambers
    Ayanna Chambers Month ago +7

    Thanks u for telling me ur truth

  • GiVer
    GiVer Month ago

    Sometimes with actors I don't know when they are acting or being themselves.

    • Jay Reszy
      Jay Reszy Month ago +3

      GiVer jaded much?

    • Offeri Sade
      Offeri Sade Month ago +4

      How is she acting here? She just shared that her own father and her son's father passed, contributing to this issue for her personally. That is traumatizing. Jeez.

    • Chance Roberts
      Chance Roberts Month ago +6

      Who cares, when what they're saying is truth?

  • Evah Bless
    Evah Bless Month ago +17

    Wow...someone ACTUALLY gave this a thumbs down 👎🏽 (sigh)...case & point!

  • benblexbenblex
    benblexbenblex Month ago +28

    Props to Ms. Henson for this. Mental health needs to be destigmatized.