Pink Diamond is Kind of a Bad Person

  • Published on Sep 17, 2019
  • Pink Diamond abandoned Spinel in their garden six thousand years ago...but why is this what finally gets people talking?
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  • Zoe Tremain-Woodcock
    Zoe Tremain-Woodcock 4 hours ago

    i feel like throwing away my pink diamond t-shirt now, 1. because it has holes, and 2: because i hate her!

  • Audra Legg
    Audra Legg 6 hours ago

    Steven is just a lot stronger than his mother ever will be. But I love too see him talk too his mother as pink dimmond face too face.

  • Sammy's ScapeLand
    Sammy's ScapeLand 6 hours ago


  • Cannibal Friends
    Cannibal Friends 13 hours ago

    I dont think pink diamond could truly be redeemed?
    At this point, if she did anything good, all of her cons outweigh it.
    No matter how one is brought up, they are responsible for their actions and it’s not fair to force ALL of your baggage on people (aka Steven n the Crystal Gems)

  • Kristi Rockhold
    Kristi Rockhold 21 hour ago

    Storm in the room Steven accused his mum of exactly that. Honestly I figured She was a Monster of some degree in the first season.

  • Stay Silent
    Stay Silent 22 hours ago

    I was there with you at the beginning dude. I saw all that stuff you did! Thank you!

  • Lucho Portuano
    Lucho Portuano Day ago

    Rose quartz is a fat bitch. And oh! The surprise. She's also fake. Her true form as a diamond... is even worse.

