The Treacherous Treasure Hunt of Forrest Fenn

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
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  • BuzzFeed Unsolved Network
    BuzzFeed Unsolved Network  2 months ago +8569

    We're shooting our post mortem episode Monday, so make sure to leave your questions down below!

  • Ghost Recon
    Ghost Recon 42 minutes ago

    Metal Detector!!!!!

  • Tyler Barton
    Tyler Barton 4 hours ago

    Discovered this channel a few days ago, and I've been binging all week! Keep up the good work! Might I suggest you guys tackle the Mystery of the Mary Celeste next season?

  • Valerie Freeman
    Valerie Freeman 5 hours ago

    Never underestimate the tenacity & physicality of an 80 year old man hiding his highly sought after treasure. Especially one who spent his years in the wilds of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado & New Mexico.

  • Valerie Freeman
    Valerie Freeman 5 hours ago

    Kenneka Jenkins,amp.html

  • Lurid Phaesporia
    Lurid Phaesporia 6 hours ago

    @BuzzFeed Unsolved Network 19:35 he mentioned the trail would be obscure? Wow where did you find that out??

  • Xandria Palomar
    Xandria Palomar 20 hours ago +1

    I feel like there should be a buzzfeed unsolved true crime episode on xxxtentacion

  • ana karen
    ana karen Day ago

    Could it be very possible that someone could have found the treasure but didn’t tell anyone. Like there isn’t a rule that says “tell everyone you found the treasure”.

  • Plug 'n Play
    Plug 'n Play Day ago

    *Ryan, playfully and jokingly:* What if we run into fellow treasure hunters? Ready for a tussle? Haha

  • I'll Help You
    I'll Help You Day ago

    Look in the trees like inside them😂😂😂

  • EmoKpopTrash
    EmoKpopTrash Day ago

    Why do I literally want them to find it more than I would want myself to find it?

  • Joe Beaumont
    Joe Beaumont Day ago

    Oi oi if blazes is white what about the rapids the water is white

  • c woolfork
    c woolfork Day ago

    You guys should investigate the unsolved murder of Edna M. Posey! The case is both grisly and bizarre! A man was convicted of Edna's murder, but he was later retried and found not guilty. So who murdered and mutilated poor Edna? Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Josybo
    Josybo Day ago

    could the blaze not be some kind of trail blaze, it could be higher up on a tree or something?

  • Shaik Shafaaq
    Shaik Shafaaq Day ago

    Don’t give up guys , I believe in you day you will find the treasure 💰
    Try Again

  • woo ski
    woo ski Day ago +1

    Everyone is wrong. He never said it was under lava, and lava is in the nether which just so happens to have blazes. Also since water is not wet makes it so lava can be. Also to make the portal to the nether you can go into a canyon where obsidian lies. Finally Montana is also known as Hanna Montana which was known to have good songs that are lit, which fires get lit which leads to the nether. He might want to lie in the nether fortress because there are other people who did and became wither skeletons which he might strive to be. My theory is definitely correct but might have more space for confirmation so comment and like this comment so they can see and go find the treasure.

  • Adam Dickinson
    Adam Dickinson 2 days ago

    Spoiler alert: they don't find it

  • EJ
    EJ 2 days ago

    “Not far, but too far to walk” swim.

  • pam riggsby
    pam riggsby 2 days ago

    Couldn't a blaze be a mark on a tree of a rock?

  • Awesome Person
    Awesome Person 2 days ago

    6:35 I want the fu***** treasure

  • enderboyslayer _18
    enderboyslayer _18 2 days ago

    What if when they found a square thingy they cut the video and succesfully found the treasure and then they looking for a rock that almost like a perfect square shape and then they roll the camera and the camera man was the one who carriy the box and they make a fake ending just Like what they said on the last scene.

  • meg1124
    meg1124 2 days ago +2

    I think the area with the white rock was super promising!!

  • The Indigo Papillon - Online School of Metaphysics

    You boys need a metal detector

  • Oliver Powell
    Oliver Powell 3 days ago +1

    Spoiler... they find a square rock

  • Elder Garcia
    Elder Garcia 3 days ago

    Why didn't yall take a metal detector

  • Max Duggan
    Max Duggan 3 days ago

    You guys should do this another time but with more research

  • eli the creator
    eli the creator 3 days ago

    *theres a lot of shrubbage*

  • Rachel H
    Rachel H 3 days ago

    what if the chest was just wrapped or disguised to look like a rock? which is why people have ‘seen’ it or been within a certain distance, but they didn’t realise that that’s what it was? realistically, i doubt its just a big box sitting out in the open, maybe it is bronze or whatever but underneath a layer of rock.

  • Aisyah Azmi
    Aisyah Azmi 3 days ago +1

    Just saying,, that one of the last line in poem says "it'll worth the cold" or something,, it kept bugging me like when the weather gets cold like winter or night time u might see it in a different light.. n the line where he said lay to rest or something is maybe something like a clearing or a safe place or with a nice view,, what i meant is maybe u need to relate it to fenn himself, what he loves or how he can 'continue' his adventure in the afterlife

  • kosmique
    kosmique 3 days ago

    its 100% behind a waterfall... its clichee af and fits the poem.

