What Happens When A Youtube Channel Dies?

  • We explore the wasteland of channels past. Gone but not forgotten. Because the internet never forgets.
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    This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
    Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
    Memento Mori.
    Unus Annus.

Comments • 80

  • Grim
    Grim 32 minutes ago +1

    Where is FilthyFrank?

  • cosmic seal
    cosmic seal Hour ago

    i really miss gradeAunderA, a comedic god in my opinion with a simple style of videos, but SO FUNNY. i think he stopped because of deppresion and it's really hard to be funny when you're sad, so i do understand it. however i still miss him.

    i hope you're doing well dude.

  • Ellis Davis
    Ellis Davis Hour ago


  • TheLegendarySupriseDoggo

    Just ask silvagunner because it is a redirected channel

  • Gerbbzz
    Gerbbzz Hour ago

    Momento Mori: FruitShaped. He’s had multiple breaks and such, disappearing and coming back without a word. I watched him for super meat boy and ilo and milo. he had a funny accent that made me stay longer but I think he’s not coming back any time soon

  • Jazzy Marie
    Jazzy Marie 2 hours ago

    Momento mori: Bart Baker, The youtube channel I would hide from my parents when I was like 7 :,) memories...❣️

  • Axel Leschhorn
    Axel Leschhorn 2 hours ago +1

    Memento Mori: Triggered Tro

  • Akuma Warcat
    Akuma Warcat 2 hours ago

    regular ordinary swedish meal time, best mix of acual cooking and comedy.. I miss them T-T

  • Azai
    Azai 2 hours ago


  • A.C.E Music
    A.C.E Music 3 hours ago

    Memento mori: your favorite Martian a great Music channel that was started by RWJ and just made great content

    H4S3RDUS YT 3 hours ago

    I'm just imagining mark saying "many times many times- and just walking out the door and into his car and just drives off a cliff. Lol

  • Jjacob8600
    Jjacob8600 3 hours ago


    *_"T R Y N A T A K E M Y S T U F F A N D Y O U B R O K E M Y C E L E R Y"_*

  • Dodo
    Dodo 3 hours ago

    You needed to do Serenity 17

  • Hopeless jellyfish
    Hopeless jellyfish 3 hours ago

    Memento mori: Bill Wutz.
    I loved and still do love his style and sense of humor. Wish he came back

  • Lolzzpoptart
    Lolzzpoptart 4 hours ago

    Momento Mori: LORE

  • Awesome KN
    Awesome KN 4 hours ago +1

    Momento Mori. Bart Baker. I miss his old parodies. Though he doesn't post on that channel anymore , he became a singer in China. I really miss his content.

  • Luke Miller
    Luke Miller 4 hours ago

    Jacksepticeye 2 was the best channel smh

  • Lex DeBusk
    Lex DeBusk 4 hours ago

    Momento Mori: Daddyo5
    The pranks were kind of funny. Sometimes

  • Lexcia
    Lexcia 4 hours ago

    Marzia :(

  • Exxtension _
    Exxtension _ 4 hours ago

    Coryxkenshin tho 😭

  • Annette Ho
    Annette Ho 4 hours ago

    Why are you not subscribed to Pewds

  • Stoover
    Stoover 4 hours ago

    Who remembers CoryxKenshin?

  • dwefr1243
    dwefr1243 4 hours ago

    Memento Mori, Unus Annus.

  • Ultrax Emerald
    Ultrax Emerald 4 hours ago

    kitty0706... You were good, man.

  • Siren Cobart
    Siren Cobart 4 hours ago

    I love Ethan's soft boi shirt it's so cute

  • Xemayo Barks
    Xemayo Barks 5 hours ago

    What about Lforleeeee

  • Auden Jones
    Auden Jones 5 hours ago

    Anyone else remember 7supergirls/the other 7 supers

    ÃNGÊL WÖLFÎĒ XD 5 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me why I just went out into my kitchen I looked at the bathroom and ran back to my room??? I don't even know it's 3:34 am

  • Rupom Playz
    Rupom Playz 5 hours ago

    Michael Jackson. Why I liked him? Everyone liked him

  • Dylan Prock
    Dylan Prock 5 hours ago

    If you ever do anything like this again check out basher

  • Berryman 2011
    Berryman 2011 5 hours ago

    Momento Mori DanAndPhilGames man I love dose guys

  • Its Crayon
    Its Crayon 6 hours ago

    Momento Moro: Yotislaya he made borderlands videos but got in a car crash. I still miss him.