  • Nathan cruz
    Nathan cruz Day ago +2

    Well... let me form a counter argument right now and if someone wants to debate I am happy to. To clear up my point I believe Rose Quartz or Pink Diamond is not a villain or evil character but a flawed one. As one of many characters that form the huge cast that is in the Steven Universe she isn’t the most evil or the one with malicious intent like many others. She is as seen and explained a child like character... as when you see the episodes where Steven is having a flashback of her she acts like a child, when she cries to Yellow because she wants a colony and lashes out and breaks the mirror when she doesn’t get it or when you see her playing with her pink pearl and goofing around when the diamonds are not around. It’s evidence enough that she still is a child. I do understand that she was abused and that how she grew up but we really can’t expect for her to know what good and evil is, since she has no outside influence like today’s social media platforms available to us, we have other’s to point out what’s good or evil or ourselves to see how it affects other and how we feel about how we treated other. But Pink doesn’t have that outlet, she doesn’t get that feedback because other’s are expected to treat the diamonds as superiors, there isn’t a system where Pink herself see’s any good happening where she can learn from. Now to address all the problem I can remember that people use to blame her and cast her as a villain. First off what she did to Spinel was awful. But Pink didn’t know better, she had her Best Friend (Pink Pearl) taken away from her and abused and broken. Then she had a replacement for it, Spinel who was clingy and was just made to entertain her child-side, but Pink didn’t grew bored of her but rather couldn’t form that friendship she had with Pink Pear, so she resented her, because she was a replacement for her true friend. Though she grew to like somewhat of her, she couldn’t really bond with her. Spinel was created like all gems to serve a purpose and they follow that to the end. So when Pink Diamond started to feel and change she needed someone to do the same with her, Spinel couldn’t do that. She was just clingy and too fake (I’m sorry) that Pink Diamond couldn’t see the value she had (which was wrong of her and I little out of character to be honest since she sees the value of everyone) but she was a child after all, she was still growing to be more loving to others. Another point is how she hurts and lies and kept secrets from everyone, I understand why she kept secrets. We honestly as humans have are own secrets we keep (or we tell little white lies) so we don’t hurt others or what we think is better to keep hidden so others won’t be hurt as much. Pink herself is still a gem, she isn’t a higher being that has all the answers or the right way to do things. She has thoughts of her own and though we as an audience would have done other things that would have been far more better she on the moment thought this and she rolled with it and that’s a flaw we all have. As to when she bubbled Bismoth (or how I think you spell it) she actually believe her to be evil, she build the breaking point (a weapon to shatter gems), Bismoth was so obsessed with getting her revenge on the diamonds and everyone who wronged them cuz they have the chance to do it, so Pink was too afraid of her that she bubbled her away. Though I believe it was a right call for the moment, I think she should have talked to everyone else too and then everyone could discuss what was the right thing to do instead of leaving her there without no one knowing. The point of her believe humans are below her, when she told Greg that she found him amusing I believe is what she understood love is. We know the concept of love and how it affects us but Pink doesn’t, so she found them “amusing”. When we are in love by something or someone we can’t stop looking or obsessing about it, we are drawn to it and we can’t wait to express it (in hopes someone else also feels the same) so she in turn had the same feelings. Cuz she was always obsessed with Greg and she does love him, but she didn’t have the right word yet (but that’s how I think was what she meant by that) cuz I doubt she had a superior complex like the other Diamonds (cuz she respected and loved all life forms.) Another valid point I myself thought a lot about and was mentioned in the Series but not a lot by people who debate about this is that Steven believed she just wanted him to bear all her responsibilities, she couldn’t handle them by herself so she past them all to him. I got so mad at Rose but when the room tell’s Steven that she didn’t do that but she loved him so much she wanted to have him that that was the purpose Steven was born for. To just be her and Greg’s son. She didn’t want him to live and not drag all of this in his shoulder’s but it had to happen. And I still am mad a little because of that, I feel more inclined that Rose wasn’t really ready to have Steven... not until she resolved her problems. As the series final season is coming I hope Pink gets her redemption, cuz I honestly hate how Rebecca Sugar has painted her in the movie, in season one when the series didn’t know where they were actually heading but were figuring out, Rose was portrayed as this easily lovable and nice character who love and fought for everyone. But as the story progressed they showed that she was more flawed and that’s how I felt that connection with her character. Cuz in the beginning I was like, that’s the character everyone portrays are purely good and it’s impossible to be such a good character, she didn’t feel real. So when they “humanized” her more I felt like she was more real then ever. But the movie just threw all of that away when they decided to just make her awful (though I still debate she isn’t evil nor good) she is still a character meant to have flaws. As to who is the worst or “main” villain of Steven Universe I believe is no one. The show has this child like Ideology I had as a kid, and Steven also follows it. I believed that everyone actually wanted to be my friend when I was little. That everyone who bullied me or was evil just was misunderstood and didn’t had the right chance to choose to be good or do better. But in real life some people are just evil and they don’t really care or want to be good or do good. And the show is so hooked into this ideology that even the worst characters can be redeemed. Which I don’t really hate but you can see how every character in the series gets a chance to be redeemed and do good when given the chance to. But Pink/Rose doesn’t, since she is gone she can’t defend herself or fix her mistakes. I feel like the series has a problem having a villain that can just be a villain that they pick the one character they took off to point ot her flaws (that aren’t as bad as the other Diamond’s or what Spinel was trying to do to Earth and Steven and the gems) cuz the show has so many flawed characters that if they gotten lucky and defeated Steven they would have remained evil or do even worse. So I’m hoping that in this last season Rebecca Sugar gives our Pink/Rose the redeption she deserves. (Ps: I had so many other points to debate about but I forgotten them when I was writing this down so if you could fight me on them and remind me of other things I could add them)

  • Spinel
    Spinel 2 days ago

    Kind of?!?

  • Kris-Sama
    Kris-Sama 2 days ago

    I've been considering since the beginning that rose quartz wasnt exactly the best. Like I still liked her as a character up until Bismuth. Then I was realizing she keeps hurting people... leaving all of this mess behind for her son to deal with. By the end of season five I was already not fond of Pink Diamond. I thought the same as you, as she was careless and irresponsible and kind of terrible for all of this mess she had made and knowingly left it for Steven to fix. She hid things and kept secrets. Then the movie just solidified my feelings for Pink/Rose.

  • Isaac Smith
    Isaac Smith 2 days ago +1

    "Pink Diamond is Kind of a Bad Person"
    I love how the Steven Universe Fandom is JUST NOW realizing this.

  • Tord Eddsworld
    Tord Eddsworld 2 days ago

    Kind of?

  • Olive Adams
    Olive Adams 2 days ago

    I think that, besides being a way to escape responsibilities herself and fulfil a human fantasy, having Steven was Rose's way of redeeming herself. Gifting her powers to a child raised by Greg and the gems is probably the best way to make sure her powers got into the right hands

  • Cynadyde
    Cynadyde 2 days ago

    I remember people starting to say that back when the flashback episode came out.