  • Noel Smith
    Noel Smith 3 days ago

    What if he didn't even hide any treasure and just wanted people to get out and explore

  • hossel they suspended me i am

    Ep 2 pls

  • Doug Dyring
    Doug Dyring 3 days ago +1

    What about blazing water?

  • Joscelyn Flores
    Joscelyn Flores 3 days ago

    Woooo!! I wish I would have seen you guys there!!

  • Caleb Green
    Caleb Green 3 days ago +1

    They have to make part 2 of this

  • Picket Pants
    Picket Pants 3 days ago

    My husband just said a 'blaze' could be a small chip made in a tree as a trail marker, ie "blazing a trail"

  • Miles Lim
    Miles Lim 3 days ago

    Medal detector?

  • Jerrold Wilfling
    Jerrold Wilfling 3 days ago

    hay i love that you achoo tryed to find the tresher

  • frogquen xx
    frogquen xx 3 days ago

    imagine if the camera man found the treasure lol

  • bella medovich
    bella medovich 3 days ago


  • Melee-Levi
    Melee-Levi 3 days ago

    Can we get another series for this pleaseeee?

  • Jeremy Steele
    Jeremy Steele 4 days ago +1

    Not that it may help but the word Blaze can mean fire, and speed. So my guess would be the check if anything was burnt or was an area known for wildfires, or to look at the speed of any nearby water formations such as lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams. When considering Blaze as speed, it would mean fast speed. I'm not sure about this but the word meek can describe the sounds of wildlife such as deer and foxs and sometimes bears, but that is all the information I have right now and if it helped you or not we could only tell if you make another video

  • №½ ₱€£$©Π™

    My pastor passed away looking for this treasure

  • Lilyann Hames
    Lilyann Hames 4 days ago

    idk but at 25:10 there’s a tree w weird marks on it maybe it’s there ??

  • BEEENZ ChickenWing
    BEEENZ ChickenWing 4 days ago


  • Brad Heckman
    Brad Heckman 4 days ago

    It’d be hilarious if that rock was the chest and they just screwed up

  • ExtremelyNerdy Loser

    "Put in" below the home of brown. If the Moreno river is the home of brown, you need to put in a boat. Putting in could be referencing to floating down the Moreno river on a boat, since he was a fisher and all that. Also floating in a boat is a lot less physically taxing for an eighty year old man to accomplish in one afternoon.

  • César Danilo Mejía Rúa

    Ryan and Shane: *Looking desperately for the treasure*
    Forrest: *W H E E Z E*

  • Kyle  Campo
    Kyle Campo 4 days ago

    Why do I feel like it's inside or near that square rock 🤔
    Hey!! in my defense he said something along the line of if you're smart, look down or something like that, maybe you have to look at the bottom of that rock...😅😅😅

  • Kaycee
    Kaycee 4 days ago

    Fenn probably made it all up to have a laugh

  • Eddie spaghetti
    Eddie spaghetti 4 days ago

    almost busted a nut when he said there was a box but then it was a rock

  • Max Power
    Max Power 4 days ago

    Why didn't you take a metal detector....🤔

  • Lily Bolanos
    Lily Bolanos 5 days ago

    They should create a treasure hunting series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gulags r' us
    Gulags r' us 5 days ago

    I tapped on the disc to subscribe (since I'm on a phone) then I looked down at the whole long script of words that I don't wanna read but Ii might have to...

  • Asher
    Asher 5 days ago

    You know even if they didn't find the treasure they still brought that town the treasure of tourism cause they've kinda become icons now days, so people will wanna go there and try to find it.

  • Garrett Arnett
    Garrett Arnett 5 days ago

    what if the real treasure is just the friends we made along the way?

  • Aven Wilsenach
    Aven Wilsenach 5 days ago

    lol it’s in Browns Canyon

  • Matteo Zener
    Matteo Zener 5 days ago

    Ruining History Season 2 when?

  • Golf Boy
    Golf Boy 5 days ago +4

    Just noticed the wheeze mug, (wheeze)

  • Dh Sf
    Dh Sf 5 days ago +2

    I just remembered a blaze is a white marking on a tree to show people the way to something

  • Jiro Palma
    Jiro Palma 5 days ago +1

    Make a part 2 finding it

  • ツajju
    ツajju 5 days ago

    I'm pretty sure it's camouflaged somewhere at 26:22

    • Meh_1819
      Meh_1819 5 days ago

      is it me or does it look like a chest

    • Meh_1819
      Meh_1819 5 days ago

      look in front of the man in the indiana jones outfit

    • Meh_1819
      Meh_1819 5 days ago

      it is

  • Ryan Goodwin
    Ryan Goodwin 5 days ago


  • Dakota Martin
    Dakota Martin 5 days ago

    It is probably fake and he just wanted you to look

  • Danthood30
    Danthood30 5 days ago

    Try again with a metal detector

  • Dehydrationz
    Dehydrationz 5 days ago

    It’s buried under the marble rock

  • Lily Roeun
    Lily Roeun 5 days ago

    One thing is for sure: That treasure is still out there somewhere, for nobody knows where.