  • HappyPositiveCherrie
    HappyPositiveCherrie 6 hours ago

    the kids in the sam pepper prank video are both fairly well known youtubers now with about about 2 to 3 million subscribers in their individual channels and a few million on their joint account sam and colby.

    sam pepper fell out of grace not necessarily because of the best friend prank video but ultimately because of his sexual harassment prank video where he was going around groping girls ass cheeks and then a shit ton of chicks actually came out agaisnt him saying he is a monster in real life and has harassed or even sexually assualted them or just doesnt know when to stop.

    sam pepper actually still has a channel where he does mediocre to stupid level ish, under a different name/alias. with a different look from before.

  • Bryant Juarez
    Bryant Juarez 7 hours ago

    Memento Mori: Filthyfrank

  • Baseball 2207
    Baseball 2207 7 hours ago

    Why does Mark sound like a doctor sometimes

  • Dolan Duck
    Dolan Duck 7 hours ago


  • bryce epps
    bryce epps 7 hours ago

    Memento Mori: Boxy

  • Taylor Holmes
    Taylor Holmes 7 hours ago

    wAsAbI pRodUctIoNs!¡ *fart noise*
    I don't think they post anymore but they might-
    edit about wasabi productions: ok so they split and post on dofferent channels and it is now called wasabi and the other channel is guava juice
    (if you know, you know)
    one channel I know for SURE doesn't post anymore is RinnyPandi their channel is deleted :/
    i literally cannot stand morgz
    he is just so annoying and everything he does is staged
    I CANT BELIEVE I FORGOT CORY (CoryxKenshin) bro he was and is the best, (sorry guys but unus annus is second) he is taking a break or he quit im not sure but i can take a guess why: he uploaded for 100 days straight, so it probably took a toll on his mental health but i hope he comes back soon!! 9 months. 9 months he has been gone

  • Logan Newman
    Logan Newman 7 hours ago

    Memento Mori: Sjin, he will be missed

  • C Gb
    C Gb 7 hours ago

    The names are Sam and colby

  • Lychee
    Lychee 8 hours ago

    memento mori: coryxkensian

  • Shadow Monster In Your Closet

    Memento mori: Daniel Howell and DanAndPhilGAMES. People say Dan has done this one year break thing before, but still has me wondering and worried. And DanAndPhilGAMES. That, I mean, if Dan wanted to take a break, it can’t be DanAndPhilGAMES anymore. So, i mean, since i don’t have other social media. This is probably kinda normal for Dan but still.

  • john O'Masters
    john O'Masters 8 hours ago

    fps Russia went to jail for 2 months and he talks about his exploits in jail on his podcast

  • Boomer Remover
    Boomer Remover 8 hours ago


  • BestBoxBoi 1
    BestBoxBoi 1 8 hours ago


  • Maya Wilson
    Maya Wilson 8 hours ago

    I will definitely say after that Sam pepper prank that he did with Colby. I lost all respect for the both of them, to the other Sam it was too real for him. You could tell in the video that he was not in on it

  • samcat17 /
    samcat17 / 8 hours ago


  • Shadow Stalker
    Shadow Stalker 9 hours ago

    Husky mudkiper

  • DiamondTBNR
    DiamondTBNR 9 hours ago

    AHHHHH I miss skydoesminecraft :((((

  • DiamondTBNR
    DiamondTBNR 9 hours ago

    Filthy Frank tho

    FIREBLADE 868 9 hours ago

    Momentum mori: arkonauts great gaming content driven off by toxic viewers

  • AwkwardTaco98
    AwkwardTaco98 9 hours ago

    Fps Russia actually did go to orison but only around 2 months for possesion of marijuana. He talked about it on pka podcast and its kind of a funny story

  • Vex B
    Vex B 9 hours ago

    Grade A under A. I miss his videos.