  • LuvGreed
    LuvGreed 2 days ago

    Pink diamond is selfish all she wanted is a *Colony More than Anything* By spinel meant by Anything like she didn't... Want spinel i think blue diamond shouldn't be sorry for making her cry in the tower and prison her in her

  • Dying Inside
    Dying Inside 3 days ago +5

    Me: **looks at title**
    Me: Yeah, no shit sherlock.

  • Ruby Jewels
    Ruby Jewels 3 days ago

    I don't think she had steven for the right reasons think about it there are other ways to have children and yet she chose the way that wouldn't involve him around her. I don't think she wanted to have a human I think she wanted to be human. What white diamond said to steven in the last episode might have been pink diamonds actual thought process

  • Anonymous Invader
    Anonymous Invader 3 days ago

    I wish pink could see the pain she caused and have Steven just deck his mom in the face for it

  • This is just a channel

    Rose could be a good gem by her being trapped by someone and someone pretend to be her when she left spinel just a thought

  • ghostchilie
    ghostchilie 3 days ago +2

    I still like pink diamond she never wanted her son to deal with her own problems it's not her fault Steven decided to take on her problems

  • Crow
    Crow 4 days ago +1

    This is kinda false

  • Alex shmalex
    Alex shmalex 4 days ago

    Pilot garnet: pink diamond...why are u such a buttface?

    • Pastel Joe
      Pastel Joe 3 days ago +1

      @Alex shmalex I'm already awake, dear, Spinel has a little bit of fault too.

    • Alex shmalex
      Alex shmalex 3 days ago

      Pastel Joe common wake up the spinel abandonment leaving messes that Steve’s gotta clean up for her *WAKE UP*

    • Pastel Joe
      Pastel Joe 3 days ago +1

      she's not, lol.

  • watashiwa spongebob
    watashiwa spongebob 4 days ago

    im sorry for doubting you

  • Fat Marshmellow
    Fat Marshmellow 4 days ago

    BUT! In one of the final episodes Garnet says, “you couldn’t stop me 5700-something years ago”, Spinel was left for 6000 years. Rose fought the revolution and left Spinel behind. I’m not defending her abandonment, but their had to be a reason.

    • Fat Marshmellow
      Fat Marshmellow 2 days ago

      《Sхга 》 exactly what I was thinking. Like I said not justified, just saying maybe she knew Spinel was weak and wouldn’t last.

    • 《Sхга 》
      《Sхга 》 3 days ago

      She left spinel because spinel was to weak and friendly and she wouldn't have lasted 100 years.

  • Devon Wall
    Devon Wall 4 days ago +1

    While I disagree about Pearl facing the consequences of her actions appropriately, I gotta agree with pretty much everything else. And Rose's character is actually written well in the sense of her being an antagonist. She ones of the most layered villains in the series, and she's enjoyable that way.

    Although...after all was revealed about Rose, the gems and Steven tried more to forget or ignore Rose, rather than talk about her. Which would have been more healthy. They didn't even take her picture down from the wall as a sign that their perceptions had changed and therefore they needed to act on them. A lot of the toxic things characters do, like Lapis messing with Jasper, or Pearl screwing with Connie, or the whole thing with Rose: They never talk about it directly. And not facing the situation is exactly was Pink did.

    It's also a That the character who is dead gets more development. They can't do anything about Pink now, she's dead. But the other diamonds are alive, and while they take responsibility for their actions, they get less development and are the ones who raised Pink to cement the childish, toxic person she is. Both with abuse, and their disregard for even the lives of their own gems.

    Your vids are fun. I'm interested in seeing more of your content.

  • ethoréx
    ethoréx 5 days ago +13

    The thumbnail looks like Spinel is venting and pink is just like:

  • jack manning
    jack manning 5 days ago +2

    Kinda what do you mean KINDA

  • kxyoto
    kxyoto 5 days ago +2

    Pink tbh isn't even a victim of abuse. She just wasn’t taken seriously.