  • Max Power
    Max Power 5 days ago

    I love that they swear. It makes me giggle and I also get to learn something. Keep em coming guys.

  • Robert D. Galvan
    Robert D. Galvan 5 days ago

    Who was in 200ft of the treasure and how did they know that?

  • Captain Caterpillar
    Captain Caterpillar 5 days ago

    Why wouldn’t you guys bring a metal detector?

  • Christie Knowles
    Christie Knowles 5 days ago

    There are maple trees that have a fall color resembling a fire blaze. Autumn blaze, October glory, Mesa Glow are just a few. What if the box is at the base of a flame colored maple by a waterfall....

  • Reagan Parrott
    Reagan Parrott 6 days ago

    Marble marvel anyone that white rock could have been what he was talking about

  • lizzie
    lizzie 6 days ago


  • Clinton
    Clinton 6 days ago

    I'd like to imagine that the box was somewhere down that hill side at 26:50, they just didn't look long enough. They might've been within 10 feet of the treasure and never knew it.

  • Dachampster
    Dachampster 6 days ago

    why is michael myers in your closet

  • owen woodley
    owen woodley 6 days ago

    You should do a part to for the search for treasure

  • Skittles4Hannah
    Skittles4Hannah 6 days ago

    The Golden Ghouls

  • Maximilian Benjamin
    Maximilian Benjamin 7 days ago

    diktet er i et sted der hvor han har sikkrt reiset med fly for å komme ditt

  • samalam
    samalam 7 days ago

    I love watching this but i also hate it at the same time because it doesn't have a conclusion

  • Lyna Shiks
    Lyna Shiks 7 days ago

    Ryan: "I hope I don't end up on that wall."
    Shane: "Keep running your mouth and you will."

  • Dannii Rose
    Dannii Rose 7 days ago

    i really hope that someone does find it before Fenn passes away, I'd love for him to know someone found it

  • lente Mulder
    lente Mulder 7 days ago

    Can you do a Part 2

  • Super Sonico
    Super Sonico 7 days ago +4

    4 full seasons and still no ghosts or demons or hidden treasures found, no solved mysteries at all, 0% success rate. Whatever ill still come back for next season.

    • ZZ Da Weirdo
      ZZ Da Weirdo 2 days ago

      This is because this is the true crime series.

  • Esme Wayne
    Esme Wayne 7 days ago +3

    Ok, BUT! The freaking blaze. It can't be something like a tree or a rock that could change with season and erosion and stuff. I thing the white blaze is referring to the white water that the waterfall creates. I think it might be at the bottom of the waterfall, underneath the water.

  • M KB
    M KB 7 days ago

    I bet some people that have watched this episode will find it using their hard work of thought process I wish i was closer to go that quest too!

  • Erik Allen
    Erik Allen 7 days ago

    I imagined someone already found the treasure and took the time to sculpt a middle finger in the rocks and leave a note that says “too late idiots”

  • NUGGET Gamer and collector

    You have come closer but
    You would have to bring the thing the beeps
    Here the metal and be found

  • Hope Catron
    Hope Catron 8 days ago

    city boys 101

  • Amanda Bercier
    Amanda Bercier 8 days ago

    There's probably no treasure

  • CyberFire 068
    CyberFire 068 8 days ago

    what if the cold waters leads to the waterfall and the waterfall is the blaze, and then the treasure is behind the waterfall

  • Thaha Alam
    Thaha Alam 8 days ago

    What isfthere really is no box of treasure and he just wanted people o explore the world

  • Ellie Norman
    Ellie Norman 8 days ago +3

    What if there is no treasure but it's just to get people out seeing the world he loved so much. He could be sitting at home laughing at all of the people trying to find it

  • Nela
    Nela 8 days ago

    That guy is sitting on a cloud with a harf and laughing at the prank he pulled.

  • Yvonne Lee
    Yvonne Lee 8 days ago

    God shane is full on gawking at ryan when he sees his outfit

  • Lazy Nate
    Lazy Nate 8 days ago

    At 14:25 you'll notice that the guy on the left has A BONA/STIFFY?

  • Princess Ana
    Princess Ana 8 days ago

    I live in Albuquerque, it’s so weird to see my town on a video

  • Memes all day👌🏿😂

    One other theory was going outside and looking for for it becoausebot had money if it didn’t and if you did find it than it is not his it’s someone else’s

  • paul davies
    paul davies 9 days ago

    the warm waters clue,maybe he referring to a volcanic spring?

  • Mboi Carti
    Mboi Carti 9 days ago

    I’m surprised no one went Trevor(from gta)on forest fenn

  • Emily Moon
    Emily Moon 9 days ago

    when i saw the line "in the wood" i thought that it would be hidden in a tree maybe