  • Superiorwolf101
    Superiorwolf101 9 hours ago

    Momento Mori: CoryxKenshin. Wow, he was one of my favorite TVcliprs. He was funny and overall just an amazing guy. I don't know where he went, but I hope he comes back one day...

  • Ambrew
    Ambrew 9 hours ago

    Momento mori: Grade A Under A (not spelled correctly) but he was so funny now dead.

  • fishy clan
    fishy clan 10 hours ago

    RIP to DE CATFISHO he was a great person

    RETROCENTERX 10 hours ago

    Memento mori: Marble Hornets. I dont know if the channel died or that was the end of the entry's or what but I miss them.

  • NightLock 888
    NightLock 888 11 hours ago

    My Channels dead...

  • chicken nuggs
    chicken nuggs 11 hours ago

    our world away

  • Arkivist
    Arkivist 11 hours ago +1

    Why isnt FilthyFrankTV on this list of dead channels

  • Dragon Miles
    Dragon Miles 11 hours ago

    T-T RIP spindashpro. I watch them when I was little and they would play with sonic plushy‘s or stuffed animals whatever you wanna call them and they disappeared for years ago after a very long time on TVclip no one knows why

  • Benjamin webster
    Benjamin webster 11 hours ago +1


  • RoxieGoneWild 299
    RoxieGoneWild 299 11 hours ago

    Memento Mori: Eddsworld. An amazingly fun channel started by Edd. Tragedy struck and Edd sadly passed away after a long battle with cancer. Then the toxic fandom drove Tom away, Tord before. Truely upsetting what happened but I lnoe a lot of people who still create fun eddsworld art

  • JoystickNoodles
    JoystickNoodles 11 hours ago

    not sure if this is super applicable anymore, but memento mori: donnabellez. her channel was dead for like six years, but she eventually came back, and I'm really glad!! I had missed her the whole time, I loved watching her videos back in the day.

  • Tyler Davis
    Tyler Davis 12 hours ago

    I learned one thing from this and thats that dr lupo wants u to wear deodorant

  • Shaun Cole
    Shaun Cole 12 hours ago

    Memento: Serenity17. He was a really talented guy who I enjoyed watching, but unfortunately due to mental illness decided to quit content creation altogether.

  • Kay
    Kay 12 hours ago

    666theheartless666 was one of my fave let's players. he still is but he hasn't uploaded in years :( he played so many horror games and was actually what sparked me to find mark! bc he played scp containment breach and so i looked the game up after he played it and found mark's playthrough

  • AmICoolYet?
    AmICoolYet? 12 hours ago

    Momento Morri tobuscus. Momento morri

  • Yeet Death
    Yeet Death 12 hours ago

    Magicofrahat left for almost 2 years and it was a coincidence that his last video was about him being invisible

  • Vienna Weidner
    Vienna Weidner 12 hours ago

    Memento Mori: Slamacow
    he did great minecraft animations that kept people entertained.

  • Jacktheripped and TricksterLOL

    Rip mark and ethens channel

  • Konner Hurlbert
    Konner Hurlbert 12 hours ago

    Sam pepper killed colby in front of sam

  • Dom
    Dom 13 hours ago

    What if your channel doesn’t even live in the first place?

  • Augie Mannin
    Augie Mannin 13 hours ago

    FPS russia was is prison for one month actually

  • Ethan Soares
    Ethan Soares 13 hours ago

    How about smosh?

  • Gaming Only
    Gaming Only 13 hours ago

    Oh so you got me as an example

  • Johe Gallegos
    Johe Gallegos 13 hours ago

    Rip CoryXKenshin to all of his fans and to his amazing gameplay (not as good as markiplier) he was a good person

  • That one cringe kid _
    That one cringe kid _ 14 hours ago +1

    Memento (kinda) to Coryxkenshin, this is all truth and he’s definitely gonna come back but we’re also not aware that he’s just on a TVclip group trip. By the way I am DEFINITELY telling the truth, I’m just letting you all know so I don’t get roasted or anything else.

    NATHANTHEBLUE 2 14 hours ago

    Memento mori: Haunting season a channel that hasn't uploaded in 4 years loved them for there creepy short horror stories hoping they come back I really did like the channel

  • Random Gaming
    Random Gaming 14 hours ago