  • Abhijay Bhimavarapu
    Abhijay Bhimavarapu 5 days ago +2

    look pink is a good person she just did a mistake

    • Candy bun
      Candy bun 2 days ago

      Like the whole show is steven fixing her problems

    • xFATMAN192x
      xFATMAN192x 3 days ago

      Abhijay Bhimavarapu Many a mistake, again & again & again...

  • IceRiver1020
    IceRiver1020 5 days ago

    2:54 I wish my sister was this mature. She blames all of her mistakes and shortcomings on past abuse, and other people. She is downright abusive herself sometimes, verbally and physically. I've been at the brunt of it a few times, and yet our younger sister doesn't seem to understand the hatred I have towards her for it. Our younger sister just feels sorry for her.

  • Mark Allen Lara
    Mark Allen Lara 5 days ago +1

    Is that K

  • A Cookeh Who Says MEOW!

    Wait, what join button?!

  • A Cookeh Who Says MEOW!

    Pearl: I can sing... 😑
    Rip Pearl XD

  • A Cookeh Who Says MEOW!

    Who are you
    You aren't awestruckvox xd

  • Tim Franklin
    Tim Franklin 5 days ago

    KIND OF????

  • Gol D. Luffy
    Gol D. Luffy 5 days ago

    It would have made sense if PD was evil from the beginning

    • Dark Spyro
      Dark Spyro 5 days ago +1

      @Armored Wings dumbass

    • Armored Wings
      Armored Wings 5 days ago

      The thing is, you don't need to be "evil" to be a bad person

  • GhostrareStardust
    GhostrareStardust 5 days ago

    Steven is pinks redemption

  • ø Sachiko Stories ø

    I’ve actually seen people in other comments of other videos that actually get PISSED if anyone says that Pink is bad
    I sent them a link to this video

  • Kelsea Werner
    Kelsea Werner 6 days ago +6

    the only one who could redeem her in this universe, is literally Steven

  • Allen's Matchmaker
    Allen's Matchmaker 6 days ago +2

    When the person narrating the video clearly has a grudge that people only agreed to him now: F
    😂To be right now, though.😏

  • Mardon NaLou
    Mardon NaLou 6 days ago

    I for me, she's complicated. On one hand there have been many many mistakes made by her and it's been left up to mostly Steven to fix it, but at the same time it does appear that she did care for people and would do what she can to protect them, even if it's perhaps the best course of action. So yeah I think she can be redeemed, provided if she ever does make an appearance in the future(if that is even possible).

  • Destiny Harris
    Destiny Harris 6 days ago +3

    I've thought she was bad for ages too.

  • pikachuplayz
    pikachuplayz 6 days ago

    Rose quartz is a good person because she saved an entire planet just because she left and grew apart from a few things and or people and didn’t know how to react or how people react doesn’t make her a bad person she just wanted to be adventurous and pink diamond was still learning like the gems they are still learning about earth and other stuff pink diamond she was learning besides them and then she thought earth was going to be safe for Steven so she had Steven thinking it would be fine for Steven to live out his life with her and just like gems and humans you forget stuff like how pearl even forgot about spinel after all they litterally fought a war because they saw beauty in everything on earth and wanted to protect it they didn’t have time to think about spinel or any thing or anyone else because they litterally were saving their friends after corruption so they could be healed eventually see this all from pinks perspective she was basically a kid learning how thing worked and getting bored with stuff like we’ve all been there and done it to toys so who are we to blame pink she’s just doing what almost any one would do

  • Dinzer West
    Dinzer West 6 days ago +1

    1:52 His main point

  • Dark Spyro
    Dark Spyro 7 days ago +2

    after watching the movie and the show a few weeks later,kind of is not the word I would use =___=;;; I would use asshole as the word

    I love the color pink so I love pink characters,but I can't like pink diamond after all the shit she's done,especially with spinel,so guess who my favorite character is instead,it's so easy to guess

  • Mochi Balthazar
    Mochi Balthazar 7 days ago

    *Kind Of-?!?!!?*

  • Sonata Yanni
    Sonata Yanni 7 days ago

    kind of ? KIND OF ?

  • wrgirlie86
    wrgirlie86 7 days ago

    Does this mean Steven needs to give himself mothers day gifts?

  • Freaktiful Whispers
    Freaktiful Whispers 7 days ago

    I've said it from the beginning: the real hero of Steven Universe is Greg. And the real villain is Pink Diamond. I haven't seen the movie but it seems that it only confirms what they'd shown us about Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz. That's why Steven "can totally believe" that his mother did that. I would have agreed with you if I had discovered your channel before the movie was released, and I agree with you now.

  • MeepMorpMaster
    MeepMorpMaster 7 days ago

    Pink diamond actually put the earth in more danger by leaving.
    Change my mind.

  • shawn Boahene
    shawn Boahene 7 days ago

    You know the more I think about it... in regards to Spinel... Pink did the right thing

    • shawn Boahene
      shawn Boahene 2 days ago

      Ok like her or not I believe Pink Diamond leaving her there was the right call. If she took her with her do you think Spinel would be able to handle the trauma of a war? Or be put at risk of shattering, experimentation, or corruption?

    • Dark Spyro
      Dark Spyro 7 days ago +1

      fuck you shitbag,spinel is an amazing character

  • bach ho ngoc
    bach ho ngoc 7 days ago

    PD isn't a bad person. She's good, but very childish, which make her... kind of a d*ck (sorry I couldn't find a word that have a similar meaning to that 🙄)

  • lovelyreen
    lovelyreen 7 days ago +1

    Agreed, that's absolutely in keeping with Pink's persona. Yellow has the garb of a soldier and is quick, decisive, brash, violent, all those attributes. Blue is in very round garb of somber blue - she is all emotion, mostly sad, wills others to feel her pain, wallows in suffering, etc. White is brittle perfection with her spiky headpiece, unilateral view (white is the non-inclusion of other colors, after all), absent of feeling, shows psychopathy and yet complete propriety and moral superiority at the same time *shudder*. While pink is literally in clown's clothes. She's the poppet, the guignol. The Fool. She is the embodiment of childish fancy with all the passions, daring yet thoughtlessness of a child. With all the breathtaking goodness and horrifying badness that can bring. Totes makes sense.

  • chopstix animation
    chopstix animation 8 days ago

    N o o o o w a y y y

  • SirofSir Sirs
    SirofSir Sirs 8 days ago +2

    All diamonds were. White diamond controlled her pearl and took Stevens gem away, Yellow diamond was basically napoleon and blue diamond killed more people then yellow and abused her power and then all of them at once corrupted the gems at earth.

  • garrett armstrong
    garrett armstrong 8 days ago +1

    I think Pink Diamonds flaws are a huge part of the story, because at here core she was redeemable, and part of her redemption is Steven himself! Think about the other Diamonds, I'm sure for all the awful things Link has done the others have done much worse, and yet they are being redeemed... Pink had spent thousands of years of her life being told she was, and being treated like she was, a higher life form, she wasn't going to make a flip to being a perfectly good a deal compassionate person overnight, that's the essence of character development. Past abuse and the way we are raised can't be a total EXCUSE for the way we act, but they definitely can be reasons for why we are the way we are, and we have to learn to overcome the flaws in our character that was essentially put there by someone elss

  • XxOlciaQ MspxX
    XxOlciaQ MspxX 8 days ago

    think : how old is earth if 6000 yrz ago PinkDiamond leaved Spinel to go to earth withcou her?
    MAYBE EARTH IS OLDER THEN 6000?!?!?!@!?!?!?!?!11!!?!?1/1/1/1/1???
    cool vid
    Pink Diamond is bad

  • Zenagon
    Zenagon 8 days ago

    kind of?!

  • Grace Ebo
    Grace Ebo 8 days ago

    Well, you can't really reshape a diamond unless you use another diamond do so.

  • nitroglyph
    nitroglyph 8 days ago +1

    Tfw when everyone hates you more than your other literally Space Hitler family members who invaded and destroyed numerous inhabited planets, shattered millions of gems and forced them all together in one big nightmare abomination who’s existence is anguish and torment, and were basically overall dictators that eliminated everything which didn’t fall within their perfect caste system. Because you forgot about a court jester while battling to save the earth from extinction. Yeah Pink did a lot of things she didn’t consider the consequences of later, but I’d say she’s the least problematic diamond by far. The others somehow got written off and forgiven because they’re “Haha goofy giant grandmas XD”